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Almost anything can be found on the internet these days. Unfortunately, not all of the information you find online is trustworthy. Fortunately for you, our Alexis Fawx wiki is thoroughly researched and contains all of the most significant data about her. So, forget about reading Alexis Fawx’s Wikipedia page! You can learn more about Alexis Fawx by reading her bio here!

How would you describe Alexis Fawx? It all depends on the situation. She is a fascinating individual, both professionally and personally. Consequently, in order to learn more about her, it is recommended that you continue reading.

Alexis Fawx Profile


  • Original/Real Name: Alexis Fawx
  • Other/Nickname:Alexis Fawx
  • Occupation: Adult Actress
  • Nationality and Ethnicity: American, White
  • Age: 49 years old
  • Birth Sign: Cancer
  • Date of Birth: June 23, 1975
  • Debut: 2010 – present
  • Hometown: Pennsylvania, United States
  • Hobbies/Habits: Travelling
  • Food Habit: Fast Foods
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

  • Height (Centimeters): 162 cm
  • Height (meters): 1.62 m
  • Height (Inches): 5’4″
  • Weight (Kilograms): 45 kg
  • Weight (Pounds): 99 lbs
  • Tits Type: Fake/Enhanced
  • Measurements: 32-23-33
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye’s Color: Hazel
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)
  • Shoe (Feet): 6 (US)
  • Tattoos: 0
  • Distinctive Features: Unknown

Social Media Accounts

  • Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/AlexisFawx/photo
  • Instagram: thealexisfawx
  • Official Site: Unknown
  • Facebook Profile: Unknown
  • Youtube Link: Unknown

Alexis Fawx Net Worth & Monthly Income

As a result of her amazing abilities and dedication to her work, Alexis has amassed a large following around the world. She is a household name in the country. If you’d want to read more about Alexis Fawx, don’t miss the end of this article!

When it comes to intimate matters, such as her schooling, family and parents’ names are few and few between. As a result, she likes to keep her personal life and relationships out of the public view.

As of now, Alexis’ salary / revenue / net worth is anywhere between $5 million and $10 million USD until the year 2021.

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Alexis Fawx Biography


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Who is Alexis Fawx?

Alexis Fawx is one of the sexiest and most well-known MILFs in the industry right now. Learn more about Alexis Fawx in this Alexis Fawx biography.

Alexis Fawx was born in a rural Pennsylvania town and grew up in a small-town environment. She grew up in a loving home, but she was a bit of a wild child in high school. Her wildest days were spent in Washington, DC, where she frequented parties. She served in the air force after graduating from high school, but then went to college. She relocated to Florida after graduating.

Alexis served in the Air Force for little over four years before returning home to support her family after her father passed away.

Alexis admits that she lost her virginity at a young age and that she had no idea what she was doing. She fumbled around a lot, but she got the job done in the end.

Alexis’ sexual floodgates were unleashed once she had her virginity taken care of. She had a lot of sensual fun and was highly promiscuous. She was also banging girls when she was 16 or 17, but it wasn’t until she was 20 that she had her first genuine girlfriend. She like both boys and girls equally and has a 50/50 preference. She chooses her companions based on her mood and enjoys having a good time.

Alexis is dedicated to keeping her attractive body in shape and attends the gym on a daily basis. She works out with cardio, weights, and a lot of squats to keep her great abs in shape. Her tits have been boosted from full C to 32 DDD. She got them as a birthday present for herself.

Alexis began her pornography profession in 2010 and promptly signed a deal with BangBros to begin her career in Florida.

Alexis was working as a paralegal at the time, but she wasn’t happy with her prospects. So, while seeking for a new employment, she came across an ad on Craigslist for an extra in an adult film. Alexis was aware with the studio in question, having spent some time watching porn, and she went to participate in her first shot. She went all in when she realized how much money she could make and had a terrific time.

