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This is the second time you’ve spoken to her by phone, and now she’s there in front of you… Your dad’s sperm droplet-like pornstar has tits that are as natural as they come. I’ll show you some of the best moments from her career as well as her retirement. Siri is a no-brainer type of performer who can be found in any pornstar directory.

SiriXXX Profile


  • Original/Real Name: Unknown
  • Other/Nickname: Adrienne, SiriXXX, Sigrid
  • Occupation: Adult Film Actress & Model
  • Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Caucasian
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Birth Sign: Gemini
  • Date of Birth: June 20, 1988
  • Debut: 2012 – 2016; 2020 – Now
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Hobbies/Habits: Unknown
  • Food Habit: Unknown
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

  • Height (Centimeters): 175cm
  • Height (meters): 1.75m
  • Height (Inches): 5 ft 9 in
  • Weight (Kilograms): 66 kg
  • Weight (Pounds): 145 lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye’s Color: Brown
  • Breast / Bra Size: 30H – 27 – 38
  • Figure Size: Unknown
  • Dress Size: Unknown
  • Shoe (Feet): Unknown
  • Tattoos: Unknown
  • Distinctive Features: Unknown

Social Media Accounts

  • Official Twitter Account: Unknown
  • Official Site: Unknown
  • Facebook Profile: Unknown
  • Youtube Link: Unknown

SiriXXX Net Worth & Monthly Income


Who is SiriXXX?

Siri is a former pornstar with Scandinavian ancestry who rose to fame thanks to one thing: Apple’s Siri. “Sigrid” means “beautiful triumph” in Swedish, hence her moniker.

Siri was a cashier in her early twenties when she decided to pursue a degree in communications, despite the fact that her ideal career was that of a pornstar. As a natural flirt, Siri made it clear that she did not want a relationship based on monogamy. As a 24-year-old newcomer to the adult industry, she shot her first scene with Reality Kings studios in 2012 and quickly gained notoriety.

An anal scene was released in 2015 after Siri’s first BDSM was released in 2013. Siri won the most AVNs that year, as well, with a total of four. After a year, a busty brunette has announced her retirement from the porn industry, claiming it was no longer as much fun as it used to be. Siri’s most recent videos include some in which she interacts with people of different races. As of right now, no one knows what Siri is up to, but she previously shown interest in becoming a make-up artist.

Top 10 SiriXXX’s Best Videos

10. Casual Doggystyle

This scene started when Siri was just starting out as a porn star, dipping her toe in the water and experimenting with various looks. Imagine your brand’s popularity exploding overnight as a result of an announcement from Apple. When it comes to getting banged, Siri has a few favorites.
A burgundy hair color, bouncy tits, oily complexion, and a low-cost apartment complete the picture of this young woman’s appearance. Porn movies don’t require much more than that.

9. Siri’s Facial

Pornstar Siri is nervous about appearing in front of the camera since she’s terrified of cum. Asking him to do something just to see a sad expression on his face when he declines. Any pornstar would have bailed at that point, but Siri stuck it out until the end, and it was well worth it.

Does anyone know if these little studios have any regrets about thrusting Siri, or any other artist, into the spotlight only to receive nothing but criticism in return?

8. Bouncy Tits of Glory

Siri has explored every hue in porn over the course of four years. Starting with red or brown hair, going to blonde, and then going back to red or brown is the recommended progression. Did you know that she was under constant weight-loss pressure since she was fed up with being labeled “chubby”?

Went to compare the average weight of Americans, etc., but looking at these fat rolls near her tummy, you can see the reality without numbers and graphs.

7. Football Games

Siri the pornstar has a meaty butt, enormous breasts that some people doubted were real. Good at handling balls while dressed as a football sofa… That’s a winning formula, and Siri continued to use it to her advantage. As a result of their altercation on the playing field, this couple requested privacy while they continued to quarrel inside the guy’s house.

While they were arguing, a cock was shoved down her mouth, his dick was smuggled in with her pussy, and cum confetti was thrown everywhere.

6. Blowjob to Titjob

Egypt has its pyramids, Niagara Falls, and Siri all have large breasts. All of these are sure to be enjoyable, as evidenced in the following scene. The adult industry provided Siri with some of the most rewarding experiences of her career when she switched from oral sex to titty-fucking.

Fucking dry tits hurt, but this pornstar knew exactly how to make you feel better afterward. As a result, there was a shoddy prep work.

5. The Sexiest Pornstar

Folks, this GIF does not depict any sexual activity. Siri was a master of the tease, posing in broad daylight, pinching her tits, and moving at a perfect speed. Because Siri doesn’t yet have a heart tattoo on her right arm, die-hard fans will immediately recognize this as an earlier scene.

You have to admit, this pornstar is a real eye-catcher. Who’d be interested in a follow-up book to learn what occurred next?

4. Siri in Lesbian Scene

There were a few lesbian porn scenes in which Siri appeared, including one with Angela White. Pornstars with red and blue outfits, inverted and standard nipples, and various hair colors are wonderful contracting pornstars. Ava Addams with a lesbian trio would’ve been fantastic!

These two appear like slutty sisters, and they all have a sinister air about them. Small smiles and eye contact are wonderful for creating sexual tension.

3. Siri Grinds Dick Hard

A pornstar with a wide range of hair hues whose pornography is constantly changing. When she first appears, her hair is naturally long and blond; by the time she appears in the next video, it has been trimmed and dyed a different color. It’s the most intense red color I’ve ever seen, and it’s really distracting.

This isn’t worth watching unless it’s doggystyle, which it isn’t in this GIF. Fortunately, a complete sequence can be found somewhere.

2. Riding on Top

Take a guess as to who enjoys being in charge. It’s Siri, the naughty starlet! Those who are familiar with her work should be aware of this. However, the fun doesn’t end there. In fact, she goes so far as to choke him while she grinds on dick and edges towards orgasm.

As a massage, it turned into a sensual video. One of those Jersey Shore men looks like the male pornstar here, which makes me uneasy.

1. Fucking Siri’s Ass

More is on the way! The first of a few Siri anal GIFs may be found below, along with an early butthole entry. Siri is a pro at anal sex, rubbing her pussy to distract herself from the unpleasantness of the experience. Just a few sad looks and pure excitement from the male spouse…

Anal sex, on the other hand, is supposed to be about that, right? Feeling completely in control by a male and being used just for his pleasure.

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