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This list lists the top blue-eyed porn stars because certain fans have a particular interest in the color of their eyes. For these porn stars, the eyes are the doorway to their inner tiger, and the eyes are the windows to their souls. Those with blue eyes have a serene and collected demeanor, making them the most sought-after eye color. According to folklore, a person with blue eyes is more intelligent. Only 8% of the world’s population possesses blue eyes, so these lovely babes are really fortunate. Using data analysis, we were able to increase ranking accuracy and eliminate personal bias from our list of sultry blue-eyed women.

This is the first in a series of articles examining the top blue-eyed porn stars. You should definitely check out Green Eyed Porn Stars when you finish reading this post.

From 2015 through 2020, the IAFD Spank Bank awards in the best eyes category were utilized as a data source for this post. Only the blue-eyed beauties from this article were used for this article. A weighted mixture of these factors was then used to create a ranking metric based on PornHub ratings and the amount of scenes completed after 2016. This article is based on sorting by this value and taking the top 20 results.

Some notable omissions from our selection of the top 20 are Kimber Woods (21st), Adira Allure (2nd), Serene Siren (3rd), Ash Hollywood (4th), and Chastity Lynn (5th).

The findings of this study are summarized in this list of the 20 most desirable blue-eyed porn performers. Add blue-eyed babes to your porn watch list. They’re attractive and sexy.

Top 20+ Famous Blue Eyed Pornstars

Keira Croft in Evil Angel ‘Anal Darlings’

Belle Claire

Big-boobed, treat-haired, ultra-aroused beauty Belle Claire is one of the rarest and most precious gems in the world. It’s not unexpected that she ended up dating another porn actor with a sex urge like hers.

When it comes to fucking about on set, this hot babe is a total pro.

It’s no secret to Belle that she’s only interested in enormous cocks that make her pussy squirt with every orgasmic wave of pleasure. Her other interests include hanging out with her pals, getting dressed up in sexy club wear, and going out on the town in the sexiest attire possible.

When she smiles and caresses her enormous, round perky tits, she quickly ranks as one of the blue-eyed porn stars. Belle is sure to titillate you below the belt..

She made her debut in the porno industry in 2014. Belle was 21 when she initially entered the adult market. It has been almost five years, and 131 porn scenes later, and Belle Claire is still eager to play with her toys.
Her Limit 21 by Letsdoeit and My Tits Are Natural by Letsdoeit are some of this sexy babe’s most recent heated large cock riding moments.

As of now, she has been nominated for eight awards and won at least three of them. Her most recent accolades are the 2018 Spank Bank Award for Bionic Butthole and the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for World’s Dirtiest Runway Model.

Bella Claire was born on May 26, 1993, which makes her a Gemini. It’s a 38C-24-39-121-lb (55 kg) woman with a height of 5’9″ (176 cm). Her 38C tits are real/natural, and her body is slender. She has a sultry green eye and a beautiful brown hair.

Keira Croft

Hellcat is a wild beast. All the proper folks to go out with are in Keira Croft’s social network. Lesbian pornography and sexual toys are her favorite ways to get off, but she prefers to be dominated and manhandled most of all.

In addition to her incredible tits, she has been endowed with an abundance of beauty.

One of her favorite things about BDSM is when she gets slapped and choked and called every name in the book while she’s being raped. Keira Croft is an exotic treat from her naughty smile down to her delicious toes. Although Keira Croft has always had a voracious taste for fat, this whooty performer claims that working in porn has re-ignited her need to satisfy it, making her one of the most sought-after blue-eyed porn actresses.

All of the most beautiful women working in the porn industry today are employed by Keira and her husband, who have a day job: sleeping with all of them.

Keira Croft made her pornographic debut in 2018.
She was 23 years old when she started exposing her genitals to the world. There are more than 136 pornographic films that she has appeared in. There are a couple new sexy Keira Croft videos out there, like 5K Porn 7 by Juicy Entertainment and All About Threesomes by Evil Angel.

In addition to winning many honors, she has been nominated for 28 others. Recent awards include the 2019 Spank Bank Award for the Most Enthusiastic Fuck Bunny, the 2020 Spank Bank Award for Best ‘O Face, and the 2020 Spank Bank Award for Full Nelson Wunderkind.

She was born on 17 March 1995, which means she is a Pisces. When it comes to height, she stands at 5’2″ and weighs in at 107 lbs (49 kg) (157 cm). Her 34B tits are real/natural, and she has a thin figure. Eye-catching blue eyes and luscious brown hair make her a standout.

