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Name That Pornstar is the place to go if you’re looking for a porn star’s name. Pornographic images, videos, and gifs are all too common in the world of pornography. Porn enthusiasts want to know who these babes are, so they post requests on Name That Pornstar to find out more about them. There are some porn lovers who enjoy the challenge of finding the identity of their favorite ladies by using tools like reverse image search engines. According to the number of post requests, these pornstars are among the most sought-after and desirable of all the pornstar beauties.

A list of all the Name That Pornstar websites’ requests over the previous two years has been used in this post. Data mining the latest 20,000 request pages yielded a list of more than 60,000 porn stars, making this the largest pornographic database ever assembled. Using Excel, I was able to deduplicate the list and then compare the results to the original data list. This article is based on a list of the top 30 results sorted by the number of requests.

In addition to Aidra Fox and Keisha Grey who didn’t make the top 30, we’d also want to recognize Dani Daniels, Holly Michaels, Eva Lovia and Keisha Grey, who came in at positions 21 to 25.

As a result of this research, we now know which 30 pornstars are most frequently requested by users who want to know who they are.

Top 30+ Hottest Most Searched PornStars

Krissy Lynn

While Krissy Lynn refers to herself as the Sexy Little Thing Next Door, her undeniable love for smut is undeniable Krissy’s favorite pastimes are being covered by a massive cock, sex, chocolate, and French fries.

It doesn’t matter that she has a natural talent for screwing, because she enjoys practicing it as much as she can.

To top it all off, she’s covered in jizz, making her look even more sinister. Her skin is silky and supple. Europe is usually a good option for Krissy because she’s always looking for new and fascinating destinations.

Despite the fact that she is naturally attractive, she chose to pursue a career in pornography because she enjoys exposing herself to the world via the lens of a camera. Try to catch Krissy Lynn in action while you can. She’s one of porn’s most enduring and enticing symbols after all.

Krissy Lynn debuted in the porn industry in 2008. Krissy began her career in sex at the age of 24. She has appeared in over 865 pornographic films by the time she is just 11 years old.

She has yet to win an award, despite being nominated 0 times in the past. I’m sure she’ll win an award shortly after I’ve seen her in a film.

In the sign of Sag, Salt Lake City, Utah, is home to Krissy Lynn. Her measurements are 36D-24-34, 57 kg (115 lb) weight, and a height of 5’3″. (160 cm). She has a toned and thin body thanks to her 36D tits, which are fake or enlarged. As a result of her blue eyes and brown hair, she has a more feminine and attractive appearance.

Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls is the cutest seductress, dressed in vintage pin-up style. Incredibly enticing from top to bottom, Autumn is the epitome of scorching hotness.

In order to promote her smut career, this lustful lady will do just about anything, but when she’s wrapped her lovely lips around a cock, Autumn really shines.

When Autumn isn’t sucking and screwing the world’s best dicks, she likes to relax with a cold one. Autumn has a positive outlook on life and sex, and she says she enjoys bouncing her huge bottom on a firm cock because it makes her feel good about the world.

If you take a look at her perfectly sculpted boobs, you’ll see why she’s one of the most popular Name That Pornstars. She has a unique way of making whatever she does her own.

Autumn Falls made her debut in the porn industry in 2018. Autumn was 18 years old when she initially entered the adult market. Autumn Falls has watched 172 porn videos in the past year and is still looking forward to more dick blowing and pussy eating.

She’s been nominated for 0 awards, but she hasn’t won any of them yet, which is disappointing. As a result of her sexy on-screen performance, I’m confident she’ll win an award at some point.

Autumn Falls, a Leo, was born on August 4, 2000, in New York City, New York. A 32E24-35, 125 lb (57 kg) woman, she stands at 5’3″ tall (160 cm). Her figure is slender, and her 32E delicate tits are real and natural. Her thick black hair and brown eyes pop against her fair skin.

Megan Rain

When it comes to Megan Rain, she deserves it. Her co-stars and legions of fans can attest to the fact that she is the queen of riding cock.

A large cock is fun to deepthroat, Megan explains, since it’s competitive to see how deep you can get him. If you want to get a shot at her paradise-level cunt, you’ll need to keep your feet on the ground and kiss her neck.

Fappers all over the world hurried to download her sultry and beautiful scenes as soon as they saw them, thanks to her stylish outfits and enviable accent. There are many redheads out there who are hoping that this gorgeous ginger will one day show off her fiery crotch in a naughty scenario. One of Megan Rain’s fucks will show you why she’s on the Name That Pornstar list.

