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If you’re a fan of porn, there’s no shortage of beautiful women from all over the world to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you prefer young or older women, if you prefer natural-looking babes or those who have undergone cosmetic surgery, the pornographic industry has them all. There are a lot of lists on this site, and today I’m going to focus on one particular group. The sexiest pierced nipple porn stars will be featured in this article!

You can almost see their bladder when they spread their legs so wide you can almost see the bottoms of them. This is why porn stars are porn stars in the first place. The porn industry may not be for you if you aren’t comfortable getting naked in front of large crowds. Moreover, some of these sultry beauties opt for a variety of body modifications for one reason or another. Even piercings can be used as an example of this. Some girls prefer to pierce their navel, while others prefer to pierce their cunt, nose, ears, eyebrows, tongue, and lips. However, I’m a fan of pierced nipples because they’re a sight to behold when they’re bouncing up and down. Because you are here, I am sure you are also a fan of porn stars with pierced nipples. Let’s get started right away, shall we? Top 25+ Famous Pornstars With Pierced Nipples

Carly Rae Summers

Carly Rae Summers is the only blonde bombshell you’ll ever need to star in your wet dreams and give you a cumming eruption that could split you in two! Known professionally as “Carly Rae,” this English pornstar is a treat for the senses and a surefire hit with the ladies. She’s got more curves than your brain can handle, a smile to die for, and a booty that’s just too bouncy and perfect.. All-natural and merrily full 34D all-natural pierced knockers that gravity has refused to affect, and her moans can make you so erect that you could shatter.

Renata Fox

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Renata Fox before, even if you see her walking down the street with some of the world’s biggest cocks. She may look like any other woman, but her sexual prowess is something only a select few can achieve. Renata Fox was born in Russia and stands at 5’2″ tall. Her boobs are small enough to hold in your hands, but her pussy must be bottomless because of all the things that have been crammed into it over the years! This girl is a cocky pussycat who has no boundaries, and she makes you rethink what petite babes are capable of.

Morgan Lee

As a petite Korean babe, Morgan Lee wants to prove that she’s the best at what she does. They say she’s good at sucking holy molly out of hard rods and licking dripping cunts. Despite her small stature, her thighs are hefty, her boobs are pert and sweetly pierced, and her skin is flawless and tattooed. The slut’s plump pussy must be lined in silk because so many dicks dive into it and pound it to slinky bits with such eagerness! Porn star, yes, but she’s so good at what she does that she can make you drool with ease!

Lexxi Steele

Take a look at Lexxi Steele’s chest and you’ll understand how she got her name. There are no watermelons in those. This is a pair of the best fake boobies you’ll find anywhere, and they’re absolutely enormous in comparison. When Lexxi Steele points these breasties at a guy she likes, he’ll fall to the ground and become as hard as a rock in the winter! They’re pierced, too, and we’d do anything to have them nip us in the a$$! Additionally, she has A-class legs, a bounciness booty, and a beautiful face. Her ever-ready pussy makes her one of the top pierced porn stars. She can also ride a dick like a pro and suck a dick.

Payton Preslee

Despite her diminutive stature, Payton Preslee has a substantial build. Not only is she a model, but her haunch is buttery soft and sweet as a 100-year scotch! This 5’2″ babe has the kind of big boobs that set the world on fire! The piercings on her nipples are done to a high standard and her mammary glands are coveted by men. Payton enjoys dicks tickling her twat, but she’s open to being finger-fucked and sucked by a girl as well during doggy style fucks. Get on your favorite porn site and check out Payton’s crazy antics there!

Sarah Banks

When you look at her, she looks like she’s been coated in chocolate. What a smorgasbord of people would be willing to pay for her! Iconic black porn star, Sarah Banks, is one of the most sought-after women in the world. As a 23-year-old, she has worked in the industry since she was a teenager, and she is 5 feet tall. As far as waists go, she’s got one that measures 25 inches, and her booty is just 35 inches wide. Her boobs have been enlarged to the point where they could be mistaken for footballs. She would not be on this list if these jugs were not pierced. We are in awe of Sarah because she is a top cumming professional who always puts her best foot forward!