Riley Reyes

Kissing, licking, and fucking women are Riley Reyes’ favorite pastimes. Huge breasts are an extra bonus to Charmer Riley’s ample derriere.

Riley’s cleavage was a magnet for both men and women, who wanted to suck cock her luscious snatch while she had it.

To keep her fans engaged, Riley has the perfect combination of outgoing personality, ever-changing hairstyles, and stunning beauty. This lovely vixen, on the other hand, is a walking wet dream thanks to her naturally delicate build, stunning face, and large fake boobs. Riley could have easily been famous as a model, showcasing the latest trends in magazine spreads, but she loves sex so much that she had to become one of the blue-eyed porn stars instead.

Because of her prowess at sucking cock and eating pussy, it is unlikely that any time soon she will attempt to make the leap.

Riley Reyes made her pornographic debut in 2014. Riley Reyes decided to make her first foray into the adult porn industry when she turned 25.
More than 261 sex scenes have been filmed by her during the past five years in the porn industry. Her most recent orgasms may be seen in the BTS Sultry Blonde Slut Riley Reyes by Pervcity.com and Consumed By Desire by Bellesa Films instances.

At least 31 awards were nominated for her. More recent accolades include the 2017 Spank Bank Technical Award for Porcelein Porn Princess, the 2018 Spank Bank Award for Tortured Fuck Doll Of The Year, and the 2017 Spank Bank ATM Machine Award.

Riley Reyes was born on the 13th of April, 1989, in East Village, Manhattan, New York, making her an Aries sign. Her measurements are 34B-27-37, she weighs 118 pounds (54 kg), and she stands 5’5′′ tall. (165 cm). Her 34B (75B) round tits are real/natural. With her blue eyes and thick blond hair, she’s a stunning babe!

Maitland Ward

Things like big-boobed tramp Maitland Ward come to mind when picturing the stuff of fantasies. This hot and excited super tramp is screwing with her fans, in swinger clubs, and with whoever is nearest and has the biggest cock for the duration, both on and off camera.

She has a heart the size of her boobs, and Maitland is a ray of sunshine who emits positivity and love.

Having a sexy boobs and thighs that could only get wetter when wrapped around your waist, this porn princess is practically the best you’ll ever see. Her honey-colored complexion and roundest ass are irresistible boner-inducers, as are her delicious, round boobs.

Known for flashing her beautiful boobs and ass, this exotic tramp is one of the most sought-after blue-eyed porn performers. Maitland tries to please, and this tiny nympho always hits the mark.

Maitland Ward debuted on the porn scene in 2019. A decade ago, at the age of 42, Maitland made her foray into the sex industry.
More than 0 years and 50 pornographic scenes later, Maitland Ward still craves more cock, more pussy, and even more nipples. At Last by Deeper.com and Being Shared by Deeper.com feature some of this gorgeous babe’s most recent horny fucks.

A total of 14 awards have been given to her; she has won two of them. The 2020 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress, Drive (2019), the 2020 AVN Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene: G/G/B, Drive (2019), and the 2020 Spank Bank Award for Ravishing Redhead of the Year are just a few of her recent accolades.

Maitland Ward was born on February 3rd, 1977, under the sign of the Aquarius, in Long Beach, California, the United States. 36D-26-36, 129 lb (59 kg) and 5’9″ tall are her dimensions (175 cm). Her 34F (75F) firm tits are real/natural. Beautiful red hair and blue eyes complete the picture.

Evelyn Claire

Among Evelyn Claire’s many talents is the ability to think beyond the box.

If you observe Evelyn crossing the road, you should pull over immediately because you are no longer safe to drive with that galactic booty in sight. In addition to her lovely breasts and a tight hot ass, her creamy skin appears much better when covered in sperm.

If you’re looking for an adventure, look no further than Evelyn, who has the skills and a large butt that’s won awards across the world. The fact that she has such a large following isn’t a surprise to anyone.

To climb the ranks of blue-eyed porn stars, you’ll have to see this weird starlet’s butt jiggle while she rides a huge dick. We want to see Evelyn in many more scenes to come since we love her petite physique, irrepressible sex drive, and inexhaustible vitality.

