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To begin, what is a PAWG, and what does it do? Dictionary.com has a meaning for the phrase, if you were wondering. It stands for “Phat Ass White Girl.” It’s been around since the early 2000s, at the very least, according to the entry. Any white woman with a huge bottom is technically a PAWG, however the PAWG category excludes BBWs and ladies with merely a bubble butt. This is about women with shelf butts, apple bottoms, and pear shaped women.

When viewed from above, the chest of a real PAWG may or may not be curvaceous. Regardless of whether or not they have a big center, their hips begin to express themselves. A PAWG has large hips, which results in a wide, flared ass. After the knees, their thighs tend to get smaller. However, a PAWG’s legs can be thick and sturdy at times (like an R. Crumb illustration of the perfect woman).

Since its inception in the profession, the PAWG has never been the dominating body type among adult performers. Even though there aren’t a lot of donks in the talent pool right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some incredible PAWGs doing their thing for us. I’ll offer a shoutout to some of the top PAWGs in the business right now, as well as a few all-time greats who are no longer shooting.

Top 25+ Hottest PAWG Pornstars

Lisey Sweet

The only thing better than a PAWG is the PAWG itself. Imagine a PAWG that squirts when you fuck her in the a**. When Lisey’s rounded mounds are breached, she bursts into a fountain of gushing water. What if I’m wrong? In Girl Squirt 3, check out the sensual clip between her and Tiffany Watson. I have a hard time focusing simply thinking about how fantastic this video is. When Lisey is being hosed down by Tiffany’s ladyjizz, even if you have already finished your business, make sure you stay to see it.

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is more than just a PAWG; she’s stacked from head to toe. This girl has the body type and proportions of a classic, old-school pinup! Since 2013, the slender redhead has been causing jaws to drop and zippers to come undone in pornography. In addition to being a world-class performer, she is also a talented dancer, right? During the filming of Kay Brandt’s A Burlesque Story, Ole Jeffton had the privilege of being on set with her dance routine. Another entertaining scene she did lately (as of the time of this entry’s writing) in Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass is one that I’d like to point out.

Febby Twigs

Febby Twigs combines a world-class derriere with a charming girl-next-door face and a ferocious sexual fervor. She’s a sight to behold, and it’s not just because her bottom-heavy shape is so enticing. Despite the fact that Febby’s filmography is still very limited, there are still some excellent video to keep your twig firmly attached to Febby! Try her Cuck Hunter title if you want to get a little naughty. Alternatively, if you’d want to witness some girl juice with that juicy booty, I’ll cheerfully recommend her Squirt Monsters 3 footage with Vanessa Vega.

Ashley Red

Ashley Red is an adorable little girl. Even though she’s only been working in the industry for a few months, the Oklahoman with the gold rump has already appeared in eight movies for Lethal Hardcore! School Girls In XXX Training 6 is definitely my favorite of the bunch. It’s like, “Wow!” as she bends over and that little plaid skirt is tucked under her creamy vanilla derriere. Jerry Kovacs’ co-star Jerry Kovacs spreads her cheeks and clings on for dear life as Ashley bounces cowgirl all over his cock. Tushy debut First Anal 10 is a great alternative if you don’t like Lethal’s style.

Jennifer Mendez

Having a big-bottomed white girl isn’t limited to the United States. There are some European women that are similarly talented in the genital area. Jennifer Mendez, for example, is a Czech sensation. There will be no Czech bounce joke from me here. I’m not sure what kind of writer you expect me to be. I’m going to go ahead and make a recommendation and move on with my day, pretending I didn’t hear your response. Massage porn has long been a favorite of mine. It’s a great way to see a beautiful woman with a huge bottom get railed in a movie where her ass is given some TLC and oiled up to high heaven. In my opinion, there is none—and therefore I’d definitely recommend checking out Full Service Massage 8 for your needs. Keep a drool cup on hand to catch any drool.

Alexis Texas

For more than a decade now, Alexis Texas has been synonymous with large boobs in pornography. Alexis, despite working only a few times a year lately, is still filming incredible sequences, such as Battle Of The Asses 7 for Elegant Angel (an absolute must-know studio for big-butt fans). Just take a peek at the prizes Alexis (and her rear) have earned if photographic or video evidence isn’t enough to convince you.

Alexis also worked in the Femdom field in addition to her usual gonzo job. Facesitters In Heat – Volume 2 should give you an idea of what she is capable of, as she performed a handful of facesitting videos for Roman Video. Consider checking out some of Alexis’s directorial work if her 700+ on-screen appearances aren’t enough for you. Some of Elegant’s strongest titles have come from her pen in the previous few years.

Mandy Muse

With her raven hair and stunningly toned derriere, Mandy Muse exclaims, “Bite me!” through the screen. I’m not sure I have enough Mandy in our library, even though it’s over a hundred titles. Check out Lesbian Anal Asses 3 if you want to see Mandy strutting her stuff in a sexy scenario. Candice Dare, who plays Candice Dare in the film, is a pleasure to watch.

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for something more specific. Visit Laz Fyre in Anal Delinquent – Butt Slut For Daddy to see some anal taboo roleplaying. “What does Mandy Muse look like with a fidget spinner in her ass?” is the question we all had but didn’t realize we were asking. You’re not a fan of fidget spinner porn? Manhandled 11 features some of Aiden Riley’s customary roughness on Mandy. In this Dom scene, Mr. Pete is performing penetrating pushups on a mechanic’s garage floor in one of the most spectacular and acrobatic sex positions I’ve ever seen.