Aria Banks

Aria Banks, who was born in 2000, stands at a diminutive 4’11”. If she is only a few inches tall, she will not let her size keep her from climbing atop any hard-cock she can find and savoring the sweet, hot, and wet nectar it has to offer! A blonde with a large, bouncy buttocks, Aria Banks, is the star of the show. She also has pierced nipples on her tits, which makes her the cutest of the bunch. The only time this babe isn’t masturbating is when she’s on the back of a cock and moaning about how it’s hurting her. If you haven’t already, check out her videos and rate the cumming abilities of her cunt!

Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks has a colossal amount of body art and is also enormously endearing. There’s no doubt about it: Her name comes from the milk jugs on her chest, which are bigger than any mountain peak you can name. These girls have their nipples pierced and it’s absolutely adorable to watch them move around as a thrusting dick tries to rupture her cervix with her cunt. Squirt, sit on your face, and mess with your mind!

Athena Faris

You can’t help but notice how young, beautiful, and innocent this girl is whenever you see her. Once you get her to spread her legs, you’ll start brainstorming ways to get her to give up her coochie. Unfortunately for you, it’s not going to happen. Despite her sinfully innocent appearance on a regular basis, Athena Faris has an undeniable allure to her. Moreover, she was born in 1997, making her a total professional. When it comes to height, she’s only 5 ft 4 in, but what she has is as good as gold. Slim and curvy, with an impossibly large cunt and pierced nipples, this lady is an absolute pleasure to look at. If only this baby could ride a BBC with such grace and ease! Who knew?

Sheridan Love

Born in 1984, this MILF porn star entered the industry at the age of 27. Despite her late start in the porn industry, she has surpassed many of her peers and even won a slew of awards. Despite her diminutive stature, Sheridan Love has an impressive amount of muscle. A 38-inch elephant could be suffocated by her enormous a**! In contrast, her boobs are pierced 34G monsters that appear to be in desperate need of an explanation and a good sucking! In order to satisfy this woman’s desire to squirt and cum with enough force to knock the moon out of orbit, she’s constantly searching for the perfect dick. In every sense of the word, she’s an experienced pro who fucks like she has a lot to prove!

Angel Wicky

As far as angels are concerned, this girl doesn’t even come close! While still a teenager, Angel Wicky began her porn career in 2010 with a barely explored pussy. The rest is history, as she now regularly collects BBC and rides any male genitalia she sees! She has a 36-inch booty, an enviable 26-inch waist, and 38DD breasts that run from Jerusalem to Jericho! Take a look at them jiggling and frolicking! Seeing Angel Wicky in action is the best form of cumming you can get!

Alice Pink

You’re going to have a hard time resisting the adorableness of Alice Pink! She’s a stunningly beautiful and petite 5’3″ woman. Besides being blonde and leggy for her size, this cutie has a smile that brightens up the entire world, and a coochie that BBCs rush to as if there’s a prize in there. Alice Pink, like most petite women, has small breasts that don’t necessitate the use of a bra. In the time she isn’t penetrating her nipples with her tongue, she’s swallowing huge birds and risking the crushing of her cervix!


She is a 5’1″ Venezuelan porn star with a slender frame. This girl has an adorable smile, a large and bouncily-bouncy bottom and medium-sized-pierced melons that look more like an overflowing dam than anything you’ve ever seen before! We’re not sure why, but this chubby babe loves BBC and never gets tired of licking and sliding them up her cunt until they reach her belly button! It is commendable to see her big pussy in action, and this woman is definitely worth watching.