Expect the unexpected when Megan shows the pageant world what a filthy whore they’ve been crowning all these years: a nasty little whore.

Megan Rain’s pornstar debut in 2014 made the year even better. Megan first entered the sex industry at the age of 18. Even after 5 years and 496 porn scenes, Megan Rain is still anxious to have sex with a man and taste a woman’s puss.

As of yet she hasn’t won an award after being nominated 0 times. I’m confident she’ll get a prize soon because of her hot on-screen performance.

Megan Rain was born a Gemini on June 13th, 1996 in Palm Springs, California, the United States. 5’1″ tall, 94 pounds (43 kg), 32B-27-35, she has a height of 5’1″ (155 cm). A typical woman, she has 32B natural round tit hair. Eye-catching green eyes and thick black hair make her a standout beauty.

Kali Roses

Slender and slim with an ultra-flexible body, you may imagine Kali Roses to be a modest and demure party princess, but this slender treat likes it hard. Despite her delicate appearance—from her gentle features to her aristocratic accent—Kali can get just as wicked as the rest of them when she takes her clothing off.

Despite the fact that you may not have heard of her before, there is no better moment to sample delicious honey.

Even though she has exquisite lips, she knows how to make the most of them, as seen by her fondness for wrapping them around thick dicks. Kali enjoys reading, interacting with her numerous followers on social media, and working out in the gym to keep her body in tip-top shape. This energetic babe is one of the finest at Name That Pornstar because of her no-nonsense approach to fucking.

You should check out this sexy tramp today, who has fantastic boobs as well as an enormous butt.

In 2016, Kali Roses made her debut in the porn industry.

When she first began performing for us, this young stunner was just 20 years old. Kali Roses is still anxious to ride some more cock and suck some more cunt after three years and 210 porn scenes.

This actress is up for 0 awards but has yet to get one. I’m confident she’ll win an award for her sultry on-screen performance.

Born on 16 January 1996, Kali Roses is a Capricorn born in Los Angeles, USA. Her measurements are 32C-25-30, she weighs 114 pounds (52 kg), and she stands at 5’6′′. (168 cm). She has 32C round tits and an average physique. She has gorgeous blond hair and emerald eyes.

Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust’s ghetto ass is proof that larger is always better.

She may be a relative newcomer, but she’s no slouch when it comes to her acting chops. Her perky and round large boobs sway mesmerizingly as she rides the heaviest dicks in the biz.

When you see her scenes, you can tell she enjoys her work because of her strong desire for sex. She adores going out with her pals, getting dressed up in the sexiest club wear, and generally having a wild time, aside from being a sinful screen treat.

This sexy tramp is a member of the Name That Pornstar chicks thanks to her gorgeous eyes and well proportioned breasts. Your rod will be as hard as a rock after just one look at her awe-inspiring face.

In 2012, Kendra Lust made her pornographic debut.

She was 34 years old when we first saw her smouldering in front of our eyes. Kendra Lust is still eager to suck some more cock and devour some more pussy, seven years and 457 porn sex scenes later.

In the past, she has been nominated for 0 awards, but none have been given to her. I’m confident she’ll win an award soon because of her sultry on-screen performance.

As of September 18, 1978, Kendra Lust was a Virgo born in Madison Heights, Michigan. It’s estimated that she’s 118 pounds (54 kilograms) tall and has a 34DDDD-25-36-inch waist (163 cm). Her figure is ordinary, but she has 34E firm tits that aren’t hers. Her dark hair and chocolate eyes make her a captivating beauty.

Lena Paul

It doesn’t take long for Lena Paul to fall in love with a big cocky man.

When she looks at you, you can’t help but want to pull out your crotch and sucke her lips. Lena Paul enjoys dressing up and making her partner happy, as well as making sure that all of his friends are entertained as well.

The fact that Lena had already demonstrated her hardcore status and willingness to accept any challenge in her position after just one year speaks much about her dedication and drive. This exotic fox can do it all, from showing off her oral prowess with a deepthroat blowjob to delving into the darker corners of her libido in a steamy fetish shoot to taking a massive dick in her juicy buttocks.

It is this hot cougar’s dream to be recognized as one of the top Name That Pornstar ladies with her firm and tanned figure. Since Lena Paul suffers from long-term dick cravings, why not make some money while satisfying your naughty desires?

In 2016, Lena Paul made her pornographic debut.

When she first started screwing for our amusement, this young babe was only 23 years old. After 452 porn films and three years, Lena Paul is still up for a ride and a lick.

The actress has received zero nominations, but she has yet to take home a trophy for her efforts. As a result of her sexy on-screen performance, I’m confident she’ll win an award at some point.

