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Not everyone enjoys anal play. However, if you’re open to the concept, go ahead and use your auto blow; it just might revolutionize your orgasms!

Ejaculatory fluid is produced by the male prostate gland, a small, walnut-shaped muscular gland that is positioned about two inches inside the anus. There are many nerve endings here, making it a particularly potent area for male sexual stimulation. Having it aroused is a significant sexual turn-on for many guys, which can lead to orgasms. That’s why it’s called “P-spot” when referring to the prostate in males.

Intense orgasms can be had while improving your sexual health by stimulating the prostate. In Asian countries, the practice of milking the prostate has been practiced for millennia since it was considered to enhance male virility. Even if it didn’t, it’s safe to say that guys appreciate having their P-spots tickled.

Who knew there was so much joy to be had behind closed doors? If you’re up for the challenge, continue reading.

What the Hell Is My "P-Spot" and How Can I Find It?

Ready, Get Set

You don’t need a map or GPS to find the P-spot; in many cases, all you need are your fingers and the ability to get over yourself.

To begin, contemplate what it is that is holding you back. Is there something wrong with having something up there? Afraid to be called a gay person? You may be concerned about the discomfort. Even if you have some physical discomfort, it will most likely disappear quickly. Engaging this backdoor marvel can be a lot of fun once you get over your phobias and hang-ups.

Even if you’re traveling solo or on the receiving or giving end of a gift, you may still have a great day with appropriate preparation.


If you’re going to be the one doing the gifting, it’s best to discuss it with your partner first (yes, you need their approval!). It’s only after they’ve agreed to it that you can insert your finger up their arse. In a romantic dinner, you can tell them that stroking your prostate can cause a strong orgasm, and see if they’d be interested in trying it out later on. Keep in mind the significance of verbal exchanges that are free of falsehoods.

The ‘come hither’ motion, doorbell, circling, and simulated vibration are just some of the tactics and actions you can use when inserting a finger. Remember to use lubrication, keep your nails trimmed, and keep your hands clean.

The perineum or the smooth strip of skin between the testicles and the anus can be used to stimulate the prostate if they don’t want you to penetrate their anus with your fingers. It’s possible to externally stimulate your prostate by only touching the base of your penis and anus.

To maximize both your and your partner’s pleasure, use penis-in-anus penetration when you’re on the receiving end of a sexual encounter.

It is possible to vary the intensity and intensity of sex toys by changing the vibration settings and the depth and pressure of the massage.

A good P-spot orgasm may take some time and effort, but once you discover your rhythm, it is rather simple to duplicate. Just keep in mind that everyone is unique, so do as you like to find out what works for you. It’s important to establish clear guidelines for consent and safety before moving on to the fun part: playing with various actions and positions, as well as fingers, toys, and anything else takes your fancy.

What the Hell Is My "P-Spot" and How Can I Find It?

Then Reap the Benefits

Prostate orgasms aren’t only fun; they have a number of health benefits as well.

  • Prostate massage therapy is recommended by some specialists for the relief of specific symptoms, such as painful ejaculation. Prostate massage can sometimes assist remove fluid obstructions in the male reproductive system, which can cause pain during ejaculation.
  • The drug may be able to prevent or perhaps treat prostatitis (swelling of the prostate gland). It is possible that enlargement of the prostate will lead to obstruction of the urethra. Some of the irritation in the prostate can be relieved by a prostate massage.
  • Symptoms of BPH may be alleviated by using it. A prostate massager was reported to alleviate BPH symptoms in the lower urinary tract in one study.
  • Aside from medication and a pump, it is said to help improve erectile dysfunction.


There are erogenous zones in each of us that can elevate our orgasms to a new height. If you’re ready to give anal or prostate play a chance, you may be rewarded with an incredible full-body orgasm.

What the Hell Is My "P-Spot" and How Can I Find It?


What Is the Prostate Gland or P-Spot?

Men have a walnut-sized prostate gland that lies beneath their bladders and covers the upper portion of their urethra (the tube that takes urine out of the penis). Ejaculate contains a large portion of the seminal fluid produced by this organ.

Aroused men’s prostatic glands expand, and this can contribute to stronger orgasms when they apply pressure to them directly or indirectly when they are having sex.

If the P-Spot Is Inside, How Do You Put Pressure on It?

Pushing or massaging the perineum, which is the area between your legs that goes from the scrotum to the anus, can stimulate this area from the outside of the body. However, this indirect pressure may give you pleasure even though you can’t feel the prostate directly.