Abella Danger

You’ve probably heard of Abella Danger, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Abella has been breaking hearts and pants since 2014, making her one of the most well-known names in adult entertainment. However, when you think of Abella, you may not be thinking of PAWG at all. What’s the harm in trying? Her deeper skin tone, voluptuous figure, as well as the fact that she was born in Miami, make her an easy target for the Latina stereotype (and hence, not a PAWG). Her Ukrainian Jewish ancestry has already been mentioned. I’m not a fan of racial preferences when it comes to performers with a lot of boobs. Any day of the week, I’ll take a Marquetta Jewel or Pinky. But since this is a list of PAWGs, we’re only going to talk about those.

In 2016’s Wetter Better Asses, Abella’s ass is on full display. Unlike many of William H.’s previous works, Abella’s ass is oiled up to the point of eye-rolling oblivion against a white background. Only desire will keep you going.

Big Butts, from Joanna Angel’s Sex Unfiltered, is another book worth checking out. In a poolside conversation, Abella and Joanna Angel talk about how they still feel like the “new girl on the block” in adulthood. It’s a must-watch.

Virgo Peridot

With Sensational Video, Virgo Peridot has done most of her filming for the BWF. When we hear the letters BBW, Virgo isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Aside from her butt, she doesn’t have much of a frame to speak of. That jelly doesn’t look like it has any bones, either. When it comes to her derriere, she is not hesitant to show it out.

Hefty Hotties 2 is a must-see in her collection. A more obscene, and perhaps lazier, scene could not be imagined. In a maid uniform, she is employed by a man whose wife is on vacation. When Virgo continues to stoop to her level, the dude takes notice. She tells him right away that she put a lot of effort into her appearance for him… After that, she’s taking long inhalations from his cock. After removing her maid’s attire and removing her lace headpiece and gloves, we are given to an ass feast unlike any other. To truly appreciate her, you must see her in action, and if you do, you’ll fall in love like I did.

AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate is one of the best PAWGs now working in the industry. Although her butt is enormous, it’s hardly a double entendre. AJ can do it all, and she continues to demonstrate her versatility to this day. For example, she has appeared in a number of romance films, including Kay Brandt’s Babysitting the Baumgartners (with Sara Luvv) and T. Von Swine’s Pork Vendor series (she has a great, breezy chemistry with Von Swine).

A scene starring AJ Applegate has never disappointed me. It’s no wonder she’s so well-liked; she’s stunning! When she was interviewed, she especially mentioned Anal Buffet 8 for Jay Sin Video as a scene that she thinks is the best. She joins fellow PAWG Jada Stevens and James Deen in an anal-centric threesome. As far as scenes go, this one has it all! AJ looks like she is having a blast!

Amilia Onyx

Amilia Onyx, in my opinion, is one of the most under-appreciated porn performers of our day. I’ve never seen a woman with a more beautiful figure. When everything else fails, she lives atop the Mount Rushmore of most seductive eyes. New Sensation in Big Beautiful Curves is a fantastic introduction to Amilia’s charms and talents. An animalistic, primordial lust between her and James Deen is on display. Almost a dozen times until James explodes a large load all over her face, the two of them can’t get enough of each other.

In Lethal Hardcore’s Big Booty Obsession 3, Amilia appears in a sequence that is a standout. Stoney Curtis, who appears in it, is already a fan. After he starts pounding away, he keeps remarking on how drenched Amilia appears (which James Deen also points out several times in his scene with her). The sex scene is filled with sloping popping noises as proof. Those who aren’t salivating at the prospect of having sex with her at the end of these scenes should seek medical attention.

Julie Cash

Julie Cash is a blessing from God. For nearly a decade, her enormous a** has been thrilling her followers, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Meanbitch Productions’ Femdom facesitting titles feature a blonde bombshell wielding her derriere like a deadly weapon (with 7 credits to her name).

Consider Extreme Asses Vol.17 if you’re not a fan of domination and smothering. At one point in the film, she goes from sucking on her butt cheeks to hot-dogging with Marco Banderas before her oily behind goes HAM on his butt. I’m hungry now.

Anikka Albrite

As an AVN and XBIZ nominee, Anikka Albrite has been nominated numerous times and has won several Female Performer of the Year awards. That particular je ne sais quoi that separates a good performer from an ordinary performer may be clearly seen in her looks, body, acting skills, and personality.

BAM Visions, the studio Anikka co-owns with her husband Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio, is my favorite scene of hers. Anikka is spending her birthday with Mick in Anikka’s Sex Diary. “It looks like a heart,” he adds as he lowers the tail end of her backless dress. “My soul.” Afterwards, he begins to worship her genitals (which is truly a worship-worthy ass). I’ve never seen anything quite like it in a porn film. When Anikka tries on Mick’s tiny lingerie, Erik Everhard jumps in to give her the best birthday present ever: a DP!

Mia Malkova

In my opinion, Mia Malkova is not a typical PAWG. A ballooning of her buttocks instead of flares on the sides. There is no exaggeration in calling hers one of the best bubble butts in adulthood’s history. I’m willing to die for Mia Malkova in any debate on the issue. Mia’s humps have earned her a slew of accolades from the entertainment world, and she has a hefty trophy cabinet to show for it.

