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Rather than going all ass all the time, we’ve opted to investigate some of the fetishes, starting with foot fetishism (also known as podophilia). For those who enjoy foot-licking or pornography in general, this is the place to begin your trip. Always remember that the journey from lesbian and foot massages to heterosexual porn begins with one step. I think about having sex with a person who actually appreciates this obsession and does so not because I ask them to, but because they love it as much as I do. ”

My ex-girlfriend loved it when I attempted sucking on her toes during a sexual encounter. It began with a lot of giggling and teasing, but once we both got used to it, it became something else entirely. We never went back to anything other than this. For letting her uncover yet another fetish, she is forever grateful. I miss her so much.

Top 25+ Hottest Female Pornstars Foot Fetish

One-of-a-kind Anna Bell Peaks, the wild-looking porn star, holds onto her feet and thighs. Whatever section of the image you choose to focus on will appear distinct from the rest. To begin with, there are two-tone haircuts, lovely MILF breasts, and then oily toes… My mouth is watering just thinking about it. They nearly detract from the tattooed body, which is a work of art in its own right.

Anna switches ink artists like you would in a pornographic setting. Let’s not forget about the beauty of soft feet! Hands that look like they’re ready to spring into action are actually softer than those of males, I swear!

Kimmy Granger

If Kimmy had muffin-soft feet, she could stroke my crotch all day long. Even if the cute little pussy isn’t visible, the video still holds up. To further pique the interest of curious onlookers, a manicure awaits them downstairs. Kimmy’s little boobs are no longer the center of attention thanks to this accessory. The only area that would benefit from a few procedures.

Then, if you’d want, you can go all out on her feet, ankles, or even go for an extreme footjob.

Cameron Canada

As someone who isn’t an expert in the field of science, my intuition tells me that Cameron is Canadian. A moment like this was too good to pass up. The pornstars we’ve mentioned have all confessed to having a foot fetish and possessing flawless toes. So instead of just dumping 20 identical scenes, we’ve thrown in something as beautiful: a sensual handjob from Cameron Canada, with a little bit of ball stroking and kissing.

We’re happy to see her on this list, especially since she’s a big fan of footjobs and receiving snowflakes of love on her toes.

Sara Luvv

You should check out Sara Luvv’s work if you’re into rougher play, she’s not afraid to get her feet wet. Great cock-riding skills and a mouth-watering pair of toes make this one a shoo-in. In spite of the shortness of the movie above, we still have two more prostitutes on our roster.

As a bonus, you’ll know where to get the best possible price. The reason I watch porn is because I don’t have the strength to fuck her with her legs up in such away. As a result, I can enjoy both the hottest pornstars and the softest ankles and feet. For the first time in my life, I’m appreciative of the manicure on her toenails. What a strange thing to say.

Addison Ryder

Addison is clearly an expert in her field. It’s only a matter of time before you succumb to the temptation to lick her toes. In addition to making our dicks erect, she’s ready to discharge millions of potential children upon her feet. In general, she’s a very pleasant sight to witness.

We understand that the ginger porn stars aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, would you rather have sex with an 8/10 ginger or a 6/10 blond or brunette-haired person? Assuming you’re not a complete moron, the solution is clear. I believe that her engagement in sex is also a factor. Unlike a starfish, she doesn’t spend her days frolicking in the ocean, which promises a stairway to heaven awash in sighs of ecstasy.

Riley Reid

When you heard Riley Reid’s name before, you knew why. Without hesitation, she passionately kisses and licks the feet with sincere love in her heart. I’m sure these two porn stars do it for the love of the fetish, not for the money they get from it. Instead of their toes, they’re kissing their lips. So, you must be in love with her.

Adding Elsa Jean to the mix, with her small frame and lovely toes, officially kicks off the celebration. Look at the feet and toes of either of these models, and you’ll know what true love is. To get into the mood, having gorgeous faces is a good thing to have around.

Kristina Rose and Angela White

We’re going to have a hard time if you don’t masturbate to this. You’ve just uncovered an Australian porn actress with a foot fetish. A foot-in-the-ass trick, of course, would be the perfect way to mark this occasion.

If you don’t see anything else but feet in the video, you’re missing out. With my girlfriend, I’ll have to see how it goes. It’s possible that the thumb isn’t the best choice for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a whirl.

