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Everyone loves Asian sex workers. If you’re reading this because you’re looking for a list of the best ones, I’m sure you’re a fan of them as well. Japanese girls aren’t on this page since they deserve a distinct list of their own, and I intended to showcase just those Asian stars who don’t have pixelated images on their private parts. Lists of the finest Asian porn stars of 2021 don’t include any Japanese women, but they’ve worked extensively in America, so I think they deserve a place here!!

Asian ladies are famed for their naturally beautiful and slender figures, so it was a difficult challenge to narrow the field to just a handful. It is my goal to cover only those porn stars actively working in the profession, however for this post I included a few former porn stars who are still beloved by their fans, even though they no longer work in the field. Please excuse me if I included any of the retiring girls in this list, as I still watch their scenes on a regular basis. Let’s not waste any more of your time, so let’s check out some of the most beautiful Asian porn stars out there!

Top 50+ Hottest Asian Pornstars

Morgan Lee

In the case that you enjoy witnessing little girls take the task of swallowing large, deep-throated cocks, Morgan Lee is the gal for you! When it comes to sex, this beautiful Asian chick has no limits and enjoys being abused by muscular men who don’t give her a chance to savor her pleasure. Her scenes are worth watching since she is always eager to take a cock deep into her holes, and you’ll fall in love with the way she acts.

Honey Moon

Fans were hoping to see a lot more of this stunning beauty, but she doesn’t appear to be making as many appearances as they had expected. She is active on social media and has released a few amateur videos, but she hasn’t worked with a porn studio in a long time. Honey Moon’s low ranking is solely due to this. This Korean porn girl has all she needs to make a famous name in the industry; I only hope she starts shooting more scenes.

May Thai

Just because she’s adorable doesn’t mean May Thai is a shy and innocent babe. If she’s shy up until the cameras start rolling and there are firm cocks waiting to be sucked in front of her, then she’s not shy at all. If you’ve ever seen her on TV swallowing cocks, you’ll know that this Thai beauty is an expert. The most extreme performer on this list, she has done more double-penetration and double anal penetration scenes than others, as well as many large black cocks at one time. So, if you’re looking for whores that appear like they’re having the time of their lives, May Thai is your lady!

Kalina Ryu

Kalina Ryu was one of the many women who entered the porn industry in order to make a quick buck. She had just intended to do a few scenes, earn a little money, and then leave the industry, but she had no idea how much she would like sex and how quickly it would grow to be her passion. Despite the fact that this was a complete surprise, she didn’t regret it at all because she was in love with fucking on film and wanted to continue doing it. Because she has one of the best bodies and a beautiful pussy and an ass, this small-breasted pornstar has realized that the only way to satisfy her wants is to become a full-fledged pornstar and have fun with all the scumbags she meets!

Christy Love

Currently, Christy Love is one of the most sexy Asian porn performers around, and she’s also quite versatile. You won’t believe your eyes when you see her face: it’s one of the cutest you’ll ever come across. In other words, you will watch her being punished by large black cocks, but you will also see her flinging younger studs, dominating them, and using them to please her sexual desires. As a pro, she knows how to ride cocks like a pro and make men squirm as they fight to hold off their climax!

Jada Kai

With over two years in the business, Jada Kai has been in dozens of scenes. Since she is an accomplished figure skater, she is one of the most gorgeous stars on this list. For the most part though, she is an extremely promiscuous woman, which is why she ended up working as a porn star. Since her debut, she has collaborated with some of the best actors in the business to produce some of the most hotly anticipated scenes, while also creating a lot of amateur video.

Rina Ellis

Rina Ellis is without a doubt one of the decade’s most stunning Asian pornstars, and if you don’t believe me, just check out a video of hers. Rina Ellis began her career as a camgirl, as did the majority of other performers in the business, and she quickly found popularity on a variety of webcam networks. When her exotic features and willingness to fuck new people pushed her into the adult industry, her fame skyrocketed. Her career as a short pornstar began in 2015, and she has since performed for all of the leading studios, fucked both male and female performers, and participated in a wide variety of porn scenes.

