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OnlyFans is a subscription platform for content creators who want to make money directly from fans who pay for a month’s worth of content. Tim Stokely, the platform’s CEO and co-founder, launched it in the UK in September 2016.

During the COVID lockdown, this app saw a significant increase in usage. Adult content and ladies who shared daily video clips and images on their social media profiles were the first sources of X-rated content. At this time, a large number of celebrities were using OnlyFans as a source of money.

Content for users may now be found from a wide variety of creators in a variety of genres, including physical fitness, music, and more. Pay-per-view options are available in addition to a monthly subscription.

As of October 1, 2021, all content on OnlyFans will be sexually explicit. In order to comply with the needs of our banking partners and payout providers, the company is making the changes. For adult-oriented subscription fan pages, OnlyFans has more than 130 million people This legislative reform could have a considerable impact on the top earners’ ranks. Please check back for updates as new content creators are added to the list.

OnlyFans content creators make an average of $180 per month. OnlyFans’s top ten highest-paid creators for 2021 are listed below:

Top 25+ Onlyfans Top Earners

Jem Wolfie

Followers: 108K
Subscription Fee: $5 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $900K

Woohoo!! Among the highest-paid individuals, there is also a fitness influencer to be found. The exact amount of money Jem Wolfie makes each day is unknown, however she has admitted that she receives 30,000 dollars from the OnlyFans account. Consequently, it’s possible that she’s included in this list of highest-paid creators.

Megan Barton Hanson

Followers: 1.7M
Subscription Fee: $24.99 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $1.06M

Megan Barton Hanson, a Love Island star, created and shared the explicit material on her OnlyFans Instagram account. One million dollars is all she makes from it.

Safaree Samuels

Followers: 3.2M
Subscription Fee: $19.99 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $1.9M

Safaree Samuels, like his wife, was a member of OnlyFans and made about $2 million. Rapper, songwriter and TV personality were his first roles in the entertainment industry.

Pia Mia

Followers: 6.2M
Subscription Fee: $10 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $2.22M

In addition to the singer and the actress, Pia Mia, who joined OnlyFans this year. As a result, she generates over $2.22 million a month from this app content.

Erica Mena

Followers: 5.3M
Subscription Fee: $35 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $4.49M

Erica Mena, a well-known television personality, is also a fan of OnlyFans. One of the top earners on this site is her spouse. In order to gain more followers, she pushed her OnlyFans account on Instagram. It’s estimated that she’s made about $4.50 million from it.

Mia Khalifa

Followers: 22.7M
Subscription Fee: $11.9 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $6.42M

Mia Khalifa, a former adult artist and media celebrity, has also created an account with OnlyFans to show her support. She’s made more than $6 million off this app’s content.


Followers: 21.8M
Subscription Fee: $20 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $7.69M

An artist known as Tyga has been added to the site at the beginning of 2013. More than $7 million a month comes out of just one source of income for him. He once remarked that he utilizes this platform to convey his life, his intimate view, and behind-the-scenes footage and photographs of his music albums.

Cardi B

Followers: 81.7M
Subscription Fee: $4.99 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $9.43M

Cardi B has only posted six times on OnlyFans, yet she is still the third-highest-earning celebrity on the site and makes more than $9 million a month. She frequently updated her social media accounts with new stuff. Her OnlyFans subscription fee is lower than that of other high-ranking OnlyFans creators.

Bella Thorne

Followers: 24.3M
Subscription Fee: $9.99 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $11M

Bella Thorne is the OnlyFans member who began making money immediately after signing up for the program. One million dollars was earned in her first 24 hours, and today she makes eleven million dollars a month.. In addition, she was involved in a dispute over the fact that she charged for nude images from users, despite the fact that she was really wearing lingerie at the time of the photo shoot.

Blac Chyna

Followers: 16.2M
Subscription Fee: $19.99 per month
Estimated Monthly Earning: $20M

Her stage name was Blac Chyna, and she was a reality TV star, entrepreneur, and model. As of now, she is the highest-paid member of the OnlyFans community, bringing in almost $20 million a month in earnings. When she first signed up for this platform, the cost of a subscription was prohibitive, but since then, the price has been reduced. Only her subscribers have access to the photographs she has posted on her page.

We already know that OnlyFans’ content was designed with explicit content in mind. For many people, however, it has become a source of income and general content following the global circumstances of 2020.


As you peruse this list of the highest-earning OnlyFans members, you’ll realize that they all have one thing in common. They are well-known outside of OnlyFans as a result.

Actually, this is how they were able to get so many individuals to their profiles. The person Blac Chyna is is one of them. The obvious conclusion is that she is a top model. Even though her profile doesn’t have a ton of nudes or any at all, you’ll see her swaying her fairly nice ass a great deal.

You should expect to see a lot of pictures of feet on some days. Don’t be alarmed. Even the most ardent of persons will be able to find something to pique their interest here. It’s because many of the ass shakin’ videos are so near to complete nudity that it’s hard to tell the difference. Stuff can be clearly seen.


When Bella Thorne, a former Disney Channel star, joined OnlyFans.com, there was quite a fuss. This is due to the fact that many people had expected her to release naked photos of herself. As a result, she gained a sizable number of followers.

These images were only a teaser when she ultimately came out. The OnlyFans community as a whole was affected by this. Fortunately, she’s grown as a result of her blunders.

Access to her OnlyFans.com profile is absolutely free, despite the fact that you won’t be able to discover her posting naked photos or anything like that. Some costs will be required, but they are kept to a minimum. If you’re a fan of Bella Thorne, why haven’t you signed up for her OnlyFans page?