Allie Haze

The only thing Allie Haze is good at is foot stroking men’s crotches, which she does whenever she has time to spare. This scene focuses on three things: her feet, her enormous asses, and her perfectly shaved pussy.

There is no way to predict what she will do next, as she has previously slept with most of the men in the profession. I predict that she will go down in history as the greatest porn performer of all time.

Ariana Marie

A foot threesome, if it exists, is the next item on our list. This man’s reaction suggests that it is not true. We’ve got four feet, one cock, and now we’re talking about a former blond and a brunette. Perhaps medics should attempt this maneuver instead of CPR, which is certain to lift even the most spongy cocks or corpses.

Taking turns sucking his dick and jerking it off with all their feet, both porn actors are stunning. Even though I haven’t seen this one yet, you can always rely on the industry’s premier porn studio to come up with fresh ideas for fucking people. Everything is going on in the video and it keeps getting better. Imagine the cumming on their toes and feet as a result of all this activity.

Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie will have sucked twenty more cocks by the time this post goes live, but this is exactly why she is on the top 10 pornstars list. You’ll have a great time seeing her perform because she has so much experience.

Let these fucking glasses go. You’ve made it to MILF heaven with your big tits and sexy feet. With or without her pantyhose, which would you prefer? The latter has never been on my list of things to try. She really does look after him and his genitalia. It’s all about teasing, playing, and having a good time. Phoenix’s bowed legs suggest that she is also quite adaptable.

Leila (Blue Angel)

When it comes to the finest feels, fucking a young slut’s feet is as good as fucking a young slut herself. Probably her first time, she’s unsure about what’s going on. Aside from that, it causes her pussy to become moistened. When it comes to sex, Leila Blue Angel’s feet-to-hole ratio is excellent. Even a casual observer can see that the vast majority of individuals won’t mind if you tap their toes or feet. Is that so?

Skin and feet as soft as butter, contacting your genitals and gradually hardening you. Despite your best efforts, her sensuality is too much for you as you burst all over her toes, without a second thought.

Foxi Di

Take a moment to relax from the sexy movies of feet fucking and jerking off that we’ve seen so far. Foxy Di is not only a fan of foot fetishes, but she also understands how to make them appealing to the audience as a whole. All of her movements and pointed toes are deliberate, and she didn’t do it by accident. For the purchase of one hot thing, you get to check out two. There is a cliché that women are better at multitasking than males, and I can attest to this by watching her.

This is your sexy fox that wants your d.

Daisy Marie and Sunny Leone

So, look at these two kitties, especially the eyes, and you’ll understand. Clearly, they’re on board with it. As lesbian as this film may be, and as true as we may be about it makes you think about being (at least) one of the room’s operators, we mean it.

If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a complete refund. You can be sure she appreciates the toe-sucking and ankle kissing that you’re doing for her. How can I be sure about this? You can see her hand and how she carries on caressing another porn star’s leg, rubbing slowly and only attempting to offer at least a small bump of pleasure to that person. Some tattoos, pierced belly buttons, and great pussies.

Nicole Aniston

The number of areas I had to touch before I became engrossed was surprisingly low. In addition to prominent pornstars and boob job ads, Nicole Aniston has been showing up on RedBled for some time now. It’s like the sexiest human spider is giving you the climax of your life just by looking at her.

There are juices streaming from both hands, legs, and a spread-out pussy. Here’s a quick look to see how big her asses have gotten.

Even if Nicole is a beautiful woman, her face has no bearing on my opinion. That’s how good she really is.

Lexi Belle

When it comes to the best foot fetish videos, ladies and gentlemen, this one is up there with the best (or at least the best). Even if you don’t already believe in the power of the toe, you’ll be a convert after watching this video by Lexi Belle. Guys, I mean, this isn’t rocket science at all. This video is as hot as lava, if not hotter.

We’re willing to take a risk with Lexi Belle because she’s such a lovely person. The barefoot strolling on his back, followed by sucking and licking, is already incredibly sexual. A better porn star isn’t available, in my opinion. Having a small frame and being able to move about easily are also major pluses. This video has captivated me, and we’ve finally tracked down the creator.