Lena Paul was born on October 12, 1993, in DeLand, Florida, making her a Libra by birth sign. A 32DDD-25-36, 127 lb (58 kg) woman, she stands 5’4′′ tall and weighs 58 kg (162 cm). Her figure is ordinary, however her 32F tits are real/natural. Her brown hair and blue eyes make for a stunning combination.

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston, the perverse tramp of your dreams, has a wonderful grin and a body you’d kill for.

For all her good looks, she’s like something from the realms of your imagination that has come to life to bring you happiness. Nicole’s naughty fantasies were fulfilled on TV after she saw all the large tits and round asses on the screen.

A cowgirl at heart, Nicole says her favorite position is cowgirl, and she credits her improved riding skills in part to her other lifelong passion: motorcycle touring. You may probably find this sultry bombshell snowboarding or relaxing on the beach when she’s not getting her tight snatch smashed. One of the top Name That Pornstar women has a round and firm bottom, enticing nips, and a kinky desire for sperm.

One to keep an eye on in the porn industry as she grinds her way through it.

Nicole Aniston’s pornstar career made 2009 a better year.

As a young woman of 22, Nicole made her debut in the porn industry. After 10 years and 583 pornographic films, Nicole Aniston still want more dick and snatch time with the boys.

Although she has had 0 nominations, she has yet to win an award. This actress is going to receive an award for her hot performance on screen, I’m sure of it.

As of September 9, 1987, Nicole Aniston’s zodiac sign is Virgo. He has a bust of 34D-22-36, weighs 121 pounds (55 kilograms), and is 5’3″ tall (160 cm). Her 34D tits are real and natural, and she has an athletic figure. Green eyes and thick blonde hair make her stand out.

Kelsi Monroe

It takes both finesse and dominance to get Kelsi Monroe’s attention.

Her many fans eagerly await the next chapter in her story. There is nothing more beautiful than her eye-catching bubbly butt, and the way she inhale jizz while smiling will make you feel like you’ve just had the best night of your life.

As a hardcore smutt photographer, Kelsi Monroe made a reputation for herself by working with some of the biggest and best organizations. This bisexual woman not only has a stunning set of breasts, but she also enjoys reading, tabletop role-playing games, and individually responding to all of her fans’ correspondence. Kelsi is one of the Name That Pornstar babes because of her beautiful beauty, perfectly sized breasts and ass, and enticing eyes.

When she saw that long, hard dong, she shrieked with joy, and we were even more delighted by the manner she banged it all the way to climax city.

The start of Kelsi Monroe’s pornstar profession made 2013 a better year. Kelsi Monroe opted to make her pornographic debut at the age of 21. It’s been six years, and Kelsi Monroe has been in 259 pornographic scenes throughout that time.

Not even one award has been bestowed upon her as of this writing. I’m sure she’ll win something soon for her sultry screen presence.

When Kelsi Monroe was born on June 30th of 1992, she is a Cancer. Her body dimensions are 32B-24-37, and she stands at 5’7″ tall, making her a healthy 121 lbs (170 cm). Her physique is average, with firm, natural tits measuring 32B (70B). It’s hard to look away from her gorgeous brown eyes and long, thick brown hair.

Kenzie Reeves

Attractiveness and individuality Kenzie Reeves is as smoky as the embers of your nighttime fantasies.

With a long and lean body and chiseled cheekbones, Kenzie enjoys sucking. On her days off, this sexy treat enjoys drinking margaritas by her pool or engaging in raunchy sex on the beach.

Kenzie enjoys treating herself to diamonds, perfume, and chocolate bonbons in her spare time. Fortunately for you, this cock-hungry hottie isn’t afraid to go to extremes, whether it’s requesting to be shagged harder or fist-fighting with her own asshole. With her legs spread wide, this sultry babe entered the adult industry with a vengeance after getting a taste of the big time.

Take a peek at some of the scenes below to see what you have in store for Kenzie and prove your mettle.

In 2017, Kenzie Reeves made her debut in the world of pornography. Kenzie Reeves opted to make her adult porn debut at the age of twenty. It’s been almost two years, and Kenzie Reeves has already filmed 503 porn scenes, but she still hasn’t had enough.

Although she has had 0 nominations, she has yet to win an award. I’m confident she’ll win an award soon because of her sultry on-screen performance.

Born on July 7, 1997, Kenzie Reeves is a Cancer by birth date from New Hampshire. It’s a 32B-22-30; she weighs 90 lbs (41 kg) and stands at a height of 4’10.” (147 cm). Her 32B juicy tits are real/natural. Her brown eyes are enticing and her hair is a beautiful blond.

