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In here, it’s starting to feel like summer. Let’s take a break from the usual water sports and try something new: peeing porn stars. Every porn star is represented here, regardless of whether you prefer to be peed on or to get peed on yourself. Most people will find this fetish repulsive, and only a small proportion will be able to appreciate it. To illustrate this point, we recently put together a BDSM pornstars list (or bondage sites) that included some performers who had previously done peeing porn (all about the domination).

In order to appease the a few hundred people who believe they have been unfairly singled out, we’ve added a little something extra. How can this be? In part, because it’s associated with poor publicity. There are certain advantages to receiving golden showers, but I haven’t yet matured enough to appreciate them in this capacity. Squirting porn actors often fake their orgasms, and instead of squeezing, they start urinating. The term “squirting” doesn’t bother men, but if you call the action by its proper name, you’re likely to receive a strange reaction.

How come? Some people just don’t understand how much fun the golden showers can be. As a result, most people live their life as a faceless blob. So, this is a present for you, my friends. A comprehensive list of the best porn stars who fucking adore pee porn.

Top 25+ Famous Peeing Pornstars

Maddy O’Reilly stars in a handmade POV sex shot. I didn’t even know she had a thing for gold showers and peeing on the floor. One of the few GIFs that we should preserve for future generations. If aliens ever come to Earth, they’ll be disgusted by the majority of the things we humans do.

The last position is fitting, since she doesn’t seem to care. The majority of porn actors prefer pee to water or Sprite. Your desire to masturbate will only increase as you scroll down the page.

Lexy Star

Pissing and licking their panties, as well as pissing on themselves. Lexy Star is in front of a well-behaved lesbian pair. It’s a stunning image that makes me want to guzzle down every last drop of their golden nectar.

You won’t even need to take a proper shower once they’re done. It’s a nice perk, but we’ll take it. We’re infatuated. I believe that the color red, which denotes warmth, should also be replaced with bright yellow. Let’s face it: urine is considerably more pleasant to the touch than love.

Claudia Macc

Claudia is addicted to pee fetish pornography and is a regular on several of the most popular sites. What was her first bowel movement like? As far as I know, this porn star has never been a fan of anything other than golden showers and anything else.

As your cock pees on top of you, imagine the warm urine pouring down your crotch. Claudia Macc captivates even the most unimpressed of suitors.

Miky Love

The nurses know what’s best for you, so listen to them. With her bare hands, Miky Love not only reaches inside the pussy but then takes in all she comes across. Peeing sequences involving lesbian porn stars are more appealing to RedBled’s editors. Seeing a man defecate is entertaining, but when two women are involved, it’s even better.

In addition to this GIF, there are many others. In any situation including a golden shower, there are always genuine smiles to be found. When was the last time you saw such a good time being had by women? Enemas, cucumbers, and piss glasses are all you need for a bad day. Whoa, that’s a mean hospital.

Ashley Fires

There is a lot of fighting between the sexes: men punch each other while women use feathers, pillows, etc. to fight. The introduction of peeing wars will change this. With Ashley Fires and her female companion aiming for each other’s mouth, you have a lot of fun! (no pun intended).

For all time, the sheets will never be the same. They’re not only pissing for a few hundred bucks, but they appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. In contrast to the fat whore on the right, Ashley Fires has an impressive physique. When it comes to pissing, I’d rather go with the unknown amateur porn star who is laughing her ass off and appears to be more open-minded, or just in a better mood than any of the others. Before proposing to my parents, I’d like to order diuretics and squirt her face with feces.

Anjelica Ebbi (Krystal Boyd)

Anjelica is the most gorgeous woman in the world, so if you enjoy drinking her pee, why not grab a glass? It’s getting fuller by the minute, much like my excitement.

I’ve only ever tried drinking urine twice, and the second time was a blast. Maybe it depends on the food and hormones of women. In the beginning, I refused to piss on my first Canadian girlfriend since she had a pee fetish. Why? For the simple reason that every woman is a princess and deserves to be treated as such.

Fortunately, my viewpoint has shifted through time. Even though I tried to ingest some of her bodily fluids by urinating on them, the taste was revolting. From Brazil came the next pee-loving girlfriend I was opposed to, just like farting porn. As a result of this, I had to be persuaded to give it another go (and her birthday). Yes, that was just fantastic. Despite being the hardest dick I’ve ever seen, it was nonetheless tender and delicious. Love, butterflies, and coconuts in the best pineapple juice.

Rachele Richey

You can only go so far with oral sex, anal sex, or 69 before you feel bored. Even worse for lesbians is that it’s the same every time, making it even more frustrating. With the help of a gigantic glass dildo, Rachele fucks her girlfriend till the miracle occurs. There are porn stars who open their mouths wide and let the feces flow down their chins, while there are others who swallow it whole.