Chloe Scott

Go all out if you’re going to fuck; try every position and look for more. For Chloe Scott, having men lick and suck on her toes is not just a pleasure, it’s a must. Aside from direct fucking, she seemed to be receiving greater pleasure out of this activity. Even in the middle of the desert, she still manages to pose for the camera. It’s strange how her feet, not her ass or tits, take over every aspect or position. It’s a pretty good indicator, isn’t it?

Beautiful legs, well-groomed hair, and a svelte physique make Haven the perfect woman. With Chloe Scott, it doesn’t matter if you’re going up or down; it’s all fun and games.

Abella Danger

Abella Danger, a pornstar escort, is in the top 20 on this list, so I’m not going to give up on this challenge just yet. Feet covered in a thick layer of skin and clenched into a fist. I like the innocent-looking images when we can’t help but focus on the feet, even if it’s nearly not about the feet at all. I’ve talked about Abella so many times that I can’t remember the last time.

In my opinion, she’s one of the most popular porn stars out there, and her videos can be seen on numerous porn sites. Abella is one of the greatest pornstars with a foot fetish of all time, and we should all be grateful to have her on our list of the best female performers. Not every sexy hottie has a thing for feet.

Avi Love

Rather than making fun of her surname, let’s simply enjoy the show. One of the greatest performances of all time. It takes an excavator to dig Avi Love out of the feet fetish world she has in.

Who else can rub your cock with their feet while you taste pussy secretions running out of their mouth and nose? None. Everybody has to kiss her feet because she’s like a princess. Avi was born with one of the most beautiful, almost heart-like assholes that I’d like to French kiss with my throbbing cock.

Elsa Jean

It’s what you asked for: a jacking off video. Elsa Jean is one of the most popular porn stars with a fetish for feet, and many people have already discovered her. Three years into her porn career, feet have always been her favorite part. Trying to keep up with her in the porn industry is like trying to keep up with a speeding bullet train.

In a matter of minutes, two men are having sex with her on one of the world’s most popular porn sites. One of the most popular porn stars in the world today.

Since her debut in 2015, Elsa has been shooting porn nonstop, with each new video receiving at least 1 million views. Some third-world country presidents are more popular than this girl.

Jessa Rhodes

I’m sure it’s won several awards, but this sauna scene is the best thing I’ve ever seen. As a pun, the weather is sweltering. For some reason, Jessa Rhodes, the queen of feet fetish and one of the most beautiful porn stars ever, has been blurred out. Fuck him regardless, this is all about her.

You can’t help but want to eat them all at once. Much more enjoyable than munching on rock candy. Even though the LHF site is now competing against itself, the top three still feature some of the hottest pornstars and pornographic videos.

No, I don’t think so. Maybe. Porn actresses with luscious toes or feet that make your mouth swim and your dick hard are always welcome.

Naomi Swann

Are you a fan of getting your feet done? Is it possible to have a good time while cumming on your feet? We feel that if there is a God, then Naomi Swann may have received a complete package. Slender legs, a sugary-naturally-sweet tiara, and just look at these feet! I’m sure she’s your favorite, too! For the occasion of the newly discovered slut, this is the finest feet GIF you will ever see. Naomi is nearing the finish of the story.

I’m done in three, two, one. Pass the tissues, please. It’s so otter when she’s wearing this lingerie and pantyhose. Although the pussy is barely visible, it’s enough to make you want to get excited. Definitely one of the best porn scenes out there.

Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate is the first on our list of the 25 sexiest foot fetish pornstars to watch in 2021. Size 6 1/2 feet and 36DD natural tits make her a 5’4″ petite porn star, director & producer. Anissa Kate, a beloved French pornstar, had her professional pornographic debut in 2011. She became one of the most prominent foot fetish porn stars in no time thanks to her huge scenes for AMK Empire, DDF Network, and Kink.

Actually, Anissa Kate was named “Female Foreign Performer of the Year” three times in a row at the AVN Awards in 2014, 2015, and 2019. In addition, MILF Anissa Kate, who is voluptuous and thick, was nominated for “Foreign Female Performer of the Year” at 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 XBIZ Awards. The accolades keep coming! Her first ever fetish film scene with Anthony Rosano for Kink’s Foot Worship online channel was a filthy Pieds Du Jour BDSM session in December 2012.