Mandy Muse

In addition to her beautiful features, Mandy Muse has lush hair, a beautiful face, and flawless breasts.

Like any seasoned smut performer, she understands just how to handle a cock. While it may strike some as unappealing to non-geek ears, Mandy is pleased to admit that she’s always been a dirty dork who prefers to spend her free time reading books rather than working.

Mandy has previously established herself to be a muffin-munching maestro and, when it comes to lesbian lickfests, the more the merrier is her philosophy. Fighting this gorgeous vixen off will be a waste of time because she is a walking wet fantasy with her naturally delicate build, stunning face, and large false breasts.

With her stunning beauty, perfectly formed tits and a**, and stunning eyes, Mandy Muse is one of the top Name That Pornstars. After gaining a following in the smut industry, she’ll be extending her reach to more individuals throughout the world.

With Mandy Muse’s pornstar career beginning in 2014, the year was a success. The first time we got to see this sultry young lady perform, she was just 20 years old.

After 311 porn movies and 5 years, Mandy Muse is still looking forward to getting her naughty on.

In spite of the fact that she has been nominated for 0 awards, she still hasn’t won any. I’m sure she’ll be nominated for an award soon for her stunning on-screen performance.

Mandy Muse was born on October 18, 1994, a Libra in San Diego, California, the United States. There are 32B-24-36, she weighs 121 pounds (55 kg), and she stands 5 feet 3 inches tall (160 cm). Her 32B juicy tits are real and natural. Her beautiful eyes and thick black hair make her a standout.

Jada Stevens

Known for her innocent beauty and sinful figure, Jada Stevens has become a sexting sensation since her first appearances on the scene. Because she has a sex drive that few guys can match, she ended up dating a smutstar in the end.

With her seductive tongue, she enjoys making others happy and claims to be an expert at snatching and sucking dick.

Every scene she appears in shows her incredible physique, which includes a slender, perky buttocks and an enviable pair of breasts. When it comes to her private parts, she has one of the best and most muscular asses around.

Instead of making love, this Name That Pornstar member likes intense fucking. If you want to witness what happens when a good girl becomes bad, check out Jada in her lovely scenes, where she adores nothing more than going naughty.

With Jada Stevens making her pornstar debut in 2008, the year was a success. When Jada Stevens was 20 years old, she decided to make her pornographic debut. There are more than 540 performances of hers in the porn industry to her credit.

The only prizes she’s been nominated for are none at all. If she keeps up her hot on-screen performance, I’m confident she will soon win an award.

Her birthday is 04-Jul-1988 and she is a Cancer by birth place. 5’3″ tall, she weighs 114 pounds (52 kg), and her bust measures 32C-26-36 (160 cm). Her figure is small, and her 32C (70C) firm tits are real and natural. Those hazel eyes and black hair make her look gorgeous and attractive.

Valentina Nappi

As a jungle cat, Jynx Maze has the body language and demeanor of an apex predator. This fox is a regular viewer of smut, particularly lesbian porn, and she enjoys using sex toys to get her fix, but her favorite pastime is being manhandled and dominated.

Jynx Maze had her sights set on the spotlight since she was a young girl, thanks to her large genitalia and sexy demeanor.

It’s a running joke among Jynx’s friends that she has cocktails once a month somewhere exotic. She wants her dick blowouts to be as sloppy, wet, and wild as she wants her fucks to be.

Jynx is one of the Name That Pornstar beauties because she’s a cock-sucking, cock-riding prodigy, and she’s shown off her prowess in a variety of sexy fucks on Name That Pornstars.com. Despite her enticing beauty, amazing tits and enticing round booty, don’t forget the sexiest portion of her body; an extraordinarily intelligent brain.

Jynx Maze

It’s easy to mistake Jynx Maze for a jungle cat thanks to her sleek appearance and silky movements. This fox is a regular viewer of smut, particularly lesbian porn, and she enjoys using sex toys to get her fix, but her favorite pastime is being manhandled and dominated.

It was only a matter of time before Jynx Maze’s sex hungry eyes were fixed on the limelight.

At least once a month, Jynx claims, she finds herself in a different country, and who wouldn’t want to party with her if that’s true. She wants her dick blowouts to be as sloppy, wet, and wild as she wants her fucks to be.

Jynx is one of the Name That Pornstar babes because she’s a cock-sucking, cock-riding prodigy, and she’s shown off her prowess in a wide variety of sexy fucks. Despite her enticing beauty, amazing tits and enticing round booty, don’t forget the sexiest part of her body; a clever mind.

