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This is by far the most difficult top 10 we’ve ever had to compile. There are only a few porn performers from Iran and Afghanistan to begin with, and some of them have vanished from the Internet altogether. Porn stars in Turkey are a little better, but I can name them all by heart.

In our search for amateur Iraqi women, we came up empty-handed. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me some of the names that only locals know. These are the sluts from these countries that we’ve gathered thus far.

Top 25+ Famous Iran Turkish Afghan Pornstars

Here’s how to make a 180-degree pivot in your life. Become well-known for sucking dick before moving on to more serious acting roles. Aylar Lie shares this fantasy, as do many other sluts. An interesting collection of online pornography can be explained by the fact that the person was born in Iran but later relocated to Norway.

Riding cocks is simple if you don’t live in a country that restricts your sexual liberties. Even more so if you’re being compensated for it! Aylar Lie was one of the earliest big-name Iranian pornstars.

Mariam Micol

The market for tranny performers is enormous in Iran, despite the lack of a huge number of casual pornstars. With 42DDD tits and a plethora of solo films, Mariam Micol is one such specimen. Despite having been active for more than a decade, she is still one of the most well-known porn stars in Iranian society. However, when we discover new talent, Mariam will be one of the first to be added to our pornstar database.

That shemale on the list will not be the first one to be added to the list! Consequently, if you’re a homophobic jerk who’s unsure of your sexuality, you should move on as swiftly as possible. What do you think about this? Try it out!

TGirl Eda

Eda is the final transsexual porn performer to appear on this page. The tattoos and cleavage are undeniable. I’d sex her in a flash! At that point, it’s quite acceptable to be thinking about your partner. You people aren’t suckers; you know the difference between excellent and great. Eda is one of the best shemales in the business.

She has a delicious surprise hiding in plain sight beneath her thighs, so you can’t even close your eyes to avoid it. Eda was endowed with a stunning cock, and we wish her the best in her future undertakings.

Irina Turk

Irina, who is now missing, was a want tobe pornstar with a mean booty shake. Our GIF isn’t here to annoy you, but rather to preserve the history of her work. It’s a blessing that these whores are able to perform in private on services like Chaturbate.

In order for Irina to make me fall in love with her, she’ll need a lot more vids. That’s all you get for now! Surely, you’ve never seen anything quite like this piece of Turkish flesh. The following are twenty of them, in that order.

Carmel Moore

Heir of both British and Iranian ancestry, amateur pornstar Carmel, 34, lives in the East Sussex region. James Deen and Bree Olson got banged by this blonde oddity! But that was eight years ago, and it was the pinnacle of Moore’s professional career.

Once or twice a year, she’s still invited to weird sausage parties but doesn’t get the same kind of attention as before. However, her blowjob lips are excellent.


Derya, a Turkish amateur adventurer, deserves at least a mention on this list! A challenge to serve a naked pizza swiftly transformed into a pastime that doesn’t eat up a lot of money. Unless you’d rather a one-on-one private performance…

Derya has been loving her kinky acts of freedom since moving to the United States. She will gain an additional 50 pounds of fat in the next two years as a result of this treatment. Well, at least it’s a relief to be free of the confines of the cage.


The first Turkish porn star to debut on camera appears to be Esra, unless numerous sources are incorrect. On the FTV site, to be precise!!! It’s a must-see, even if the video quality isn’t fantastic. Esra, on the other hand, remained popular throughout the early 2000s, in contrast to other aging performers who were featured.

What about hardcore pornography and other naughty treats? There are only solo and public masturbation sequences, no penetration footage. There were no false employees in these cafés compared to today’s pornography. All of this really did take place!


What a talented amateur you are! Dick is her favorite food, and she’s not afraid to show it off to the world. To find more of Guzel’s videos, you’ll need to be resourceful. We’ve told these young whores numerous times that not having a last name is a deal breaker when trying to get a job in the porn industry.

Guzel climaxes a lot, in addition to the delicious blowjobs and lovely handjobs for the companion. In any case, a name like hers doesn’t sound Turkish at all. More amateur videos are on the way.

Hakan Serbes

Here, Hakan may surprise you by blending German quality with Turkish exotics…. That round butt and the black hair are you a fan of? On the left of Serbes is a male porn star. Though I’m not sure who the sexy chick is.

When Wikipedia has a page dedicated to you, you know that your admirers are devoted. Despite the fact that it’s not in English. Underappreciated celebrities and one-night stands can be easily distinguished from each other in this way. It doesn’t take much thought to appreciate the athlete’s athleticism and consistently impressive performance. By the way, this is his preferred sex position.

Nakita Kash

Flappy beef curtains aside, one thing is clear about Nakita Kash: she loves one particular film. A taste of “ass to ass” is in order. Is that something you’ve heard about before? It doesn’t matter if you fuck her raw or with a silicone dildo. Her partner is going to wet your sheets and crotch, so be prepared. To put it another way, squiring with Nakita is not an accident at all. Multiple liquids must be released by your body.