Sharon Lee

The first time you see her, you’ll know she’s one of the greatest Asian porn stars ever. When it comes to extreme shoots, Sharon Lee has done them all, from anal to ass to mouth to double penetration and even double anal penetration. Her sultry French accent will come out when she’s on the receiving end of harsh hammering because she was born and reared in France. It’s always a joy to watch her films, whether they’re hardcore or lesbian, because she has a fantastic physique, a gorgeous face, an awesome butt, and large natural tits!

Avery Black

While Avery Black may be a relative newcomer to the profession, her scenes are consistently improving and her fucking abilities are always on display! With her small frame, she’s got naturally perky tits and juicy ass, but her sex-crazed nature and desire for big, deep-throated cocks are the main reasons why she’s so popular in the profession. Although she’s previously been in a number of scenarios, she’s only just getting started!

Saya Song

Like most of the Asian porn performers on this list, Saya Song has a small frame. While Saya may be one of the few females to have an incredibly tiny frame, her little ass and flat titties make her look even slimmer. It’s not that she’s less appealing, it’s the full opposite. In order to get the most out of her small form and submissive character, she takes full advantage of both. As a fan of anal sex, she’ll leave you with cum in your pants if you witness a monster cock glide between those little ass cheeks!

Mia Little

As a fan of fetish and kink porn, you may have already seen Mia Little in action on the big screen. Scenes of bondage and BDSM, strap-ons, fist-and-pegging sexual punishment and scenes of sexual humiliation have all been done by this beautiful Asian beauty. As of 2011, she has performed all of the hardcore scenes with equal gusto, and she continues to experiment with more and more raunchy material. Then, for those who enjoy watching Asian porn stars who prefer intense pussy and ass-expanding porn, then here is the place to be.

Sofia Su

Sofia Su, unlike the most of the Asian porn performers on this list, is a relative newcomer. As of this writing, she hasn’t even finished a dozen scenes, but I’m sure that will change by the time you finish reading this piece. Just looking at her gives the impression that she’s a geeky adolescent, and you’d be right. However, she’s also a really hot slut who doesn’t need her specs to focus on hard fucks. What counts is that she has an attractive face, a perfectly toned figure with perky tiny tits and a juicy buttocks, and she can suck and ride a dick like a pro!

August Taylor

Despite her appearance, August Taylor isn’t as old as her pornography would lead you to believe. Nevertheless, no one really cares about it because all we want to watch is her lovely body being completely desecrated in order to leave her with a complete sense of fulfillment! With her large prosthetic tits, the porn diva looks even more sexy than she already is. Even more so, she has an alluring figure that is enhanced by her well-defined hips and ample bottom. Not to mention that her performances, particularly her blowjob and anal scenes, are well worth watching!

Eva Lovia

We’ve all jerked off to Eva Lovia’s videos countless times, so we know she’s one of the best Asian pornstars ever! She has the ability to captivate guys with her attractive hazel eyes, adorable freckles, and flawlessly tanned skin, as well as her stunning figure, complete with a gorgeous butt and thick thighs. A shame to see her leave mainstream porn behind, but she’s still active online with a ton of fan-created stuff on Snapchat and OnlyFans. It’s also possible to locate all of her content on her own website, FallinLovia.com!

London Keyes

London Keyes and her films are a must-see for fans of sloppy blowjobs followed by hardcore anal fucks. Besides her intense desire for sex, the busty Japanese-American pornstar is well-known for her gorgeous physique with mouthwatering curves. She’s also endowed with some of the best-looking, juiciest, roundest, and most natural-looking tits around. In terms of sex, this stunner isn’t afraid to try new things, and she especially enjoys it when things go raunchy.

Ayumi Anime

Lesbian pornstars Ayumi Anime are a must-see if you’re a fan of sexy lesbians fucking and licking one other in public places. Before turning to the porn profession, she was a mainstream model who posed for various companies due to her stunning and chiseled physique. As soon as she made her debut, she made it her mission to sex with attractive women whenever possible. There are so many possibilities for her, but for now she’s only doing lesbian porn, but who knows what the future holds?

