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In the porn industry, there are many diverse areas to explore because various people have varied sexual preferences. While we all have our own preferences, we can all agree that curvy pornstars are too darn attractive and we all love to watch them getting fucked on film because of the quantity of them in the profession. Flat chested pornstars already have their own list, but since that list primarily comprised young women, the curvaceous pornstars list is packed with of senior ladies and MILFs!

People around the world began deeming slim girls to be beautiful at some point in time. They were more attractive if they had a smaller waist. Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them, because I’ve always preferred women who don’t have prominent bony skeletons, and the adult entertainment industry has never had that as a criterion for its pornstars, who tend to be curvier in shape. The curvy and heavy porn actresses, on the other hand, have a slim waist, less fat around their belly area, and well-proportioned boobs and ass that give them an hourglass form, whilst the chubby & BBW porn stars have a disproportionately large waist. If you’re looking for some of the best curvy ladies in the porn industry this year, we’ve got you covered.

The Greatest Thick & Curvy Pornstars

Mary Jean

For Mary Jean, her luscious form and great sexual desire make her one of the most sought-after Latina beauties in the industry. You can’t deny that she’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, thanks to her wonderfully rounded large breasts. It’s, though, her luscious, rounded, and sexy buttocks that draw your attention. Porn filmmakers and her co-stars are aware of this, which is why you see her riding cowgirl so that she can show off her butt in all its glory while also twerking nonstop on the dick. The following are a few of the reasons why I decided to include her on my list.

Skylar Snow

While many people associate big booties with black women or Latinas, the truth is that there are a number of white women who have been blessed with the ideal rear as well, and Skylar Snow is just one of them! According to me, she’s one of the best curvy pornstars because she has a voluptuous physique and large, natural tits, not to mention her fat butt. In addition to her physical attractiveness, her performances are breathtaking. Her bouncing boobs make it impossible for me to ignore her being fucked, despite the fact that I enjoy watching her deep-throat large cocks.

Kagney Linn Karter

Kagney Linn Karter is one of the few porn performers with false, but nonetheless beautiful tits. The blonde girl has a beautiful face, wonderful curves, and has been in the entertainment world for about a decade. Her admirers have come to expect a wide range of acts from her, from raunchy anal sessions to interracial scenes. When it comes to her performance, I don’t care where or what she does, as long as I get to see her well toned figure and magnificent tits.

Phoenix Marie

I’m sure you’ve all had sex with at least one of these sexy babes at some point in your lives. In addition to being one of the best curvy porn stars, Phoenix Marie is also steadily becoming one of the hottest MILFs because she’s pairing up with younger talent more frequently. Furthermore, because of her height, she is able to command the attention of both boys and girls in her scenes to give us a dominatrix vibe. Many of her scenes thus far have already shown her dominance, and the men she’s matched with have no option but to follow her directions and sexually satisfy her in the manner she dictates. This blonde porn diva has been in the industry for a long time and has been one of the most active pornstars ever!

Natasha Nice

What a treat it would be to suck on those luscious breasts for as long as I wish! One of my favorite porn stars, Natasha Nice, has been around for a long time, and I’d love to see her do more and more of it. With her curvaceous form, she’s developed into a fine MILF, allowing her to show off her enormous cleavage and round tush. The French porn diva is one of the most well-known in the industry and has appeared in a wide range of pornographic films, from anal to interracial and lesbian to double penetration!

Angel Wicky

In order to excel in the porn industry, you must be naturally drawn to sex and enjoy doing it all the time. It’s impossible to survive even a year in the industry if you don’t. Most porn actresses, including Angel Wicky, enjoy having sex, and she’s a great role model for you to follow. She’s a self-promoter who enjoys strutting her stuff in front of the camera, and she gets sexy just thinking about the folks who might be grooving on her large natural tits. For her part, she’s not doing porn for the money, but because she truly enjoys being fucked, and what better place to do so than in the porn industry? For this reason, make sure you check out this hefty porn diva because she’s an expert at fucking thanks to her years of expertise!