Jynx Maze made her pornographic debut in 2010.

When we first saw this sultry beauty, she was only 20 years old. Jynx Maze, who has been a porn star for nearly a decade and has been in 472 sex scenes, is still ready for more sex.

Although she has received 0 nominations, she has yet to win one. I’m confident she’ll win an award soon because of her sultry on-screen performance.

Jynx Maze was born on October 6th, 1990, in Hollywood, California as a Libra. Having a bust of 34B-25-36, she is 5’1″ and weighs 116 pounds (53 kg) (156 cm). Her figure is slender, and she sports a set of 34C round natural tits. Her brown eyes and black hair are entrancing.

Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen is a name you should know if you’re a fan of large boobs. Normal males have no idea how her petite frame and thin waist could support such huge breasts and a big, bootylicious ass.

She’s been endowed with a set of boobs that are attracting attention throughout the world.

It’s a treat and a delight to watch her luscious curves bounce as she rides a hard cock reverse cowgirl style. It’s no secret that Peta has a wild side, and it shows via her love of animal print on nearly every piece of clothing she has. She’s one of the top Name That Pornstar ladies because of her inherent confidence and sexiness, which shines through in every fuck.

Check out Peta Jensen if you want to see what a lifelong gymnast and dancer can accomplish when she gets her hands on a massive cock.

Peta Jensen made her debut in the porn industry in 2011.

22 years old when she started out in the porn world. Even after 8 years and 211 pornographic scenes, Peta Jensen is still eager to fuck some more dicks and devour some more cunts.

Although she has received 0 nominations, she has yet to win one. Having seen her on film, I’m convinced she’ll win an award soon.

Peta Jensen was born on December 24, 1990, in Zephyrhills, Florida, USA, making her a Capricorn. At 5’7″ and 123 lbs (56 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (170 cm). With fake/enhanced tits of 34F, her physique is ordinary. Eye-catching green eyes and thick dark brown hair make her a standout beauty.

Mia Malkova

In her own words, Mia Malkova describes herself as “the classiest cumslut you’ll ever meet.” She enjoys going out with her friends and has a great time when she does so.

For the sake of peace and happiness in the world, this vagina-loving fox claims her mission is to distribute sex through her vagina. Mia claims to be bisexual.

For many years she enjoyed wild parties and all the dick she could handle as a swinger before making the transition to porn. Even Barbie would be impressed by Mia’s beauty, from her brilliant green eyes to her boundless gams. Mia immediately rose to the top of the Name That Pornstar girls leaderboard due to her stunning looks and sultry demeanor.

If you’re looking for an on-camera sex slave, go no further than Mia.

In 2012, Mia Malkova made her pornographic debut. Mia was 20 years old when she first started working in the sex industry. In spite of the passage of seven years and the production of 592 pornographic films, Mia Malkova is still hungry to suck snatch and fiddle with more genitalia.

Unfortunately, she has not won any of the 0 awards for which she has been nominated. I’m confident she’ll win an award for her sultry on-screen performance.

Mia Malkova was born on July 1st, 1992, in Palm Springs, California, USA, making her a Cancer by birth sign. Her body dimensions are 34C-26-36, and she stands at a height of 5’7″. (170 cm). Her figure is average, however her 34C (75C) firm tits are real/natural. She’s a beautiful brunette with a striking pair of hazel eyes.

Ava Addams

Ava Addams has all the makings of the next big XXX star with her beautiful boobs. There is no stepfather, teacher, or security guard on the earth who can control Ava.

Your mouth will drop and your pants will go tight as you see her boobs bounce as she has her twat screwed by a big dick.

There is no doubt that she is capable of fucking anything that comes her way. It’s impossible not to be swayed by her honey-honey complexion, perfectly rounded buttocks, and delicious, plump breasts.

Attractive breasts, flawless skin, and an athletic body make her the perfect example of a Name That Pornstar model. Ava Addams is always red juicy, so don’t miss any of her spectacular scenes, whether she’s riding a firm dick or taking a load off her lovely smiling face.

Ava Addams made her pornographic debut in 2008.

Ava was 29 years old when she entered the adult industry for the first time.. Ava Addams has been fucking and licking pussies for 11 years and 624 porn sex scenes.

Although she has received 0 nominations, she has yet to win one. I’m confident she’ll get a prize soon because of her hot on-screen performance.

She was born on September 16, 1979, in Gibraltar, making her a Virgo. At 5’3″ and weighing 125 pounds (57 kg), she is a 34DD-24-34 woman (160 cm). Her 32DDDD tits are fake/enhanced, and she has a thin figure. Her eyes and hair are both a stunning shade of brown.