Alexia Anders

The pornstar Alexia Anders is the one to watch if you want to see gorgeous pornstars who also happen to be total sluts! It was only a matter of time before porn fans around the world saw her attractive face, her adorable dimples, and her well toned body with natural tits. Even though she’s only a few years old, she has the ability to make cocks cum as well as any veteran performer.

Cindy Starfall

Despite attending an all-girls private school as a child, Cindy Starfall went on to become a successful porn performer today. Because she didn’t grow up in a male-dominated environment, I believe that attending an all-girls school contributed to her development as a slut who enjoys exposing her genitals to throbbing cocks. As a result, this Vietnamese-born model is a force to be reckoned with in the world of pornography. The fact that she’s a seductress with a penchant for hardcore porn makes her all the more attractive to male porn stars, who can then use their enormous dicks to fuck all of her holes!

Ember Snow

Ember Snow has proven that she is one of the best Asian porn stars by delivering gorgeous scenes one after the other, making her one of the most sought-after models in the industry. Even though her early pornography included only regular erotic sex, the brunette superstar has since graduated to more hardcore pornography and starting fucking enormous black cocks and doing more anal scenes. She looks absolutely stunning. In addition to her adorable and innocent looks, it’s a delight to see her get fucked because of the hint of a domineering attitude that makes her willingly go down to choke on a massive boner!


You would think this Asian seductress is just plain adorable, but she’s actually quite sweet and seductive when she chooses to be. Catalan-born Katana loves to discover new things, whether it’s new countries to visit, new foods to try, or even new men to kiss or suckle. Since this is the only location where you can satisfy your sexual desires while simultaneously discovering new things, it was a no-brainer for her to make her porn debut. For her part, she has worked with a number of porn studios and employed multiple men and women to satisfy her sexual desires!!

Asa Akira

We’ve all seen Asa Akira spray her pussy juices all over the many cocks she’s fucked. She’s an all-time outstanding performer and one of the most prominent Asian pornstars. Her career spans over a decade, and she has appeared in some of the sexiest sequences ever. The fact that she has a strong sexual hunger that will only be satisfied by someone sucking her brains out doesn’t detract from the beauty of her face, her rock-solid body, and her round, juicy butt.


Another excellent Asian pornstar, Katsuni is of Asian and French descent and has the face of an angel! Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is French, so she combines the best of both worlds. The fact that she enjoys a good hard-core fucking as much as she enjoys having an amazing figure with a tight, perky ass and lovely fake tits has garnered her a worldwide fan base. Despite the fact that she is no longer actively involved in the industry, you can still view a slew of her videos and hold out hope that one day she will return to grace our screens once more!

Honey Gold

I’ve seen a few porn performers that don’t seem to be enjoying the sex and are so unenthusiastic that it instantly kills your boner.. That isn’t the case if you see Honey Gold, because she is actually passionate about sex and would continue to fuck for the rest of her life if it were possible. A horny, masturbating slut, she enjoys all forms of sexual pleasure, from sexy lesbian fucking to a brutal and furious beating. Her superb physique, coupled with her stunning tattoos, only serves to enhance her allure.

Jasmine Grey

A few years ago, Jasmine Grey became a major porn celebrity after beginning her career as an amateur porn star. As a result, she’s worked with some of the most prestigious porn companies and raped some of the industry’s biggest names to prove her mettle. As a result of her small stature, she is ideally suited to play the submissive girl who is dominated by her lovers, whether they are men or women. For her part, she accepts the label of “submissive slut” because she’s a huge fan of being sex slaved to the point of exhaustion.

Kianna Dior

Although she made her debut in the 1990s, Kianna Dior is still one of the top Asian pornstars with the biggest boobs in the business. Curvy stunner worked with all the top studios and fucked more people than you could ever count over the past two decades. When it comes to her sexual appeal, no one would turn down the opportunity to have his or her dicks sucked by this temptress. The way her boobs move as she’s being slammed from behind will hypnotize you, I’m sure you’ve already seen her porn clips, but if you haven’t, I urge you to do so right now and fall in love with this MILF.

