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When it comes out of a hot black porn star’s huge tits, we’re in heaven. You’ll be pleased to learn that we’ve compiled a top 10 list of the sexiest black porn stars in the world. There will be a lot of big black butts, big brown butts, and big brown tits. My grandma will appreciate this one.

There are now more than 20 of the hottest black porn performers on our list! I guarantee you’ll be excited for months to come. In instead of creating two separate listings (black pornstars and ebony), we’ve combined all of the adult performers in the world into one. Make sure you check out our collection of ebony porn sites, which includes some of the most popular studios in the industry.

Top 50+ Hottest Black Pornstars

It’s safe to say that Ivy is a typical, attractive African American college girl. In addition to piercings, a neck choker, and an old pussy. However, she does appear to be making an effort in all of the sequences we’ve seen so far. At the very least, it’s worth mentioning. That doesn’t mean she’s any slush, but she isn’t the greatest either.

This is an excellent example of a classic tit-bounce sequence, in my opinion. It’s insane how much momentum there is.

Aryana Adin

What are your thoughts on shower sex, or at the very least, shower sex? It looks like it belongs in a pornographic video. If you don’t have a new-age bathroom and home that maintains the same temperature, I’d agree.

As far as Aryana Adin is concerned, all that matters now is getting the job done. One of our readers, who claims to be an expert in the black porn industry, has come up with this idea. Were you surprised to learn that there is a profession for this?

Lola Marie

The term “tasty blacks” has been around for a while. Acne appeared on this guy’s face because of her thick, sugary puss. That’s a little price to pay for a recollection of Lola’s pussy. Aren’t ebony porn stars’ hair and crotch areas nicely matched? It’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. In Lola Marie’s case, the other guy must have some sort of hearing difficulty.

I’ve tried to have sex with several of my girlfriends while they were in another room with friends. After we were all so intoxicated that we were on the verge of passing out… However, even at a modest pace, the noise was too much.

Layton Benton

My initial impression was that Layton was just another ghetto-dwelling black porn star, but Layton proved me wrong with his knowledge of the delights of sex.

It’s a rare mix nowadays: A female performer who is also a MILF. The disappearance of black MILF chicks is a mystery to me. I’m referring to people in their 40s and even their 50s. In either case, it will be another 20 years before we see more pornographic content, or there is a reason I am unaware of.

Is it possible that black pornstars simply don’t age as well as their white counterparts?

Kira Noir

In principle, these scenes are excellent, but they don’t translate well to the real world. I’m terrified for her safety, and I’m clinging to anything that could fall on her at any moment. Also, these are metal dumbbells. Kira Noir, our only other black pornstar athlete, completes the roster.

Is she a fitness instructor or a CrossFit enthusiast? You can’t do this without buying your own house and building a gym inside of it. I’m not even going to test this out in public.

Cecilia Lion

Lesbians of color, especially those of African descent, are in limited supply in our community. Cecilia (who has curly hair) intends to remedy this by delivering a stunning performance. There are exceptions, but only for Lion. When compared to her spouse (whatever that actress is), she appears to be a fan of the girlie side of things. One is constantly cheerful and generous, while the other is depressed and aloof.

Is this the reason why there are so few black porn vids like that? Assuming Cecilia Lion is not the sole exception in the porn industry, please locate me two hot ebonies and make that erotic porn scene a reality.

Jasmine Webb

When it comes to licking the assholes of black women, you’re in for a real treat. I wonder about that… The M&Ms-like flavor is probably what it tastes like. To begin our list of the top black prostitutes, we should include Jasmine since she is attractive, has lovely tits, and has curvaceous ass.

Besides the reversed role fetish, you also have the prisoner fetish. There must be some truth to this.

Cassidy Banks

Slightly lighter in complexion but still very attractive. Her tits are already showing the effects of aging. But she’s been working in the profession for a long time, so she deserves recognition. Those of you who prefer “blacker” or “darker” porn stars should continue reading since there is much more to discover.

Brittney White

Does a geeky, black whore come to mind when you think of a hot African American woman when you close your eyes? Check out Brittney White if that’s the kind of thing you’ve been thinking about.

Despite the fact that this is just one of the many scenes she has appeared in, she is still a decent ebony porn performer.

Anya Ivy

When it comes to sex, I’m a big fan of black porn actors because of their eagerness. Sure, there are a few starfish here and there, but when you look at the entire list, it’s clear that they’re all out for a fuckup, even Anya.

In general, she’s an excellent performer who we’ve added to our roster. Her ebony ass is a standout, as is her figure, which is heightened by the oil. Her demeanor as she removes her clothes is a clear indication of her social status.

Aaliyah Hadid

A cup of hot cocoa provided by a black porn star is the best. A hot chocolate pussy with your dick inside of it. There are no preservatives in this homemade cream, which comes straight from your grandmother’s basement. All of our illusions about fat black women vanish as Aaliyah smiles.

You can fit her into the backseat of your car or your carry-on luggage because of her small stature. You may expect to see more from one of the top African porn stars in the near future.

Nicole Bexley

A smallmouth like that is beyond my comprehension, but I guess that’s what a good porn performer does; she does her magic and you are left wondering, with your dick in your hands and napkins on the table. Even though she is only 5’2″, she does have an impressively curvaceous derriere. I think it’s stunning.

Looks like she’s only beginning her facial treatment with cum because there are still a few patches of acne on her cheeks.

Codi Bryant

In terms of ass-shaking beauty, Codi Bryant may be the only other thing that comes close. While Codi is a beautiful black porn star, I would place her a bit lower than Chanell, but in either case, she knows how to move and use her body.