Rachele is doing her best to capture and savor the salty liquid of pee as it squirts out of her mouth. Lesbians and pee go hand in hand, just like squirting porn stars. My guess is that it’s a sign of a girl’s devotion. Guys pissing on girls makes them hot, and vice versa is true.

Sasha Sparrow

A threesome of golden-haired lesbians in the shower? To obtain a piece of this activity, I’ll have to give up my girlfriend or future bride. Sasha knows how to have a good time on October 31st. There are many more sexy things to look at than the horrible orange hair colour.

The middle of the GIF is my favorite portion. It’s apparent that the goddess fluid is being released by a nicely trimmed pussy. Female pheromones and a salty taste… That’s better than any piece of candy I’ve ever had. The scent of one harlot, especially after a generous serving of asparagus, might be overwhelming. Let’s see, how about three filthy porn stars? We need a fan that can go into turbo mode.

Charlotte Sartre

When you have an attractive manhood and an attractive porn star smiling at you, Charlotte annihilates all of the sluts above. Because it’s amusing, use Charlotte’s tattoos as aiming points for your golden hose. This video’s POV makes it easier to imagine oneself in this situation. Make sure you don’t piss yourself off.

I’ve got a thought. During the course of the wet t-shirt contests, we’ll transition to piss! A budget bathroom means that golden showers won’t cause concern because there are no ruined tiles or expensive materials to worry about.

Proxy Paige

Paige serves as an intermediary between the nastiest peeing porn actresses and the hardcore world. Asshole milking has been done before, but making it gape and urinating in the asshole? That’s a fantastic idea. This shot can’t be improved in any way. Unless, of course, we’re discussing camera upgrades or the quality of the video. Pee is salty, thus shouldn’t that shit be painful to the asshole?

Proxy Paige’s dedication to watersports is so extreme that I can’t even begin to describe it. I’m curious if she’d be comfortable with the roles being reversed. For the time being, this is a little much for me.

Gigi Allens

A few peeing lesbians have been cleared away, now here we are with Gigi and her pussy bath. She is urinating directly into the guy’s mouth and laughing hysterically while she does so. As long as you’re getting off that shit, I won’t ever swap sides since it looks like humiliation porn, which is fine. For some reason, I’m not able to sit through this sequence for very long.

Our top 10 Aussie porn actresses list included Gigi Allens, an Australian porn star. To be honest, we don’t know why she signed up for this and what the heck is wrong with that guy. If he gets aroused from drinking urine, then he must have had a really traumatic childhood. I suppose “don’t know before you do it” could apply in this situation, but I’ll never find out for myself.

Jessica Rox

This chick is the best of the worst when it comes to naughty and sexy. Even after the guy squirts some sperm over Jessica’s face, she urges him to wash it away with his spit. Until now, this was one of those scenarios that had never even crossed my head. Try it, and I can guarantee that my girlfriend will be displeased.

It’s difficult to find a complete source. Possibly, if you plunk down a substantial sum of money on the membership. But if you uncover a complete source on any of the free porn websites, please let us know. In the past few weeks, Jessica has appeared in my browsing history. She will not be the last time.

Casey Calvert

Casey has such an odd appearance that she would be ideal for pee porn. A victimized housewife who has no reason to exist is all she appears to be. It doesn’t appear like a lot of fun, therefore she must have been paid in gold and jewelry.

With regard to our performer, it’s possible he’s been performing his Kegel exercises every day. Her face was blasted with piss when she stopped mid-stream. It’s like receiving a free ride and a discounted one at the same time. When Casey’s asshole was shattered, he was able to pee in it and leave some for her to eat. This porn actress does not even resemble a human being, and I prefer porn stars that are aware of what they are worth. For Casey, standing on her four legs is like being programmed or trained to take whatever comes her way.

Nathaly Cherie

Two women instead of three in this version of the golden shower scene. This GIF is so much better because of it! With one porn celebrity, you won’t get to experience the pleasure of being fucked yourself. As for Nathaly Cherie, well, throw her into the mix and see how long you can go before you start sucking.

The only thing that detracts from the experience for me is the car.. A yellow Lamborghini would have matched the eroticism of this GIF better. It was still a fantastic show with three pee-loving porn stars, though.

Annie Cruz

It’s possible to switch roles and still have a good time. With Annie Cruz’s prescription for a wonderful piss bath, we see this scene. In that room, everyone is having a good time. Our porn performers, Annie, and even the cameraman are all subjected to the disgusting taste of other men’s feces. Aside from bursts of color on the lens, he’s devoted to this scene. Sickly looking, it appears more like a medical facility than a porn scene.