Alison Tyler

One of the few porn actors who appear to like having sex on camera, Alison Tyler has been in some of the most memorable scenes over the years. Even if she is only voluptuous and tall, she appears to enjoy playing the dominatrix in her scenes since she has done a few where she dominates petite teen pornstars who are on the shorter side, and it was incredibly hot to behold! As far as femdom content goes, she’s done quite a few videos. She has worked with some of the biggest studios and actors in the industry thanks to her extensive experience in both lesbian and hardcore scenes….

Ivy Lebelle

The initial version of this list didn’t include Ivy Lebelle, and I can’t remember why. However, this year I have finally rectified my error and added her to the list permanently. The way she performs with all the best performers and for the top studios is enthralling, and I’ve been seeing her porn videos frequently for the past few months. Whether it’s a gangbang scene, a blowbang scene, anal scenes, or even double penetration, she’s fucking great in all of them. She has done it all. Because she’s so beautiful on the inside, she’s a porn star that you’ll be eager to see when her videos are out, too. If you haven’t already done so, do it now because she’s one of the sexiest porn performers on the scene right now!

Moriah Mills

In comparison to the other women on this list, Moriah Mills has just debuted in 2017, making her one of the most recent porn stars to enter the profession. In spite of this, she has the curves to compete with some of the best women and has established that she’s here to stay by starring in some sexy flicks. In spite of the fact that she has only worked with a few studios and has only been in a handful of films, it’s hard to deny that she’s stunning. But despite having undergone extensive plastic surgery, she may still be called one of the sexiest curvy porn stars since she has curves where they belong!

Lena Paul

One of the most versatile porn stars in recent memory, Lena Paul has worked with practically every other porn celebrity and almost all the top studios in the industry in a relatively short period of time. Besides her exquisite curves, she also possesses an array of other desirable physical characteristics, such as enormous natural tits, a stunning face with a seductive grin, a potent rear end, and a sexual appetite that borders on insatiable. Just like in lesbian scenes, she’s done anal, gangbang, ass-to-mouth as well as double penetration and double anal penetration as well as creampies, and perhaps there’s more to come in the future!!

Bridgette B

With regards to MILF-fucking younger talent, we’d like to have Latino porn stars as our go-to option than any other porn star. It’s been a long time since Bridgette B was a teen porn star, but now she’s the hottest MILF porn star around. There are a lot of situations in her current filmography where she’s either portraying the step-mom, the busty neighbor, or the friend’s gorgeous mom and she’s ideal for those roles. She’s one of the year’s best curvaceous porn stars thanks to her alluring face, magnificent tits, and perfect pussy and asshole!

Jasmine James

It’s a shame that she’s no longer performing porn since it’s a waste of her talent and her enormous jugs. Only a handful of scenes were done by Jasmine James over her six years in the industry, but they were all excellent. I adored both the purple hair and the red hair that she wore as a senior porn star because of her curvy shape, large big tits, and various hair colors. Due to the lack of other options, she didn’t have a lot of variety in her scenes. We won’t get any more either until she decides to make a comeback. This is unfortunate.


Just a few months after LaSirena69’s porn debut, she has appeared in more than a dozen videos. Moreover, she’s not simply done one type of porn because she has shot anal, lesbian, VR and creampie scenes ever since her debut. . While her talents are impressive, it is her body that has me swooning more than anything else. A beautiful porn star, she has a slender physique and a large set of enlarged tits that you’d want to fondle and suck on for hours. With her hefty and juicy buttocks, she’s also qualified for this list of the most beautiful women in the world.

Payton Preslee

In the end, despite the fact that I’ve only seen a few clips, I decided to include her as one of the year’s best curvaceous porn performers. There was no need for me to witness Payton Preslee in action because she is so fucking curvaceous. When it comes to her face and figure, she has the perfect combination of sex appeal. Her enormous boobs are simply stunning to look at. But because they are soft and jiggle too much when she is suffering a violent sexual assault, they appear to be real. We next come to her thick, round ass, which she enjoys to be fucked in the doggystyle position since it looks so wonderful. So check out her already published videos and keep an eye out for her upcoming scenes, because you won’t want to miss them! She’s one of the newest porn stars.