We’ll discuss some of Alexis Fawx’s sexual and personal interests in the second half of this Alexis Fawx biography.

Alexis’ very first pornographic scene was a blowjob for Dancing Bear. It was an exciting setting because there were so many people around who were pumped up on energy. She was nervous during her first boy/girl, and she still gets worried before a scene despite her extensive pornography experience.

Alexis finds it difficult to cum on screen, but says it depends on if the action flows from beginning to end or if there are a lot of stop and go stages.

She doesn’t have a favorite sexual position because the shape of the cock is important to her. Depending on whether they are straight, bent to one side, or down, different cocks are suited to different positions. Given the cock geometry, not all postures are comfortable. Alexis, on the other hand, enjoys having her hair pulled or her hands around her throat while being slammed.

Alexis enjoys her sex to be a little harsh at times, and she can play both the submissive and dominating roles.

Alexis still enjoys watching porn, albeit the type of porn she prefers changes depending on her mood. She used to love watching Amber Lynn and Ginger Lynn in steamy action when she was a kid.

This blonde MILF still enjoys masturbating, especially while she’s web camming. She enjoys masturbating in front of the camera and giving her admirers real orgasms. She will sometimes refrain from masturbating for a period of time in order to increase her sex drive.

She is smitten with her Hitachi and admits to being addicted to the orgasms it provides. She now prefers to work with her hands and use her imagination over anything else. She would rather have the actual thing than the plastic version.

Alexis was 17 years old when she received her first sex toys. She bought a dildo and anal beads to imitate Amber and Ginger, who she had seen using them in porn videos. She did, however, forget to get lubricants. Without lubricant, the anal beads wouldn’t slide in as readily, and the vibrator wasn’t that pleasurable. As a result, she set them aside and completed the task with her fingers alone.

She does taste herself when she masturbates. Why not savor the taste of her lovely pussy, as she claims?

In her personal life, she prefers men with a good sense of humor, who are open-minded and enjoy themselves. He also requires a separate existence. Alexis seeks the same attributes in a female partner.

She relaxes in her spare time by reading and spending time with her dog. She enjoys flying, wants to learn to kite surf, and takes boxing courses for fun. She enjoys eating and traveling to new places.

Alexis’ favorite film is A Clockwork Orange. She prefers creative films and enjoys attending film festivals and local art cinemas.

Alexis isn’t a big TV watcher, but she enjoys documentaries and natural history programmes on Apple TV and Netflix.

You’ll fall under Alexis Fawx’s lustful spell the instant you lock eyes with her. Because of her amazing ass, perky tits, and natural skill for prick sucking, this bisexual beauty is not only a true porn queen, but she’s also very open and connected with her. She’s the best young slut around, with charming and angelic girl-next-door features that hide her down-and-dirty penchant for sucking and screwing the largest, baddest dicks she can find.

She’s got a killer physique, with a tight perky ass and a killer pair of tits that she flaunts in every scene she’s in. She lusts for any opportunity to put her juicy bottom to work, whether it’s bursting with sensual yearning one minute and delicate as a flower the next. Alexis belongs to the greatest novice pornstars club since she enjoys both licking pink pussy and hard riding hard dicks. When you see Alexis Fawx in action, you will realize that she is a woman who enjoys fucking.

Alexis Fawx had her pornographic debut in the year 2010. Alexis Fawx decided to make her pornographic debut when she turned 35. She’s worked in the porn industry for ten years and has over 708 pornographic performances under her belt. Alexis Faux contains some of this beautiful babe’s most recent searing fucks. Twistysnetwork.com’s The Boudoir Milf, and Bang.com’s Alexis Fawx Learns Some New Martial Arts Tricks While Sucking Dick She’s been nominated for 52 awards and has won some of them. The 2020 AVN Award for MILF Performer of the Year, the 2019 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Mainstream / Crossover Venture, and the 2019 XCritic Award for Best MILF Performer are just a few of her recent accolades.

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