Annie Cruz may be accused of being apathetic. Aside from that, it’s just a snippet of the entire video. Getting pissed on her is nothing new to her, but drinking pee is. As a hardcore porn performer, I suppose you could call her

Stella Cox

What a money shot and an excellent example of the porn industry’s current success. Do you think porn companies would have made this trash 20 years ago? Pee and humiliation are two of Stella Cox’s favorite pastimes. Her colleague performer (who is dressed in a suit) takes a leak on her breast and inside her mouth while she lies on her back.

She either doesn’t have a gag reflex, or her horny mind has overcome common sense and is preventing her from sneezing. Observe her as she basks in a golden bath. It’s like having an aquatic screensaver on my computer. It’s good news for Stella that the pee never stops flowing. In the distance, other men and women are drinking, jerking-off, and preparing to do so themselves. This golden rain-loving whore is the happiest I’ve ever seen.

Victoria Daniels

I’ve seen a similar video in which an elderly man kicks a woman in the groin after she urinated on the street. Victoria Daniels is one of those sexy porn performers who can transform even the most jaded pee-haters into ardent supporters. It’s enough to warrant a few dicks. Combine this with the practice of public peeing, and we’ve got an extremely dangerous situation. Take a break behind the truck while you’re here.

Almost all inebriated females have fantasized about seeing those pussies out in nature. Porn stars that are both lovely and clean may be seen going all-in and sharing the warmth in this video. As I watch this scene, I’m already licking my lips.

Katy Sky

Katy Sky’s public urination brings back memories. Someone near to my ex-body girlfriend’s made it impossible for her to pee (if you could see that bitch, it was too close). In public facilities and when two men are nearby, I have this difficulty, but for that whore, it was a constant problem. Eventually, she loosened up and started peeing in front of me, despite the fact that the issue had never been settled.

This is one of my proudest accomplishments since it makes me feel better about myself than seeing women have sex. At the bus stop or whatever, Katy Sky is urinating. She doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. A lovely pussy, excellent zooming skills, and high-quality clothing make her an excellent model. This video may be short, but it’s so titillating that it makes me feel like I’m on a roller coaster.

Leigh Raven

The Brazzers have taken pee porn to a whole new level. These great angles and production values that these pornstars went through are the reason that peeing pornstars can be so sexy. Because most porn studios do this, they could have merely videotaped Leigh urinating on the floor. The camera equipment and the movement are fantastic. Because of this, this is the most cinematic peeing video ever made.

It’s possible that this scenario will convince you that peeing on porn stars is for you. It worked for me. Golden juices blended with strange odors and kinkiness… it’s a delicious concoction. The erotic aspect of this is on another level entirely.

Vinna Ree

Have you ever attempted 69 as a golden shower? Use this GIF to inspire you and your partner to do the same. The amount of water Vinna Reed and her partner had to consume to pee thus much is mind-boggling. Poop and sweat combined with pussy juices and fresh, warm poop are all that can be smelled. Many things in life aren’t as exciting as this.

After the scene is over, I’m not sure what the room smells like. I don’t believe this is a leather sofa. No harm in giving it a try.

Katrina Jade

All of the men who were desperate for Jade’s pleasure have been drowned in their own excrement, as well as bodily fluids and puss. Yes, Katrina is an enormous slut in the most depraved sense of the word, but she hasn’t yet released the brown juice.

Take a look at any footage of a golden shower and you’ll see that the squirter is a common sight. Wait for the salty liquid to enter your body by lying down, closing your eyes, and opening your mouth. My scrotum is starting to harden.

Amber Rayne

Amber Rayne died at the age of 31 after a rapid and short life. Even though he died unexpectedly, this performer left us with an incredible amount of fetish-oriented videos. She was a slender porn star with little tits, but she had a vile mind.

Remember Amber’s BDSM sessions, gangbangs, interracial kisses and brutal sex scenes from her anal insertions for anal acrobatics? But this harlot wasn’t done, because there are also some disturbing footage of her urinating.

Over 100 of her videos are available for free on PornHub Premium.

Rachel Richey

In the adult industry, Rachel Richey has everything she needs. Slutty facial features, as well as a fondness for lewd sexual encounters, characterize her appearance. In addition to eating enormous cocks, she may also be seen ass-fucking with Rocco Siffredi, a short but curvy honey.

While lezdom scenes feature a range of piss-drinking, it is all about golden shower porn stars. BlowPass.com lets you see the wild side of this horny bimbo.

Lilith Sweet

Okay, I didn’t know that. A tongue piercing isn’t something I’ve seen on a piss-drinking (or piss-licking) pornstar. That’s like blending milk and a sour material, and I’m not sure how it works. The persistent stench of pee doesn’t deter Lilith Sweet from her mission. Unchained from its restraints.

Strong eye contact and smooth brown hair. Thin brown brows. Clean nails. That’s not awful at all.