Please, let’s get some anal action now. For a list of the best anal porn websites, check out this post.

As though watching waves develop and crash, the bottom of hers is hypnotic. You may utilize that boob to learn about physics or something else.

Osa Lovely

A woman named Osa Lovely is sucking your dick if you’ve never heard of her. Sleek black ebony porn diva with gigantic and well-formed natural tits, an exhilarating gorgeous glossy body; and overall, just a pleasant and sexy black ebony. As a bonus, unlike most of the black whores, she has lovely hair, unlike most of the other black women. Even though it doesn’t mean much to you, it shows how much Osa means to us.

Don’t turn out the lights when she smiles and shows you affection. Seeing something like that makes no sense to me.

Ana Foxxx

In other words… Is there anything we need to inform you? If you’re looking for five lovely (washed) asses, you’ve come to the right place. Imagine waking up to this scenery. Real-life, I’d just vomit in my trousers the instant I saw a nipple on any of the whores. We’d ass-fuck them all. You may not have realized that Anna is in the middle, but she is.

When I saw this scene, I was convinced that we still had a long way to go before the pornographic limit is crossed.

Chanell Heart

With all of the curves you’ve ever dreamed of, we’re now in hot black ass land, and it’s only going to get better. Just watching her booty shake is better than the delivery of my two children or my wife’s naked sister, and I’m envious of the mister who got to fuck her in the ass.

In a good movie, there is always something fresh and fascinating to find, no matter how many times we see the same scene. I’d want to eat a home-cooked meal from Chanell Heart and thank her for it with some anal afterward.

Sarah Banks

We can only say “holy crap” about Sarah Banks. It’s hard to believe that such large buttocks (without the tattoo if you’re not into that) can be so clean and free of cellulite and other nastiness. As a bonus, she can also perform anal, so it’s impossible to get any better than that. After the funeral, or even more so, this is the porn star to jack off at any time, even after.

If ebony porn stars haven’t been a part of your pornography for a long time, you’ve probably already seen her work.

Teanna Trump

In the year 2021, ebony porn stars are hotter than ever, thanks to the efforts of everyone. Eventually, Teanna succumbed to her animalistic inclinations. Only warm cum would satisfy the poisonous chemical imbalance in her head. As an acrobat, a shark ravenous for food, and a good vacuum cleaner all in one.

In addition to male admirers, there are female admirers as well. Like the black chubby harlot that appears later in the photo. Because Teanna’s neighbors know about the many layers of secrets hidden in her bedroom walls, they still love her despite it. If you don’t want to get your hands on any, don’t!

Jenna Foxx

A great, multiracial lesbian porn film is now within your grasp! When it comes to passion and orgasms there is no limit to what we can do. Action-packed porn, delicious raisin-licking action, and the most athletic performance from both porn women.

This is the porn version of Fast and Furious without the CGI garbage. This is the difference between amateur porn stars and professional ones. You may also say that Martin Luther King would have been overjoyed to see two girls show each other unconditional love.

Harley Dean

Harley Dean, a prominent black pornstar known for his penchant for hot dicks, needs no introduction. You can soak it up as much sweet chili sauce as you want. However, a price had to be paid: Jai James, the slut from our post of interracial porn GIFs, was no longer in the running. Those from the past, like your mother’s former partners, are largely forgotten.

Let’s pretend this didn’t happen and focus on Ivy, a clear leader in the ranks of black porn stars. It’s flexible, it moves well, it looks well, and it probably tastes good, too.

Mya Mays

A chess match would be fun. Why didn’t anyone think of a chess-themed erotic fantasy? Figure scale would have made for a terrific scene with some mini-porn stars. Little ebony pornstar from Florida with a modest cleavage. It’s hard to believe that Mya, who was born in 1991, has been in more than a thousand scenes since then.

It all started with my ex-girlfriend, but she wasn’t black, and I’ve been craving adorable little butts ever since. You can reach me at any moment and I’ll gladly choose Mya Mays over either her or my mother.

Moriah Mills

What comes to mind immediately when I think of a sexy black girl that enjoys sucking her own dick is Moriah’s body. Truly, she is a sight to behold. I’m having trouble concentrating on what I’m trying to write. The Devil himself designed the lovely ass for the sole purpose of smashing watermelons… Absolutely nothing needs to be changed, whether they’re good boys or bad boys. Let the music begin, and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of moments.

Given the opportunity, I’d get rid of that scumbag tattoo. Because hiding your most valuable assets is a bad idea that should be treated as a criminal offense.

Cherokee D’Ass

Active: 1999-2010
Classic Work: All About Cherokee D’Ass, Ass Everywhere 1, Big Ass Anal Heaven 9, Big Booty Bash, Big Booty Revenge 1, Big Phat Onion Booty 1, Booty Clappin’ Superfreaks 1, Flava of Lust, Junk N Da Trunk 29, Nightstick Black POV 6
Official Websitecherokeedass.com

When a girl calls herself “D’Ass,” you know she has to have an enormous backyard in order to brand herself the queen of black porn. This is exactly what Cherokee has, an enormous backyard with its own unique zip code, which is a godsend. They’ve had the best rides of their life as a result of that. There are a few people who would recognize these globes even if they didn’t have the official stamp on them. There is no doubt that Cherokee is a wonderful place. But it’s her d’ass that has made her a star.