Anissa Kate has remained one of the most popular feet fetish porn stars thanks to her sexy scenes in numerous popular American and European porn films. Foot Fetish Daily #18 has a racy romp between Anissa Kate and Kurt Lockwood, for example (2014). A passionate girl/girl sex scene between Anissa and PussKat was also featured in The Foxes Of Foot Fetish (2016).

But wait, there’s more to discover. Miniature MILF Anissa Kate teamed up with Eva Parcker and David Perry to film an exciting Footy Cum Swap for Foot Fuckers (2016), which featured gorgeous Czech and Romanian pornstars Jasmine Rouge, Lynna Nilsson, and Satin Bloom. As a result, Anissa Kate and Jake Adams shot a sultry My Stretching Session fitness porn scene in February 2019 for Love Her Feet.

Bella Rolland

Porn stars with long, fetishized feet? Then there’s Bella Rolland, who you must see. At 6’0″ tall, she is a magnificent statuesque beauty with dark brown hair and enticing green eyes. She wears a size 11 shoe and has an hourglass body measuring 36C – 28 – 38. Bella Rolland debuted in the porno industry in 2019 and was named “Best New Starlet” at the XCritic Awards 2020 in no time.

The 2020 AVN Awards nominee for “Hottest Newcomer (Fan Award)” is natural big boobs and big butt porn star Bella Rolland. At the AVN Awards in 2021, Bella Rolland was nominated for “Best New Starlet.”

A slender, slender Latina starlet. She swiftly rose to prominence as one of the top foot fetish porn stars thanks to her incredible Love Her Feet porn movies. In the summer of 2019, curvy all-natural beauty Bella Rolland teamed up with hottie Jay Smooth for a sizzling sex scene called Feet Sex Delivery. In August of this year, Love Her Feet revealed it.

The result is that Bella Rolland and Steve Holmes will have sex in October 2020 in My Landlord Licks My Giant Feet. There will even be a Love Her Feet Behind The Scenes Interview with porn star Bella Rolland in October 2020.

Cherry Kiss

Cherry Kiss is without a doubt one of the most popular foot fetish pornstars on the market right now, and for good reason. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, size 8 feet, and a 34B-24-35 all-natural physique make her 5’8″ tall and stunning. Since her debut in 2011, Cherry Kiss has received numerous accolades, including two XBIZ Award nominations for “Foreign Female Performer of the Year” in 2018, and again in 2020.

At 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 AVN Awards, Cherry Kiss was nominated for “Female Foreign Performer of the Year.” Furthermore, Cherry Kiss was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year” at the 2019 and 2020 XBIZ Europa Awards for her hottest Serbian porn performance in the category. a stunningly athletic woman Cherry Kiss stated in her May 2018 Sex Art interview that she enjoys performing in pornography.

Blonde bombshell with killer looks Cherry Kiss is one of 21 Sextury’s sexiest foot fetish pornstars ever. What are some of our favorites? Fan-favorite foot fetish porn actors Alyson Kent, Karry Slot and Veronica Clark star in Footsie Babes: More Foot Fetish #14 and #22 (2019-2010) with Cherry Kiss and Renato and Thomas Stone in the steamy sex scenes.

Consequently, Cherry Kiss and Kristof Cale had a passionate sex scene in Foot Art #23 together (2021). Cherry Kiss even posed on the cover of Foot Art #23 with the likes of Rebecca Volpetti, Missy Luv, and Verona Sky, three of the hottest foot fetish pornstars.

Phoenix Marie

Are you a fan of hot-foot fetish porn stars and busty MILFs? Your best bet would be to hire Phoenix Marie. Sultry blonde hair, blue eyes, and size 8 feet make her a 5’9″ porn diva with an hourglass body that’s 34DD-27-42 thick and curvaceous. Penthouse magazine named Phoenix Marie its “Pet of the Month” for November 2010 after she starred in her first ever sex scenes filmed in 2007.

Nominations for “MILF Performer of the Year” were made for Phoenix Marie at the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 XBIZ Awards. According to the XRCO Awards’ “Hall of Fame,” Phoenix Marie was voted into this year’s “Hall of Fame.” Phoenix Marie was nominated for “Fetish Virtuoso of the Year” at the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 Spank Bank Awards as one of the industry’s fan-favorite foot fetish pornstars. Phoenix Marie said in her January 2015 Adult DVD that she has always harbored a deep desire for sex.

