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It’s time to complete the circle and list the top ten Chinese porn stars after completing the Japanese, Indian, Asian, and Korean lists. Until I discovered porn, China and its people always gave me the creeps, and I pictured them as filthy, selfish, and generally unpleasant to be around. In spite of my misguided opinions, I decided to compile a list of the finest porn stars from this country. Fortunately, I didn’t allow my stubbornness stop me from doing more study on China. To my amazement, I’ve discovered that Chinese women are among of the most gorgeous in the world, and they’ve become my new favorite Asian women.

More have adopted full, American-sounding pornstar monikers, while still others have adopted Chinese names. We didn’t believe we’d know any of the girls on this list, but the fact that half of them are already working with major porn marketers made us realize how ubiquitous Chinese pornstars are.

Top 25+ Famous Chinese Pornstars

She is one of the lesser-known Amateur Chinese women. For her part, she’ll take anal from anyone, including the anteater, and join any BDSM action she wants. Like a porn star, Leilani is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

It was just a matter of time before she succumbed to the temptations of my penis. A few videos of Leilani exist, but she won’t be returning.

Thai Michelle

Thai Michelle is a decent choice among the hundreds of Asian porn stars. She milks succulent black cock like some village women milk cows. That which can be stretched to infinity and beyond is of great benefit to the game. Even more so for this Chinese bunny, an interracial harlot.

In bed, she’s as good as you can expect from the woman at the bottom of our list, as far as acting goes.

Miley Villa

They treat women’s private parts as though they’re rubber or plastic. It’s like 10 suns colliding, and you’re jamming your fingers together to rub. Chinese porn queen Miley Villa doesn’t disrupt the scenario, but instead meditates to forget the horribly horrible clitoris fingering methods she’s used in her career.

When you’re getting fucked by someone with a short dick, you’re more likely to encounter this situation. To make porn workers feel anything, they’re basically compelled to offer additional stimuli.

Chi Sun

A porn star’s sweet surprise will make any cock rise to the occasion like the sun. It’s safe to say that a blonde Chinese pornstar is no slouch when it comes to exciting oral activities like blowjobs and facials. The most striking feature of her body, though, is her luscious breasts.

There is a remarkable balance between the nipple and the tit. Chi’s spherical pies can stand on their own, although tit jobs with big breasts are usually a nice way to end or begin one man’s show.

Lena Lang

Lena Lang, despite her surname, will also opt for a cocks that aren’t as long as her own. Despite the fact that this Beijing-born infant isn’t a fan of it. Dicks the size of a broomstick were piercing her buttocks, but it wasn’t enough for this budding actor.

Currently, there are just eight public films of Lena on PornHub. It appears that she, too, has decided to call it a day. It’s not a huge deal!

Jade Feng

A former Chinese porn performer from the 1980s and 1990s Those who had the most tits had the most fans, and their renown was almost assured. You didn’t even have to give it a second thought. Do you remember the 55J tits of French porn diva Lolo Ferrari? In 2000, she took her own life. Only a few old videos and a Twitter handle with the same name can be found for Jade Feng.

She either hasn’t had a porn career or she’s a whole different person. When you think about it, someone else is probably responsible. This movie was shot a long time ago, and Jade already resembled a GILF! There is absolutely no chance she has lasted this long, not only not aging but also getting younger.

We’ve just learnt that Jade has started a YouTube channel under the name Tifa, where she posts cooking tutorials.

Miko Lee

Retired or upcoming Chinese porn stars Miko Lee and Kobe Tai are among those in attendance. Still trying, despite not being able to match Kobe’s achievements. Since she had so many followers in the past, even the most ardent porn collectors no longer bother to collect movies of her.

However, this scene does not offer you a positive impression. It’s as though she’s not even paying attention to the camera. Her downturn may be due to this. A few pounds lighter and potentially larger rice milk makers have made Miko even more popular (looks vise). Why is she no longer working for the world’s most popular porn studios? I don’t know for sure.

Arisa Minami

People in China don’t like Japanese. War and other garbage are involved. How would Arisa choose between her Japanese and Chinese ancestry? That’s akin to being half black in a racist household, unfortunately.