Assh Lee

Check out Assh Lee’s videos if you’re a lover of large buttocks swaying and a gigantic dick plunging deep into the tight asshole! In her long career as a porn performer, the beautiful Spanish porn queen is recognized for her anal scenes. With a beautiful shape, flawless fake tits, and an ass big enough to cover even the heaviest of dicks, she is genuinely curvy. In addition, she can twerk better than the pros, making her scenes even sexier as she puts her hips to work while fucking. In addition to her cleavage and boobs, she has juicy lips that seem even more sexy wrapped around a throbbing cock, and she’s got the ability to seduce you with her dance moves before getting down on her knees!

Romi Rain

Romi Rain has the body type you’re looking for, with all the curves in the correct places and in the ideal proportions! With her seductive expressions and her sumptuous shape that supports her large breasts and a massive ass, the inked pornstar makes a beautiful impression. As a young woman, the senior babe began her profession in lesbian scenes, but she quickly began appearing in hardcore scenes and has done practically all forms of pornography throughout her long career. And she continues to film porn scenes on a regular basis, so there’s always more for us to enjoy!

Karlee Grey

Whenever I’m looking for a decent scene, I always check to see if any of my favorite porn performers have just done something new, and if they have not, I’ll just watch some of their older vids. One of them is Karlee Grey, who manages to seem both lovely and sultry at the same time. She’s one of the most popular young porn stars in the industry right now, and I hope she grows into a full-fledged MILF over time. The form and size of her tits are exquisite, and I can’t help but gaze at them when she’s being fucked, as the tits bounce up and down with every stroke. So if you haven’t seen her films, I really recommend that you check out her filmography, as it’s full with wonderful moments!

Kristina Shannon

There has been no word from Kristina Shannon since she made her debut last year, when she shot a few scenes with her similarly curvy sister Karissa Shannon. The fact that she’s gone from the industry so quickly worries me, but I’m hoping it’s simply a sabbatical. Having seen her performances, I’m eager to see how far she can go in the sex industry. This pornstar has the potential to become one of the best at fucking, whether with a male or female pornstar. As a bonus, she has a wonderfully voluptuous physique, and her enormous false tits look great on her curves frame; and she has a big ass that demands a nice spanking.

Cassidy Banks

As I have previously stated on this site, black pornstars have an incredible body type that can make any other lady jealous. Ebony ladies in the porn industry and around the world seem to be blessed with massive curves. I’m not sure if this is an industry-wide phenomenon or simply a specific subset of the population. Since Cassidy Banks has an all-natural body, a beautiful face and large breasts to boot, she is the best of the best. She’s also one of the most bankable porn stars because she’s appeared in some of the most memorable sequences in the genre’s history. On the other hand, her video output appears to have decreased somewhat, and I sincerely hope this trend reverses itself during the course of the coming year!

Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate is one of the top anal porn stars if you enjoy seeing dicks of all shapes and sizes being stretched on tight assholes. As a general rule, I avoid watching pornographic videos starring this slender woman, but I always check out her most current offerings when I need a decent anal scene. Since her porn career began with an anal scene, she has mainly performed anal scenes including double penetration, ass to mouth, anal creampie, and more. She appears to enjoy getting her a— destroyed. She also appears to enjoy fucking girls, as evidenced by her lesbian porn, which offers her asshole a much-needed break before the next round of anal bashing!

Victoria Cakes

Adding Victoria Cakes to this list was difficult since I wasn’t sure if she belonged in the BBW or this list, but in the end I chose to include her because she is one of the finest curvaceous pornstars. When she appeared in a Brazzers scene last year, it was the first time that I had heard of this beautiful porn actor. She has been in the profession since 2016. In spite of this, it was a pleasure to learn about her and her famed ass, which is widely regarded to be one of the industry’s most impressive asses. Her big and curvaceous shape gives her a dominant air that allows her complete control over any porn scenario. I enjoy viewing her films very much. With her enormous buttocks sitting on the faces of younger porn stars who are naturally thin, it is sexy to see her crush them. Check out her videos if you’re looking for some serious action and a lot of dominant ass-play!