Phoenix Marie has starred in a broad variety of popular foot fetish porn movies during her career. Love large boobs and big asses in tall foot fetish porn star porn? With Daniel Hunter in Magical Feet #15 (2012), including Amy Brooke, Carina Roman and Franceska Jaimes, you must see Phoenix Marie’s steamy sex session with Daniel.

Naughty America’s Housewife 1 On 1 and Dirty Wives Club POV sex scenes in April 2014 and August 2016 revealed Phoenix Marie’s incredible footwork talents. Mary Moody and Phoenix Marie had a spicy lezdom session in October 2017 for Brazzers.

Gia Derza

Gia Derza is without a doubt one of the most popular 2021 foot fetish porn stars. Size 10 feet and 34DD – 30 – 42 inch thick hourglass form adorn her 5’4 frame. Her chocolate hair is long and flowing, and her blue eyes are penetrating. This year’s XRCO Awards named Gia Derza “New Starlet of the Year” for her debut in the porn industry in 2018.

Gia Derza was nominated for “Most Epic Ass (Fan Award)” at the 2020 and 2021 AVN Awards as a result of this. Even at the 2021 AVN Awards, Gia Derza was nominated for “Female Porn Star of the Year” and “Favorite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)”!

Starlet with a rounded figure Gia Derza’s spectacular sex scenes for Love Her Feet rapidly made her one of the hottest new foot fetish pornstars. Pre Party girl/girl sex scene and Behind The Scenes interview with Abella Danger in January 2019 by Gia Derza are sure to please fans of brunette large booty porn stars.

But wait, there’s more to come. In June 2020, for example, Gia Derza and Scarlet Scandal appeared in a lezdom porn clip together. In her October 2018 AVN interview, Gia Derza revealed her passion for pornography.

Kyler Quinn

Porn stars that have an obsession for tiny, all-natural foot fetishes? Then Kyler Quinn is the woman you’ve been looking for. Five feet four inches tall, she has long, dark brown hair, blue-eyed enchantment in her eyes, and a super-fit and athletic body. In 2018, Kyler Quinn shot her first sex scenes. This year’s AVN Awards nominations for “Hottest Newcomer (Fan Award)” was made in a matter of minutes for Kyler Quinn.

As part of the 2021 AVN Awards, Kyler Quinn was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year,” as well as “The Fan’s Favorite Female Porn Star.” After her sensational scenes for AMK Empire, Love Her Feet, and True X, Kyler Quinn became a rising star in the foot-fetish porn industry. Kyler Quinn, a brunette beauty, said in an Adult DVD scheduled for release in March 2020 that she enjoys shooting these well-known porn projects.

Fresh Feet and Sweet Pussy are two of Kyler Quinn’s most popular foot fetish pornographic productions, as is her epic POV shoot for the latter (2019). Brooke Haze, Danni Rivers, Jill Kassidy, and Riley Star are all featured in the film. At the 2020 AVN Awards, it was nominated for “Best Niche Production.”

For Interracial Spinners (2020), Kyler Quinn and Jax Slayher collaborated on a nasty footjob sequence starring Athena May, Candy White, and Kendra Cole. This was also the moment when Kyler Quinn and McKenzie Lee filmed a passionate My Feet Got Me On The Show lesbian sex scene for Love Her Feet.

Kira Noir

The top foot fetish porn performer in 2021 is unquestionably Kira Noir. A 5’6″ porn star, she has attractive black hair, brown eyes, and size 712 feet. She has an athletic and fit physique. Since her debut in 2014, Kira Noir has been nominated for AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO’s “Best New Starlet” award.

Beautiful black pornstar Kira Noir went on to win other awards, including “Best Anal Performer” at the 2018 Urban X Awards and “Mainstream Venture of the Year” at the 2021 AVN Awards. Aside from that, Kira Noir has been nominated for three AVN Awards, including “Female Performer of the Year” in 2019 and 2020. Beauty in a bubble

Since her appearances in several Brazzers, Kick Ass Pictures, and Twistys porn movies, Kira Noir has remained one of the best-known foot fetish porn performers. In Foot Fetish Daily #36, fetish porn stars Kira Noir and Sean Michaels engage in a steamy romp (2019). Diamond Banks and Naudi Nala were also on the cover of Foot Fetish Daily #36, alongside Kira Noir.