Tyra Banxxx

Active: 2004-2009
Classic Work: America’s Next Top Porn Model, Cum Rain Cum Shine 1, Red Bones, Younger the Cherry Sweeter the Berry 2

Tyra Banxxx’s name is a play on Tyra Banks’ John Hancock, a former supermodel. Most people were first introduced to Banxxx on the former runway princess’ talk show back in 2005. During the course of the show, Tyra attempted to convince her thin-like Vogue models doppelgänger to stop porn and go to counseling as well as a beauty institute. Banxxx did take a break…for a few days at most, I’d say. She later resurfaced under the guise of Alana, her official government name, and appeared in a parody of America’s Next Top Model.

Jeannie Pepper

Active: 1984-2009
Classic Work: Black Taboo, Guess Who Came At Dinner, In And Out Of Africa, Strange Bedfellows, White Trash Black Splash
Official Websitejeanniepepper.com

An all-time great is Jeannie Pepper. Jeannie made her skin film debut in 1984 and has been revived for skin flicks more than two decades later due to her historic status as an African American porn star accepted into the AVN Hall of Fame. This deep throat specialist offered a touch of levity to all of her scenes, thanks to her enticing tig ol’ bitties. She had a minor role in the 1996 Jon Lovitz comedy High School High. Ms. Pepper is a role model for all porn stars.

Melody Nakai

Active: 2008-Present
Classic Work: Doin’ Da Bubble Butt 6, I Eat White Meat 1, Jersey Shore XXX: A Black Parody, Let Off in Me 6, Pop Dat Phat Azz 4

They look like sisters, even if Melody Nakai and Amerie (or whatever she calls herself these days) aren’t actually related. In just a few short years, this Blasian porn star has risen to prominence thanks to her ex-boyfriend Brian Pumper, who reportedly introduced her to the industry. Only five feet tall, this smokin’ shorty has a bubble and some delectable God-given breasts to match. Melody is studying to be a social worker, which makes sense given the fact that her scenes are often being watched by family and friends at home.

Luciana aka Miriam aka Lisa

Active: 2004-2009
Classic Work: Private Castings X 50, Private Reality 24: Sex Addicts

There is no doubt in your mind that she does not perform pornography based on her appearance alone. How many people believe that miracles aren’t possible? It doesn’t matter what you name Luciana; she’s always lovely, no matter what her aliases are. Despite the fact that most of her work consists of nude softcore posing, there is plenty of explicit material for you to enjoy. (It’s Czech for her, haha!)

Janet Jacme

Active: 1992-2008
Classic Work: Assliciously Delicious 5, My Baby Got Back 4, Sherlock Homie, Sweet Sweetback’s Big Bone
Official Websitejanetjacme.net

In the eyes of black adult entertainment purists, Janet Jacme is a household name. Julian St. Jox, the previous boyfriend of the voluptuous former hairdresser, got her into the business, but it was her unbridled horniness that made her an icon. In Lil’ Kim’s song “Big Momma Thang,” she sings, “I used to be terrified of the dick/Now I fling lips to the shit/Handle it like a genuine bitch/Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme.'” Janet was able to make her own decisions because of her enormous popularity, which continues to this day. She was known for excelling at Doggystyle and avoiding girl-girl action.

Mone Divine

Active: 2003-Present
Classic Work: Black Pussy Bandits, Bubble Butt Barbecue 1, Bun Glazer, D.J. Yella’s West Side Stories 1, No Boyz In The Hood, Shorty Mac’s Cunts ‘n Blunts, Smothered in Ass 1
Official Websitemyspace.com/therealmonedivine

Every time Mone Divine smolders on a porn shoot, she brings her A-game. For the previous eight years or more, despite her dirty and satisfying efforts, she has mostly toiled in the shadows of her more famous costars. With her maneuvers, she’s almost as good as a gymnast, and she’s one of those “rides or dies” girls if you will. Her flirtatious attractiveness is enhanced by the tiny gap in her teeth. One of black porn’s best-kept secrets is Mone.

Michelle Tucker

Active: 2005-2006
Classic Work: Budonkadunk 2, Big Phat Apple Bottom Bootys 4, All Dat Azz 33, 2 Ho’s and a Bro, Orgy World: Brown And Round 7

Michelle Tucker made an impression in the sleazy film industry even though she had only been in the profession for a year. Michelle, who was tall and athletic (she played sports in high school), is best known for the tatted outline of Africa on her ample buttocks. She and Nat Turnher, a male artist, had a relationship that was well-known for her tendency to lose herself while boning. An EMT worker or a vineyard worker have been rumored as possible reasons for her departure from the company.

Nautica Binx

Active: 2003-2006
Classic Work: Choc Full A Nut, Paste My Face 3, Terrible Teens 1

The ethnicity of this shy East Coast girl is listed as Latina. Being a little hesitant didn’t stop this little sweetie pie from getting her groove on when she got to banging. Quite the opposite. During her climax with Wesley Pipes in the ninth episode of Spanish Fly Pussy Search, she breaks free and appears to have an honest-to-goodness orgasm. I’m sorry to hear that, mama.


Active: 2006-2009
Classic Work: www.asslikethat.com, Black Cherry Poppers 3, Double Bubble Booty 2, Gin and Juicy Azzes 5

For the first time ever, Strokahontas stepped into the digital world as a bookworm-turned-prostitute with her own unique pseudonym: Strokahontas. But when it comes to bumpin’ uglies, this titillating tramp is everything but shy, timid, or quiet. Even if she’s a great liar, her secret weapon may be her incredible financialization skills.

Velvet Rose

Active: 2002-2007
Classic Work: Interracial Anal Vacation 4, My Thick Black Ass 5, Mandingo 1, Sugarwalls 41
Official Websitevelvetrosexxx.com

Even though Velvet Rose’s blonde hair and body piercings (yes, even down there) were instantly recognizable, it was her lively demeanor and how much she enjoyed herself during her videotaped trysts that made a lasting impression on viewers… After retiring from the stage in 2007, the diminutive but sprightly firecracker took up escorting (as many adult entertainers do on the side) in Texas. She has a website and routinely posts videos to her YouTube channel.