Karen Fisher

If you’ve been watching porn for a long time, you’ve probably heard of Karen Fisher, one of the industry’s original MILFs. Since her debut in 2002, the sultry porn diva has appeared in only a handful of films per year. There are hundreds of videos showing her, despite the fact that she isn’t as active as some other pornstars. Prior to entering the mainstream porn industry, she began her career as a stripper and a model. And she’s accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise by suckling on hundreds of enormous dicks and being raped by some of the world’s most famous porn stars.

Aryana Adin

My favorite pornstar of the moment is Aryana Adin, one of the heaviest pornstars around. Her career in the porn industry has been going since 2009, but she took a few years off and returned in 2018. Since then, she’s been in a few of the sexiest videos, albeit with a decreased frequency. Her sexy films keep me entertained for hours at a time, so I’m not going to complain about that. As a child, she was born to be a sex icon thanks to her gigantic boobs, an equally massive ass, and a never-ending desire for sex that led her to the porn industry! You won’t want to skip a second of her films since she’s a master at blowjobs, her big tits are ideal for a gorgeous tit-job, and there’s no finer sight than seeing her boobs bounce and her ass jiggle with every frantic stroke. Check out her past videos right now if you haven’t already, and keep an eye on her new ones as soon as they come out!

Alura Jenson

When it comes to MILFs, Alura Jenson is a must-see! Known for her insatiable sex hunger, the sexy babe dominates her partners in all of her porn movies as she takes charge of the scenario and utterly dominates them. So she is often partnered with younger actors, both male and female, who have a hard time keeping up with his sex-obsessed MILF. In spite of her advanced age, she’s still one of the industry’s fittest babes since she works out daily to maintain her tummy tight and her ass perky!

Lisa Ann

Ava Addams
As far as I know, this porn star is well-known because even people who claim to not watch porn have access to a lot of “learning material” hidden away in their laptops. So, yes, Lisa Ann is well-known due to the fact that so many people have gotten high while watching her films. After retiring from porn, she returned because she enjoys fucking so much that it would be a waste of her talents not to do so. Whether you’ve noticed or not, she’s a lot more fit than she was before she retired, and her artificial boobs are also looking better than they did before. As for the little details, we’ve got the queen of porn back and she’s brought along all the hardcore action that we’ve missed while she was away.

Autumn Falls

There are a lot of females that know that they want to be pornstars, so they jump on the opportunity as soon as they can. This is one of those girls. Her age at the time of her debut in the porn industry was just 18-years-old. With her recent work, it appears she isn’t here to just be another porn star, but rather to rise to the top of the industry as she’s been working with the most prominent porn companies and fucking the most prominent porn stars at the moment. In addition to her stunning looks and enviable physique, which includes naturally large tits and a big, firm ass, she’s also becoming increasingly popular among men.

Missy Martinez

Think of one thing that’s wrong with this chubby babe in the photo above! There’s no arguing with the fact that Missy Martinez has one of the world’s sexiest bodies, not just in the adult industry. American porn actress has been in the business for about a decade and has provided us with some of the most unforgettable sequences. And she’s one of the best MILFs to fuck because she’s got a stunning face and a voluptuous figure that can support her large, round knockers. As soon as you see her, you’ll be imagining her boobs wrapped around your unreasonably enormous dick in fantasy!

Julie Cash

Is having a 40-inch boob a sign of being obese? Think you’d like a 40-inch crotch and 36D tits? No. Then, what do you think of thighs that are thick and a sensuous figure? You must be thinking that combining all of these physical characteristics will make you look curvaceous and fat as fuck, don’t you? Julie Cash is one of the best curvy pornstars in the business right now because she’s a natural! This sassy beauty can handle even the most ferocious dicks like a pro. In addition to deepthroating a male porn star’s enormous cock, she is able to rub it with her tits, place it in her tight pussy and ride it while being anally fucked, as well. Just from watching her most recent films, I’m already a fan of her big booty, but I’m going back and watching some of her older ones, too, in case you’re a lover of curvy pornstars like I am!