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades is one of the most adorable kinksters out there if you’re up for an adventure. Fans claim that when she appears on screen, she takes possession of the screen, making her a porn actress par excellence in the art and science of squeezing our genitalia to the bone.

As if her gorgeous round booty wasn’t enough, she’s also known to do the splits to show off her seductive thighs and tight twat. This goddess knows how to tease and tantalize like no other.

Lana is a sexual entity who enjoys being pleased, regardless of where she is in the hierarchy. In her downtime, Lana likes to eat well and drink expensively, so we decided to give her the best dicks we could locate.

In addition to her stunning beauty and ample amounts of boobs and a**, Lana Rhoades is a top-notch Name That Pornstar hottie. Lana’s only going to get better and better as she continues to develop, fuck and excel.

Lana Rhoades’ debut as a porn actress in 2016 made the year even better. Lana entered the sex profession at the age of 20. Over the course of three years and 312 pornographic films, Lana Rhoades hasn’t lost her appetite for more fucking and licking.

Although she has had 0 nominations, she has yet to win an award. Having seen her on film, I’m convinced she’ll win an award soon.

When Lana Rhoades was born, she was a Virgo born on September 6, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. At 5’3″ and 114 lbs (52 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (160 cm). Fake/enhanced 34D delicate tits adorn her lean, athletic frame. Beautiful black hair and blue eyes complete her look.

Riley Reid

All Riley Reid’s life revolves around porn and smut. Exercise is something that this juicy honey does when she isn’t filming one of her popular lesbian scenes or fingering herself for the amusement of her online fans.

Riley and her particular brand of ferocious beauty are taking over adult entertainment one session at a time. She is known for her outdoor nude modelling that captures the scorching heat of her stunning looks.

In spite of her goofy personality, Riley is a serious sex artist who strives for perfection with every smoky performance. It doesn’t matter if she’s in the office or at the pool, Riley has the skills to pull off any scene. This sultry bisexual seductress has appeared in a wide range of pornographic genres, including bondage, lesbian, and everything in between.

So Riley is always a delight to see, whether she’s fucking one on one or blowing every firm dick she can get her lovely lips on.

Riley Reid’s pornstar debut in 2010 made the year even better.

Riley was 19 years old when she initially entered the adult market. Riley Reid has been sucking dick and licking pussy for almost nine years and 1090 porn movies.

To far, she has been nominated for and has not won any awards. I’m sure she’ll win something soon for her sultry screen performance.

Riley Reid, a Cancer, was born on July 9th, 1991, in Loxahatchee, Florida. Her body dimensions are 32A-23-34, and she stands at a height of 5’3″. (160 cm). Her figure is small, and her 32A delicate tits are real and natural. She has beautiful brown hair and bright green eyes.

Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter is ready to suck cunt, and you can tell by her powerful film performances that she knows she’s sassy.

Gabbie didn’t need any coaching the first time she filmed a princess on chick scene because she’d always known she was a guy and girl lover. As long as Gabbie’s boobs are out in the open, the world can enjoy their pleasure.

Listening to hip-hop and rap music, watching sex pornography and sucking dick are some of Gabbie’s other favorite pastimes. Fans and admirers alike are enamored and captivated by Gabbie’s numerous scenes, including threesomes, princess-on-princess and a wide variety of hardcore films.

It is no secret that Gabbie enjoys both the act of licking a pink cunt and the sensation of being smacked hard by a hard cock. So don’t miss Gabbie Carter if you want to see one of smut’s newest princesses.

Gabbie Carter made her debut in the porn industry in 2019. As she approached the age of nineteen, Gabbie Carter decided to make her debut in the world of pornography. In the adult sector, she’s been around for 0 years, and she’s appeared in more than 160 porn films.

Even though she’s been nominated for a slew of accolades, she has yet to take home a trophy. I’m confident she’ll get an award soon because of her hot on-screen performance.

As a Leo, Gabbie Carter was born on August 4, 2000, in Austin, Texas. 5’7″ tall, she has 32DD-22-32 breasts, and she weighs 121 lbs (55 kg) (170 cm). Her figure is slender, and she has genuine, natural eczema. She’s a beautiful brunette with entrancing green eyes.

Adriana Chechik

Except for the fact that Adriana Chechik is a university hottie, Adriana Chechik is nothing special.

Her youthful appearance and voraciousness for genitalia must be seen to be believed. The nympho like her has a natural gift and skill in the art of screwing, but she enjoys getting as much practice as she can.

