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Greece is a land of mystery and romanticism, a place where time has stood still for thousands of years. As a result, it is a country of breathtaking natural splendor and mystery. This is true of Greece’s landscape, and it is also true of the country’s women. Many of the country’s hottest women have found their way into the porn industry. Over the years, there have been several sluts from Greece who have enthralled porn enthusiasts. To innumerable porn lovers all throughout the world, these girls exude passion and sexual ferocity in their on-screen performances.

In spite of the fact that many women from Greece are currently working on pornography sets, there are some truly standouts. We’ve compiled a list of the top nine Greek pornstars to keep an eye out for in 2021. As far as I’m concerned, these women are the embodiment of sex and passion. There are a lot of Greek porn stars out there, and we think that you’ll enjoy our list of the top nine, which includes the most popular ones.

Top 25+ Famous Greek Pornstars

Inna Innaki

Goddess Inna Innaki, a Greek goddess of the sex, is always open to new experiences and willing to try new things. She has appeared in a variety of sex situations, including solo masturbation, lesbian sex, and anal pounding. Seeing a woman ride a cock like this is an astounding and nerve-wracking sight, to say the least.

Inna Innaki is one of the most popular Greek porn stars now working in the industry because of these features. For our list of the top 9 hottest Greek porn performers of 2021, she was a no-brainer!

Elena Hatzi

This is a Greek porn star who always gives her all while the camera is rolling, no matter what she is eating or having her hot cunt drilled out. The fact that she can’t get enough cock jammed up her moist and needy hole is obvious from her performances.

Lesbian sex scenes and big-dicked studs aren’t the only places you’ll find her freaking out in. Scene-type porn sequences have also featured this Greek prostitute. Because Elena Hatzi films are so sexually explicit, you’ll soon find yourself groping your crotch or squeezing your pussy if you’re not careful.

Vicky Sol

As the next sultry Greek pornstar on our list, we have Vicky Sol. Fuck flicks with this crazy slut have included everything from lesbian and boy/girl to gangbang and filthy group sexuality. She’s content to let well-muscled guys abuse her tight and gorgeous body while they pass her around and utilize her. holes.

As far as we’re concerned, Vicky Sol is one of the most nastiest sluts we’ve ever encountered. Double penetration is also a skill she has mastered. While doing so, she maintains her gorgeous good looks and a petite frame that seems to be made for sex. As long as her male co-stars want to go balls deep on her, this slut is more than happy to oblige.

Jessica Ivan

Jessica Ivan is the next Greek porn performer we’re going to feature. She’s proud to show off her nastiness and freakiness to her adoring audience. Smouldering tits, an irresistible ass, and shaven cunt are just some of the body parts she has to offer.

Fans of Jessica Ian can expect nothing but the best from their favorite actress, whether she is on the ground sucking up to one of her male co-stars or she is letting him pound her out while she screams with joy. During her pornographic career, she has gained a large following thanks to this trait. It has also helped her get to the top 9 hottest Greek porn stars of 2021.

Mandy Luxx

Slutting down to flaunt her delicious pussy and butt, or lying down on the ground to let an intoxicated male blast his nuggets on her slut face, she is always in the same position. This sultry Greek babe enjoys having her genitals hammered by big cockatoos. Watching her pussy get pounded by a hard-thumping member is a genuinely sexy sight that will have you rubbing your dick.

Many of her male co-stars and admirers around the world have experienced tremendous orgasms as a result of watching Mandy Luxx. These are just a few of the reasons why she has become one of the most popular Greek porn stars in the world. It’s a great way to pass the time during a jerk-off while watching her perform.

Jasmine Andreas

Despite her demure appearance, Jasmine Andreas has a dark side. What she really is is an impure and cock-hungry whore eager and waiting for the next big cock to impale herself on. She is a true Greek porn star in every sense of the word. Those large tits Jasmine Andreas wears are a fantastic match for her sleek and gorgeous physique.

Because of its hardcore sex-oriented nature, she has used it throughout her career in the porn industry. Jasmine Andreas’ sex partners and fans love her regardless of whether she’s gargling on a set of balls or leaning over to have her cunt pounded out.

Vannah Sterling

Sexy Vannah Sterling is an exotic Greek slut who has an obsessive need to shove the largest cocks she can find into her tight and willing asshole. When Vannah Sterling lets her male co-stars pound on her, it’s an incredible sight to see. Her flourishing porn career has included a number of steamy lesbian scenes, and she’s known for her raunchy antics with the ladies.

Vannah Sterling is one of the hottest Greek porn stars in the market because of these factors. Sluts love nothing more than to strut off to her filthiest work because they know she’s a professional slut, and her fan base is proof of that.

Julia Alexandratou

In her career, Julia Alexandratou has had a wide range of experiences. As a result, she’s become well-known not just as an actress and singer, but also as a model. Attractive Greek pornstar, she is also. It all started when one of her sexually explicit tapes was made public. Sultry Slut was the inspiration for another performance where she was subjected to a brutal beating with black studs.

Julia Alexandratou is one of the most well-known Greek women who has been in pornographic films because of her breathtaking beauty and the intensity of her sexual performances. Her inclusion on our list of the hottest Greek porn performers was a no-brainer.

Rosa Rozita

The first time you see Rosa Rozita, her attractive physique, and her sexual work, you won’t be disappointed. In the porn industry, this Greek tramp is a fan favorite and has appeared on some of the most popular sets. In addition to her smouldering figure, she has an unwavering sexual appetite. As a result, she’s performed in group sex scenes where numerous men take turns licking her tasty parts.

She is a true performer, no matter what role she is playing. She’s a dog in every sense of the word, from her back to her top to her tail. When it comes to cock, this Greek slut just can’t get enough of it pushed up her slutty holes. Fans and lovers of Rosa Rozita, on the other hand, are delighted when she helps them release their repressed feelings.


Here we have it: the nine sexiest Greek pornstars now on the market. We spent a lot of time deciding on the final nine ladies, and we hope you agree with our selections. As far as I’m concerned, they all know how to get the best out of their male co-stars, and it’s something they take tremendous joy in doing.

Even when they’re not in the room with a male co-star, these Greek goddesses know exactly how to help their fans have wild orgasms when they’re in the mood to have sex. If you haven’t seen the work of any of these sultry Greek tarts before, I implore you to do so now. You won’t be sorry for making the selection!

Top 25+ Famous Greek PornstarsTop 25+ Famous Greek Pornstars

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