Sinnamon Love

Active: 1993-Present
Classic Work: Chocolate Honeyz 1, Super Freaks 9
Official Websitesinnamonlove.com

Sinnamon Love, who has been in the industry for nearly 20 years and has shot more than 200 sequences, is a testament to perseverance and reinvention. She has worked tirelessly to maintain her bookings and has delved into about every fetish fantasy you can think of, including becoming a dominatrix in the dark. Because Sinnamon has the resolve to overcome cancer, her long life is not a surprise. Induction into the AVN Hall of Fame was Sinnamon’s honor this year. She worked for it.

Mischa McKinnon aka Michelle Banks

Active: 2004-2009
Classic Work: Anal Annihilation 2, Anal Romance 2

This is one of those porn stars who takes some time to settle on a moniker and, as a result, appears on DVD covers and websites with multiple monikers. It’s possible that Mischa appeared in less than half the typical number of scenes that other female performers would have done in the same five-year period she was active. She was billed as Melodie Mitchell, Catherine, Marissa, and Michelle Banks at various times. Possibly because she is from Canada, she was unable to work as much as she would have liked in the United States. Mischa, at least, had everything he needed.

Vanessa Blue

Active: 1996-2008
Classic Work: Backseat Driver 14, Balls Deep 1, Black Knockers 20, Woodburn’s OG Kush 1: Compton’s Next Top Model, Eat At the Pussy Cafe 4
Official WebsiteVanessaBlue.com

Her achievement in the director’s chair is a rarity among female adult actors. To prove to everyone that she was an unrestrained sexual machine, the prowling temptress with noticeable breast implants made her way through over 150 titillating titles.

Angel Cummings

Active: 2008-2010
Classic Work: Chocolate Cream Pies 20, Schoolgirl POV 6, Spring Chickens 22, Please Bang My Wife 5

Cummings, a petite, girl-next-door charmer, excelled at playing bespectacled, lonely schoolgirls who mature men tried to take advantage of, despite her petite stature (in porn and in real life). In S&M scenarios, she could be tied up and beaten like the best of them. As soon as they saw her lovely face and toned form, most men (and, I’m sure, some women) fell in love with her. Sadly, she went unnoticed when she should have been hugely popular. Angel appears to have retired last year, based on his social media activity.

Ayana Angel

Active: 2001-2008
Classic Work: Big Butt All Stars: Ayana Angel, Black Girls Get Nasty Too 1, Buttfaced 6, Club Lil Jon, Coochie Cutters, Freaks of the Industry 6, Lil Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party, Mandingo 10, My Baby Got Back 29,
Official Websiteayanaangel.com

Ayana Angel’s rise to fame in the porn industry was a long and arduous one. She was a stripper before producing smut movies, like many other adult entertainers, but unlike many of her peers, she was able to earn a Bachelor’s degree in her field of endeavor.. There are some people who have seen her movies who believe that this diploma is for sex actions like picking a hole in the back, giving someone a dome, and so on. This is not the case. It wasn’t until much later in her career that Ayana was cast as an insatiable MILF, and she was known for her fans’ enjoyment of seeing her dripping wet and slimy at the end of each film.

Misty Stone

Active: 2006-Present
Classic Work: All The Way Sistas, Anacondas And Lil Mamas 1, Angels of Debauchery 8, Celebrity Apprentice, Frosty Finish 1, Lesbian Bukkake 15, Not The Cosbys XXX 1 & 2, Official Flava of Love Parody, Official Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Parody, This Ain’t Saved by the Bell XXX
Official Websitemistystone.com

She’s a blue-eyed, cinnamon-skinned harlot who isn’t to be confused with her white counterpart Missy Stone. Misty has been known to give frenzied close encounters for the cameras, but she actually has some legitimate acting chops, as demonstrated in the Saved By The Bell and Cosby spoofs. She’s the real deal. There’s a good chance you’ll see this fine, petite mom break in half every time she’s drilled; she’s tough as nails.

Kapri Styles

Active: 2005-2010
Classic Work: Addicted to Black Crack, Black Ass Candy 11, Black On Black Crime 6, Cum Swapping Fuck Dolls 1, Ghetto Teen Love 2, Jeffersons: A XXX Parody, Shake Dat Money Maker

First, spectators were entertained by her dirty tiny lips and her slender, flexible body, which was differentiated by bee stings on top and gravity-defying bubble butt down below (further recognizable by the tattooed Chinese characters). In the midst of raunchy sex sessions, Kapri’s boundless energy drove her to engage in sensual positions like a human pretzel and shout forceful directions to her mate. Love Kapri’s fashion sense.

Jenna Brooks aka Bambi Bliss

Active: 2002-Present
Classic Work: Black On Black Crime 2, Chocolate Gazongas 2, Jelly 7, Jiggly Juggs 2, Pink Pussy Cats 2,
Official Websitejennabrooks.net

Jenna Brooks’ use of the name Bambi Bliss might give you a sense of her personality as a performer. With her expressive doe-eyes and occasional use of contact lenses, this large bosom with the expressive doe-shaped eyes does have a substantial white fan base. In certain ways, it makes sense to go by the moniker Bambi.

Keisha Kane

Active: 2007-Present
Classic Work: Rocco’s Psycho Love 1, I Fucked A Girl And I Liked It
Official Websitekieshakane.net

Keisha Kane is a slender, kinky, and extremely sexy tart in England. If you’re lucky enough to have a bite of her English muffin, Horny Spice (Horny Spice?) won’t hesitate to invite you over. Under the blankets, she’ll be nothing but a slut. To learn more about this sultry half-Jamaican beauty, click here (SFW…sort of.)