Marica Hase

To me, Japanese porn stars are the world’s best-looking, sexiest, and most lovely babes. For the first time in her career, Marica Hase made the trip from her home country of Germany to see what the American porn industry had to offer. We’ve been treated to one furious performance after another from the stunner ever since that day. Aside from having a nice ass and a tiny frame, she also has Asian background that makes her appear younger and cuter than most of the women in the profession her age.

Kaylani Lei

Viewing pornographers Porn stars often have a complete body makeover, but the results aren’t always what they appear to be. Kaylani Lei, on the other hand, has become even more beautiful than she was before. The stunning girl used to have a little frame with tiny tits, but she took a break from the industry and returned with a larger frame and exquisite fake titties. Even though she has matured, she still has her insatiable desire for sex and takes large cocks in her mouth to lubricate them before she bury them in her pussy or her tight asshole.

Lulu Chu

Don’t take my word for it; check out Lulu Chu’s most recent scene! You can never get enough of seeing this teen pornstar spin a cock, as she is without a doubt one of the sexiest around. When it comes to her body and her tits, she’s got an exquisite face, perky nipples, and perky natural tits that have been pierced. We all want to see her naked so she will take her time getting naked, but once she gets started, there’s no stopping her because she’ll suck the cock of her partner and ride it till she’s done!

Jade Kush

Rather than arguing with someone who claims Jade Kush isn’t one of the top Asian pornstars, show them one of her most recent videos and watch their mind be changed instantly! Despite her little stature, this Chinese pornstar packs a powerful sexual punch thanks to her ample breasts and full-figured genitalia. As her boobs bounce from jumping up and down, you’ll be mesmerized by her beautiful set of tittie-fucking tits.

Rae Lil Black

XXX actress Rae Lil Black is one of the sexiest Asian porn performers out there right now. She’s gifted with a great physique, big natural boobs, a charming yet seductive face, and a round & juicy ass, making her look incredibly stunning. Besides, she’s a real hot slut that enjoys filming herself getting fucked. Additionally, in addition to her work in the porn industry, she also shoots and uploads a large amount of amateur video content. So, don’t forget to have a look at those as well, because nothing beats seeing her in an amateur situation.

Kendra Spade

It’s rare to find an Asian pornstar that can pull off both being adorable and having a killer body, but Kendra Spade does just that! After making her debut, she’s demonstrated that she’s a huge fan of heavy anal beating and prefers to have a firm cock down her asshole rather than a soft one in her puss. The reason she’s often seen sucking the biggest cocks the business has to offer before they go to the deepest parts of her asshole is because she knows they’re coming. She prefers intense sex to erotic lovemaking, but she also enjoys interracial scenes in addition to her anal ones.

Brenna Sparks

After all, Brenna Sparks was always a sexual person, so becoming a porn star was a no-brainer for her. With so many scenes showcasing her cocksucking prowess, she has established herself as one of the most desirable Asian pornstars. Although she has a sweet and playful demeanor, she has the ability to turn the heat up when it comes to her sexual interactions with others. She’s quite sexually adventurous and enjoys experimenting with new things; she also enjoys having an audience to observe her sexual activities.

Vina Sky

I’m a big fan of nymphomaniac porn stars who look innocent and cute until a rock-hard cock enters the room! In spite of her angelic appearance, Vina Sky is one hot babe who enjoys having her small asshole stretched to its absolute maximum. Despite her diminutive stature, the hardcore performer has become one of the most sought-after extreme performers since her debut in 2018. A tiny woman who loves to be bullied from behind by big men and dominant ladies, no matter how small she is!

Ayumu Kase

Finally, we get Ayumu Kase and her lovely ass in a massage oil and slide sequence. But the perspective of Lee’s cock makes it look much larger than it actually is.

The cock on this Asian pornstar appears to be larger than her head, which is not uncommon for the industry’s tiniest stars. I’d love to go on an ego trip like that. Even worse, I’ve not had a chance to date an Asian woman in quite some time because of my little penis.