This porn starlet has it all: enticing tits, a trim, toned physique, and thighs so moist they’d make you wetter if you wore them around your waist. When it comes to Adriana Chechik, you’ll never be able to hide how much she craves sex with her enticing cries and straight-to-the-dick attitude.

When Adriana gets on her hard dick, her juicy butt jiggles and bounces like her tits, and she has a full set of dick-sucking lips to match. She’s considered one of the Name That Pornstar Babes. A self-described “porn queen,” Adriana Chechik is eager to conquer the porn world and ensure that her name will never be forgotten.

In 2013, Adriana Chechik made her debut in the world of pornography. When Adriana Chechik turned 22, she decided to make her pornographic debut. Six years into her career, she’s already been in 968 porn scenes.

It is unfortunate that she has yet to win an award after being nominated for a total of 0. I’m sure she’ll win something soon for her sultry screen performance.

Having been born on November 4, 1991, Adriana Chechik is a Scorpio. A 32B-25-31, 110 lb (50 kg) woman, she stands at 5 ft 2 in (178 cm) (157 cm). Her figure is slender, and her 32B natural tits complete the picture. Her dark eyes and hair are stunning, and she exudes charm in every way.


For their fans, “LeoLulu” is an erotic content-creating hot duo. The name “LeoLulu” appears when lulu enters Leo. As of right now, they’re ranked 20th on Porn hub. They stand out from the crowd because of their on-screen chemistry and genuine affection. Fans can expect actual moans of ecstasy from Leo when she performs, as she goes completely off the rails.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having an orgasm or not; everything that happens between them is real. For the enjoyment of their followers, they create stuff that is only accessible to other followers. After seeing them in action, you’ll shed a lot of semen.

Danika Mori

When it comes to getting the body of your dreams, she’s the one to look to. Italy-born Danika is a brunette with brown eyes and hair. Big, natural boobs are a fantasy for every man, and she’s naturally fit. Her innate beauty has made her one of the most sought-after stars in the industry for six years now.

She has over 60k Tik-Tok admirers and over 444k Instagram followers, so her fame is undeniable. Her videos were viewed by more than one million people for the first time. Make sure to check out her videos if you haven’t already done so.

Janice Griffith

When she was 18, Samantha Schimmel, an Indo-American, adopted the fictitious name “Janice Griffith” and entered the pornographic industry as “Janice Griffith.” Because of her flawlessly proportioned bust and ass, she’s well-known for her stunning appearance.

She is quite active on social media and enjoys interacting with her followers. She is said to as a “queen of porn” despite her preference for spending time at home. Fans adore her for her down-to-earth demeanor, which helps explain why she’s so well-liked.

Animals and dancing/singing/traveling/photography are among her many passions. We may expect a lot more from her because she is only in her early twenties.

Lela star

There are few porn performers older than Lela. However, she isn’t a newbie; she’s here to stay. It’s been 19 years since she began her career and she is still doing it hot. With age, this Milf has become sexier, braver and more naughty.

We included her on our list of the most sought-after actresses since she has lasted so long in the profession. Because of her skill in penetrating, Lela’s small booty has grown into a large ass.

As she has evolved with the porn industry, she has maintained her attractive features and brown nipples. Even the newest members of this “World” can’t keep up with her in terms of popularity.

Sarah Banks

One of the sexiest bodies among Ebony porn stars ever is that of Georgia-born Sarah, an Afro-American porn performer. Her ass is out of this world, especially considering her little stature and ordinary height. She underwent a breast augmentation and is now a DD.

Her twerk booty moves and light weight make me fantasize about placing her in the air and making her jump on my cock.

Her smile is like a cherry on top of the cake. As one of the most sought-after porn performers, it’s not hard to see why. Just 24 years old, she has a long way to go before she reaches her full potential. Watch her videos once and thank me later if you haven’t already.

Sunny Leone

There are several reasons why she is so attractive when she performs sex scenes, including her busty physique and incredible lesbian scenes.

  • Website: https://www.blazinglink.com/sunnyleone/
  • Measurements: 34C – 24 – 34
  • Awards: Penthouse Pet of the Month – 2001, Web starlet of the year (AVN 2010), Crossover star (AVN 2013)
  • Instagram: @sunnyleone (38.4 million followers)
  • Other Services: works as a host in TV serials, anchoring, etc
  • Performance Type:  Lesbian, Threesomes, Solo masturabtion, vaginal sex

Angela White

She’s stunning in every way, but it’s her enormous assets that really make her stand out. With her sensuous scenes and actions, she sets us ablaze with her gorgeous beauty and her flamboyance. Due to her ability to push the boundaries in every session, Australian porn star Angela is taking significant leaps in search engine rankings.