Mya Lovely

Active: 2003-2007
Classic Work: Most Likely To Suck Seed, Assiliciously Delicious 6

Mya Lovely, a Canadian escort, is a beautiful, strange woman. As a result, despite her lack of popular adult film success, it was not due to laziness on her part. Her passionate glance and her proclivity for nasty French chat were surefire ways to get an erection out of her lovers. Mya’s retirement was far too early.

Olivia Winters

Active: 2003-Present
Classic Work: Big Phat Onion Butts 2, Black Azz Red Bones, Black Cream Pie And Squirting 2, Cutie with a Booty

She’s one of the most underappreciated black (or otherwise) adult film stars of recent memory. ‘ What you’re looking at is Olivia Winters, who has been quietly amassing her film credits over the past eight years. It’s safe to say that Winters is attractive enough to hang around with some of the highest-paid doe snatchers, and she’s been continuously reliable enough to warm up most of the sets she’s been on, so much so that she has already been cast in a few shows this year. Good for someone who doesn’t get a lot of attention in an industry where new, fresh-off-the-bus females are the primary objective.

Angel Kelly

Active: 1985-1991
Classic Work: Angel Gets Even, Black Magic Sex Clinic, I Am Curious Black, Naughty Girls Like it Big

Other black adult entertainers can learn from Angel Kelly’s beauty and grace. She is rightfully regarded as one of the XXX genre’s legends, having come of age in the wild 1980s while still giving outrageous head. As a maid, she was always stylish and could be counted on to bring passion to the table. This interview with Heather Hunter and Angel proves that she was as intellectual as she was gorgeous, and she was one of the first black actors to obtain starring roles and a chance to direct.

Skin Diamond

Active: 2009-Present
Classic Work: Beat Tha Pussy Up 5, Booty Talk 93, My Favorite Emosluts, Slutty and Sluttier 14
Official Websiteskin-diamond.blogspot.com

Fictitious models like Skin Diamond are a favorite of those who enjoy them. However, they are not everyone’s cup of tea, thus Skin Diamond is their alternative porn girl. As a result of Cassie’s emo and extreme sex, you get the beautiful Skin, who is sometimes mistaken for Asian despite her Scottish roots. Despite her relative inexperience, this rising star is one to keep an eye on since she possesses the potential to dominate not only the alternative scene but also the more mainstream ones. Anyone who hasn’t met her before, here’s a basic rundown.

Courtney Devine

Active: 2002 -2009
Classic Work: I Fucked My High School Teacher 4, Meat The Fluffers 6, Phatty Girls 3

Redbone is a hottie as heck. Courtney Devine’s on-screen deeds astonished the crowd. This Itty Bitty Titty Committee president, freckles and all, wore her hair short for the most of her campaign. The fact that she was a little crazy made her even more attractive (obviously).

Tyra Moore

Active: 2006-2009
Classic Work: All The Way Sistas, Big Bodacious Knockers 2, Black Iz Beautiful 1, Full Gallon Juggs 2, Meet the Twins 16

Squeezable milky juggs of epic proportions. It’s true that Tyra Moore has a rear rack, but she’s also quite slim. But saying she has more “Moore” than the ordinary woman would be a bad idea. Tyra’s untainted, everyday gal feel is a pleasant surprise. Nothing arrogant about this person; she only wants to share her treasures with the world.

Lavish Styles

Active: 2007-2010
Classic Work: Teens With Tits 13, Mama Turned Me Out 1, Babys Mommas 3

Since Rihanna looks so much like Lavish Styles, you already know he has a terrific look. However, will Lavish be able to get down? A resounding yes, if you’re not familiar with her style. It’s not uncommon for this porn star to get men out of bed and then take care of things for them afterward.

Tiffany Mason aka Taya

Active: 2000-2005
Classic Work: Chasing The Big Ones 9, Get Your Freak On, Goo Girls 10, Sodomania 34,

It’s hard to tell if Tiffany Mason is a fashion model or a porn superstar because of her long, slim figure and high cheekbones. Despite this, she stood naked and licked those luscious lips, a wicked girl. The naturally beautiful brunette has been retired since 2005, but she has worked her way through a number of lesbian titles and the adult urban market. Chasing the Big Ones 9 has her in a sequence with Mandingo’s monstrous member, which is possibly her most well-known performance. During her time as a Vivid contract girl, she renamed herself Taya, a hint that she had broken over into the mainstream porn population and was now a household name.

Nyomi Banxxx

Active: 2006-Present
Classic Work: Black Reign 9, Dynamic Booty 5, Nyomi Banxxx is Hardcore, Official Boyz N the Hood Parody
Official Websitenyomibanxxx.com

Nyomi Banxxx climbed the ranks because of her fiery good looks and eagerness to try new things (blindfolded, tied up, and smashed type of experimenting). This woman isn’t joking around when it comes to the way she looks and the way she acts in the bedroom. This is one of her first and greatest scenes with Lexington Steele in Black Reign 9 — she shows genuine excitement and passion for Steele’s steel. When she gets a facial, she sets off on a path to being one of the most prominent black female artists.

Alicia Tyler

Active: 2006-2009
Classic Work: Sugar Pie Honeyz 4, Teen Cum Dumpsters 4, Ass Like That 3, Freakaholics 1
Official Website: myspace.com/aliciatylerxxx

Alicia Tyler is designed for sex, from the pouty lips to the bolt-ons to the shapely rear end. So flawlessly does she embody the conventional porn ideal that one cannot fathom her not wearing thigh highs and come-do me pumps 24 hours a day? It’s hard to imagine Alicia, a true porn actress who seemed to genuinely enjoy her trade, doing another torrid (and frequently creamy) scene, but sadly, she’s retired.

