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Who hasn’t dreamed of having sex in a car? Hell, many of us have probably had sex in a car at some point. Most of us have probably never done it properly, though. Sex in a car is a fantastic thing, but it is bloody difficult to get right. On this page, we are going to teach you how to have sex in a car properly. Well, at least a few tips on making car sex feel as fantastic as possible.

Remember, the tips on this page are just tips. You won’t be an expert on car sex before the end of it. This is the sort of thing that you really have to try to ensure that things feel as great as possible for both you and your partner. Car sex that is right for us may not necessarily be right for you, after all. Let’s dive in, shall we?

How To Have Sex In A Car? 31 Tips & Best Positions

Add ambient lighting

Assuming you’re not pulling over for a car romp in broad daylight (if you are, you animal!), bring a flashlight—or use the built-in light on your phone—to illuminate your tight space a bit, suggests Brito. Not only does this add “mood lighting,” you’ll also help prevent the annoying elbow whack on the car door.

If you prefer the illicit feeling of being in total darkness, go for it. Just be mindful of vulnerable body parts as you move around.

And don’t forget the radio. Throw on a station you both will like, whether it’s some smooth jazz, or some rave music to really get your rhythm going.

As always, don’t litter

Think about the children! And the baby birds that might choke to death on your used condom. Don’t toss your trash out the window upon departure. If you’re not conscientious enough to care about the impact on the ecosystem, at least be mindful that when you leave evidence, you’ve just given away your spot.

Avoid Tinted Windows

Every state has a limit on the amount of tint you’re allowed to have on your windows. So, if you plan on driving through multiple states, some don’t allow for any tint at all and you’re sure to get pulled over. Even if you don’t get pulled over, you’ll simply stand out far too much when parked. If a cop happens to roll by the deserted desert road off Highway 50 while you’re positioning yourself for higher living, you’ll still be half-naked when you get that tap on the passenger-side window. Ideally, use a car with NO tints, or if you do have tints, know your state tint-limits so you know which states are sex-safe zones.

Backseat Doggy

Straight-up missionary can be tough to do in the car, since chances are, neither of you will be able to extend your legs fully. Doggy-style, on the other hand, is perfect: You get deep penetration and G-spot stimulation, he gets to take you from behind while bending his torso over yours, and you both get easy access to your clitoris. Win-win.

Do It: Climb into the backseat, then get on all fours. Have your partner kneel behind you and enter, draping his upper body over yours.


If you’re enjoying the backseat, stay there! Another way to tackle this area of the car is by trying out new ways to give oral, or as Brito calls it, the ‘bullseye.’ (Get it? The clitoris is the bullseye, hah.) TL;DR: This position takes face-sitting to a whole new level, so your clit is gonna be obsessed.

Do It: “Gently sit on your partner’s face in an angle where your clitoris rests on their lips,” Brito says. “You can hold on to the seat for support.” By using the seat for balance, you can grind all over your partner’s mouth and move your hips every which way.


If you’re tired, go ahead and let your partner take the driver seat…for the sexing, too. In this position, you get to lie down (with bent legs…because, space) while he sits on top of you.

Do It: Get in the backseat and lie on your back with bent knees while your partner straddles you. He then inserts his penis through the tight opening created by your semi-closed legs, increasing the intensity of penetration.

How To Have Sex In A Car? 31 Tips & Best Positions


Get it? This take on classic Cowgirl is your go-to move for car sex. Why? It’s easy to hop on and hop off your partner in a pinch, you get tons of clitoral stimulation thanks to the angle of his penis, and you can push your body up against his to take him as deep as you like.

Do It: With your partner sitting in the driver or passenger seat, climb on top and straddle them. Option to recline as far back as you both desire.

Reverse Cargirl

Like Cargirl, only with your back and butt facing your partner so they get allll the views (and you get a nice one of the parking lot). JK: This position is really great for hitting your G-spot—and controlling the depth and pace of your partner’s thrusts, since you can lean on the glove compartment for leverage.

Do It: Have your partner sit on the driver or passenger seat (or backseat, if you want), and straddle them facing away. Brace the window or glove compartment for stability as you grind.

Chat about your expectations

As with any sexual experience, communicating with your partner beforehand is key. You definitely want to run by your idea to hop on them in the car before doing so, notes Brito, and discuss what you want that experience to look like.

If you don’t and they’re not quite as, um, adventurous as you, you may feel a bit rejected when they ask you to buckle back up.

Don’t Try It If It Seems Iffy

Don’t try and get away with parking at municipal or state parks, and if you’re planning to have sex in a national park, don’t even try it without making a reservation months in advance. They take that shit seriously. Never pull off on the side of the road at night either, because that automatically looks suspicious to any sneaking cops. Also, keep a truck stop guide in your glove compartment, and make sure you’ve got a GPS because your iPhone is going to be out of service 60% of the time you’re on the road. Trust me. Especially if you’re out west.