A 33-year-old milf, she began her job in 2003 and hasn’t stopped working since. Her flawless physical appearance and endearing demeanor set her apart from the competition, which she makes full advantage of in her pornography. Add to the sensual appeal of her personality with her pierced navels and tattooed neck.

Sasha Grey

She was born in 1988, and she continues to inspire both men and women to live out their wildest fantasies.

  • Website: https://sashagrey.com/
  • Measurements: 32B – 26 – 32
  • Awards: 2010 AVN – Best Actress, XBIZ Awards 2010 – Acting Performance of the Year – Female, Best group scene 2007 – AVN, Female Performer of the year – AVN 2008
  • Instagram: @sashagrey (1.7 million followers)
  • Other Services: works in mainstream cinema
  • Performance Type: Lesbian, Threesome, Group Sex

Asa Akira

It used to be that Asa Akira was a great sensation in the porn industry a few years ago, but her popularity has since faded. However, this filthy and disgusting porn actress still manages to rekindle the flames of her old lovers.

Since 2006, Asa has been working in the porn industry, having been born on January 3rd, 1986, in Manhattan, New York. That she’s received so many accolades over the past decade is a testament to both her talent and popularity. However, even if she has lost some of her celebrity, she is capable of regaining it at any time by performing sleazy acts that will make you type her name into the search engines.

  • Website: http://join.asaakira.puba.com/
  • Measurements: 32C – 24 – 34
  • Awards: XRCO 2011 – Female Performer of the year, XBIZ 2017 – Best actress (supporting role), Best double penetration – AVN -2011
  • Instagram: @asahole (2.1 million followers)
  • Other Services: Escort services
  • Performance Type: Group Sex, Orgies, Oral Sex

Madison Ivy

When it comes to fulfilling your sexual desires, there is no one better than Madison Ivy. On July 14th, 1989, this German porn star was born, making her one of the most sought-after babes in the industry despite her diminutive stature.

Despite her diminutive stature, her large boobs and slender waist make her a stunning sight to behold. When it comes to showcasing her assets, she’s a pro. In 2018, she celebrated her 10th year in the porn industry, and she’s already a household name! Her naughty and sultry scenes have only added to her growing fan base.

Lisa Ann

Porn goddess is an appropriate title for her because she has made an enormous impact on the porn industry, and her vast collection of scenes has raised the genre to an entirely new level. She’s 46 now, but she’s still a draw for many men and women looking to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

Lisa was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, and has been performing in pornographic films for more than a decade. This porn star’s enticing figure and desire to outperform herself in every scene have made her a sensation in the industry. We all adore her unconditionally and eagerly await any new appearances by her.

Brandi Love

Brandi Love is another rising star in the world of pornography. In addition to her sexy looks and sleazy performances, her dirty actions serve as icing on the cake. She was born on March 29, 1973 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and her brown hair and blue eyes have us swooning. She has been in the porn industry for more than a decade and has received a few honors along the way.

Abella Danger

She’s a huge danger to her fellow porn actresses and the men who try to climb on top of her, according to her name. In the world of pornography, she is one of the most sought-after celebrities. As a sex worker, she began her job at the age of 19 and is still going strong at the age of 26.

A bisexual, hazel-eyed, brown-haired sex queen with huge boobs can fulfill the wishes of her admirers, watchers, and worshipers. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, traveling, and listening to music. In 2016, she received the “Best Newcomer” and “Best New Starlet” honors for her performance.

Mia Khalifa

Many people may have thought of Mia Khalifa as the most popular porn star when we discussed the most popular search term. Even after she departed from the porn industry, many people still seek out her movies because of the impact she had on the industry. What distinguishes her from the rest? To be honest, I’d be satisfied with just her God-given beauty, which she displays in her brutal porn scenes, and the enormous amount of sexual energy they generate on their own.

Because she appeals to both teenagers and adults, her fan base is large. As one of the most controversial porn actresses in her short career, she also made headlines for filming porn scenes while wearing the hijab, which further added to the controversy. Google’s top porn star search term has always been “Mia Khalifa.”

  • Website: miakhalifa.website2.me/
  • Measurements: 34DDD – 26 – 40
  • Awards: MVP award for the best blowjob (2015)
  • Instagram: @miakhalifa (21.1 million followers)
  • Other Services: Rumours of Mia providing escort services are rife on the internet
  • Performance Type: Hardcore sex scenes, anal, blowjob, threesomes

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