Angela White

What I appreciate about Angela White is clear to anyone who has seen my prior listings on this site. As well as being a legendary pornstar, she is also known for her penchant for various anal, creampie, and double-penetration techniques. She has also recently fucked a transsexual pornstar. When she pushes the limits of what she can do, we get to witness her sexy curvy body on full show as she’s fucked by numerous men in some circumstances, and in other cases, by multiple men. There is no doubt in my mind that you will jack off every single time you watch this brunette porn star, so trust me when I say that you must watch her films!

Ava Addams

If you’re looking for one of the sexiest and best-looking MILF porn stars, look no further! Many of you, I’m sure, would rather see young, attractive babes get fucked and controlled, but there is a sizable group of men (and women) that yearn to be with an older woman. If you’re looking for a mature babe, Ava Addams is the woman for the job, period! My favorite fake boobs in the industry come from her, and I don’t know how she does it. In the past decade, she has worked with some of the most prestigious companies to produce some of the best porn videos for us to enjoy!

Sheridan Love

Finally, the greatest is reserved for last! Even if you’ve never seen a picture of Sheridan Love, you won’t be able to dispute with me after looking at this one. In addition to being one of the shortest porn actors currently, she’s also quite curvaceous due to her petite stature. In spite of her diminutive stature, this slender MILF is able to exaggerate her hourglass body. Her gigantic ass and enormous tits make her the obvious choice for number one. In her early career, she primarily acted opposite women, but she has since branched out into hardcore pornography!

Jenna Ivory

Because of her “curse” of petite tits, Jenna Ivory has a curvaceous shape lacking the top half. That’s why she’ll go to great lengths to impress you, including hardcore interracial sex, nasty anal, gangbangs, and so on.

On a Sunday night with your best buddies, nothing can compare to the sensation of having sex with an unkempt woman. Since Jenna is spreading like wildfire, free porn sites would be my first choice if you want to see her. There have been so many thick porn stars so far, is she the weakest link? We want to know! Jenna’s curves make up for her lack of girth.

Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal’s sparkling gaped pussy is the result of playing around with the wrong porn celebrity. In order to gain access, she’ll wet herself on command, flex her buttock muscles, and sign up for just about anything. Don’t forget to whisper “I love you” in Alexis’ year to show her how much you care.

She has an enormous butt and well-defined legs, as well as an abundance of curves. Seeing that this woman has made it to the finals, you can see why. Brazzers.com has a full video of this scene if you can’t get your head around it. Let’s face it, it’s a little odd. There’s sex toys, the background, and more. You can find out why by clicking on the source link provided above.

Nina Rivera

Kim Kardashian’s ass and attitude may be found in black porn star Nina Rivera. Despite the fact that she is African American, she decided to sport blond hair and a sleazy image. Please stick to a natural flavor when it comes to chocolate because that’s what we like and enjoy. A good thing about Asian women is that they don’t often colour their hair! Sadly, there aren’t many voluptuous Asian porn stars out there…

As far as Nina Rivera is concerned, she’s a smoky little pepper with gorgeous skin, solid lingerie, long as hell nails, and much more. If you’re in the mood for some thick milk, I recommend checking out Brazzers.com, which has a large collection of her films.


It’s time to discover the world’s heaviest woman. The ebony princesses and sugar mamas of the African American community. Her skin is as thick as a brick after having been fucked by the best dicks on Brazzers.com. This black girl has both the meat and the curves, unlike overweight porn stars who have all the meat but no curves. At the top, there are solid tits, which progress to the crotch, ass, and finally the thick thighs. Mystique always gives me a boner so hard that it hurts. I love gorgeous thighs.

As far as African American porn performers go, this is one of the most disgusting.

Hadley Mason

Despite his solid white skin and natural boobs, the Nebraska hoe was born in 1994. It is impossible to conceive how Hadley Mason’s 36D breasts might seem if they had been improved by a surgeon. She doesn’t need to make any changes at all. No! However, a man can dream…

Mason’s love of cycling is to blame for her hefty derriere and limbs. It’s a passion for her. With its large lips and ample flesh, the pussy is one of the most distinctive characters. The number of fans hasn’t grown significantly, so I’m not sure how long she’ll keep going, but please… Do not give up on yourself!