According to OnlyFans.com, rapper Cardi B does have a page set up for her work and personal life. Despite the fact that she has only posted five times on her account, she still had to be featured on our list.

Because she is one of the richest persons in the music industry right now. It’s obvious that if you sign up for her OnlyFans.com account, you won’t be getting any naked photos. If you expect anything at all, you’re going to be disappointed.

You are likely to sign up for her service since you enjoy the thought of handing her money each month. As a more convenient fan group, think of OnlyFans as she prefers. In the future, there may be some content for you to enjoy. It costs just $4.99 each month, which isn’t bad at all.


Finally! We’ve got an actual porn star on the list of OnlyFans’ highest-earning members. The name Mia Khalifa is a household name, so we don’t feel the need to introduce her to you. We all know you’re smitten with this gal.

Currently, this appears to be the only area where she will post new content. On this site, you may expect to see a lot of nude images. There are even a few explicit vids thrown in for good measure.

Despite the $12.99 monthly subscription fee, we know that some people will not be able to afford it. Remember that she is a woman who makes most of her money through this site. In addition, it will be well worth the effort. It’s a lot less expensive than some of the more expensive premium porn sites, but you get a lot less stuff.


Reality TV personality and musician? We’re not quite sure, but we’d like to think so. We haven’t given her career much attention. OnlyFans presently lists her as one of the highest-earning stars on the site.

For $25.99 a month, she has just 70 postings on OnlyFans, but that’s a lot of money. If you want to get the most out of Erica Mena’s profile, you’re going to have to really, really like her. She doesn’t upload naked photos, but she’s close enough to be considered a nude model.

There are videos of her showering, for example. Every area where you don’t want filtering has been taken care of in the videos. There is no doubting that she has a fantastic figure.

Top 25+ Onlyfans Top Earners


According to Jem Wolfie, she has the most OnlyFans subscribers on the platform. Even while we can’t be sure, we wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case. For $5 a month, you can have access to some more explicit photographs from her Instagram account, and you know she’ll be a success.

Now, you won’t be able to see any of her cleavage on this page. The photos that you take will be the ones that won’t fly on Instagram because they’re a little too revealing. However, she appears to care about her fans. She frequently hosts competitions where you may win the opportunity to speak with her one-on-one. Nice!


Belle Delphine is the next artist to join us. Another lady who doesn’t need an introduction is here. On Twitch, she was one of the first individuals to understand how easy it is to make money off of your attractiveness. Even the idea of selling your used bath water to strangers was conceived of by her, for example

Having a pink-haired lady make her own OnlyFans account only made sense. You’ll find a plethora of semi-naked images here. She’s even been known to post some amazing erotica featuring herself. It’s not going to be cheap, but it shows why she’s one of the highest-earning members on the site.


When it comes to today’s supermodels, Megan Barton Hanson is about as near as you can get without being one. This woman is putting in a lot of time and effort into her career as a model. On her official OnlyFans account, you can expect to see plenty of content derived from some of those photoshoots.

You won’t be seeing any sexy images here. A lot of lingerie images are in store for you instead. Megan Barton Hanson’s lingerie is as nice as anyone else’s nude, in our opinion. She’s simply irresistible.


We now have porn star Charlotte Rose. Some of the best NSFW images are going to be on her OnlyFans page. In fact, she even offers free dick prices. On this list, she is the only one who doesn’t mind receiving dick photos.

Let us know what you think of that, gentlemen. For $12 a month, we think she’ll be worth it for the vast majority of you. She posts fairly frequently, too.


For this free profile of Bonnie Locket, you won’t find a lot of information. That will be replaced by Bonnie Locket wearing some really revealing apparel, so prepare yourself!

For free, it’s a good deal. It is likely that a promotion like this has helped her become one of OnlyFans’ highest-earning members.


In addition to the fact that Romi Chase will answer to every message you give her, her subscription fee is simply $4.50 per month. A pussy photo will also be sent to your inbox, as long as you stay. This isn’t awful for a celebrity. For the most part, you don’t get that kind of interaction.

That means you know what to expect from her OnlyFans page. A lot of content is going to be created specifically for her subscribers. This includes, but isn’t limited to, explicit images. It’s not hard to understand why she’s so popular; it’s all pretty sexy.


No, I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. I’m blown away. The pleasures of Chloe Khan are yours. Every day, one of OnlyFans’ millionaires submits a sexual photo on the site.

Fans of this Instagram sensation won’t be disappointed because they won’t see any complete nudes if they want to subscribe to her channel. There is a lot of nudity in her work, although it isn’t overtly so.


Bhad Bhabie got its beginnings as a Dr. Phil-inspired meme. She created an OnlyFans.com account as soon as she was 18 years old. Since joining OnlyFans, she has become the fastest-growing account on the platform and a millionaire overnight. This time around, she won’t be uploading any naked photos here.

In the future, she commits to do so. For the time being, expect Bhad Bhabie’s content to be quite explicit. Think of something like a hand bra, for example. You want to see this sort of thing. We’re taken aback by how quickly she reacts to every communication we send her. Talk about showing concern for your customers, right?


All-nude photographs and videos are available on Mikaela Testa’s OnlyFans profile page. You’ll see a lot of them on her profile as well. She updates her social media accounts on a regular basis. The cost isn’t going to be as big as you’d expect. A subscription to her material costs $19.99 a month. We’re sure you’ll agree that this isn’t awful for someone who’s so attractive.

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