But there’s more to it than that. Kira Noir, a model known for her athletic physique, teamed up with Damon Dice for a heated Focus On: Footplay climax in October of last year. To top it all off, in December of 2019 the stunning Kira Noir worked with Ricky Spanish to film an incredible Fighting Foot Domination female sex scene exclusively for the website Brazzers.

Piper Perri

Porn stars who have a penchant for fetishizing the feet of their admirers? Piper Perri is a must-see after that. Size 512 and a magnificent bubble butt make her a 4’10” ultra petite porn star with long blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and size 512. AVN and XBIZ recognized Piper Perri for “Best New Starlet” in 2017 for her pornographic performances, which debuted in 2014.

Additionally, Piper Perri has been nominated for “Most Fuckable Feet” at the 2017 and 2018 Spank Bank Awards, respectively. Piper Perri, Girlsway’s “Girl of the Month” for January 2018, is the most notable example. It was a huge honor for Piper Perri to be named the world’s sexiest rising porn performer in a January 2018 issue of AVN.

Looking for a foot fetish pornstar doing what they do best? Look no further. Piper Perri and Kurt Lockwood’s nasty footjob sex session is a must-see for everyone who enjoys pornography (2016). It also has Angel Smalls, Bailey Bae, Erika Devine, and Valerie White, the sexiest blonde foot fetish porn performers.

Also in July of this year, Piper Perri and Phoenix Marie collaborated to film a fierce lezdom sex scene for Brazzers. In January 2018, Piper Perri and Bill Bailey collaborated on a fantastic I Know You Want My Tiny Feet porn scene for Love Her Feet. In fact, it was included in Every Family Has a Secret (2020) starring Chanel Preston, Cherie DeVille, Elsa Jean, and Uma Jolie as some of the best foot fetish porn performers.

Sybil A

One of the hottest foot fetish porn stars in the market today is Sybil A, a Ukrainian porn star, performer, and model. The 5’4″ petite spinner has long brown hair, green eyes and size 8 feet. She has a 34C-24-34 all natural figure and is 5’4″ tall. As of 2014, Sybil A was nominated for “Female Foreign Performer of the Year” at the AVN Awards for “Best Female Foreign Performer.”

Sybil A’s Miss Mesmerizing shoot with Kristof Cale for 21 Sextury in December 2018 is one of her most popular foot fetish porn scenes. Footsie Babes: More Foot Fetish #21 (2020) included the sexiest foot fetish porn stars Alyssa Reece, Liv Revamped, and Tiffany Tatum in a steamy hardcore sex scene.

To the delight of her fans, 21 Sextury porn star Sybil A continues to produce some of the most stunning foot-fetish sequences in the business. What are some of our favorites? Playful Little Feet and Foot Artist with Charlie Dean and Vince Carter in issues #21 and #24 of Foot Art by Sybil A are the only ones that come to mind (2020). Eveline Dellai, Lulu Love, and Tiffany Tatum are some of the most beautiful all-natural foot fetish porn stars.

As a result, Sybil A and Kristof Cale had a steamy French Pedicure sex scene in Fresh Feet Afternoon (2021). Sybil A is featured on the cover of Fresh Feet Afternoon, which also features Angel Emily, Renata Fox, and Stasia Si, three of the most popular foot fetish porn performers.

Emma Hix

No list of the top 25 hottest foot fetish porn stars in 2021 would be complete without including Emma Hix. As a 5’4″ Canadian porn star, she has short hair, enchanting hazel eyes, and an athletic and fit body. At the 2018 and 2019 Spank Bank Awards, blonde Emma Hix was nominated for “Most Fuckable Feet” for her performance in pornography.

Emma Hix has been nominated for “Favorite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)” at the 2020 and 2021 AVN Awards throughout her adult film career. Emma Hix was also a finalist for the AVN and Nightmoves Awards’ “Female Performer of the Year” award in 2021. Emma Hix was named “Pet of the Month” for the month of May 2020 by Penthouse magazine. Emma Hix revealed in her love of pornographic performance in her AVN interview from February 2017

Watch Emma Hix in Foot Fetish Daily #28 and #29 for some steamy sex scenes with Chad Alva and Robert Axel (2016-2017). Fans’ favorite Kick Ass Pictures DVDs feature Emma Hix, a stunning blonde beauty, as well as Charlotte Cross, Dolly Leigh, Kylie Page, and Norah Nova, all well-known foot fetish actresses.