Embrace the Car’s Accents

Sometimes, it’s not the position that makes sex great, but rather, the way in which you exercise them based on your surroundings. “I think the great thing about having sex in a car is that it provides some great props,” explains Tara Struyk, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Kinkly, a sex-positive platform and online resource. “Seat belts can be used for gentle bondage. Strap your partner in or use the belt to wrap their hands around the headrest. If you’ve got a seat heater, try turning that up too to keep you both cozy. With a little creativity, you don’t need a crazy sex position,” she adds.

Expand your space with a sunroof

If you have a sunroof, that can be opened for more headroom — but you’re still likely to be encumbered by a stick shift or gear handle.

Experiment in different spots

You’ve probably tried reclining the driver or passenger seat, then climbing onto your partner. So hop into the backseat together, where you’ll have ~a bit~ more space to get frisky. Either way, don’t fight the close quarters—embrace them as a way to feel physically and emotionally closer to your person.

Oh, and if they have a giant trunk or tailgate? (Love me a good, F-150.) By all means, Have. At. It.

Go big or go home

And by that, I mean try driving to poundtown in a larger car. It’ll give you extra space to get ~creative~ without sacrificing the intimacy of an automobile. O’Reilly suggests trying what she calls the ‘Reverse Ride.’ “One partner sits in the front passenger seat with the seat rolled all the way back. The other sits on their lap facing away from them,” she explains.

Or you can go for for the ‘Car Doggie.’ Just open the trunk and get on all fours holding on to the backseats. Flatten them down if that’s an option. Then, have your partner approach from behind.

Flexibility is key

Unless you or your parents own an Astrovan, let’s hope that everyone involved is either small or flexible.

For trucks, utilize the recliner, the height, or the bed

If you’re getting busy inside an F-something quad cab, you might as well pull the passenger seat all the way to the back. You know there’s no room in that backseat.

However, if he’s tall and the truck isn’t too lifted, an assisted standing position is totally doable. The person being penetrated can rest most of their weight sideways in a seat, while the penetrator stands outside of the open door. Call it T-boning!

Bed of the truck? Sure, if you’re somewhere remote and you don’t mind bugs biting your ass. AND being on the bottom isn’t comfortable in the corrugated beds… unless you have a few hoodies or blankets to soften the surface beneath you.

Front Seat Fun

If you must foray in the front seat, make sure you’re in the passenger seat, because steering wheels and sex don’t mix. Make sure you move the seat all the way back for as much room as possible. Just make sure that while she’s going wild, she doesn’t knock the gear shift to neutral. Last thing you need is to be rolling down the street ass-naked with your own parts engaged.

Invest In Comfort

The car is not exactly an intuitive place to have sex. If you want to have sex in the front while laying down, how the hell do you deal with that front console? And if you want to have sex in the back, there’s just simply no way to lay down comfortably without fixing the curvature of those backseats. Invest in a pair of thick blankets, a pair of towels and two pillows to smooth out all those lumpy inconveniences. Make sure these are accessible—the last thing you want to do is search for ten minutes around your trunk, fully erect, for some way to make your car comfortable while parked behind a big pile of sand in the middle of New Mexico. Make sure everything is within hand’s reach. Now all you have to do is wedge the towels between the gaps of the center console, lay your blankets over the towels and put the pillows above your head so the door handle doesn’t bruise you all up every time your partner gets a good thrust in.

You can improvise on how to use your bedding in the back depending on your vehicle, but the basic gist is to throw the towels in the dips of the seats and lay the blankets over the towels and position the pillows against the car doors. That should take care of the lumps, keep you level and create a plunge-safe zone for your partner’s head.

Keep essentials on-hand: tissues/baby wipes, water, lube, and chewing gum

Since oral sex is the most performable maneuver while in a vehicle, it makes sense that you’d want to have a handful of tissues in the side pocket. Nobody is obligated to swallow, and I know I don’t want to clean the aftermath out from under my bucket seat.

If any bodily fluids do get on the interior, leather is way easier to wipe — and is partly why I chose that interior for my most recent car purchase.

Keep your interior in mind

Subaru Outbacks are ideal: fairly spacious in the rear, and capable of handling dirt roads… which is probably why my super-slutty Portlanders drive ‘em. Not just for camping and lesbian farmers!

Auto expert and writer Jason Torchinsky wrote a great piece that breaks down your optimum positions, depending on the type of your vehicle.

Keep your voice(s) down

You know who screams out in the middle of the night? People having orgasms, and people being murdered. If a passerby hears the former and thinks it’s the latter, they just might call the cops. Don’t be a screamer.

Know The Three Places You Can Sleep in Your Car

There are three places in the United States where it is legal AND free to park your car overnight, or for extended periods of time: truck stops or travel centers, rest areas and Walmart parking lots. Not all Walmarts own their parking lots though, so make sure it’s a Walmart that owns the land they’re on. You’ll know whether or not it’s a legit Walmart by the other car-campers and RVs parked somewhere in the back corner. You can pull anywhere in that parking lot (they’re usually the size of seven football fields), turn the car off, put the curtains up and do what you need to while the town shops for furniture and groceries.