I’d want to focus on a few of her most memorable moments from the beginning of her career. As a result, I became a believer (would we call ourselves Malkovites?). During her high school days, Mia would wear her thong over her slacks and get sent to the principal’s office before letting her backside’s attractiveness to work its magic on a guy she was interested in. To have Mia go around with her whale tail out in the open and Tony Martinez gleefully savoring the sights before ravishing her is a fantastic thought. It’s one of the best pre-scene interviews she’s ever had. Afterward, she performs her infamous nude contortion performance, in which she reveals her love for video games and demonstrates her lovely demeanor. When I watch her moment from Elegant, I still have to pick myself up off the floor.

Brandie Bae

To be honest, doesn’t Brandi resemble a plus-sized Barbie doll? A couple of years into her acting career, the alliterative name blonde has already made her mark on the industry.

The third installment of the Ass That Won’t Quit series has Brandi rolling up in yoga pants. and stretches out a bit. To uncover the old metal plug, she rips open the seat of her jeans. She plays about with a large yoga ball that has a dildo connected to it and tinkers around with it. While she bounces around on the dick ball before the scenario begins, she screams. The combination of oil, a gym floor, and an ass that won’t quit is a winning formula!

Gia Derza

Do you know of someone who is a PAWG trainee? Perhaps they should be referred to as a PAWGIT? If that’s the case, Gia Derza would fit the bill. Although she hasn’t been around for long, her butt is making a splash in the porn industry. Stepsister or stepdaughter roles are still her bread and butter because she’s so young. You won’t be disappointed with Ms. Derza, despite her youth; she already has a long list of accomplishments to her name.

Gia’s fourth volume of Teen Wet Asses is a must-see. A micro, mini bikini and a bratty little dance characterize her tease routine. She’s been wearing a large plug the entire time, it’s revealed later. What a shocker! As for Gia, check out Deviant Step Sister Massages 7, where she injure herself by flexing while dressed in sports short-briefs. For the time being, her stepbrother is the only one who can give her a good massage.

Maddy O’Reilly

Miss Maddy O’Reilly is another unheralded star of the naughty screen. Akin to NBA star Mike Conley, she has regularly produced star-level work without receiving the accolades she is due.. She has almost 300 credits on her record, yet she has only ever received one AVN and XBIZ award each.

Volume 27 of Monster Curves contains my favorite Maddy scene. Almost the entire time, she recreates a candy-colored version of a Roller Girl scene (taking them off to show off her striped athletic socks after). She plays with the camera before Chris Strokes gives her a deep dicking that includes some gorgeous anal. Chris massages her buttocks as she puts a wand to her clit and begs him to let her have sex. “You guys are great!” she says Chris and the videographer after Chris blows an enormous load all over her large a**.

Jada Stevens

Aren’t the PAWGs working now all long-time veterans of the profession? Big butts are in high demand in the industry, as evidenced by the fact that they’ve been able to maintain a steady stream of work over a lengthy period. I’m pretty sure I’ll never say no to a good ass fight. With her boners exploding and basements flooded for the better part of a decade, Jada is a legend.

She showcases her talents alongside James Deen in #My Ass. A lot of shakiness and popping occurs before Deen arrives. He makes a snide remark about her “ass” right away. That’s all I’m going to say about it. “You take your pussy. I’ll take care of the rest,” says James, who gets her to cum a few times before getting down to work. “I’m going to eat your ass,” he says. Before James is buried to the balls in her butt, there is very little blowjob in this scene. In order to teach beginners in the industry how to get it in a scene, a scene like this should be shown to them.

Daisy Stone

My heart aches for Daisy Stone, who is so adorable. That cheery girl-next-door vibe is perfectly complemented by her sculpted figure. Since she’s been working, she’s had a lot on her plate. Take a look at my rants. By the way, that was a sarcastic remark I made.

So ErosArts is the first fetish studio I’d like to recommend to you for a dose of Daisy. As part of their first Pillow Humping 1, Daisy informs the camera that it is one of her favorite methods to get off. This is a pillow-grinding film that I had no clue I would enjoy, but I did. What if you haven’t tried it yet?). My favorite Daisy film is Sex & Lies, which is why I’m mentioning it here. First four attempts to talk about it were nothing but me slamming the keyboard and drooling. That’s how good it is. A intense BDSM sex scene between Daisy and the amazing Sovereign Syre takes place in the bedroom. If it doesn’t get your heart rate up, you’re out of the running for assistance.

Honorable Mention – Tatum Reed

I’m sure there are more performers I’m overlooking. In the meantime, I’d like to name a few of my all-time favorite PAWGs. I’d like to start with Tatum Reed, who is one of my all-time favorite performers (aka Popwhore). Tatum first came to my attention in a clip from Naughty America that we don’t currently have available on the site. My heart sank when I saw her pristine complexion, stunning face, wonderful tongue, and enormous apple bottom. There were many other scenes in which she appeared, and I was eager to learn about them.

In her final days as an adult, she left us with only a handful of sequences, all of which are well worth your time. Here, I won’t rehash what I wrote about her in a prior essay. Scale Bustin Babes 23 by Rodney Moore is another fantastic starting point for her library. A public access presentation where he’ll teach Tatum juggle is what Rodney persuades Tatum to do in the scene. A red dress she’s wearing “breaks apart” on the screen, he informs her, and she needs to change into one of his dresses. When you see her in the polka-dotted outfit, your heart will stop. She picks up the balls a lot, as one might anticipate, before deciding that she’d be better off juggling Rodney’s.

Honorable Mention – Naomi Russell

When I met Naomi, she was truly unique. In every PAWG conversation, she’s a must-have because of her dark brown complexion, enigmatic eyes, a lovely asshole and pussy, and the widest shelf butt ever. It was a sad day when she departed the industry and her followers were devastated by her decision. At the time, I recall hearing about returning to law school.

