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Have you considered a career in the adult entertainment industry? I’m not talking about becoming a porn star because that’s simply one of the many options available in the industry. It’s possible to work as a professional stripper, escort, or even a cam model if you’re interested in those careers.

No matter which of these choices you like, it is important to obtain advice on how to enter the adult industry since you don’t want to end up in the incorrect circles that could harm your career before it even gets started.

It is possible for women in the adult industry to realize their aspirations. Some students choose to pursue stripping as a way to raise money for their college education. In certain cases, escorts are used to develop contacts that help them achieve their goals.

Women who are good at this kind of profession get enormous benefits. When you can make hundreds of dollars a night working as an escort or a stripper for less than minimum wage as a cashier.

How Do Women Get Into The Adult Industry?

Choose the Part of the Industry that Interests You Most

The term “adult industry” conjures up images of sex, but this isn’t the road everyone should choose. If you don’t want to have sex in front of the camera, there are other, more private options.

Stripping and having sex with many people on camera aren’t the only things you may do in the adult industry. But it goes much beyond that because there are a number of various directions you may take.

Become An Escort

In the past, courtesans enjoyed a high social status. These women, who were among the wealthiest and best-educated in their time, were able to take part in discussions that were previously only open to men. Their escort careers elevated them to positions of authority and renown in their respective industries.

Today, escorts serve a similar purpose. Despite the fact that companions still move in envied circles, sex (or even stripping) is no longer required.

In today’s world, it is tough to develop long-term connections. Having a gorgeous woman on their arm is often a need for rising executives. Rather than putting in the effort to keep up a romantic connection, you can simply hire an escort.

Becoming A Stripper

Perform in front of an audience every night as a stripper. Stripping is all about titillating an audience without actually touching someone, so you have complete control over the extent of your act. You’re the goddess who can only be adored from a distance.

Aside from certain strippers, it’s all about the individual stripper and what they’ll let their clients to see. When it comes to dancing in front of your clients, beguiling and titillating them, you’re fine. There will be a few oddballs that you’ll have to deal with in the course of your work as a personal trainer.

For those who have no desire to become porn stars or even cam models, stripping as a career option is absolutely something to think about.

Other Options

Porn stars and cam models, for example, can earn a lot of money, but they must be willing to put their bodies on display. As for the harder side of the industry, several of these pornstars got their start as strippers.

As far as this level of investigation goes, it’s not even about what happened. Anyone’s lust can be cooled by a night of sex in front of a live audience and a professional video team. And only if you’re willing to put up with a group of people watching your every action, and only if you’re a fan of sex. Unless you have a plan in place, it won’t last long, so you need to think about it first.

Join a Reputable Agency

You may either go it alone or go through an agency if you want to work in the adult industry. The better choice is to join a trustworthy agency. There are several good agencies out there that will assist you in developing your abilities and even supply you with training.

If you can get on the books of a reputable escort or stripper agency, you can reap the benefits of your connections. When you work with experts, you gain instant credibility. Opportunities to advance your career will also be available to you.

Because they desire the best service, the most affluent clients choose to work with exclusive agencies. To ensure the safety of their clients and personnel, these agencies do thorough background checks on both parties.

As long as both parties agree to keep their demands confidential, there’s no problem. Going it alone is risky because there is no mechanism to verify potential clients or to get back up if things go wrong.

How Do Women Get Into The Adult Industry?

How to Get on the Books of a Reputable Agency?

Are you interested in becoming an escort? Even if the agencies are picky, newcomers with the appropriate mindset are always welcome.

There is no requirement for prior expertise, but you must possess a certain trait. While anyone can perform a sex act, not everyone is able to captivate an audience.

If you’ve got flair, confidence, and a killer body, apply with an agency today. Applicants must submit recent full-length pictures, ID, and evidence of residency, as well as a statement about their eagerness to study.

Do what you can to make the most of the opportunity; you never know where it will go.

Reasons for Getting Into Porn

  1. Money: 53 percent
  2. Sex: 27 percent
  3. Attention: 16 percent
  4. Fun: 11 percent
  5. Related Industry: 7 percent
  6. Acquaintance: 7 percent
  7. Chance/Confusion: 6 percent
  8. Creative Expression: 5 percent
  9. Personal Growth: 4 percent
  10. Disliked Prior Job: 4 percent
  11. Coercion: < 1 percent

List of Likes

  1. Money: 41 percent
  2. People: 39 percent
  3. Sex: 21 percent
  4. Freedom/Independence: 18 percent
  5. Attention: 13 percent
  6. Fun: 8 percent
  7. Creative Expression: 7 percent
  8. Personal Fulfillment: 4 percent
  9. Rebellion: 1 percent

List of Dislikes

  1. People: 39 percent
  2. STD Risks: 29 percent
  3. Exploitation: 20 percent
  4. Work Conditions: 10 percent
  5. Social Stigma: 7 percent
  6. Drugs: 7 percent
  7. Politics: 6 percent
  8. Discomfort: 4 percent
  9. Outside Relationships: 2 percent

Adult Stars Reveal How They Got Into The Business

As the 9-to-5 grind becomes increasingly unappealing, more and more people are opting for alternative ways to make money. According to a new WoodRocket film explaining why porn stars got into porn, working in the adult industry may might be for you if you’re looking for a flexible schedule with enjoyable tasks.

Pejorative, outdated stereotypes about women’s motivations for working in porn continue to proliferate. Adult actors, you know, the ones that claim that all of them had been subjected to abuse in the past before becoming victims themselves? While this is by no means an all-encompassing statement, let’s be honest about the current state of affairs in the industry for women.

How Do Women Get Into The Adult Industry?

Showing this film to anti-gay activists would likely shock them into realizing that their coworkers, babysitters, servers, and mothers and sisters might easily opt to abandon the drudgery of civilian life in exchange for greater financial reward.

The following are eight different methods through which these famous pornographers got their start in the business:

1. Left A Corporate Job For Porn

To escape the drudgery of her corporate career, Cindy Starfall joined the porn industry after meeting an executive in the industry through her employment.

2. Joined The Industry With Her Longtime Boyfriend

Seven years after she began working in the adult industry, Marley Brinx is still going strong.

3. Picked Adult Entertainment After Art School

While living with a deadbeat lover who didn’t pay the rent after attending art school, Star Nine was motivated to try her hand at a female model shoot.

4. Left Waitressing For Porn

In the service business, there are few rules and poor wages, making it a dangerous place to work. Abigail Mac tried her hand at webcam job after hearing about it from a friend.

5. Watched A Documentary On Porn

Even before witnessing the “stupid” documentary Hot Girls Wanted, Stevie Foxx had always wanted to try her hand at pornography. Porn documentaries, take note: Foxx says they never capture the true essence of the industry.)

6. Recruited From A MySpace Photo

To get into Playboy, Sasha Heart put a lot of her portfolio photographs on MySpace. Porn came next after industry recruiters viewed her photos.

7. Went From High Times To Porn

Following her appearances in High Times and Stoned Girls, Sophia Rose was hired by the adult business and has remained ever since.

8. Inspired By Boredom To Enter The Adult Industry

After working three jobs in a small town, August Ames was so bored on her day off that she started sending emails to people in the adult entertainment industry. A week later, she was in California shooting, making history. “It’s as simple as that,” she says.

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