Angel Eyes

Active: 2002-2010
Classic Work: Ass Almighty 1, Big Black Bubble Butts, Black Bubble Butt Hunt 2, Black Size Queens 2, Ebony Addiction 1, Under Pimp Arrest

One look from the appropriately named Angel Eyes is all that is needed to get you in the mood. While working in the adult film industry, the girl known as Nika Chanel brightened up situations with her beautiful smile and eager-to-please attitude. When she wore a choker, she looked exceptionally sexy, but nothing compared to seeing her naked.

Bethany Benz

Active: 2010-Present
Classic Work: Bust a Nut or Die Tryin’

Isn’t Bethany Benz stunning? For the Love of Ray J’s Prince Yahshua, Benz, the former video vixen Caviar, had a long line of male performers eager to hook up with her even after she fractured his love bone on set last August… There are a lot of people out there who have fantasized about being a reality TV star, and the Nigerian and Russian bombshell with a one-of-a-kind accent has been steadily learning how to sex on camera.


Active: 2006-Present
Classic Work: Big Butt All Stars: Pinky, Battle of the Bootys, Ba Dunk a Bounce 4, Culos Gigantes 3, Mandingo’s Lil Hotties and Phattys, Pinky Swear
Official Websitepinkyxxx.com/

Not a porn star, Pinky is an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to sex. This four-foot-eleven-inch-tall, incredibly thick nympho has burst onto the scene in the last five years, surging to the top with reckless enthusiasm. Getting down with this Oaktown impress, who has parlayed her reputation into other businesses, like rapping her huge booty off, has required even the most recognized male vets to pick up their game.


Active: 2004-2008
Classic Work: Azz and Mo Ass 2, Booty I Like 2, Center N Da City 2,

Even though she worked only a few times throughout her short career, Jemini was not hesitant to put on a show when she did get blasted. Some of the men she worked with were enthralled by her gorgeous face and body. However, she appeared to have a smoldering attitude beneath her demure exterior. However, all was forgiven when she dressed up as a cowgirl and rode around town. Tanard Jackson and Tanard Jackson’s purported kid were Jemini’s most high-profile media events.

Roxy Reynolds

Active: 2005-2010
Classic Work: Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 4, Black Bubble Butt Creampies 1, Booty Clappin’ Superfreaks 2, Bubble Butt Barbecue 2, Cream Filled Patties 1, Freak Nasty 1, No Boyz In The Hood, Phat Azz Butta Bootyz 4, This Ain’t the Barber Shop: It’s a XXX Parody, Roxy’s World
Official Websiteroxyreynolds.com

There is no doubt that Roxy Reynolds’ phatty is there. And she knows how to put it to good use. ” By playing like she’s been possessed by lusty spirits, she’s garnered a large following, often ending scenes with her torso covered in a thick layer of sweat (like it should be). Murs, an independent rapper, is a fan. As a tribute to her, he wrote and recorded the song “Vikki Veil.”


Active: 1995-2009
Classic Work: Booty Talk, 3, 6, 8, 14, 19; My Baby Got Back 7, 17, 19, 26, 28, 30

Obsession dominated the black porn market in the late 1990s. With an all-black ensemble in a string of films, the tiny and light-skinned freak had a wild stripper chick vibe (complete with covered-up tattoos and pierced nipples). Her most memorable scene is the one with Bobbi Bliss in Different Strokes 4: Return to Drool Job Planet, in which her and her W.G. friend’s sloppy, below-the-belt talents are on full display… The Dome is a must-see, according to critics.

Marie Luv

Active: 2000-Present
Classic Work: Afro Diziac, Ass The New Pussy, Black Ass Candy 8, Crazy Big Asses 1, Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 1, Gobble the Goop 1, Her First White Dick, Incredible Hulk: A XXX Porn Parody, Jeffersons: A XXX Parody, Just My Ass Please 5, Kung Fu Nurses A Go-Go 2, Load Warriors, Naporneon Dynamite, Pulp Friction
Official Websitemarieluvfucked.com

In a field where the ordinary female talent is usually eaten up and discarded within a few years, remaining in the game for a decade is no easy task. It’s been more than a decade since Marie Luv made her on-screen debut as a fresh-faced adolescent. In order to stay relevant, the small sexual dynamo has taken part in bondage videos and gone H.A.M. on extreme procedures like ATM. It’s obvious that all of your hard work has paid off. On her approximately 400-strong filmography, she recently appeared in the high-profile The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody, which she directed two years ago, as well as in Marie Luv’s Go Hard or Go Home.


Active: 1998-2008
Classic Work: Balls Deep 5, Big Willy’s Pumps And Rumps 2, Blackalicious, Freaks Who’s And Flows 2, It Doesn’t Matter, Just Don’t Bite It 6, Put it in Your Mouth 1, WaXXXin’ Phat Asses 1

In nearly all-black pornographic videos, shaking one’s azz is a requirement. (It’s understandable, with all that boobs.) When it comes to having a backside full of chocolate delight, Caramel is the only person who can truly claim to be a legend. That chick could move like a demon. When Carmel, one of the best-known and best-loved black stars of all time, performed, she always had a wide grin on her face. Horndogs were saddened by the retirement of this Panamanian joy seeker.