It’s not a simple task to choose the best scenes for Naomi. Honestly, they’re all worth a watch just for her butt. Heart-stopping is an understatement for her oiled-up role in Big Wet Asses 7. Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts is a favorite of mine as well. For one scene, Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 4… where Naomi does cartwheels and then gets fully oiled before having an encounter with Nathan Threat made my ears hurt.

Riley Nixon

If you’re ready for a walk on the wild side, Riley Nixon is one of the cutest kinksters around.

Your jaw will drop when she turns around to reveal the glorious tits her cherubic face, rosy cheeks, and wide smile. While you may have not heard of her before, there is no better occasion to take in this juicy honey.

Her big gorgeous eyes are seductive and enchanting, and seeing them peek up at you as she sucks your hard cock is a true thing of charmer. Smouldering Riley Nixon claims working in porn satisfies her in a way no other job could.

Once she got a taste of the big time, this sexy babe had to have more, and jumped into the adult industry with legs spread and landing on this hottest PAWG pornstars list. Her other big-occasion indulgence is getting pampered at the salon, whether she’s going for a full-on mani-pedi or relaxing with a deep-tissue massage.

The year 2016 was improved with Riley Nixon opening her pornstar debut. When Riley initially came into the porn scene, she was 21 years of age. She has been in the porn business for 3 years and has shagged in over 151 porn movies.
A sampling of this hot babe’s most newest horny cock sucking enjoyment can be seen in Big Booty Babes by Creation Of Adam, and Everybody Loves a Squirter by Adam & Eve.

She has been nominated for 34 awards and has won a few. Some of her more latest awards include the 2018 Spank Bank Award for Most Photogenic Nymphomaniac, the 2019 Spank Bank Award for Most Voluptuous Vixen and the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Low Maintenance Hairstyle.

Riley Nixon was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada on 13-Feb-1995 which makes her an Aquarius. Her measurements are 34DD-27-37, she weighs in at 121 lbs (55 kg) and stands at 5’5″ (165 cm). Her body is slim with real/natural 34DD perfect tits. She has sparkling green eyes and pretty brown hair.

Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle has a sultry, seductive look permanently plastered on her face. Ivy, a strumpet like herself, adores nothing more than having her crotch swaddled by a hung male while she’s bent over a table.

When Ivy isn’t stalking her prey, she’s working out in the gym every day.

When it comes to this luscious auburn queen, there’s no mess, no fuss, and certainly no drama. Interracial to blowbangs, this guy-and-girl-loving gal has done it all and yet looks good enough to grace the pages of a fashion magazine. If you’re looking for the most attractive PAWG pornstars, go no further than this fun-loving superstar.

Check out this crazy lady’s smutty scenes.

In 2017 Ivy Lebelle made her pornographic debut. When this sultry babe first started getting horny for our amusement, she was 30 years old. Ivy Lebelle is still eager to eat some more cock and touch some more twat, even after two years and 226 porn films.
A.J. Applegate, Whitney Wright, Ivy Lebelle Gets Tricked Into Fucking by Bang.com, and Anal Riot by Evil Angel are some of this beautiful babe’s most recent hot large cock riding moments.

She has been nominated for 34 awards, and has won a few of them herself. This year she was awarded the 2020 AVN Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene for Drive (2019), the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for Inked Rookie of the Year and the 2019 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Laugh.

Ivy Lebelle, a Gemini, was born on June 15th, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. At 5’7″ and 134 lbs (61 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (170 cm). With fake/enhanced 34D firm tits, she has an average figure. It doesn’t hurt that she has gorgeous brown hair and eyes.

Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey has an impossibly flawless body.

This crazy hottie enjoys anime and hentai, videos games, and giving blowjobs. With a tight body and long slim legs, she’s a fantasy come to life, with the kind of cock-hungry disposition that makes for truly unforgettable scenes.

Flexible, fuckable, and athletic, this lovely lady is just as comfortable using her pretty little feet to massage a big dick as she is sucking and banging them. In Keisha’s words, nothing turns me on more than a dick being shoved down my throat. Keisha has slurped and screwed her way through numerous fucks with guys, girls, and groups, making her one of the hottest PAWG pornstars.

Keisha supports local music by going to as many shows as she can, and you can support her by checking out Keisha Grey in her juicy scenes.

Keisha Grey joined the porn world in 2013. This juicy babe was 19 years old when she began fucking for us to view. She has been in the porn business for 6 years and has screwed in over 534 porn movies.
Some of Keisha Grey’s most latest very hot scenes can be seen in Best Of Brazzers: Titty Tuesday 2 by Brazzers Network, and Best of Brazzers: Back To School by Brazzers Network.

She has been nominated for 84 awards and has acquired several. Some of her more recent awards include the 2016 AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene, Gangbang Me 2 (2015), the 2017 AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene, Orgy Masters 8 (2016) and the 2014 Inked Award for Best New Starlet.

Keisha Grey was born in Tampa, Florida on 9-Jun-1994 which makes her a Gemini. Her measurements are 32DD-25-34, she weighs in at 114 lbs (52 kg) and stands at 5’3″ (160 cm). Her body is average with real/natural 32E firm tits. She has sparkling brown eyes and thick brown hair.

Gia Paige

Nothing turns on Gia Paige more than the excitement of knowing someone might catch her in a compromising position, which is why this goddess says her awesome fantasy is to film a scene where she gets fucked right in the middle of main street.