To put it another way, there’s practically no prospect of recreating this scene. It’s possible that I could get away with a midget. On the plus side, sites like Chaturbate and other adult video chatrooms have opened up new horizons. Things like private shows and conversation.

Jayden Lee

Stunning tits with a stretched butthole, slathered with massage oil. These are just a few of Jayden’s transferable skills that you’ll see in his resume. A master of anal hammering, creampies, and GIFs of the facial expressions of pleasure. It also helps that she has a beautiful, slightly Caucasian face, which makes her even more attractive.

In general, we’re pleased with this sexy Asian porn performer. As an additional perk, her facial expressions and moans of agony are a big draw.

Mika Tan

This Asian pornstar is one of the more curvy ones out there. Most Asian girls are flat as a 20-year-old tire, therefore she must have won a genetic lottery or some other form of randomness. Striptease, mouth fucking and just being a toy are all good uses for this.

For those of you who have always wished to see a non-ugly, obese, or fat Asian, Mika Tan is the gal for you.

Miko Sinz

One of the most well-known porn sites has already noticed this amateur, though. Trust me, this isn’t something that happens by accident. As a whole, she has an attractive round ass, a little butthole that’s ready to be gapped, and an innocent face.

One of the more solid catches out there.

Harriet Sugarcookie

The British Asian Pornstar is a real sugar cookie and has already appeared in well over a hundred scenes. In other words, rather than just adding another ass or mouth-raping video, why not watch her dance instead? Then sign up to see all of her fucking vids! Before each sex session, she performs some type of mattifying dance or ritual.

Alina Li

This hot Asian dick eater may have been long overdue, and that’s a fair point. To be fair, I was curious to see what Alina Li might become in the future, as well as to have access to a larger collection of sex scenes. Because so many random Asian pornstars ended way too early, consistency is essential here. In the real world, this is a prevalent trend.

Alina rises to the top of the heap after proving her worthiness and consistently exceeding everyone’s expectations. In honor of the newly crowned queen of porn, here is my favorite video of her.

Mia Smiles

Active: 1996-2011
Classic Work: Adam & Eve Signature Series 8: Mia Smiles, Charlie’s Little Devils, Dark Meat Asian Treat 2, East Meets West 3, Hook-ups 2, Love at First Byte, Mia Smiles AKA Filthy Whore
Twitter: @Mia_Smiles

An elongated shape For more than a decade, the enthusiastic and ubiquitous actress who always appeared younger than her true age appeared on screen in a variety of films and television shows. Mia was a slow starter, but her shyness faded as she worked harder, and at one point she could be found in almost any Asian-themed film or TV show.

Fujiko Kano

Active: 2001-2008
Classic Work: Babes in Pornland 7, Beverly Hills 9021-Ho! 2, Club TropiXXX, Deep Throat This 1, East Meets West 3, Hercules, Internally Yours 3, A Perverted POV #4

Despite being one of the less well-known Asian porn stars to have worked for local studios, Fujiko Kano’s talent to satisfy made a lasting effect. When she played up the stereotypical submissive position, she often had the audience in a state of mild awe. When it comes to entertaining moves, Fujiko has joined the Women’s Extreme Wrestling promotion. The “Bonzai tongue drop” is Fujiko’s finishing move, according to the WEW website. For good measure, she dated heavy metal artist Glenn Danzig for a while and appeared in his NSFW “Wicked Pussycat” music video in which she shows off her crawling skills.

Jade Hsu

Active: 2000-2009
Classic Work: Perfect Specimens 1, Roommate From Hell, Spring Chickens 1, Trained Teens 2, Undressed And Oversexed

Pretty Jade Hsu is all over the place. There were only a few interactions with male co-stars in Jade’s short career that generated any genuine fire, with the majority of her work being relatively lackadaisical efforts in girl-girl or solo scenes. It was, however, her exotic appearance that kept her in high demand. New millennium babe (the product of a Korean father and a Caucasian mother) started lapdancing in Cali a few years ago, allowing citizens the opportunity to get up close and personal with the divas. She finally stopped performing the porn thing.