Because of this, the tallest natural pornstar Emma Hix filmed an explicit roleplay for Love Her Feet called “The Sexy Teacher” with Bill Bailey in December 2018. In Unfaithfully Yours #2, Canadian actress Emma Hix and actor Tommy Pistol had a steamy I Think I Have Sexy Little Feet sequence (2021). Jessa Rhodes, Tiffany Brookes, and Vienna Black are also featured in the film.

Lily Adams

Do you enjoy seeing fetish porn actors with attractive, small feet? If so, you’ll fall in love with Lily Adams. Five-foot-six, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a 34C-24-34 athletic figure make her an all-natural porn star. She was nominated for “Rising Star: Female” and “Orgasmic Oralist” at this year’s Urban X Awards for the first time since she shot her first sex scenes in 2016.

As a result, Lily Adams has been nominated for the 2019 Spank Bank Awards’ “Most Fuckable Feet” award. This year’s “Cutest Accent” Spank Bank Technical Awards went to Lily Adams. Stunner with a bubble butt Her August 2020 Adult DVD reveals how much Lily Adams loves working in the adult market.

The slender and agile starlet When Lily Adams appeared in ATKingdom and Love Her Feet, she immediately became one of the most sought-after foot fetish pornstars around. Position Of Power (2020), starring the sexiest foot fetish pornstars Bailey Brooke, Izzy Bell, and Sydney Cole, has a steamy She Hates Studying sex scene between Lily Adams and Jake Adams.

But wait, there’s more to discover. Creampie Campus (2019) and Don’t Pull Out! Creampie Me! (2019) both feature POV footjob porn scenes by big butt porn queen Lily Adams (2021). It also contains Aften Opal, Alexia Anders, Riley Star, and Vera King, the sexiest new foot fetish porn performers.

Tiffany Tatum

Foot fetish pornstar Tiffany Tatum is unquestionably one of the hottest in the year 2021. All-natural Hungarian porn star with long brown hair, blue eyes, and size 6 feet, 5’5″ all-natural Hungarian porn star Since her debut in 2017, Tiffany Tatum has been nominated for “Female Foreign Performer of the Year” at three consecutive AVN Awards ceremonies: in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Tiffany Tatum, a rising pornstar, was also nominated for “Most Fuckable Feet” at the 2019 Spank Bank Awards and “Foreign Female Performer of the Year” at the 2020 XBIZ Awards. At the 2019 and 2020 XBIZ Europa Awards, Tiffany Tatum was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year.” Tiffany Tatum, a brunette model, says on her official PornHub page that she enjoys working in the adult industry.

Tiffany Tatum, a sexy Hungarian actress with a long and distinguished career in the porn industry, starred in numerous epic 21 Sextury foot fetish scenes. Porn stars who have a penchant for fetishizing the feet of their admirers? Footsie Babes: More Foot Fetish #10, #16, and #21 (2018-2020), starring gorgeous brunette foot fetish pornstars Alyssa Reece, Liv Revamped, and Sybil A, features Tiffany Tatum in hot climaxes with Kristof Cale and Charlie Dean.

But there’s more to it than that. If you’d like to see Tiffany Tatum’s sexy scenes with Lutro, Charlie Dean, and Renato in Foot Art #9, #14, and #16 (2018-2019), you can see them here. Tiffany Tatum appeared in Foot Art #24 (2020) with petite foot fetish pornstars Eveline Dellai, Sybil A, and Lulu Love in a passionate Petite Foot Fetishista sex scene.

Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy is one of the best brunette foot fetish pornstars out there. All natural porn star with a 5’6″ athletic physique and all-natural 34B-28-35 figure. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and is size 8 feet. “Best New Starlet” at the 2018 AVN Awards went to Jill Kassidy, who had her pornographic debut in 2016 and received the award in 2018.

Jill Kassidy was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year” at the 2019 AVN Awards and “Favorite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)” at the 2020 and 2021 AVN Awards in the years that followed. Jill Kassidy was also nominated for “Best Body” at the 2018 and 2019 Nightmoves Awards during this period. In fact, Cherry Pimps named Jill Kassidy “Cherry of the Year” for 2020! Jill Kassidy revels in her role as a porn star, as she revealed in a January 2018 interview.