Not one to shy away from hardcore, she jumped right into anal and trio scenes, performing like a pro. If Gia’s not on set, you can probably find her walking on the beach or luxuriating in a tanning bed, a treat she states she doesn’t get to indulge in often.

She loves to be taken in every hole and, according to alluring brunette, the troupe is true bigger is better. You’ll see where Gia’s talented tongue really shines when you catch this babe mouth-banging a cock and tugging the shaft with two hands. Renowned for her awesome dick sucking skills, watching this alluring lady give sloppy wet head to some of the hardest cocks on the planet is reason enough to understand the reason she is one of the hottest PAWG pornstars.

Gia admits that she really loves cock.

2015 was the year that Gia Paige debuted on the porn scene. When Gia initially joined the porn scene, she was 25 years of age.
She has been in the porn business for 4 years and has fucked in over 269 porn performances. A few of Gia Paige’s most newest heated performances can be seen in Amazing Anal Threesomes by Evil Angel, and Banging Her Tight Bootyhole by Pervcity.com.

She has been nominated for 41 awards and has won a couple. Some of her more latest awards include the 2017 Spank Bank Award for Excellence in ‘Lawn’ Maintenance (aka Best Groomed Bush), the 2018 Spank Bank Award for Masturbator of the Year and the 2019 Spank Bank Award for Bewitching Brunette of the Year.

Gia Paige was born in Detroit, MI, USA on 18-Jun-1990 which makes her a Gemini. Her measurements are 32B-24-34, she weighs in at 110 lbs (50 kg) and stands at 5’2″ (157 cm). Her body is average with real/natural 32B ripe tits. She has sparkling hazel eyes and thick black hair.

Natasha Nice

Babe Natasha Nice is a busty hottie with the greatest job in the world: getting paid to lick twat the finest pieces of ass in the industry. There’s nothing she enjoys more than watching a dick get hard as she wraps it up in her

Gia Paige made her pornographic debut in 2015. She was 25 years old when she first entered the porn industry.
She has been in the porn industry for four years and has performed in 269 shows. Evil Angel’s Amazing Anal Threesomes and Pervcity.com’s Banging Her Tight Bootyhole both include Gia Paige in recent performances.

In total, she has been nominated for 41 awards and has won a few of them. This year, she was named Bewitching Brunette of the Year at the 2019 Spank Bank Awards, as well as the 2017 Spank Bank Award for Excellence in ‘Lawn’ Maintenance (aka Best Groomed Bush).

On June 18, 1990, Gia Paige was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, making her a Gemini. Her body dimensions are 32B-24-34, and she stands at a height of 5’2″. (157 cm). Her figure is ordinary, but she has 32B juicy tits that are real. Hazel eyes and thick black hair make her stand out.

Cherie Deville

So if you’re into princess on chick action, you should stop by and see what Cherie Deville can do.

From her rosy cheeks to her riveting pretty eyes, she is a attractive little beauty. Watch this nasty babe stretch wide for massive double dick penetration with some of the largest monster cocks around.

Watching her take a cock is a joy to behold, and watching any of her scenes is a sure fire way to heat up a room. She’s got a magnificent pair of blue eyes and the kind of angelic and endearing smile that makes you forget that you’re looking at one of porn’s freakiest new sluts.

Cherie is a member of the hottest PAWG pornstars club due to her love of both slurping pink snatch, and hard riding hard dicks. Cherie’s since screwed and sucked in a wide range of sizzling smut scenes, including girl to girl and anal and everything between.

Cherie Deville entered the porn world in 2012.
When Cherie first entered the sex industry, she was 34 years old. She has been in the adult world for 7 years and has shagged in over 1005 porn scenes. A sampling of this hot babe’s most newest heated big cock riding moments can be found in 40 Years Old Comes to Life by Video Marc Dorcel, and Anal Compilation by Xempire.com.

She has been nominated for 98 awards and has acquired some. Some of her more recent honors include the 2019 AVN Award for MILF Performer of the Year, the 2020 AVN Award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene, Future Darkly: The Complete Second Season (2019) and the 2017 Spank Bank Award for Hardest Working Ho in Ho Biz.

Cherie Deville was born in Durham, NC, USA on 30-Aug-1978 which makes her a Virgo. Her measurements are 32DD-24-36, she weighs in at 110 lbs (50 kg) and stands at 5’5″ (165 cm). Her body is slim with fake/enhanced 32E (70E) round tits. She has sparkling blue eyes and pretty blond hair.

Kelsi Monroe

I believe it’s kind of saucy knowing that a guy is beating off, watching me do the most outrageous shit, Kelsi Monroe has stated, and it was only a matter of time period before this dazzling darling jumped into smut.

Always on the hunt for man-meat, Kelsi enjoys being in the smut biz, and claims that porn has brought out the absolute best version of herself. Her large, round breasts pop right out of whatever clothing she decides to slink into, but you forget all about her smoking cleavage the second you have a chance to watch her walk away.

She has the potential to draw her co-star into a world where only the two exist. Now an ass-taking superstar, Kelsi is a professional cock-sitter set on rising in rank via hanky pank.

This horny performer has plush curves and creamy skin, and you do not want to miss watching her ass jiggle as she rides a fat dick to get higher on the hottest PAWG pornstars list. When she isn’t showing the world her curves she’s sculpting them, cause this fitness darling makes sure she’s ready to shine in every steamy scene.

