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On OnlyFans, what’s the most common type of content? There are accounts geared towards straight folks. They may have a smattering of lesbian sex, but it’s unlikely to be something you’d write home about. Fortunately, if you search hard enough on OnlyFans, you’ll soon come across some lesbian profiles, and they’re going to be fantastic.

We sifted through hundreds and hundreds of OnlyFans lesbian accounts to compile this list of the best 20. The list we’ve compiled is, in our opinion, the finest of the best.

It’s understandable that not everyone will be enthralled by all 20 of the lesbian accounts on this page. But we believe that most users will be able to identify at least one or two profiles that truly pique their interests. All twenty of them are fantastic.

We’ve already waited a long time, so what about jumping right into the greatest lesbian OnlyFans accounts?

Top 25+ Famous Onlyfans Lesbian

Samantha Ava

Greetings, my name is Samantha. A professional model and yoga instructor, I’m 22 years old and live in the Los Angeles area. I’m also a huge fan of sex toys and enjoy playing with both lads and girls. I’ve been told I have a puppy-like demeanor by others. I’m always up for a good old-fashioned prank or two! Auto-renewal must be activated. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity! If you decide to resubscribe, I’ll give you a free movie or picture every month as a thank you. There is no time to waste!



Hello, my name is Victoria. Everyone thinks I’m a sweet, innocent girl, but you won’t believe it once you watch my OnlyFans, where I post the finest XXX films you’ll ever see.


Kat Aphrodisiac

As your personal aphrodisiac, let me introduce myself as: Kat.
I’m a 19-year-old woman that enjoys developing a strong bond with her sexuality.
I’m a pretty private person, and this platform is a way for me to express myself and raise money for my education. I’m a huge fan of ккy and ll, and I’m also fluent in both Spanish and English. Come on, bb, let’s have some fun.



Find out why they call me the queen of anal ? • sex tapes • anal • lesbian • threesomes



Please introduce yourself to me as Lola! I already know that I’ll be your favorite female on onlyfans.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that this year I turned 18 and chose to create an onlyfans account so that I could share all my finest content with you. Join my onlyfans for a game!


Miss Katie OnlyFans

If you are looking for an over-40 sophisticated milf, go no further than Katie. Katie is the only fan you should follow if you’re a fan of milfs. More than 500 unique movies have been prepared for her followers, she’s renowned as the queen of dirty words and the mother of dick rates, she’s got 36 DDD breasts and an unrivaled pink butterfly that her fans love, and she has hundreds of hours of high-quality xxx footage. Her social media following has surpassed 1.5 million people, and she has been ranked amongst the top 0.0 percent of onlyfans users for the past two years.



Lexi here, a 19-year-old college student from France. I’m a big fan of authentic orgasms captured on camera. Being watched by so many men is making me really excited. My favorite part of creating unique content is hearing from people who enjoy it and want to share their thoughts with me. As far as I am concerned, I’m up for anything.

Every day I post full nudes, sizzling photos, and xxx movies on my Instagram account, and I respond to every message.

Fucking in French and nasty chat are two of my favorite hobbies! Additionally, I’m fluent in both languages.



MissFloraBerlin specializes on content geared for women. Subscribe to her OnlyFans lesbian account, and you’ll receive a shitload of femdom material. BDSM will be incorporated into this.

Our favorite thing about her is that she’s a true lesbian. A lesbian relationship means you’ll get to see a lot of footage from that angle, which is always a good thing to have. There will be a lot of nudes on her account, but in addition to that, she likes to talk about her daily routine.

We’re quite aware that this will be a complete turnoff for some folks. But we’re in love with it. As OnlyFans subscribers, we are eager to learn more about the people we follow.


The username tells you all you need to know about what you’ll get when you sign up for these two services. You’ll get to see a real lesbian couple in action.

There was none of that “staged trash for camera” stuff. Two folks who are in love will be playing with each other for you. It adds a whole new element to the situation.

They actually enjoy touching each other’s genitals and groins. Expect to see a lot of content involving couples. Videos and photographs are included in this. Occasionally, you’ll even find some solo content tossed in.


Blakebambiwild is pleased to provide yet another lesbian couple for your viewing pleasure. Yes. A real lesbian couple is going to be born out of this.