There is a new player in the porn industry who debuted in 2017. Evelyn Claire decided to enter the adult porn industry at the age of 21. She still craves suckling on her own pee, and biting into the flesh of her prey after two years of pornography sessions.
Checkmate by Deeper.com and Consumed By Desire by Bellesa Films feature some of Evelyn Claire’s most recent sultry scenes.

Although she has received 14 nominations, she has yet to win one. I’m sure she’ll win something soon for her sultry on-screen presence.

Evelyn Claire was born in the United States on April 11, 1996, making her an Aries by birth sign. 5’7″ tall, she weighs 129 pounds (59 kg) and has 32A-26-34 dimensions (170 cm). Her physique is average, with 32A firm, natural-looking tittsy breasts. Inspiring features include stunning blue eyes and gorgeous black hair.

Anastasia Rose

Playing sports and going on adventures with her friends, Anastasia Rose is like a hummingbird of sexy porn when she’s not on set filming hot porn films.

This smut celebrity is a young babe who craves attention, presents, and admiration for her slender figure. Before smut, this kinky goddess was selfish with her sexual prowess, keeping her sexual prowess to herself, but she decided to share the riches with fappers around the world.

Anastasia is a tough fox that doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her. She enjoys dancing, video games, and eating pizza for breakfast. There is nothing Anastasia can’t do when it comes to a nice scene. Anastasia has had several fucks with men, women, and even groups of people, making her one of the most famous blue-eyed porn stars.

See Anastasia in action in her saucy moments and you’ll be up all night long thinking about the sexy scenarios she’s in.

For the first time in 2015, Anastasia Rose made her pornographic debut. As soon as she was old enough, this sexy hottie started letting us in on the fun. It’s been more than four years, and 244 pornographic scenes later, but Anastasia Rose is still eager to play with her sex toys.
Manyvids.com and Clips4sale feature some of Anastasia and Kay – Into Schoolgirls Socks by Anastasia and Kay – Get Kinky on Stage by this hot blonde.

Nominated for 23 awards, she has won many. Her most recent accolades include the 2019 Spank Bank Award for Best Spitter / Drooler, the 2020 Spank Bank Award for Cumfartist of the Year, and the 2020 Spank Bank Award for Princess of the Piledriver.

She was born on June 24, 1997, making her a Cancer. When it comes to height, she stands at 5’4″ and weighs 114 lbs (52 kg) (163 cm). Tits are 34D (75D) real/natural, and her body is slender. Beautiful blue eyes and thick black hair make her stand out.

Samantha Rone

Look at Samantha Rone, and you’d think she was a real-life pin-up girl. Samantha has finally made it to the big time, and now that she has a little fame, she has no intention of giving it up any time soon with her limitless energy and gorgeous slim physique.

Samantha is a social media whiz who loves interacting with her followers, making them laugh, and generally living her best life.

Even though she loves men and women, Samantha has also admitted that she prefers to be in charge when it comes to hooking up with an attractive lady. She says with a smile: “I prefer to be in charge when it comes to hooking up.” For lady-love, Samantha is just as sexy as the guys she’s attracted to, especially when they take the lead and make her feel as if she has no choice but to give in.

This crazy MILF appreciates nothing more than being referred to as one of the blue-eyed porn stars thanks to her firm and tanned body. If I’m lucky enough to come across an enormous blackcock, Samantha tells me I’ll be eager to sink my teeth into it.

2013 marked the beginning of Samantha Rone’s porn career. Samantha began her career in the sex industry when she was just 19 years old.
Her XXX career has lasted six years and she has performed in 363 porn shows. In Perfect Gonzo’s Cum For Cover 13 and Mile High’s Dirty Blonde Sluts 6 you’ll find some of the hottest large cock riding experiences that Samantha has ever had.

At least 50 awards have been nominated for her. These include the 2016 Spank Bank Award (aka “Prettiest Pussy”), the 2017 Spank Bank Award (or “Best ‘Come Fuck Me Eyes”), and the 2018 Spank Bank Award (aka “Most Adorable Sexual Deviant”).

This means that Samantha Rone is a Taurus. She was born on May 5, 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada. her height is 5’7″ and she weighs 116 pounds (53 kg) (170 cm). Her 32C tits are real/natural, and her body is slender. With brilliant green eyes and long blond hair, she is a standout.

Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens appears to be a quiet computer nerd fascinated with online gaming at first glance, but a closer look reveals a sex-crazed cum goddess with some amazing strange obsessions.