Charmaine Sinclair

Active: 1991-1992
Classic Work: Hard Cut 2, The Adventures of Misty McKain
Official Website: charmainesinclairlive.co.uk

When it came to men’s magazine spreads, Charmaine Sinclair was one of the most sought-after softcore nude models with an impressively large bust. It is said that Robert DeNiro was a fan and that they were deeply linked. However, she did engage in some serious sex with men, women, and/or lucky dildoes for a while. If you’re looking for an NSFW look back to her raunchy and explicit video activities, click here or type “Charmaine Sinclair: Vintage Fox” into a search engine.


Active: 1996-2008
Classic Work: Asses Galore 2: No Remorse No Repent, Black Beach Patrol 6 , Freaky Tailz, Gimme Some Butt, I’m So Horny Baby, N.B.A. Nuttin’ Butt Ass, Sex Hungry Butthole Sluts,
Official Websitemidorimusic.net

Ms. Midori Watley is not only the sister of Jody Watley and the ex-girlfriend of Kid Rock, but she is also one of the most fascinating humpers in Portland. The USA. Midori may have followed in her renowned sibling’s footsteps if she hadn’t decided to share her other “talents” with the world instead of following in her footsteps. Midori, who has released her own independent records, was on the cover of the Bad Meets Evil “Nuttin’ To Do” maxi-single with Crystal Knight on Game Recordings.

Desiree West

Active: 1974-1987
Classic Work: Love Slaves, SexWorld
Official Websitedesireewestxxx.com

Desiree West’s name isn’t as well-known today as it was in the 1970s, but she was a regular presence in a number of adult-oriented films. “Bosomy pioneer with the cute and darn near innocent-looking face is the prototype black female performer who pays mad dues” is how one porn actor describes her, despite only appearing in co-starring parts and never as the star of her own film.

Aurora Jolie

Active: 2006-Present
Classic Work: Whatabooty 2, Up That Black Ass 2 & 6

As an anal-only adult actor, her reputation precedes her like a champ. While this butt-plug in rule is sometimes overlooked, the female with the trademark nose piercing (often referred to as Nikara) has some of the most delicious tittays you’ve ever seen. What you get when you combine some very large legs with an adorable face is one delicious-looking delicacy: the trollop. Then there’s that.

Bella Moretti

Active: 2008-Present
Classic Work: Chocolate Chicks on Cracker Dicks 1, Phat Black Juicy Anal Booty 8

“She’s too pretty for porn” is just one of the ridiculous things people say about Bella Moretti, a new type of jizz biz diva. Fortunately for snobs, Miss Moretti is more than happy to get her face massaged in front of the camera. Moretti has a bright career ahead of him, and we look forward to seeing him again.

Jada Fire

Active: 1998-Present
Classic Work: 2 Ho’s and a Bro, Backdoor Beauties, Bangin’ Black Boxes, Black Ass Candy 2, Black Da Fuck Up, Black Reign 13, Cum Drenched Black Tits, DJ Yella’s Adventures, Don’t Look Now But There’s a Cock in Your Ass, I Love Jada, Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman 1, Reno 911: A XXX Parody, Tits Ahoy 1, Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?
Official Websitejadafirexposed.com

As far as modern black female porn performers go, Jada Fire may be the most popular of all time, regardless of race. She’s always been a force to be reckoned with, as her name suggests, thanks to her massive areolas and tireless work ethic. It doesn’t matter which one of her approximately 600 scenes you choose, Jada will give it her all. This year’s induction into the AVN Hall of Fame is a result of her unwavering commitment.

Julia Chanel

Active: 1992-1996
Classic Work: Adolescenza Perversa
Official Websitejuliachannel.com

Almost two decades after she began her X-rated career, Julia Chanel (aka Lydia Channel), a native of France, is still as seductive as ever. An international sensation, the enticing European beauty has appeared in American music videos, including Method Man’s “Judgement Day” music video, from 2000. Since then, Julia has pursued her own musical interests (check her website for a sample). It’s worth checking out any of her sinematic appearances (the camera adores this woman), but if you’re looking for something more stylish and decadent, look no further than Mario Salieri’s creations like Les Rebelles.

Lacey Duvalle

Active: 2000-Present
Classic Work: Freaks Who’s And Flows 23, 8 Clits: 5 Dicks, Black Cock Down 4, Bubble Bursting Butts 4, I Love Lacey, Inner City Black Cheerleader Search 38, Skeet Skeet Skeet, Tenderonis 1
Official Websiteclublaceyduvalle.com

Even at just 18, Lacey Duvalle had already established herself as an expert in the skincare industry, thanks to her enviable breasts and cheerful demeanor. However, even though she had a lot of crossover potential right out of the gate, it took her some time to get her name out there. A contentious, hard-to-watch sequence she filmed for Ghetto Gaggers in the mid-2000s was a low point for the eager oralist. After a break, she returned to the stage with a new look, but with the same enthusiasm for performing that she had displayed for years. (Also, Charles Hamilton wrote a song in 2008 in honor of her).


Active: 1997-2008
Classic Work: Bootie Nights, Freaks Who’s And Flows 14, It Doesn’t Matter, Just Don’t Bite It 3, Lil Jon And The Eastside Boyz American Sex Series, Nubian Nurse Orgy, Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle 1

As a sex star of the highest kind, this East Indian-born dark chocolate beauty was known for her calm demeanor. Black Widow Entertainment and the 2006 publication of a rap album titled Role Play were India’s first forays into the music industry. It appears that India had long hoped to grant permission for the use of microphones on stage rather than merely in pornographic productions. Sadly, her artistic aspirations came to naught, but she did leave behind an incredible body of work in the form of must-watch XXX clips.