People who are in love and want to show the world how much they care for one another. There is no doubt that they will strip down to their underwear and have copious amounts of sex while doing so. This pair is going to post a ton of videos and images here.

The last two were a lot cooler than this one. For the sake of our enjoyment, we hope this pair stays together for a long period of time.


We’ve got some more lesbian treats in store for you! There are free subscriptions to the content of this British couple. Most of what they do while on OnlyFans is probably just for the sake of showcasing their adorable romance.

You can expect to see a fair amount of nude content on their free account, but don’t expect to see a ton of it. Seeing two individuals who are plainly in love with one another may be a pretty fucking amazing feeling at times.

To be on the safe side, expect to see a lot of oral and BDSM in their productions. You may not be concerned about it, but we hope you are.


Lesbianrealness subscribers have immediate access to more than 400 photos that really reveal the intimacy in their connection if they subscribe. I’m sure there will be many more to come.

This is a daily-posting couple. Even if it’s not always naked, you’re going to have a blast regardless. This duo enjoys interacting with their most ardent supporters. Lesbianrealness will allow you to have a one-on-one conversation with a real lesbian pair.

Bonus content may be sent to your email inbox from time to time if you remain a subscriber. It’s clear that this isn’t a couple on OnlyFans solely for financial gain. Our favorite type of pair is the one that enjoys being naked on camera.


Sallyxmdvip’s photo and video collection already exceeds 1,000 items. You will be able to view all of her content as soon as you subscribe to her. When it comes to OnlyFans profiles, Sallyxmdvip stands out a little more than the others.

This person is gay. Don’t be concerned about it. The least we can say about her is that she is bisexual. But at the time, it doesn’t appear that she is in a relationship. This means that you’ll get to see a wide array of lesbian characters in action.

Of course, you’ll also see Sally perform solo from time to time. However, we’re fine with it. She’s a sultry slut.


Other women we’ve profiled so far seem to pander to an audience preoccupied with having picture-perfect bodies. Make no mistake about it. On occasion, we’d all like to have the perfect body.

However, we also like the opportunity to observe women who are more natural in their appearance. The Sexysisterwives profile is exactly what you’ll get if you sign up for the service.

This is a real lesbian duo with some very epic tits to show off to your friends. Content is plentiful on their site. You can expect to see plenty of photos of their adorable pussies, which they take great pleasure in posting on their Instagram account. Fingers can be found buried deep in them at times.


This is the free account for Shelma. It is designed to urge you to head on over to her premium profile. However, don’t worry. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, her free profile is still going to be presenting you to some absolutely wonderful stuff which we are 100 percent confident you are going to like.

We surely do. There is something about how dirty this tattooed lady gets with her other half that just makes us go crazy. She guarantees that the movies and the photographs that she posts are certain to make you cum.

We 100 percent agree with that. These photographs are among the hottest things that you are ever going to see, particularly from a free account. You will probably be itching to subscribe up to her paid profile very shortly.


If you’re a fan of the lesbian lifestyle, we’re sure you’ve heard of her. As far as lesbian content goes, Dorothy Black has worked with about every major pornographic studio.

On OnlyFans, she has two profiles. Here is a direct link to her free lesbian OnlyFans page, which we’ve provided for your convenience. On this page, she doesn’t post a lot of material. However, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of what this woman is all about.

Occasionally, she will post a naked photo or two. Sign up for her VIP page if you’d like additional information. There is no doubt in our minds that she will be delivering even better stuff.


June and Margot are the duo you’ll be savoring while you’re here. They are an Asian couple, as evidenced by the name of their business. Asian lesbian couples are even more unusual on OnlyFans, as we can tell you right now.

This implies that you’re in for a tremendous treat with this combination. They enjoy licking pussies, BDSM, foot fetishes, anal, and a slew of other things.

Videos and images of their sexy relationship are frequently posted online. You really have to see these shoes to believe them. They’re simply too fantastic to be true.


There are no jokes about this being a lesbian pair. They do, however, take pleasure in working out a few kinks. When it comes to fetishizing the little vs. motherly dynamic, they’re a big fan. Although we know that this isn’t for everyone, these two lesbians are one of the few couples on OnlyFans to do so.