Despite her untamed nature, this fox is as beautiful as this rose is thorny. Jada enjoys reading, staying in, and masturbating with her enormous sex toy collection while she isn’t working on a film set.

Not to be outdone, Jada is a superb pole-dancer who can perform a wide range of stalling and spinning moves, thanks to years of practice. Her cunt is one of the prettiest in the business, and her booty is as tight and meaty as they come. One of the blue-eyed porn actresses, this fun cock rider has a stunning physique, lovely face, and kinky sex appetite.

As a result of her time in the Marine Corps and subsequent modeling career, she is a powerful, motivated, and determined model.

Jada Stevens made her pornographic debut in 2008.
When this sexy 20-year-old began exposing herself to us, we were shocked. Even after 11 years and 516 pornographic scenes, Jada Stevens is still eager to have sex. All Star Anal Babes by Evil Angel and Anal Creampies Compilation by Xempire.com feature a selection of this beautiful babe’s most recent hot screaming orgasms.

More than 100 awards have been recognized for her work. Ass Worship 13 (2011) won the 2012 AVN Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene, while Ass Worship 13 (2011) won the 2013 Spank Bank Award for Breakout Star of the Year and Fans’ Favorite Slut, respectively.

She was born in Snellville, Georgia, on July 4, 1988, making her a Cancer by birth date. At 5’3″ and 114 lbs (52 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (160 cm). Her 32C (70C) sensitive tits are real/natural. Her beautiful black hair and hazel eyes complete her look.

Giselle Palmer

Giselle Palmer’s stunning physique is as close to perfection as you can get.

Giselle is a free-spirited woman who follows her heart wherever it takes her. Giselle’s favorite foods are anal, creampies, and crazy talk, plus she has no gag reflex so she can eat cocks like a pro.

Giselle may adore quim, but she prefers a large cock and has characterized her ideal lovers as those who can make her feel like she’s being stretched out. At times, Giselle does not engage in the typical chores of a starlet, such as shopping and primping. Blue-eyed porn star: This sexy bisexual charmer has appeared in scenarios ranging from bondage to lesbian and everything in between.

You’ll be blown away by what you witness in Giselle’s scenes.

In 2017 Giselle Palmer made her pornographic debut. She was 22 years old when she began performing sex acts for us to see. Giselle Palmer still craves more cock and snatch after more than two years and 187 porn scenes.
Giselle’s most recent sexy licks may be seen in Fantasymassage.com’s Business Audit and Xempire.com’s Buxom Bombshell Goes BBC.

With 16 nominations under her belt, she’s a multiple award winner. These include the 2018 Spank Bank Award for Best “Fuck Me,” and the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for Most Likely to Check Out Other Girls’ Butts While Doing Yoga, which she received in 2018.

Aries, Giselle Palmer was born on February 7, 1995, in Houston, Texas. At 5’8″ and 134 lbs (61 kg), she is one of the heaviest women in the world (172 cm). Her 34D tits are real and natural, and she has an average physique. Lustful blue eyes and thick dark blond hair give her an alluring appearance.

Kenzie Taylor

A juicy bombshell takes the wheel and pushes Kenzie Taylor in the path of reckless abandonment and pleasure, and she loves it. In addition to being a pro at suck and porn, this large boobed gal also teaches folks like you and me how to do the same.

As long as she’s in a relationship, she’s always going to have a terrific scene.

It wasn’t long until Kenzie was ready to take the world by storm, thanks to her gorgeous set of perky bosom and tight little buttocks. Having spent much of her time getting promiscuous with some of America’s finest men, Kenzie decided to try her hand at the adult film industry, where she gets to keep up her party girl lifestyle while making money.

As one of the blue-eyed porn stars, Kenzie has shown off her prowess in cock-sucking and cock riding scenes in a variety of titillating situations. These are the powers of a deity capable of making mortals fall in love with her.

Kenzie Taylor’s pornstar debut in 2015 was a positive development for the year. As a sex worker, Kenzie was 25 years old when she began her career.
Kenzie Taylor is still anxious to ride some more dick and rub some more pussy, four years and 348 porn flicks later. Anal Experience by Evil Angel and Another Man’s Wife 7 by Digital Sin both feature Kenzie in some of her horniest large cock riding moments yet.

At least 60 awards have been nominated for her. These include the 2020 AVN Award for Best Transgender Sex Scene, Captain Marvel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2019), the 2017 Spank Bank Award for Best Body Built For Sin and the 2017 Spank Bank Award for Boobalicious Babe of the Year.