It is possible to provide indirect pressure to the prostate by pressing on the anus from the outside, without piercing it or putting anything in it at all. Gently press the anus with your fingers (or those of your partner).

When it comes to sexual encounters, Corey Silverberg likens it to the sound of someone ringing the doorbell. Alternatively, try stimulating the anus with a larger sex toy (one that isn’t meant to be penetrated).

Inside the anus is the most direct route to the P-spot. It’s located about an inch within the anus’s top wall, and it can feel a lot like a walnut when you press on it. More on how to discover yours later.)

What the Hell Is My "P-Spot" and How Can I Find It?

Wait… Do Men Really Enjoy P-Spot Massages?

Direct or indirect pressure on the prostate can be quite enjoyable for biological men of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Because anal intercourse is taboo for many heterosexual men, some fear is reasonable.

If you don’t want to do anything, then don’t do it. But if you’d like to give it a whirl, openly discuss it with your spouse and take it gently. Attempting to locate the P-spot on your first anal trip is a bad idea.

As an alternative, ask your lover to place their finger just a teeny bit inside your anus and feel how that feels. Alternatively, you may conduct all of this research while masturbating on your own and then report back to your spouse on your findings.

What’s best for you and your relationship should always come first. Remind me again why we’re all here: to have sex.

Okay, I’m Ready to Look for My P-Spot.

You are ready, but there are a few things you should take care of before.

Just a quick heads-up for the ladies: We’re about to talk about doing butt stuff, which is a touchy subject for many. Keep in mind that things will only get stranger from here on out!

Make sure the area is as clean as possible first. Because excrement is only found in the rectum on its way out, if you’ve previously gone to the bathroom that day, you’re less likely to come into contact with it.

You can also take a warm bath to relax the muscles in the rectum, so do that instead of a shower.

If you’re on your own, make sure your fingers aren’t bleeding. Your nails should be short and smooth, as the flesh inside the anus is quite sensitive. Make sure you don’t bring any germs into the anus by washing your hands.

Also, be sure to examine your fingers for any cuts. Even after a long soak in the tub, the rectum will still harbor some bacteria. In the event that your partner is the one inserting their fingers, it is obvious that they will be responsible for the manicuring.

Latex gloves (or the non-latex version) or finger cots (which are essentially adorable little condoms just big enough for your finger) might be used if you or your partner are still uneasy. These should be readily available in most pharmacies.

A good lubricant is a must, as well. The anus, in contrast to the vagina, does not lubricate itself when you are aroused, and the skin is quite sensitive, so you will need assistance in getting anything to glide in comfortably.

So, How Do I Find My P-Spot?

When you’re sexually stimulated, the prostate gland grows, making it easier to find and more enjoyable to have sex with someone.

If you’re alone or with a companion, take a break and do something else first, like stroking your penis or touching your nipples.

Start by stroking the exterior of the anus with lube-covered fingers, then slowly introduce one or two fingers inside the anus cavity. The P-spot can be found by pointing the fingers up (toward the belly button). Try curling your fingers like you’re making the global “come here” symbol. As we mentioned previously, the prostate gland can be felt as a little lump.

One of the first things many guys notice when someone presses on their rectum is the sensation of having to wee. Because the bladder is so close to the prostate, this seems logical. Keep applying pressure or begin a gentle massage if you feel it as an indication that you’re in the proper place.

How Can I Incorporate My P-Spot into Sex?

Prostate massage can be incorporated into sex whether you’ve already located your P-spot and are happy with the results, or you’re still on the hunt. Fingers are still the best tool for the job, therefore you can continue to utilize them.

The optimum time to start experimenting is right as you’re getting ready to come in, but you may also wait until shortly before you arrive if that works better for you.

Fingering can be used for anything from masturbation to blowjobs to even penis-in-vagina sex with a little ingenuity.

Anal beads, anal vibrators, butt plugs, and strap-ons are some of the sex gadgets that you may want to try if you find that P-spot intercourse is your new favorite pastime.

Make sure you know what you’re doing when it comes to anal penetration—your boyfriend’s toothbrush and your wife’s vibrator can get lodged within your anus and necessitate a hospital visit to extract them. Toys made for anal play should be your first and only choice.

Whether or not one believes that the prostate can serve as a mystical, orgasm-inducing pleasure zone is a question of personal opinion, which no one contests.

There is nothing wrong with going out and exploring if you want to. You should keep looking for new techniques to stimulate your P-spot if it sets your world on fire. However, if you give it a shot and decide it’s not for you, don’t beat yourself up about it. Prostate massages can be tedious or even irritating for some men, and that’s fine.

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