Active: 1995-2011
Classic Work: Big Guns, The Boob Cage 2

Her bra size of 54KKK (no racism) has made her an iconic emblem of the enormously busted girls who grace the pages of Score and Hustler’s Busty Beauties. Minka is also a tennis player, a fact that may surprise some (she participated in the 1993 Asian Olympics). Minka, who has been in the adult entertainment industry for more than 15 years, has a great deal of expertise in torpedoes, which she uses to her advantage.

Haylee Le / Baylee Le (TIE)

Active: 2003-2009
Classic Work: 18 & Easy Vol. 5, Asian Nurses, Breakin’ ‘Em In #9, Fuck Me Now Home Wreckers 2 / bigmouthfuls.combigsausagepizza.com

Let’s go on to something a little more sinister. Haylee and Baylee Le of Saigon, Vietnam (Hay with the natural breasts, Bay with the silicone) are advertised as titillating twin sisters, although others believe that Haylee and Baylee are actually one and the same person. For those who haven’t seen it yet, some websites mention the “sisters” as being half Dominican (which is an ethnic mix you don’t see every day). The fact that they’ve never been in the same scene or movie together suggests that this is, in fact, the same person…or does it? NSFW evidence can be found by clicking here.

Nyomi Marcela

Active: 2001-2009
Classic Work: 2 Fast For Love, Asian Divas, Asian Mayhem, Cum Drippers 1, Fresh Meat 17, Jungle Love, Kum Pao, Whoriental Sex Academy 3

Jade Marcela’s younger sister figured it would be a good idea to follow in her footsteps and start her own business. We can only be thankful for the older sibling’s impact after more than 200 scenes. The Indonesian diamond resembled her kin physically, but she was tamer because she had never performed an anal scene in her entire career. Nyomi, on the other hand, provided enough sex to keep her non-anally-addicted devotees satisfied.


Active: 1998-2009
Classic Work: Coed Cocksuckers 13, Dirty Dancers 17, Extreme Teen, Gangland 27, sexunderwater.com

Although her English may have been inadequate, Bamboo’s sexual desire was undeniable. While growing up in France, this Vietnamese risk taker took on members twice her size and performed stunts like underwater sex with ease. Despite his lack of mainstream success in the United States, Bamboo, a self-described “back door” expert, was given the opportunity to direct two films in other countries. It’s clear that her capacity to deal with large situations helped her land the job.

Jandi Lin

Active: 2007-2010
Classic Work: The 8th Day, Asian Fucking Nation 3, Asian Slut Invasion Vol. 5, ATK: Asian Persuasion, Cheak Freaks 6, Crack Her Jack 9, Evil Anal 5, Jack’s Asian Adveture 3, Year Of The Whore

The fact that she got her start by responding to a Craigslist post makes her one of the industry’s more recent breakout stars. This seductive Chinese vixen goes by the name of Jandi Lin, and she’s got a bra cup size of 32A and a killer pair of legs to match. On the back of Jandi, a native of Honolulu who attended art school, you’ll see an elaborately styled design (she also has a pierced punani to boot). Her “bodywork” on her back (and on her knees) is what has gotten her all the attention she’s been deservedly receiving.

Annabel Chong

Active: 1994-2003
Classic Work: All I Want For Christmas is a Gang Bang, World’s Biggest Gang Bang
Website: Facebook

Instead of becoming a lawyer, she pursued her dream of becoming a porn performer. Grace Quek, a.k.a. Annabel Chong, has a fascinating backstory that goes far beyond this. The college-educated native Singaporean from The World’s Biggest Gang Bang in 1995 shot to fame after indulging in 251 sex acts with roughly 70 men over a 10-hour period of time. Although it left Chong physically and emotionally scarred, the heinous incident also turned her into a media darling, inspiring an award-winning documentary on her life. However, the documentary exposed an emotionally difficult side to Chong’s personal experiences. Annabel considered her porn job as a challenge to gender stereotypes as well as her first excursion into performance art. In 2003, the brave performer walked away from the business to focus on web development and put a lid on her background in order to have a “normal” life.