As of 2 July 1990, Kenzie Taylor is a Cancer born in the United States. 36D-24-36, 118 lb (54 kg) and 5’7″ tall are her dimensions (170 cm). Her 34E juicy tits are fake/enhanced, and her body is slender. In addition to her blue eyes, she has long blond hair.

Alix Lynx

It should come as no surprise that Alix Lynx’s preferred method of foreplay is sucking off a fat cock.

Orgasms are a must for Alix, and she also enjoys traveling, so she has found the perfect employment for her fetishistic and sex-crazed lifestyle. Even if you’ve never heard of her, this is the perfect time to indulge in this sweet nectar.

Alix’s favorite way to relax after a long day of filming steamy adult videos is to tend to the herbs in her herb garden. As much as she enjoys sucking on camera for her devoted followers, this bisexual beauty adores the babes.

Alix rapidly became one of the most popular blue-eyed porn actors thanks to her enticing looks and sultry demeanor. No matter if she’s posing in the rain or crawling through the desert sand, this gorgeous temptress never fails to exude passion and intensity, even when she’s shooting steamy scenes indoors.

Alix Lynx made her pornstar debut in 2014, making the year a lot more enjoyable. A young 25-year-old woman, Alix first entered the sex profession.
It’s been more than five years, and more than 333 movies of sexually explicit content, but Alix Lynx is still hungry for more. A-Freud of the Truth by Girlsway.com and ASMRK 3 by Realitykings.com are excellent instances of Alix Lynx’s most recent hot fucks.

Thirteen awards have been nominated for her. A few of her most recent accolades are the 2017 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, AI: Artificial Intelligence (2016), the 2016 Spank Bank Technical Award for Queen of the Onesie, and the 2016 Spank Bank Technical Award for Undefeated Tart

Alix Lynx was born on May 17th, 1989, in New York City, New York, and is a Taurus sign. A 34D-24-33, 105 lb (48 kg) woman, she stands at 5’4′′ tall (163 cm). Her 34D juicy tits are fake/enhanced. Her eyes and hair are a stunning shade of blonde.

Jillian Janson

Elegant and sophisticated, Jillian Janson has an undeniably sensual side that she enjoys playing with. Jillian is a stunning beauty with long legs, perky boobs, and a bottom worth gushing over. She is cuddly and sparkling.

For men, Jillian Janson is the embodiment of their sexy fantasies. She has sexy tits, a cheeky smile, and an exquisite butt.

As soon as she spreads her legs, you’ll be wearing pink as well. She has long, slender legs and a round, squeezable ass that looks great oiled up and ready to go.

Blue-eyed porn actresses love her muscular body and fun, vibrant personality. She is a true adrenalin junkie and adores scuba diving and skydiving. But let’s face it: her biggest experience is when she fucks on camera.

Jillian Janson debuted on the porn scene in 2013. The first time Jillian entered the adult industry, she was 18. Jillian Janson, who has been a porn star for six years and has been in 497 scenes, is still ready for more sex.
All Anal All Girls by Evil Angel and Anal Nurse Jillian by Intimacy Productions are excellent samples of Jillian Janson’s most recent searing scenes.

She has been nominated for 102 awards, and has won a few of them herself.. There are a number of recent accolades that she has received, including the 2016 AVN Award for Best POV Sex Scene in Jules Jordan’s Eye Contact and the 2020 AVN Award for Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene in Wanking Dead: Doctor’s Orders (2018).

Jillian Janson was born on May 23, 1995, in Minneapolis, MN, USA, making her a Gemini by birth date. 34C-25-34, 121 lb (55 kg), and a height of 5’7″ describe her (170 cm). Her figure is decent, but her 34C tits are stunning. Eye-catching, brown-haired beauty with blue eyes.

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson is the promiscuous tramp of your fantasies, with a killer smile and a physique to die for.

Squeezable round booty, tight toned figure, perky tits, and a gorgeous round booty are just a few of her assets. Big, squishy boobs go perfectly with an ass that can only be made by juicy hotties, making this a perfect candidate for a titty lick snatch.

Tiffany, a self-described “fuckable chick-next-door,” decided to pursue a joint degree in sucking cock and eating snatch at the university of her choice. Whenever she has the chance, this fiery spinner interacts with her admirers on social media, posting sultry videos and photographs to her page.