One of the industry’s most sought-after foot fetish porn actors, Jill Kassidy, rose to prominence throughout the years. Jill Kassidy Hardcore Foot Job was a film that featured Jill Kassidy (2017). At the 2018 XBIZ Awards, it was nominated for “Fetish Release of the Year.” As a bonus, Jill Kassidy shot a POV footjob session for Sweet Pussie, Fresh Feet! (2019). It was nominated for an AVN Award in the category of “Best Niche Production” and features top-foot fetish pornstars Brooke Haze, Danni Rivers, Kyler Quinn, Brooklyn Gray, and Riley Star.

Jill Kassidy, a stunning natural-born actress, starred in Love Her Feet alongside Jake Adams and Stirling Cooper in February 2019 and March 2021 in the highly anticipated films The Motivator and She Can’t Give Up The Foot Fetish World. Pretty pornstar Jill Kassidy, in particular, filmed an enormous Jill Kassidy Is A Feet Fetish Delight POV sex scene in March 2021 for First Class POV. Jill Kassidy, a fit and athletic model, enjoys shooting these fetish sex scenes with her feet.

Vina Sky

If you’re a fan of Asian foot fetish porn, you’re in the right place. Then Vina Sky is the woman you’ve been searching for. With dark brunette hair, brown eyes, and size 6 feet, she is a 5’0 very petite porn girl with a breath-taking athletic body. “Orgasmic Oralist” and “Rising Star: Female” were two of Vina Sky’s nominations at this year’s Urban X Awards.

The 2020 AVN Awards recognized Vina Sky as “Best New Starlet” and “Hottest Newcomer (Fan Award)”. For her part, Vina Sky has been nominated for “Favorite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)” at the AVN Awards for the upcoming year. For the month of February 2021, Vina Sky became Cherry Pimps’ “Cherry of the Month.”

Her raucous The Feet Fucker shoot for Love Her Feet in October 2018 with Rion King is among Vina Sky’s most popular foot fetish porn works. Vina Sky’s He Loves My Oily Legs And Feet sex scene with Logan Pierce for Love Her Feet in November 2019 is also a must-see.

But wait, there’s more to discover. For example, in December 2019, Asian pornstar Vina Sky showed off her impressive footwork abilities in a sultry girl/girl sex scene for Reality Kings titled “He Can Wait In The Car.” Actually, Moms Lick Teens #27 (2020) starred Ariella Ferrera, Alessandra Miller, Maggie Green, and Dee Williams, as well as top adolescent porn performers Elle Voneva, Mia Martinez, Dixie Lynn, and Paris White.

Aaliyah Love

As far as foot fetish porn performers go, Aaliyah Love is undoubtedly one of the best. She is a 5’2 petite pornstar with sultry blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a stunning 34A – 25 – 34 voluptuous and thick hourglass body. She also has a size of 512 feet and a size of 512 feet. At the 2015 AVN Awards, natural beauty Aaliyah Love was named “Best Solo Website.”

“Most Epic Ass (Fan Award)” and “MILF Performer of the Year” were two of Aaliyah Love’s nominations at the 2016 and 2018 AVN Awards, respectively. At the 2020 AVN Awards and the 2020 Spank Bank Awards, Aaliyah Love received nominations for “Social Media Star (Fan Award)” and “Fabulous Footjob Artisan” of the Year. There are countless examples like these. Aaliyah Love began her career as a webcam model and freelance content maker in the adult industry.

Gorgeous young blonde One of the top fetish porn stars is Aaliyah Love because of her sexy moments in Kick Ass Pictures, Love Her Feet, and 21 Sextury. Sex scenes with Bill Bailey and Karlo Karrera for 21 Sextury were shot by Aaliyah Love in July 2014 and April 2017 respectively.

Love Her Feet will premiere in September 2019 and August 2020, and Aaliyah Love will be included in an interview and sex scenes with Prince Yahshua, Jessie Saint, and Stirling Cooper. Aaliyah Love and Brad Knight taped a filthy romp for Foot Fetish Daily #37 as a result (2020). Natural beauty Skylar Snow also appears in the film.

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