You can tell this scene was shot in Japan because of all the bizarre items it contains. Penis measurements to classrooms with unruly children are just some of the things you’ll encounter. Please show us your underwear, the notebook’s writing reads. I know this is a sex education class, but if this were a western porn scenario, these people would not be standing still. We can’t place her any higher than this because she isn’t a pure Chinese porn star.

Kita Zen

The Chinese pussy rumors are well-known. This scenario is proof that it’s the most tense of them all. Do you think that the biggest Asian whore or a casual amateur from any other country would win in the tight pussy championship? Porn stars that eat rice are still my favorite, and it’s not just because of their pussy genes but because of their youthful appearances in their late 30s.

China’s shortest pornstar, Kita Zen, stands at just over five feet. In fact, there are more than 100 pornographic movies of her twat being attacked by white and black cocks. Chinese pornstars can be divided into two categories at this time. People born in the United States can be distinguished from those born in China. It’s safe to say that Kita falls into the latter category. Her measurements are 32-24-34, and the rice cooker’s weight is 101 pounds or 45 kilos, making it one of the lightest on the market.

Kobe Tai

Kobe Tai, maybe China’s most well-known pornstar of the last ten years. This is a name that most people have heard before, but they don’t know where. There is no Chinese ancestry in her father, who was Japanese, but there is in her mother. Coby Ty, a Taiwanese porn actor born in 1996, has appeared in more than 70 adult films and other videos.

She has one of the most sincere and authentic smiles, and the good news is that she’s recently divorced, unmarried and ready to meet new people. It’s strange that the marriage lasted barely over a year. You never know what lies under that angel’s smile. Unless you’re ready to pay for something of a higher quality, most of her materials these days may be found for free.

Evelyn Lin

As a cum-eater, she’s not quite up to the standards of Japanese porn stars like Bukkake and Semen swallowing, but she’s still really good. The new-age porn performers, on the other hand, merely pretend to catch cum by expanding their mouths wide after taking a cumshot.

Born and reared in China, she is a genuine porn star. It would be amusing to see the responses of Chinese parents when you show them their daughter’s DP performance. The volume of cum and the thickness of it fascinates me in this scene. Do they take medications to thicken it up, or is it the product of dieting and exercising? If that’s the case, I’d love to get my hands on his strategy. The perfect combination of small frame and Asian hair genes, this girl steals hearts everywhere she goes.

Callie Cyprus

You’ve come to the right place to meet my favorite Chinese/American porn performer. It isn’t simply her actions that concern me. Because of her leopard tattoos, Callie has quickly risen to the top of my list of “to fuck list” girls. Your mother was the first. To the best of my knowledge, you came to our site specifically in search of Chinese pornstars who were uninfluenced by their Western counterparts. As a result, she can’t be ranked as the most popular choice.

Before a deepthroat, I prefer girls who take their time and enjoy playing with their balls, shaft, and tongue. She’d be one of the most remorseful fucks of the century if you took off the artificial make-up after the fact. Don’t search for her photos without make-up, because there’s no way to ever recover from that. Instead, have a look at the sexy videos this babe has to offer.

Nina Lynn

Be careful not to miss her if you flinch. Friends and girlfriends should have a dick-sucking competition, I’ve always wanted to do. You never know, maybe RedBled will become viral and I’ll be able to hire enough pornstar bodyguards to make this movie. Ultimately, it’s up to each of you. Even PornHub has only one of Nina Lynn’s videos to choose from because she is no longer active.

Check out this fantastic porn video. The redhead at the very back is my fave; I know this is an honorable mention for a Chinese pornstar list, but I can’t help myself. Please identify her if you can. They all have the same color pants and a similar-sized tattoo, therefore half of them must be sisters.

Kianna Dior

The nastiest and most disgusting prostitute hails from the ancient Chinese civilization and is covered in slime. As the “old-school cool” MILF with more than 20 years of history, Dior is guaranteed to film horrible situations. Trying to keep it simple for so long might be a challenge, you know…

When it comes to using semen, she’s a veritable encyclopedia of the 50 best ways to do so. When it comes to getting dick milk, Kianna’s mouth is like a magnet. The 34DD tits are the big one, or two, depending on how you look at it.