The year 2013 was improved with Kelsi Monroe opening her pornstar career.
When Kelsi first entered the sex industry, she was 21 years old. She has been in the porn business for 6 years and has banged in over 227 porn performances. Some of Kelsi Monroe’s most recent horny fucks can be found in All Anal All Girls by Evil Angel, and Amazing Anal Threesomes by Evil Angel.

She has been nominated for 20 awards and has acquired several. Her most latest honors include the 2016 Spank Bank Technical Award for Double Tapped.

Kelsi Monroe was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 30-Jun-1992 which makes her a Cancer. Her measurements are 32B-24-37, she weighs in at 121 lbs (55 kg) and stands at 5’7″ (170 cm). Her body is average with real/natural 32B (70B) perfect tits. She has sexy brown eyes and thick brown hair.

Lena Paul

Lena Paul is a wickedly dazzling smut star if you take one part pouty, dick-sucking lips and pour it over a deliciously curvaceous, hourglass shape. He is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, having been educated, travelled, and culturally enriched to appeal to only the most discerning of sexual tastes.

In spite of all her success, this dreamgirl still enjoys a night out with her friends.

Unlike Barbie, this babe has some unique characteristics. You can tell just by looking at her how much time she devotes to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Just watch one of Lena Paul’s fucks and you’ll see why she’s one of the hottest PAWG porn actors in the industry today. Her name is Lena Paul, and she’s a sexy princess.

In 2016, Lena Paul entered the porn industry. When she first started fucking for our amusement, this hot beauty was only 23 years old. More than 403 pornographic scenes have been filmed of her during the past three years.
To get a taste of her most recent incredibly hot fucks you can check out Anal Creampies Compilation and Anal Euphoria 4.

Nominated for 46 awards, she’s won a few of them. The 2020 AVN Award for Best Group Scene, Drive (2019), the 2017 DVDerotik Award for Best New Starlet, and the 2018 Spank Bank Award for Most Voluptuous Vixen are just a few of her most recent achievements and nominations.

She was born in DeLand, Florida on October 12, 1993, making her a Libra. A 32DDD-25-36, 127 lb (58 kg) woman, she stands 5’4′′ tall and weighs 58 kg (162 cm). Her figure is decent, but her 32F tits are really stunning. Lustful blue eyes and brown hair make her an attractive brunette.

Lana Rhoades

Her tits are nicely formed, and her ass will have you craving more.

As a free spirit, Lana is always looking for new ways to live life to the fullest, from traveling the world to partying with her coworkers. When a party quickly descended into a raunchy sex game in front of everyone in attendance, this sporty vixen delved into her inherent sexuality.

If you want to get in her pants, you’re going to need class, a sense of danger, and the ability to make her cum hard if you want her attention. As her fan base grows, Lana Rhoades is ready to take on the porn industry head on.

She’s everything you’d expect from a top PAWG porn performer, with her perfect skin, lovely breasts, and well-toned physique. Be prepared to shed a few tears while watching Lana, because she’s a real belly laugher.

When Lana Rhoades made her porn debut in 2016, it was a huge deal. Lana was 20 years old when she initially entered the porn industry. Her XXX career spans three years and she has performed in over 251 sex acts.
Digital Sin’s Anal Creampie Lessons 6 and Brazzers Network’s Best Of Brazzers: Working Out feature some of Lana’s sexiest moments.

She has been nominated for 55 awards and has won a few of them herself. More recent accolades include the 2017 AVN Award for Fans’ Favorite Newcomer, the 2018 AVN Award for Best Anal Sex Scene, Anal Savages 3 (2017), and the 2019 PornHub Award for Most Popular Female Actress.

Lana Rhoades, a Virgo, was born on September 6th, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. At 5’3″ and 114 lbs (52 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (160 cm). Fake/enhanced 34D delicate tits adorn her lean, toned frame. Her thick black hair and lustrous blue eyes complete her look.

Maddy Oreilly

This chick is tight and fine, a delicate, perfect, peppy hottie with bright blue eyes.

Her ideal breasts bounce effortlessly while riding a fat cock. When she isn’t hunting for the next hunk to hook up with, darling-haired Maddy likes to visit tourist attractions, shop, and go out to try new restaurants with buddies.

Her fanbase continues to grow steadily so she is definitely making her name for herself. Despite all her talent and success, though, Maddy Oreilly knew that her true calling was living out all her filthiest and freakiest dreams by fucking on film. Her beautiful smirk and sweet, easy laugh are almost enough to make you forget that you’re looking at a starlet, but one glance at that rocking body of hers will remind you the reason she is one of the hottest PAWG pornstars.

Gangbangs, footjobs, testing her flexibility, and bondage are just some of Maddy’s tricks, so join her to see what else is in her box of great.

The year 2011 was made better with Maddy Oreilly opening her pornstar career.
This hot hottie was 21 years old when she started fucking for us to see. She has been in the porn business for 8 years and has shagged in over 502 porn movies. Some of Maddy’s most recent horny big cock riding moments can be found in All Anal All Girls by Evil Angel, and Beautiful Stars 5 by Elegant Angel.

She has been nominated for 158 awards and has acquired a few. Some of her more latest awards include the 2014 AVN Award for Best Solo Sex Scene, Not the Wizard of Oz XXX (2013), the 2014 Nightmoves Fan Award for Best Butt and the 2015 Spank Bank Award for Cocksucker of the Year.

Maddy Oreilly was born in Mayberry, NC, USA on 3-May-1990 which makes her a Taurus. Her measurements are 34B-24-35, she weighs in at 127 lbs (58 kg) and stands at 5’7″ (170 cm). Her body is average with real/natural 34B perfect tits. She has bright brown eyes and silky black hair.