Dominique Simone

Active: 1990-2000
Classic Work: Black Butt Jungle, Black Men Can Hump, Bung Ho Babes, Edward Penishands, Freak Dat Booty, Girlz ‘n Da Hood 2, Haunted Tails, Howard Sperm’s Private Party, In Loving Color 3, My Baby Got Back 1, White Chicks Can’t Hump
Official Websitedominiquesimonexxx.com

Dominique Simone is the best-known black porn star. One of African American adult entertainment’s most successful performers of all time, Simone Moan was a constant presence on box covers and magazine layouts throughout the 1990s, making her one of the most prominent African American adult entertainers ever. She has been in critically praised films such as Edward Penishands and My Baby Got Back. She overcame drug addiction and resigned from her position to focus on raising her two children, but she did so with a legacy that will be difficult to top.

Ebony Ayes

Active: 1985-1996
Classic Work: Black ‘n Blew, Ebony Humpers 1, Hooters, Horny Heatwaves, Lust Of Blackula
Official Websiteebonyayesxxx.com

At a period when the porn industry was making an explosive shift from film to home video, Ebony Ayes began her historic ascension in smutland back in 1985. Due to what she perceived as racial discrimination, the busty beauty with DSLs had to end her film career early because she was only paid half what her white rivals were paid. Her earlier term in the military may have prepared her for the role of a dominatrix, but she finally disappeared from the public eye. Thank you, Ms. Ayes, for the mammaries.

Ebony Mystique

Since we’ve only recently discovered Mystique, let us be the first to admit that she might not be for everyone. The main reason for this is that she has a large set of fake tits, which we adore, but we believe she’d look much better with a smaller set. Not to mention that we love her large breasts and would never turn down the opportunity to have some fun with them; we simply think they take away from her overall appearance.

Victoria Cakes

If you want to enjoy Victoria Cakes, you’ll have to be a fan of enormous posteriors. I mean, come on, she’s got to have the biggest ass in porn, right? With the exception of her enormous ass, she has great titts and, surprisingly, a slim waist that is most likely the product of 1000 squats a day, night, and every day. Even if she doesn’t have the figure of some of the other girls on this list, with her ass, tattoos, and boobs, she has earned her place among the most beautiful women in the world. She’s also put in a lot of effort, so finding videos with her in them shouldn’t be a problem.

Evi Rei

Our favorite thing about Evi, who is also known as Lola Chanel, is her huge, all-natural tits. But her nipples are even more impressive. Because she’s on our list, even though huge nips aren’t for everyone, she will be here for the foreseeable future (or at least until she retires and hotter pornstars come along). Despite not being featured on Brazzers, this lady has a long list of other studio credits, including Naughty America and Exotic 4K. Her best scene is unquestionably for Family Strokes, so make sure to have a look.


Her reverse cowgirl performance on a lucky gentleman was the first image we saw of Brandi and wow, what a first impression that left on us – her stunningly flawless body and a perfect set of fake tits make that position a delight to see. Her inexperience in the industry means that she has only published a few scenes so far, but we have high hopes that she will continue to do so.

Nadia Jay

We’re not sure how we missed this beautiful ebony babe, but thanks to one of our readers, we’ve finally found her. Nadia has a beautiful body, a pair of (artificial) tits, and pierced nipples that make her tits even better. When we first saw ‘Round and Brown’ by Reality Kings, we were blown away, and since then we’ve seen her appear on a number of other sites, including Passion HD’s Exotic 4K.

Kiki Minaj

In spite of the fact that we’ve known Kiki for a long time, we were hesitant to include her on this list because we felt she had given up making films. In any case, she has an upcoming film on Brazzers, so we’re thinking she’s back in the porn business. We hope she’s here to stay.

Jenna J Foxx

After seeing Jenna on Brazzers for the first time, we were taken away by her natural tits and beautiful face. There is a good chance you haven’t seen her before, therefore we strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Jezabel Vessir

Jezabel’s tits are the first thing you notice about her, and before you ask, yes, they are natural. Aside from Reality Kings, this lady has also been featured by BangBros and a few others, but her greatest scenes can still be found at Reality Kings; her most recent scene is one of the reasons she was included here.

Diamond Jackson

As a 48-year-old’milf’ ebony pornstar with big triple D tits (fake) and an athletic physique, Diamond is unquestionably one of the hottest ebony pornstars on the market today.

Jade Aspen

Our list of “pornstars with natural tits” almost missed Jade, but she was not going to be left out of this one. She’s a stunning young lady with a superb physique and a fantastic set of all-natural genitals. If you haven’t heard of her, we recommend that you do so because she’s not well-known.

Mary Jean

For a variety of reasons, we decided not to include Mary when we first began compiling the list. There is a good chance she’s back to her old habits now that she has just been featured on Brazzers.

Rose Monroe

Rose, despite how weird it may sound, has a lovely face… In addition to having a wonderful face. You should expect more from her because she’s been in the business for almost three years and she’s still active. Reality Kings has some of the best scenes of Rose, so check there if you’re itching to play with her.

Leilani Leeane

For the most part, her work in the porn industry has been good, but she’s only put out a small amount of footage, and her tits are real, which just serves to increase her appeal even further!! Check out this 23-year-old woman if you’re a fan of ebony porn, she’s got a hot tattoo on her back.

Evanni Solei

Some of the greatest tits on an ebony porn star can be found in this 25-year-old ebony beauty. The content she has released so far has been well received, so if you haven’t heard of her before, we highly recommend checking her out.

Carmen Hayes

Carmen’s 38G all-natural tits are the first thing that springs to mind when we think of her. Please pardon us while we research Carmen a little bit more.

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