Ava Devine

This is exactly the kind of disgusting sexual encounter that I’m looking for! Of course, we’re talking about Ava Devine, the stunning MILF with cleavage that would put most bras to shame.

Do Asian porn actors undergo breast implants in order to look more attractive? Just a cup or two of milk for most Caucasians and Ebonies, but for Japanese or Chinese girls, it’s a whole lot more. It’s as though they’re trying to make up for a lack of something. It’s true that Ava Devine is one of the most popular Chinese actresses of our day. However

Alina Li

An example of Alina Li can be seen in the GIF shown above. It’s hard to believe, but she’s currently one of Shanghai, China’s most popular pornstars. Performs a wide range of styles from stepmom bangs to solo sessions.

Alina Li’s sex scenes have now surpassed 400. In a sea of choices, we’ve narrowed it down to the one and only.

Jade Kush

It took us a moment to figure out what the censorship was, especially with the Brazzers logo at the bottom, but it turned out to be a harmless teaser. In the end, this isn’t even really reminiscent of Japanese pornography. There are as many false pieces in your mouth as there are in Jade Kush’s body. In fact, I’d prefer that her pussy shape be censored if possible.

As a result, I must be one of the 1% of persons incapable of jerking off to Jade. Several pornographic websites have listed her as one of the 100 greatest pornstars of all time. Even though the quantity of videos she has is lesser than the norm, she is doing something better than other performers. Even though they’ve produced hundreds, most of the women in this top 10 are just in the top 1000s (if they are lucky).

Eva Angelina

Her ancestry includes Chinese, Cuban and Irish descent. When it comes to her looks, it’s impossible to tell what type of fucking beast she is. There appears to be some sort of “cheat-code” that allows you to feature her on several national pornstar lists without being flagged. Older, yet still bursting with life and talent as an actor.

Eva Angelina is not one of those prostitutes that looks lifeless after the first hundred or so scenes. Still a slut, but alive and well. Her desire for sex is so great that a single cock hardly suffices to satisfy her needs. The only way to keep Eva awake is to fuck with dildos or do something else to keep her awake. One of the best in the business at creating an amazing experience.

Miko Dai

A porn star’s sweet surprise will make any cock rise to the occasion like the sun. It’s safe to say that a blonde Chinese pornstar is no slouch when it comes to exciting oral activities like blowjobs and facials. The most striking feature of her body, though, is her luscious breasts.

Stunning in terms of its nipple-to-tit ratio and overall form. Chi’s spherical pies can stand on their own, although tit jobs with big breasts are usually a nice way to end or begin one man’s show.

Cindy Starfall

A porn star having Chinese and Taiwanese ancestry, and since Taiwan is so poor, you should expect a tiny body type. She may even be the tiniest porn performer I’ve ever come across. It’s almost a mystery how she got there. No other porn performer in our top 10 looks as young as Cindy does. Perfect for schoolgirl foreplay, as well as more extreme sexual fantasies. Now estimate her weight. Wrong. It’s only 43 kilograms, or 95 pounds.

She is heavier than medium-sized dogs. Having false tits would make up the majority of her overall weight. Cindy Starfall, like most Asians, enjoys talking foul during sex, fucking in front of other people, and experiencing the dark side of things. You get what I mean.

Tiffany Rain

It’s a dream come true to have a Chinese girlfriend. Indulging in pleasure with beautiful, tight pussies and having a subservient wife for the rest of your life that will work her ass off to please you are just a few of the many benefits of having children. You can see how the cock gently slips down her pussy and how wet it looks thanks to the wonderful material, Tiffany Rain.

It’s a problem that many of us (myself included) would like to have solved. In terms of popularity, this was one of the most recent additions. Many people regard her as one of the most popular porn performers. As a future star, she’ll get the two minutes of fame she deserves. The fact that I was born in the United States means nothing to many of us. Unless, of course, you’re a purist in the porn industry.