Kagney Linn Karter

Sweet and sour treat She’s a mild-mannered diva of few words… until when it comes to sexy talk. Kagney Linn Karter With enormous boobs, thighs that bulge, and a luscious butt that you can’t get your eyes off, the stacked darling has no sexual boundaries.

With long, goddess hair, ivory complexion, and a sweetie personality, this lovely little spinner is the ultimate girl next door.

On the road, this green-eyed beauty’s favorite pastime is to masturbate in front of passing truckers in order to draw attention to herself. In front of the camera, you’ll see her swallowing a dick in a way that has never been done before. She has a beautiful smile and a lovely, easy laugh that could fool most people into thinking they’re watching an actress, but one look at her rocking body will remind you why she is one of the hottest pornstars on PAWG.

In other words, if you enjoy seeing big-titted lesbians lick one other’s wet genitalia, don’t miss Kagney Linn Karter!

It was in 2008 when Kagney Linn Karter made her debut on the pornographic scene. When this sultry babe first started fucking for us to witness, she was just 21 years old.
Kagney Linn Karter is still hungry for cock and pussy after 11 years and 672 porn scenes. You may check out some of her freshest and hottest performances in Brazzers Network’s Anally Reamed In Her Jeans and Brazzers Network’s Best Of Brazzers: Soaking Wet.

90 awards have gone to her, and she has a few more on the way. Recent Spank Bank Awards she has won include Instagram Girl of the Year in 2016, BBC Slut of the Year in 2017, and Blonde Babe of the Year in 2017.

Kagney Linn Karter was born on March 28th, 1987, in Houston, Texas, which makes her an Aries. At 118 pounds (54 kilograms), her measurements are 36DD-25-36, and she stands at a height of 5’4.” (163 cm). Her body is average, but she has enhanced/fake 36DD sensitive tits. She has a beautiful blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes.

Karlee Grey

Take a shower with award-winning babe Karlee Grey if you prefer your stars slippery, wet, and wild. It’s a combination of her intelligence and her wonderful body that makes each of her scenes as juicy as they are.

She’s the stuff of lustful legends and erotic fantasies the world over thanks to her classic beauty with a modern twist.

Karlee was ready to take the world by storm with her perfectly perky breasts and tight tiny ass. During her spare time, Karlee likes to take long drives around the countryside and horseback rides along trails to soak in the scenery. This sultry pornstar has it all: a sultry figure, a lovely face, and an insatiable appetite for sex.

There’s nothing better than seeing Karlee Grey go all naughty with a princess.

In 2014, Karlee Grey made her pornographic debut.
Karlee was 20 years old when she initially entered the sex profession. As a pornographic performer, she has appeared in 499 shows over the course of the past five years. Xempire.com’s Facialized Compilation and Teamskeet.com’s Foster Sister Rivalry both feature some of her hottest new scenes.

Since she began her career, she has been nominated for 40 awards and has won several. The 2017 Spank Bank Technical Award for Most Prosperous Hormones and the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Belfies are among her most recent accolades.

Karlee Grey, an Aquarius, was born on January 25th, 1994, in Framingham, Massachusetts, the United States. At 5’6″ and 134 lbs (61 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (167 cm). Her figure is ordinary, however her 36E tits are real/natural. She has beautiful black hair and piercing brown eyes.

Summer Day

Summer Day’s co-stars and thousands of fans can attest to the fact that she’s the queen of riding dick, thus she deserves to be showered with jewels. This diva has become a household name in smut thanks to her open-mindedness and her insatiable need for raunchy sex.

Summer enjoys browsing social media when she isn’t performing with one of her many sex gadgets.

She enjoys anal and fetish scenarios just as much as she enjoys regular sex. Over the years, she has worked as a stripper, a make-up artist, and a producer of commercial films.

Attractive, well-toned body, and flawless skin make her one of the most sought-after PAWG porn performers of all time. Take a look at what sets this athletic lady apart from the rest!

Summer Day’s debut as a pornstar made 2008 a better year. Summer Day decided to make her pornographic debut when she turned 19 years old. More than one hundred and eighty pornographic films have featured her over her eleven years on the scene.
Anal Teens by Mile High and Talented Day by Teamskeet.com feature some of this gorgeous babe’s most recent hot scenes.

Although she has received 10 nominations, she has yet to win one. I’m confident she’ll get a trophy soon because of her attractive on-screen performance.

Summer Day was born on March 19th, 1994 in Seattle, Washington, USA, making her a Pisces. Her measurements are 32A-22-24, she weighs 110 pounds (50 kg), and she stands at 5’3″ tall. She is (160 cm). Real/natural 34B tits adorn her slender frame. Her eyes are enticing blue, and her hair is beautiful brown.

Angela White

When you see Angela White, you might think she’s a laid-back party girl, but she’s actually a rebellious party girl who enjoys roughing it.

If a guy in business attire makes Angela’s small pussy wet and leaking as she imagines getting him undressed, it’s a guy she’s interested in. She has appeared in a variety of sex acts, including threesomes, girl-to-girl sessions, facial scenes, and more.

Angela White claims to have a “oral fixation,” and it’s clear when you see her suck a massive cock that she enjoys it. When she realizes that her audience is salivating at the sight of her little boobs bobbing as she rides a thick dick, she gets even more enthralled. To top it all off, this saucy babe has the most beautiful eyes and breasts of any PAWG porn performer.