Tiffany Watson is a blue-eyed porn star because of her tight pussy and outstanding cock sucking abilities. She drains balls like the wonderful whore that she is. Tiffany Watson. Check out the videos below to see how this hot actress cranks up the sexual tension.

In 2015, Tiffany Watson entered the porn industry.
When Tiffany Watson was 20 years old, she decided to enter the adult porn industry for the first time. Her career in the porn industry has spanned four years and she has appeared in over 326 films. Naughtyamerica.com’s 2 Chicks Same Time 26106 and Evil Angel’s Anal Antics 2 both feature some of Tiffany’s hottest new cock sucking videos.

A total of 39 different awards have been presented to her over the course of her career, and she has been honored with a few of them. These include the 2017 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Twerking in the Tub and the 2017 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best ‘Daisy Duke’ Presentation, and the 2018 Spank Bank Technical Award for Best Beach Booty.

Tiffany Watson, a Libra, was born on October 2nd, 1995 in Boise, Idaho, the United States. Her body measurements are 32D-27-34, and she stands at 5’7″ tall, weighing a hefty 58 kg (170 cm). Round tits in a 32D (70D) cup are natural. Her eyes and hair are a luscious shade of brown.

Cadence Lux

All the features of this Cadence Lux model are present, including a jaw-droppingly beautiful face. I’ve never seen anything quite like her enormous perky boobs, and the way she gets pounded by a strong cock is definitely memorable.

Her boobs have been in numerous scenes, ranging from sexy threesomes to intense ass scenes, and you don’t want to miss her!

When it comes to cocks, she’s a fan of the bigger the better. Cadence enjoys knowing that she’s fulfilling her partner’s most naughty wants as a good subordinate. I enjoy the notion that I am merely a sexual prop for others to enjoy.

When it comes to blue-eyed porn stars, you’ve got to know about Cadence Lux if you like strong, confident ladies in the bedroom. Any commitments she makes will be carried out with the same ferocity she devotes to getting into any form of trouble.

In 2013, Cadence Lux made her pornographic debut.
At the age of 21, Cadence Lux decided to enter the adult porn industry for the first time. Cadence Lux still craves suck some more cock and lick some more twat, six years and 451 porn flicks later. All Sorts Of Peeing: A Compilation by Clips4sale and Baby Of Her Dreams by Clips4sale feature some of her most recent cock sucking pleasures.

In addition to winning various prizes, she has been nominated for 37 other honors. The 2020 Spank Bank Award for Tortured Fuck Doll of the Year, the 2016 Spank Bank Technical Award for Mostly Lesbian, and the 2017 Spank Bank Technical Award for Scream Queen are just a few of her most recent accolades.

As a Taurus, Cadence Lux was born in New York City on the 23rd of April, 1992. Her measurements are 32B-28-36, she weighs 110 pounds (50 kg), and she stands at 5’5′′ tall. (165 cm). Her figure is ordinary, however her 34B tits are real/natural. Intense blue eyes contrast with her beautiful brown hair.

Megan Rain

When it comes to Megan Rain’s derriere, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

With her naughty and sex-positive demeanor, Megan is one of the world’s most delightfully naughty female goddesses. Now that you know Megan is worth the money, you can bet she won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Additionally, she’s a big fan of a threesome, and she’s been known to offer a lot of attention to cocks and pussies. When she has a day off from work, she likes to spend it with her PS4, which she describes as her best buddy. One of the blue-eyed members of the porn stars club, this woman enjoys doggy-fucking and tit-playing as well as some light spanking.

Even if she’s squirting lubricant all over the place, Megan Rain is always tasteful, attractive, and delightfully fuckable, no matter what she’s doing.

In 2014, Megan Rain entered the porn industry. Megan’s first foray into the sex industry began when she was 18.
With over 473 pornographic films under her belt, Megan Rain is still eager to poop her pants off. In Anal Experience by Evil Angel and Bathtub Cuties by Reidmylips.com, you can view some of her most recent scream-inducing orgasms.

More than 50 awards have been nominated for her. The 2017 AVN Award for Best Anal Sex Scene, Anal Models (2015), the 2019 AVN Award for Best Foreign-Shot All-Girl Sex Scene, Infiltree (2017), and the 2019 AVN Award for Best Foreign-Shot Group Sex Scene, Infiltree (2017) are just a few of her most recent honors (2017).