As a lover, Bitch is always looking for a way to make her mates happy. In the context of Iranian porn, Nakita is stunning. Maybe it’s even in the 1% range.

Persia Monir

Persia Monir, a stunning Iranian porn performer, should be familiar to RedBled readers. GILF pornstar fetishists, in particular! In the slut-fighting arena, ethnicity isn’t that important.

Because to the great performance and dedication, Persia’s popularity has skyrocketed. Doing interracial, lesbian, and threesomes, as well as nasty butt delights. In the end, this isn’t a porn star for those who prefer to see their genitals penetrated.

Sahin K

It’s no surprise that Sahin K is considered the best male porn star in Turkey and the neighboring region. Despite the fact that you may not always get the sexiest women, it’s all about the broader picture.

Sahin isn’t exactly a household name, but he’s not exactly an obscurity either. People may call him overweight or ugly, but he doesn’t let it stop him from stretching pussies all over the place. I’m just a regular guy having a great time. Haters all across the world are convinced that something good is going on in his life.

Sibel Kekilli

With a career spanning both the worlds of pornography and television, Sibel Kekilli isn’t your typical actor. This gorgeous Turkish/Armenian porn diva was already well-known to true fans before HBO even discovered her. Sibel’s magnetic assholery doesn’t necessitate a multi-million dollar production budget or CGI effects. Okay, so having a distinct character trait is a plus. However, we’re more concerned about the bottom half!

It was demolished by a large number of interested cocks, but seeing someone as renowned as Kekilli on PornHub is a real treat.


But we didn’t give up, even if there are considerably more liars from other countries. The world’s most esoteric spice has arrived. For the time being, Yasmeena is your sole beloved Afghan porn star. Has started the porn revolution in his native nation by himself.

Wow! If a Gene asks me to make three wishes, one of them will be to obtain a hard disk full with Afghan porn tapes. Perhaps she’s Kenny’s sibling, or even a relative from “South Park.” She possesses a wide range of facial characteristics that aren’t typical of most people. We’re drawn to Yasmeena for reasons we can’t quite fathom.

Cristine Akira Lee

Cristine, despite her Asian name and appearance, is actually a Dutch and Turkish porn star. Her genitals are like a trip across the world, and I’m sure her pancakes are wonderful. Pour some of your syrup down there if you like.

In addition to her natural breasts, Akira Lee had few piercings, and a tattoo. After a brief appearance in only a handful of adult films, he vanished. Isn’t she beautiful and sexy? Why did Cristine believe that pornography was not for her?

Persia Pele

Persia Pele is a second Iranian porn star after Persia Monir. The name “slut” appears to be the “default” one for such a person. In the same vein as Jane for white performers or Lee for Asian lovers. She was a Hollywood make-up artist before discovering her actual purpose in life, which is an interesting fact.

Persia began working with Penthouse and other studios in 2008. She gave up after a while because you know how it goes: the cocks keep lining up until you do. Tehran is the birthplace of a cougar that has long since lost its cultural relevance.


You’re watching one of Yhivy’s first videos, and it wasn’t on a low-key porn site either. She’s a sensation in the adult industry, to say the least! It wasn’t long before Yhivy had signed a deal with a major studio and climbed the ranks of popularity.

Although just retired, she is still in touch with her Twitter followers. Yhivy gave her reasons for quitting, and the pressure was the final straw. People adore a well-built, outgoing tiny. As far as popularity is concerned, she remains at the top.

Violet Myers

Stop! What a great titty fuck scene! Violet earns an A+ from me, and that’s just the beginning of a long list of impressive qualities. So many of these sluts never made it to the top of the charts and have instead decided to drift away into obscurity. However, Violet Myers, on the other hand, is still on the stage to this day.

The best part is that it’s all brand new and of the highest quality. There’s no point in trying to get your hands on a porn star if she’s only available in 144p from 20 years ago. Violet Myers can’t be left behind!

Anya Krey

A public pickup video on Mofos led me to discover Anya. It all started with an ass fucked in the parking lot. Those point of view (POV) shots always work! Even more so when you’re standing and fucking someone. Since no penetration action can be seen, it’s just like viewing erotic movies.

Well, this hot load of action should alleviate some of your frustration. Anya Krey, a Turkish porn performer, is a treat to see as she experimented with anal activities in better lighting and quality. Your favorite pornstar may or may not be her. Their hot appearances, which evoke images of Middle Eastern pornstars, are the likely cause of their popularity.

Holly Michaels

Despite the time and effort it took, we’re not going to pass on this harlot! This is your Turkish (and other ethnic) heritage’s secret treasure, Holly Michaels. Holly’s ancestors had a life that may have been the subject of a movie.

Indian, French, German, Norwegian, and other ancestors have been cited in other reports, as well. Porn celebrity of this caliber would be the envy of any nation. We’re not saying this! Straight men and women both can be transformed into lesbians by these curves.

Top 25+ Famous Iran Turkish Afghan PornstarsTop 25+ Famous Iran Turkish Afghan Pornstars

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