Kali Roses

While Kali Roses is currently single, we don’t believe she’s actively looking for a new partner, given the abundance of suitors eager to meet her cumming needs on the big screen! Look at her! She has the perfect body type, is sexy all the way down to the bone, and is adorable enough to make fucking her an exhilarating experience! At 5’3″ and 24 years old, Kali could easily be mistaken for a teenager, despite her age. Her boobs are small, pierced, and jiggly at the right times, and her ass is so pert that slapping it gives you a sugar rush. She has a hefty snatch, and this should be at the top of your bucket list!

Isabelle Deltore

Isabelle Deltore, an Australian MILF, is ruthless in the bedroom and rarely takes any prisoners! She is 5’4″ tall, 35 years old, and a fan of both cunt and dick. With her oval-shaped face and enviable physique, this blondie has seen and conquered it all. A goddess-level pair of legs, a small but perky rear end, and perky boobs that look like they belong to a teenager are just some of the characteristics of this woman. There are rings on the nipples of these juice bags and we would give anything to ring her doorbell. During filming, Isabelle feels most alive when she has a warm dick to tickle her hungry snatch and the promised land of cum just a few feet away!

Jasmine Grey

She is a petite Filipina woman who is always grimacing as long and hard cocks bite into her butt with an unrelenting desire. She’s 5’9″ tall, has a sultry smile, and looks like she’s just out of adolescence, even though she’s 25. In addition to her tiny booty, this Asian babe has tiny titties that come with piercings. This hungry hole in her crotch can hold no end to fat cocks, and even squirt with vigor. And can this adorable little slut squeak or what?

Rachel Starr

There are a number of pornographic roles that this brunette porn star plays, including the MILF who devours her stepson’s penis with a slice of cum, and the cheating wife who gets banged to kingdom f***ing cum and back.. There are holes down there that dicks love to smash apart in Rachel Starr’s buttocks! There are few women who can twerk on top of a dick like this 36-year-old and she comes rocking a pair of full and medium-sized knockers! It’s possible that if you wait around long enough, one of these boobies will fall into your mouth!

Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland is currently the hottest blonde in the porn industry! Denial of Kendra’s superiority will cost you a significant amount of brain matter! Apart from the fact that she’s blonde and beautiful, we’re sure she’s shameless and talented and would do it all for free if the situation ever arose. Even if we don’t believe she is, we can’t deny the possibility that she is. As you know, Kendra Sutherland is slender as you like them, has full pierced nipples that even an adult Oliver Twist would line up for and beg for, and a pussy so fat and forgiving that we’re still surprised it hasn’t made its way into the record books! This girl is amazing in every aspect of her life!

Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore, a 21-year-old American porn star, is one of the best in the business. As a teenager, she was one of the world’s most stunningly beautiful women, and she’s been adeptly spreading her legs ever since. As far as we can tell, she is one of the most innocent-looking babes we’ve ever encountered. When it comes to sex, she prefers it rough and if you choke her and jam your massive boner so deep in her snatch that she will be snorting your load for weeks after! Lexi appears much smaller than she is, and her pierced boobs are ready for action. Her curvy backside has the power to make even the most pious of saints swoon, and in spectacular fashion at that!

Kristen Scott

People frequently mistake Kristen Scott for a model, and it’s easy to see why. It’s bad news for your sanity that she’s beautiful and has flawless skin and body! She has a height of 5’2″ and began her career at the age of 21. She is still regarded as one of the most attractive young women in the world of pornography. Her waist is 23 inches, her ass is 32 inches, and her boobies are the most beautiful 32A mammaries you’ve ever seen. If you’re not careful, this adorable brunette, her persona, and her pierced nipples could send you over the edge!

Skylar Vox

When it comes to tracking down Skylar Vox, it can be a full-time job because she goes by so many different names that it can be difficult to keep track of all of them! She’s slender, leggy, and curvy like a goddess, and she’s a top teen porn star. Her boobs are so full that you begin to wonder who helps her carry them around and she enjoys nothing more than twerking and bouncing around on an erect cock. To us, this slut has all the markings of nymphomania, including pierced nostrils and an enormous slit.