Check out Angela’s scenes and you’ll be blown away.

In 2003, Angela White began her porn profession, making the year even better. Angela was 18 years old when she initially entered the porn industry. Her career in the porn industry has spanned 16 years, during which time she has appeared in over 630 films.
Adult Time’s ASMR Fantasy and Evil Angel’s Amazing Anal Threesomes feature some of Angela’s most recent hot scenes.

Nominated for more than 130 awards, she has won some of them. All-Girl Group Sex Scene Angela 2 (2015), 2016 AVN Award for Best Oral Sex Scene, Angela 2 (2015) and 2018 AVN Award for Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene Angela 3 (2017).

As of 4 March 1985, Angela White is a Pisces born in Australia. 5’2″ tall, 129 lbs (59 kg), and 32GG-28-38 are her measurements (157 cm). Her figure is ordinary, but her 42G tits are really stunning. Her thick, jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes make for a striking look.

Savannah Fox

Make sure you don’t let go of your money! Cashier checks aren’t an option for Savannah Fox because she prefers cash. It’s impossible for her to keep her hands off of herself or any of the other sexy women in the room.

Her admirers adore her for her sexy boobs, her pouty dick-sucking lips, and her sultry, sophisticated attractiveness.

In her down time, Savannah enjoys spending time at the beach, relaxing in the spa, or reading a good book. Her lips, tits, and booty were all that mattered to her, and she was confident she could have it all. Due to the firmness of her bosoms, as well as the beauty of her round, appealing ass, Savannah Fox is one of the most sought-after PAWG porn performers.

Avoid lending her anything you don’t want to return covered in stains if you want to keep her on your good side.

Savannah Fox’s pornstar debut in 2012 boosted the year’s spirits.
For our pleasure, she began banging at the tender age of 25. Seven years into adulthood, she has appeared in more than 273 pornographic films. Adam & Eve’s Everybody Loves a Squirter and Clips4sale’s Lift and Carry Service both feature recent Savannah Fox screaming orgasms.

At least 14 awards have been nominated for her. The 2015 Spank Bank Technical Award for Begging for a Crack Attack and the 2015 Spank Bank Technical Award for Most Perverted PAWG are just two of her recent accolades.

Savannah Fox, a Virgo, was born on September 2nd, 1987, in New York City, New York. 5’3″ tall, she weighs 114 pounds (52 kg), and her bust measures 34B-28-39 (160 cm). Her figure is ordinary, however her 34B round tits are real/natural. She has a beautiful auburn hair and enchanting hazel eyes.

Kate England

For as long as she can remember, Kate England has had an unquenchable desire for happiness. When it comes to freaky ladies, this excited little fuckdoll has a long and impressive record to back her up.

There is nothing this girl won’t do, and she’s a huge fan of sex and intense play.

You’ll understand exactly what she’s saying once you’ve watched her unrestrained performances. After a long day of filming, you’ll find Kate playing soccer in the park or dancing the night away at the local clubs. It’s just a matter of time until you discover why Kate England is one of the hottest PAWG pornstars in the market today.

If you haven’t seen her in action yet, we can’t wait to see what she can do when she’s in the position to do so.

She first appeared in the realm of pornography in 2014.
Kate England decided to make her pornographic debut at the age of 21. When it comes to sex, Kate England hasn’t changed a bit in five years and 254 porn films. 1000Facials Compilation by Blowpass.com and Brotha Lovers Welcomes Kyler Quinn by Brothalovers.com feature some of Kate England’s hottest fucks.

In the 36 awards she has been nominated for, she has won a few. Her most recent accolades include the 2016 Spank Bank Award for Best Vocals, the 2017 Spank Bank Award for the Most Fuckable Feet, and the 2017 Spank Bank Award for PAWG of the Year.

Kate England, a Gemini, was born on May 26th, 1993, in Florida, the United States. When it comes to height, she stands at 5’5″ and weighs 110 lbs (50 kg) (165 cm). Her figure is ordinary, however her 34B tits are real/natural. She has gorgeous blond hair and blue-green eyes.

Daisy Stone

Daisy’s heart is the only thing bigger than her enormous boobs, and she’s a joy to be around.

No doubt this fox is drawing attention with her cock-riding prowess and blowjob technique. There is a large photo depicting Daisy’s eyes rolling back in orgasm in the dictionary definition of “seductive.” One of the most popular PAWG porn stars, this huge butt seducer is known for her sultry demeanor and enticing charm.

Daisy Stone is always up for a challenge, whether it’s one, two, or four cocks.

A new porn star, Daisy Stone, debuted in 2017. Daisy first entered the adult market at the age of 21. More than two years and 228 pornographic scenes later, Daisy Stone still craves more cock and twat.
1602 Daisy Stone by Inthecrack.com and All Anal Service by Evil Angel are great samples of this hot babe’s freshest hot pussy licking activity.

She has been nominated for 24 awards, and has won a few of them. She has recently won the 2019 Spank Bank Award for PAWG of the Year, the 2019 Spank Bank Technical Award for the Best Use of Butthole as a Vape Pen Holder, and the 2020 Spank Bank Technical Award for Sucking Dick Is Her Love Language.

A Virgo by birth, Daisy Stone was born on September 4, 1996 in Miami Beach, Florida. Her body dimensions are 32C-26-34, and she stands at a height of 5’8″. (173 cm). With 32C beautiful tits, her figure is normal. She’s a beautiful brunette with entrancing hazel eyes.

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