Ashley Graham

Whether or not you’re a true hipster is a question of personal preference. It doesn’t matter what it means to love the tits that point sideways? For some, it’s a fetish. It’s not only appearance that matters when it comes to Ashley Graham’s curves. Porn stars may be sexy without having beautiful faces or bodies, and this charming brownie is a great dessert when the rest of the meal has become tedious.

When it comes to Ashley, you want to snuggle with her, not just fuck her, because her amateurish form is so seductive. Was our inclusion of this curvaceous petite fair? What do you think, readers?

Julianna Vega

Julianna Vega is the heaviest porn star in this top 10 list in terms of size. I find the tits to be absurd as well as the ass. When it comes to her, it’s not really fair that she’s both a MILF and a GILF. I mean, if you take care of yourself and don’t just pile on the pounds, you’ll get curvier as you get older.

Alena Croft, a more nimble and/or powerful MILF, has the potential to replace her. Although Julianna may still be your favorite, this is not a guarantee. Her name has the same ring to it as an 80s sexbot. Is this something you’d like to take on? Is it possible to outlast a passionate, mature babe who has seen and done it all?

Kiara Mia

Kiara Mia, a native American porn girl with 34DD-26-36 tits and an unparalleled body, has a lot to offer. In the first anal scene with Brazzers.com, we got more than we bargained for. Considering her year of birth, it’s hard to tell if Kiara hasn’t been fucked in the ass before, but nevertheless… The video was fantastic, and it nearly drove me to urinate before it was through. Related: That film’s greatest scene award has also been given out.

Born in Los Angeles, the bedroom-dominating MILF has a body that’s like that of a hippopotamus, with a girth that’s like that of an elephant.

Kristina Shannon

Kristina Shannon has a hefty, round bottom that will leave no man hunched over. In the vein of the filthiest of porn performers, she’s a curvy treasure. Is there anything else I should know about this? Shannon isn’t going to be pleased unless you have at least 8 inches of meat. She’s not your average slut, and she won’t settle for a guy who isn’t her ideal match.

Lust will soon take hold of the blonde hair, huge muscular frame, and smile. The hoe’s performance and excitement had won over our hearts. Just watch out with the bed springs, as Kristina is a bit of a hefty larrikin. In the end it works out because you’re looking for curvy porn stars.

Lenox Luxe

Lenox Luxe, the newest hit on RealityKings.com, has an adorable face, enormous tits, and a slew of rippling muscles. It’s a terrific package that doesn’t have any holes in it. Each and every section of this film is awe-inspiring.

The fat pornstars, for example, are among the greatest and outrank many other pornstars in terms of popularity and popularity. But it’s not just the reddish hair and pale skin that make for a striking contrast; it actually works! You can’t help but unwrap her a few days early because of her contours, which range from meaty pussy flaps to a big ass. Because Lenox Luxe loves cum and it’s delicious, rub some on her tummy.

Brooke Beretta

The first time Brooke Beretta appeared on the EroHut site, we were speechless and her dicks oozed with sperm. What exactly are you hoping to get out of a chubby pornstar? A gigantic a$$ that towers over your head? Check. Maybe a round ass so that your teeny dick can get through it all without making a spectacle of you? Check as well. A fluffy pillow or a semen collector made of solid tits would be ideal. Sure! And to end it all, we’ll throw in one of the most beautiful faces you’ll ever see!

On Brazzers.com, Brooke Beretta is a rising star, and for good reason. However, be forewarned: there will be a napkin shortage.

Harmony Reigns

Harmony Reigns’ career has its ups and downs because to her gothic tattoos, huge milk cannons, and curvaceous goth image. Just to be clear, she hasn’t hung up her boots yet. Back in the decade of the 2010s, a captivating first video captured our attention right immediately. The majority of us expected Harmony to amass one million views (and millions of dollars) within a few short months. Sadly, major labels were not in agreement, and new videos were few and far between. Isn’t this porn star beautiful?

Fortunately, she hasn’t given up and is still going strong. That’s the mindset of a hustler! There are some new sequences for Reigns in the 2020s that were shot by 2nd party studios.

The Greatest Thick & Curvy PornstarsThe Greatest Thick & Curvy Pornstars

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