Megan Rain, a Gemini, was born on June 13th, 1996, in Palm Springs, California. 5’1″ tall, 94 pounds (43 kg), 32B-27-35, she has a height of 5’1″ (155 cm). Her figure is ordinary, however her 32B tits are real/natural. Her eyes are enticingly green and her hair is velvety black.

Gia Derza

Even before she began making hardcore suck cock flicks, Gia Derza had a natural flair for sucking cock.

Gia’s physique resembles a bowl of oatmeal due to her hunched over appearance. She’s one of the most exciting new talents to emerge in the adult industry in a long time, from her stunning all-healthy physique to the way she treats every dick as if it were her last.

Intense and seductive, with a wicked sparkle that hints at her wild side, she’s the perfect femme fatale for anyone who’s willing to put up with her. Every time she’s on set, she sucks the life out of a man with her boobs, cunt, mouth, and ass. Gia’s enticing physique and sleazy demeanor quickly propelled her to fame as a blue-eyed porn star.

Aside from bondage and bondage, Gia has many more tricks in her sleeves. Join her and see what else she has in store for you.

In 2018, Gia Derza made her pornographic debut.
At just 20 years old, this hot harlot began performing for us to watch in the buff. Over the course of a year and 247 pornographic films, Gia Derza has not lost her desire to suck more dick and stroke more twat. All About Ass 4 by Evil Angel and All Anal Threesomes 2 by Evil Angel feature some of Gia’s hottest fucks.

For 26 nominations, she has been awarded a few. Silky Smooth (Best Bald Beaver), Sensational Step Sister / Step Daughter, and Technical Award for Sensationally Curvy Cutie are just a few recent accolades that she has received.

Gia Derza was born on December 15th, 1998, in Ohio, the United States, and as such, she is a Sagittarius. When it comes to height, she stands at 5’5″ and weighs 140 lbs (64 kg) (165 cm). Her 34D breasts are real and natural. Pretty brown hair contrasts with her lovely blue eyes.

Karma Rx

Karma Rx’s pussy eating method is proof positive that the adage “practice makes perfect” holds true.

It was once at a time that this adorable Goddess Fox was working as a nude centerfold model. Karma enjoys interacting with her fans on social media, making people laugh, and pursuing her dreams.

A massive dick who makes Karma’s cunt run with every orgasmic wave of pleasure is all she’s interested in, and Karma has no problem admitting as much. With those who don’t know anything about her day job, pretending to be sexually innocent in bed is her favorite trick.

All it takes is one look at one of Karma Rx’s fucks to see why she is one of the most sought-after blue-eyed porn stars today. She claims that older guys are the ones that pay the greatest attention to her, and she admits that she appreciates the attention.

Having Karma Rx make her pornstar debut in 2017 was a positive development for the year. When this hot prostitute began to perform for us, she was just 24 years old.
Even after 2 years and 296 porn sex scenes have passed, Karma Rx is still anxious to ride some more cock and massage some more snatch. Amber In The Hills 1 by Brazzers Network and Ass Fucked N Face Fucked by Evil Angel feature some of Karma’s most recent amazing scenes.

She has been nominated for 42 awards and has won a handful of them herself. Additionally, she was recently recognized with the 2020 AVN Award for Best POV Sex Scene, Manuel’s Fucking POV 12 (2019), and this year’s Hottest Inked Model award from PornHub. She also received the 2020 Spank Bank Award for Tattooed Temptress of the Year from Spank Bank in 2019.

A true Aquarius by birth, Karma Rx was born on January 21st 1993 in Filmore, California, the United States. Her body measurements are 32H-24-36, and she stands at a height of 5’4″. (163 cm). Fake or augmented 32H lovely tits adorn her lean figure. She has a sultry green gaze and luscious blond locks.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid feels right at home no matter where she travels, thanks to her can-do attitude and willingness to give anything a shot. Leaving her waitressing job to pursue the appeal of porn valley, California, after a night of wiping tables, she decided she’d had enough.

You’ll fall in love with this guy and lady lover’s large breasts as they’re smeared in lube.

To say she’s an excellent pin-up would be an understatement; she has a playfulness tough to deny and makes every one of her scenes that much more enjoyable. She’s also appeared on television and in music videos in a number of mainstream roles.

Her gorgeous looks and easy laugh nearly make you forget that you’re staring at a suck cock doll, but one look at her rocking body will remind you why she’s one of the blue eyed porn stars. Riley is a big supporter of good vibes, so when you see her smiling in her saucy scenes, you know she’s 100% genuine.