Rest areas are always good, unless specifically stated on a sign. Sometimes they have parking time limits, though, so pay attention. Truck stops and travel centers are also cool, but don’t park in the truck section. You’ll be inhaling diesel fuel while you sleep and they leave the trucks running throughout the night so it’s real loud. Find a Pilot, Flying J, Loves or a local truck stop with a sizable portion of the lot dedicated to cars.

Memorize the Most Pleasurable Positions (For the Both of You)

There are ways to make use of the awkward space a car provides. Let’s say you want to do The Blinded Driver position (and yes, I made that name up). This is where there’s one person in the driver’s seat, facing forward, and the other is on their lap, reverse cowgirl-style, also facing forward. Whomever is in the top position should grip that steering wheel and thrust down, using the wheel to sway your hips from side to side while pushing yourself down onto your partner with fire and fury. This is how you can use a seemingly useless and inconvenient car-part to apply extra pressure and steer (sorry) your partner in any direction you want. The bottom partner can make use of the steering wheel as well. Just grab it and pull yourself closer to your partner thrice as hard. The person on top can also place their palms against the roof of the car and push down from the ceiling to switch the direction of pressure!

The same principle applies for the car doors. Whether you’re laying down in the front or back, use the car door to push in from one side and keep the pillows on the other to protect your partner’s head. See where I’m going with this? You’re in a tight space, so make use of the pressure points for better sex! Steering wheel, car doors, ceiling and window (if you’re on your stomach).

Are you getting tired of having sex in the car? Because you can also have sex on the car. Utilize the trunk! Just pop the back, lay your towels down over your luggage, cover the towels with your blanket, cozy it up with the pillows, and bend over. You’ll use the popped trunk to hide yourself from view, and whoever’s doing the fucking, you can even use the hinge of your trunk door or the trunk door itself as a bedframe to pull yourself in as far inside as possible, but be careful not to injure yourselves.

Move more slowly

There’s nothing like getting caught up in the moment and accidentally thrusting someone right into the glove compartment, overhead light, or rearview mirror.


The same rules for music in the bedroom apply for the car. No Miami booty bass, New Orleans bounce…none of that shit. Keep it R&B or Country. Don’t act like you’ve never banged a chick to Garth Brooks.


Want to crank up the kink on your own car-sex scene? The Spider is a must if you want to make things a little more hardcore. The position creates intense penetration while letting you and your partner get a full look at each other’s bodies—something that most car-sex positions can’t do.

Do It: Both of you sit on the backseat with legs toward each other, arms back to support yourselves. Now move together and onto his penis. Your hips will be between his spread legs, your knees bent, and feet outside of his hips and flat on the seat. Rock back and forth.

It’s the only time you’ll be happy to see a spider in the car.

The Om

Okay, so, disclaimer: The Om is a tantric sex move, which involves more slow rocking than hard pounding. But it’s kinda romantic, if that’s your thing. (If it is, Jack and Rose would be proud.)

Do It: Have your partner sit cross-legged (yoga-/pretzel-style) on the car seat, then sit in their lap facing them. Wrap your legs around them and hug each other for support.

Try Route 69

Another backseat option involves the classic 69. Lie down on your back and have your partner climb on top of you, straddling your face. “There are no acrobatics involved in this oral-focused move,” explains Alicia Sinclair, sex educator and founder of the sex toy b-Vibe. “It’s also the ultimate reciprocal move, so you can efficiently make sure that everyone gets a turn. Let the licking, sucking, and nibbles (if you’re into that) ensue — and feel free to incorporate your hands too,” she adds.

Use Sex-Curtains

You’ll still need privacy, so get some Velcro and some fabric from your local arts and crafts store. Cut up rectangular slabs that match the height and width of each of your windows. Yes, we’re making curtains that Velcro on and Velcro off. It’s like having a slip-on shoe, but it’s a slip-on sex curtain. Now, whenever you’ve found a safe spot, attach your curtains with the Velcro for privacy. When the mitzvah is done, rip those curtains off and get out of there.

Wear comfortable, easily removable clothing

Think: a skirt or dress instead of jeans and a tank. “You want an outfit that you can easily lift so you can remove undergarments quickly,” says Janet Brito, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist in Honolulu, Hawaii. You also want to be able to throw said outfit back on in a jiffy, in case of sudden visitors.

Think about how hard it is to throw on tight jeans at home. Can you imagine doing that in a car? Yep, not happening.

Wear The Right Attire And Accessories

Jeans, pants, rompers or leggings are far too complicated to get off in a cramped space when the mood strikes. Try a stretchy mini-skirt with cozy socks, or some loose-fitting shorts that you can lift up, over and around your junk. You can have sex comfortably, and still walk inside the next gas station to buy a Slim Jim without having to change your outfit. Also, make sure you’ve got some wet-wipes to clean up afterwards and a plastic shopping bag for disposal.

How To Have Sex In A Car? 31 Tips & Best Positions


So, there you have it. Tons and tons of information on having sex in a car. As we said at the start, this information is only going to get you so far. This is the sort of thing that you really have to experience for yourself to find out whether it is for you. So, ask your partner if they fancy going on a trip somewhere quiet (they will probably get the hint!) and do it. You never know, you may end up enjoying car sex and want to do it over and over again.

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