Asia Zo

Asia Zo, a 33-year-old and 5-foot-tall hottie, is one of China’s most popular porn performers. Despite her 32B all-natural tits, she is one of the most enthusiastic cock-sucking sluts you’ll encounter on this page. Despite being bisexual, Asia Zo is a total jerk. Slurping on a massive, juicy cock isn’t a problem for her, because she has the energy to bounce on them like they’re her ovaries getting a birthday present.

Nancy Ho

Does your cock have what it takes to re-enter the cunt pool and make your way to the land of milk and honey? It’s Nancy Ho who’ll lead the way and show you how to live the cumming life to the fullest! Slut hits all of the boxes you can think of and is small, seductive, attractive, and fantastic to the last squirting inch! As a bonus, Nancy has the kind of meaty buttocks you could snuggle up to through the coldest nights in the North Pole while still being warm as a hot box. Also, she likes to touch herself, but she’ll allow a guy to do it with the help of an extremely powerful cock!


Traditionally, the katana is regarded as one of the world’s most lethal and orgasmic swords, but in my opinion, Katana the pornstar is both lethal and orgasmic! This 5’5″, 25-year-old work of art is thin, with a nearly flat chest. She’s a national treasure in her hometown, where her butt is a bubble butt of unmatched beauty! Every time you hear Katana groan, you’ll want to go for your pants and pat that pesky anaconda you’ve been petting in your underwear. She lives off of cunt and cock.

Mika Tan

Mika Tan is a well-known Chinese porn star and a well-known beefy model. Average in height, she’s got an impressive collection of skills, a beautiful little bottom, and an adorable set of artificial breasts. For what seems like an eternity, Mika, 42, has been spraying jism on his dick. She’s recognized as an anal legend, with her asshole receiving the love and attention that only a sweet hole of rare heroism and powers can provide!

Jessie Andrews

Just 28 years old, Jessie Andrews has already been in more porn scenes than most of the world’s most famous porn actresses get to see in their whole lives! With a flat tummy, petite booty, and perky 34B tits that are more natural than the apple you’re eating, Jessie is one of the most attractive women around. One of the most varied, talented, and flexible porn stars around, this blonde goes to town on her dick like it’s the most important thing on the planet! Please applaud her for acting as if she intends to utilize the money to cover your rent this month.

Shae Summers

You can’t help but jerk your cock in tribute to Shae Summers’ tenderness because she is so petite and sexy! In addition to being more attractive than your current partner, this 25 year old woman has DD-cup bazungas on her chest that are completely natural and potent. Most of the time, a lengthy cock is all this American/Chinese beauty needs to become excited and ready to moan, but she does enjoy licking wet cunts for the flavor, and I wouldn’t mind joining her if given the chance!!

Lexi Mansfield

Have you ever been perplexed as to how Asian ladies who appear to be in their teens can actually be decades older? Lexi Mansfield might be able to shed some light on this mystery! A 32-year-old woman with a sweet-looking face can pull off the slutty adolescent part with ease! Even if Lexi were to urinate in your mouth, you would not find it repulsive because she is so cute! Heed her call and she’ll convert your woody into something you’ll be happy to show off!

Honey Gold

You may easily mistake Honey Gold for a goddess if you squint your eyes hard enough! You can’t help but fall in love with her because of her slender figure, her infectious smile, and her infectious personality. With her brown hair, black-eyed stare, and natural B-cup titties, Honey Gold makes you feel like you have to hold onto your dick at all times in case something goes wrong! As much as she enjoys deep-throating enormous cocks and biting perky nipples and licking moist cunts, this beauty is bisexual!

Lulu Chu

Despite her diminutive stature, Lulu Chu has proven to be one of the industry’s most sought-after hookers. It was only a matter of time until she became one of China’s most popular porn stars! Because Lulu is so lovely and cuddly, you can’t help but want to cuddle her, give her a light spanking, and nibble on her chubby pussy all day long. Even at 19, Lulu’s 32B breasts are so gravity-defying they’re truly a natural wonder! For some reason, Lulu has a thing for employing the largest cocks in the industry to stretch her barely legal pussy. This one-eyed snake is slithering so deep into her that I’d be surprised if it didn’t knock her kidneys out of the way!

Top 25+ Famous Chinese PornstarsTop 25+ Famous Chinese Pornstars

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