Even their OnlyFans profile images and videos will be something you have never seen before. This is due to the fact that this duo prefers to make content that is more creative in nature. Even if it’s still sweltering, these people get to show you what they’re really proud of.

Don’t be concerned. Some hardcore fucking is likely to occur at some point during the course of this experiment. For the most part, this stunning couple’s wedding will be all about the artistic photos.


An XBIZ award nomination has been made for Savannahsolo’s work on OnlyFans. This is a woman who truly cares about the sex industry, as evidenced by her actions. She gives 10% of her earnings to victims of sex trafficking.

It’s difficult to transition from that, but we know that you’re here for the lesbian stuff she provides. Some of it is scarce. She does, in fact, fly solo the vast majority of the time, as her moniker implies.

Even though she rarely posts any lesbian stuff, you can be sure that when she does, it will be a fantastic treat. To guarantee that her subscribers get exactly what they deserve and want, Savannahsolo always does her best.


Her self-description is that of a lesbian hippy. We deduce that this is due to her more casual outlook on life. If you’re hoping for more frequent updates, you’ll have to seek elsewhere. According to Lesbianhippy’s statement, she will not be posting to OnlyFans every day.

But at least once a week, she posts something on her blog. We’re telling you now, the information she posts will be well worth the wait. Lesbian stuff will be blended up with solo material. Exactly what we were looking for.


Check out Allesandrasnow if you’re looking for a lesbian OnlyFans account that provides true value. Hundreds of pictures are available from this woman. She also has more than 50 videos of masturbation on her page.

Instant access is available for $4.99 a month. The rich trove of content she’s built up is going to grow even more. She updates her blog on a daily basis. This isn’t all lesbian content, but man, it’s going to feature one of the best women on the internet.


No, I don’t want my girls to be German, gamers, or tattooed. If that’s the case, Gymgamergirl might be your cup of tea. She’s one of the priciest girls on this list, costing $20 a month. She does, however, take a considerable amount of time to make some truly remarkable work.

Some of it is gay. Some of it is done on one’s own accord. It’s going to be all about showcasing her great physique. This lady isn’t going to suit everyone. However, like we stated at the beginning, we are going to attempt and cover as many kinks as we can.. As a fan of tattooed women, we had to include her on our list.


Sinn Sage, the winner of the AVN Award, is shown here. You may have seen her in some pornography in the past. OnlyFans is now showcasing her in all her sensual radiance. For obvious reasons, the majority of her time will be spent in pornographic films.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, are not overlooked. She posts a lot of lesbian stuff with a variety of women on a regular basis. Every now and then, she and her spouse get down to business. So, there’s a lot of variety here.


This is a lesbian OnlyFans member you may have heard of before. She does this because she’s worked hard to make a name for herself. Access to her OnlyFans page will be free of charge. Even though she won’t be showing much of herself naked, she has shared more than enough other images to whet your appetite for her stunning looks.


As of 2019, Charlotte Stokely has been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame Class of 2020. So, this proves that she is a major player in the porn industry. As far as lesbian porn stars go, she’s widely regarded as one of the greatest.

On OnlyFans, she posts frequently. It’s always exciting to see her lick a pussy or two from time to time. As a top porn star, she doesn’t even charge a lot for her stuff. You’re looking at a monthly fee of just $10.


Abigail Mac is both sexes. ‘ On her OnlyFans page, she doesn’t upload a lot of lesbian content. The fact that she is bisexual is crucial to know because she is one of the people on the site that enjoys interacting with their followers.

Flirting with her is perfectly acceptable. A top porn star, as well. The Fleshlight is even out in full force for her. There’s no doubt in your mind that she’ll put up a fantastic show.


Finally, we have Dani Daniels, a lesbian actress who has won numerous honors for her work. She has that nerdy, adorable appearance. If you look at her OnlyFans profile, she’ll be dressed as Spock from Star Trek.

Quite a few people will appreciate that, as we are aware of. If you’re one of her OnlyFans, you’ll have access to a plethora of exclusive content. Almost every day, there is something new that you can get your teeth into. Awesome!

Top 25+ Famous Onlyfans LesbianTop 25+ Famous Onlyfans Lesbian

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