Riley Reid’s debut as a pornstar made 2010 a better year. Riley Reid decided to enter the adult porn industry at the age of 19. During her nine years in the business, she has shagged in 1024 different scenes.
Almost Sisters: Remastered by Brazzers Network and Anal Savages 5 by Jules Jordan Video both have some of this beautiful babe’s hottest recent performances.

This woman has received 203 nominations and a few prizes. 2014 AVN Award for Best Boy/Girl Scene: Mandingo Massacre 6, Girl Fever (2013) and 2014 AVN Award for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene: G/G/B: Remy 2 are just a few of her recent accolades (2013).

Riley Reid, a Cancer, was born on July 9th, 1991, in Loxahatchee, Florida. 5’3″ tall, 105 pounds (48 kg), 32A-23-34, she’s a petite model (160 cm). Her 32A tits are real/natural, and her body is slender. Her eyes are a vivid green and her hair is lustrous brown.

Elsa Jean

Aside from dicks and anal sex, stunner Elsa Jean is a huge fan of both. It’s not hard to understand why she’s created such a name for herself in such a short period of time with her long, slender frame and beautiful looks.

Sex is one of her favorite pastimes, and she enjoys doing it both in public and in private.

Elsa’s talent is best demonstrated when she comes up with new and inventive ways to be sexy, each one naughtier than the last. Every dirty girl’s fantasy come true: she receives an orgasm every morning and a facial at the end of the day. As one of the most stunning blue-eyed porn stars, Elsa Jean is known for her amazing tits and ass, as well as her pretty eyes.

Elsa Jean is a must-see, no matter what.

In 2015, Elsa Jean made her debut in the porn industry.
At 19 years old, this scorching harlot began performing for us to see. Elsa Jean hasn’t slowed down for four years and 575 porn scenes, and she’s hungry for more sex. The 1000Facials Compilation by Blowpass.com and 40 Years Old Comes to Life by Video Marc Dorcel both feature some of Elsa Jean’s most recent furious fucks.

In total, she’s been nominated for 66 awards and has won a couple of them herself. These include Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene (AVN), Best New Starlets 2017 (Spank Bank), 2019 PornHub Award for Nicest Pussy, and 2017 Spank Bank Award for Best Smile. ”

On September 1, 1996, Elsa Jean was born in Canton, OH, USA, making her a Virgo. When it comes to height, she is 5’3″ and weighs 101 lbs (46 kg) (160 cm). Her 32A tits are real and natural, and she has a thin figure. She has a seductive green eye and a beautiful blond hair color.

Britney Amber

We all know what happens when you mix geeky gamer and Britney Amber, the one and only.

When it comes to her physique, she’s got a body to die for; when it comes to beauty, her brown eyes and light complexion complement each other well. When you see her scenes, you can tell she enjoys her work because of her strong desire for sex.

As she is stuffed with firm dicks, this adorable doll will make her trademark O-face, her eyes wide, and her mouth open as though she’s surprised at how much dick can fit in such a small cunt. Adult film is a natural progression for Britney, who has spent the most of her life partying and partying with America’s finest men, so it was a no-brainer for her to try her hand at it. As one of the blue-eyed porn stars, Britney Amber has some of the best boobs, and her round, gorgeous butt is virtually a work of art.

We think she’ll be a hit with the crowd.

With Britney Amber’s pornstar career beginning in 2008, the year was a success.
During our first encounter with her, she was just 22 years old. Britney Amber has been a porn star for 11 years and has been in 1088 films, but she still craves more dick and twat. Elegant Angel’s Amazing Racks 3 and Bang’s Anal and Bush are two of the best places to see Britney’s most recent sexy scenes.

As of this writing, she has been nominated for at least 76 awards, and she has won some. Nightmoves Fan Award for Best Boob, 2017 Spank Bank Award for Prettiest Whore Mouth, and 2020 Spank Bank Award for Horny Housewife of the Year are just some of her most recent accolades.

As of November 10, 1986, Britney Amber’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Size 36D, weight 114 pounds (52 kilograms), and height 5’5″ are all within the normal range for her (165 cm). Her 36D juicy tits are faked/enhanced. With her blue eyes and blond hair, she’s a sight to behold.

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Top 20+ Famous Blue Eyed Pornstars

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