Paula Shy

There are three different names for the same Czech beauty, but they all refer to Paola De Sousa. This 24-year-old redhead is the star of a number of glamcore pornographic flicks. Just another PornHub porn star who is both lesbian and heterosexual, as well. Then there is the fact that she enjoys urinating on camera as she fucks, sucks, and plays with lesbians.

On VIPissy.com, you may see a lot of what this slut has to offer.

Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal has nothing but admiration for the salty golden juice that shoots out of her pussy and into the sky. VIPissy.com is where we obtain much of our inspiration for these porn stars. Besides watching many videos, it’s also a good idea to see what other people think.

There’s no excuse not to participate in this obsession with Alexis, whether you drink, piss, or do both.

Antonia Sainz

Every intoxicated slut or guy who surrounds himself with ladies has seen this scene before. At home, in the backyard, and even deep in the woods you can find ladies urinating on the ground. Antonia felt compelled to do so in front of the rest of the room. But unlike the iconic GIF in which a porn girl is kicked in the pussy by a stranger, this scene worked out well.

Put your body down and wait for the warm stream of the precious nectar to flow down your genitals.

Jenifer Jane

Catch Jenifer’s pee in a big glass. Taste or play with it in your mouth! To our astonishment, Jenifer was in the top-rated porn films on VIPissy.com!

After seeing a slew of her videos, I can see why she’s so popular. This porn celebrity is a huge fan of pee porn and all that it encompasses. To have fun, save her to your favorites, and download some sample videos. For better or for worse.

Leanne Lace

Stack up a few glasses and wait for Leanne Lace to arrive. Morning walks in the park are a favorite pastime for this porn actress. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a gold shower instead of a regular one. She’ll do everything you want her to do when it comes to liquids. Even a sliver of her genitals could provide anything useful.

The only issue is exposing her to the public for too long. When you return to Leanne, you can count on seeing a puddle somewhere.

Gabriella Paltrova

In addition to being an American porn star known as Gabriella Paltrova or Gabriella Roxxx, Gabriella is also known as Gabriella Roxxx. In her free time, this brunette enjoys petting cocks and masturbating on large black dicks, as well as BDSM sessions in shorts.

Do you find it odd that she can also be seen peeing in high heels or in a waiting area of a doctor’s office? With her piss-fetish, you’ll enjoy some of her scenes. Brazzers.com is where you can get your fill of this sultry babe.

Gina Gerson

Gina is as diverse as a wagon when it comes to her career choices. Let her piss all over your face or you can fit twenty cocks. There are some things that she prefers to do, and she’s more of a giver than a recipient. So many times have we discussed Gina that there’s nothing more to say.

Just a little babe with good features and a slender frame.

Jessica Lincoln

Not to be confused with the current president of the United States, porn diva Jessica loves to poop on everyone and everything. Squirting orgasms, urinating in the mouth or on someone’s chest, and urinating in the crotch fill the portfolio.

Pornstar on VIPissy.com, and if you’re into peeing porn, this is the place to go.

AJ Applegate

In spite of her diminutive stature, A.J. Applegate’s ass is one of the most beautiful in the world. Abandoned by fear of failure, AJ is unfazed by sex. In the past, she’s dabbled in choking, whips, blindfolds, gang bangs, and strap-ons, among other things.

Pee fetish scenes starring Applegate are also well-known. PornHub Premium members may see more of this pissing porn celebrity for free.

Megan Rain

A porn performer with an almost ironic name. Peeing on porn was Megan’s guilty pleasure for a while. Our surprise has been how well she’s done in the last several days. Squirting or flushing the floor isn’t enough; she needs to be allowed to pee on herself.

In the beginning, it might not have been the most popular option, but now it’s a lot more popular. After the scenario is complete, all that is left to do is wash her hair.

Isabella Chrystin

When it comes to pee porn, it’s global and endlessly entertaining. You can piss someone off or you can piss yourself off. As long as it’s the chest, the dick, or the penis. Piss sniffing and persons who are attracted by the scent of freshly peed are the next two subcategories.

Isabella Chrystin, as demonstrated in the preceding example, enjoys trying new things. Pee-fetish porn performers are all over VIPissy.com, and I even shot a scene there.

Bonnie Rotten

One of the most well-known and well-known crazy porn stars of the twentieth century. She may not be doing anything right now, but her three-year stint in the adult sector is well-known to us. Starting at 19, Bonnie swept the porn industry with her squirting pussy, tattooed breasts, and desire for hardcore sex.

On Brazzers.com, her films are still available. Some of the sex acts this crazy babe has been caught doing on tape include rape, prolapse, inserting porn, urinating on porn, and anal.

Do you have an opinion on the “piss-fetish?” Are there any porn stars you’d recommend to me if I’m a fan?

Top 25+ Famous Peeing Pornstars

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