Scarlett Sage

Scarlet Sage was born in 1997 in Richmond, Virginia, USA. She stands tall at 158 cm and her body measurements are 32A-24-34. She is a relatively new name in the industry and made her debut in 2017 at 19 years of age. She was offered her first movie on tinder and refused the offer but then agreed and made the video which unlocked her kinky side to her and her love for sex. She has both her nipples pierced and has a very kinky nature. She has made porn videos in many categories such as POV, hardcore, teen, toys, solo, and many more. Her favourite position for sex is doggy style, as it helps her get in rhythm with her partner. She likes the cum to be inside her parts or on her tits. She was nominated as the hottest newcomer for AVN 2017 awards.

Valerie Kay

To satisfy your sexual desires, Valerie Kay is the perfect porn star we’ve been searching for. There are two tongue piercings on this Latina porn star from Cuba, and she also has piercings on her navel. On the other hand, her most fascinating piercings can be found on her large buttocks. She was born in 1988 and has been working in the industry since 2011, when she began her career in the year 2011. In her spare time, she enjoys having anal sex, taking cum shots, and riding a man pole in both her rectums.

  • Age: 36 years old
  • Nationality: Cuban
  • STATS: Height: 5’2’’ ; Weight: 52 kg
  • Body measurement: 37D-24-40
  • Stats: Height 158cm, Weight 114lbs, Measurements 34D-24-36, Boobs Fake
  • Other Services: Modeling
  • Twitter: ValerieKayXXX

Olivia Lua

A sultry porn star, Olivia enjoys being roughed up by men. Bondage is her specialty, and she’s pierced both of her nipples. When it comes to sexual pleasure, she prefers it to be excruciatingly painful. She was born in 1995 and has naturally boobs and a tight pussy that happily accepts your whole monster. The slim figure she sports in all of her photo shoots and nude images makes her look sensational. The slut you’d love to tie to your bed and nail from the back is Olivia!

Kylee Reese

Kylee Reese’s sex scenes are always spiced up by the raunchiness she brings to them thanks to her seductive looks, fair skin, and light blonde hair. A police officer from Los Angeles was fired after he was spotted performing with her. Kylee has piercings on her lower lip, clit, navel, and both breasts. She is a huge fan of piercings. These piercings give her personality a sultry edge that she wears with ease. This 32-year-old porn star, who was born in 1985, is aging sexily. We adore her because of her bombshell looks, which include her green eyes and blonde hair.

  • Age: 34
  • Nationality: American
  • STATS: Height: 5’6’’ ; Weight: 50 kg
  • Body measurement: 34B-26-35
  • Website: http://www.myspace.com/kyleereese
  • Stats: Height 157cm, Weight 110lbs, Measurements 34b-26-35, Boobs Real
  • Awards: None
  • Other Services: Modeling, Acting
  • Twitter: misskyleereese

Lily Labeau

Lily Labeau was born in Tempe, Arizona, on January 20th, 1991, and is a pornographic actress from the United States. She is a tall, white-skinned, and slender woman with brown eyes. Both her nipples and her tongue are pierced by Lily Labeau. These piercings alter her appearance and character, giving her a slutty and kinky vibe. She began her porn career in 2009 and is still going strong, so we can expect to see more from her in the future.. She’s also been active on the various social media platforms that let her stay in touch with her followers.

  • Age: 29
  • Nationality: American
  • STATS: Height: 5’9’’ ; Weight: 55 kg
  • Body measurement: 34C-26-34
  • Website: None
  • Stats:  Height 175cm, Weight 55kg, Measurements 34C-26-36, Boobs Real
  • Awards: XBIZ awards (2013)
  • Other Services: Modeling, Caming
  • Twitter: lilylabeau

Top 25+ Famous Pornstars With Pierced NipplesTop 25+ Famous Pornstars With Pierced Nipples

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