Ava Devine

Active: 2003-2011
Classic Work: American Bukkake 21, Ava Devine Biggest Greatest Whore Of All Time, Cumback Pussy 50, Cum Swallowing Whores 2
Twitter: @xavadevinex

Ava Devine is a sexual beast of epic proportions, and it’s nearly hard to find another harlot with her ravenous appetite. Extreme gang-bangs, double anal penetration, and even performing with transexuals are just some of the things the Chinese/Italian/Spanish sex machine has done. With Ava, it would take a typical starlet three times as long to even get close to her outrageous exploits in less than a decade of huffing and puffing.

Jessica Bangkok

Active: 2007-2011
Classic Work: Cockasian 4, The Doctor 2, FornicAsian, Inside the Orient 2, She’s Gonna Blow P.O.V.
Twitter: @jessica_bangkok

With Jessica Bangkok, you can get your fill of Asian-inspired sexyness in a variety of ways. When it comes to her libido, this hellcat is no joke: she knows how to get the party started. Jessica is a force to be reckoned with as both a MILF and a cougar, and she excels at both.

Leanni Lei

Active: 1997-2006
Classic Work: 18 And Nasty Vol. 2, America’s 10 Most Wanted Two, Back Seat Driver 6: Anal Whiplash, Bottom Feeders, Cumback Pussy 27, Professor Mike’s Freshman Fantasies 5th Edition, Haiku, Heavy Metal, Masseuse 3, Tails Of Perversity 5

Mimi Miyagi, a veteran of the X-rated industry, taught Leanni, a young adult actor who utilized her X-rated earnings to pay for her college education. Although she maintained an innocent demeanor throughout her encounters with Max Hardcore, the charming Pinay honey displayed some of her most memorable filthy conduct. Notorious B.I.G.’s “One More Chance” music video, where she appears for a brief three-second cameo alongside male models Tyson Beckford and Luke Campbell, is far more approachable.

Kira Kener

Active: 1999-2007
Classic Work: The Arrangement, The Bet, C Men, Eye Spy, Nurses, Prisoner, Virtual Sex With Kira Kener
Twitter: @KiraKenerLive

Her Vietnamese-Norwegian heritage qualifies as “strange” since how often do those two countries get mentioned in the same sentence, let alone in the same sentence? Kira’s stunning cheekbones and sun-kissed skin made her a welcome sight when she first started trolloping on camera in 1999. Even though Vivid Video has hired women of many racial backgrounds, their bread and butter has always been the blue-eyed blonde. KK’s less-than-thrilling practices of having condom-only intercourse and avoiding baby paste (especially to her lovely face) like it was bird flu were less than welcoming. Toward the end of her porn run, she did, however, begin to heat up a bit.

Evelyn Lin

Active: 2006-2011
Classic Work: Asian Fucking Nation 2, Asian Poke Holes 2, Asian Slut Invasion 4, Big Dicks Little Asians Vol. 2, Big Pole Little Hole, Cockasian 2, Cum Fu 5, Teen Dreams #13
Twitter: @xEvelynLinx

In the world of porn, fantasies can come to life. What if you wanted to see that reclusive honors class girl who you wouldn’t guess was a secret nympho? Evelyn Lin is also worth a look. This Chinese-born hottie is adorable beyond belief, but she doesn’t come across as an unrestrained thrill seeker. It’s part of her appeal to see the decent girl (she got herself through college while doing porn) gone bad doing all the dirty things you imagine shy girls doing when they’re not studying for finals (like good Asian girls are supposed to do, ha).

Miko Lee

Active: 1998-2005
Classic Work: Angels Of Mercy, Asian Sex Super Spy, Babes In Pornland 3: Asian Babes, Chasing The Big Ones 12, East Meets West 2, Heaven Sent, M: Caught In The Act, Miko Lee AKA Filthy Whore, My Plaything: Miko Lee , Re-enter Johnny Wadd, Wild Thing
Twitter: @miko_lee

Despite her little stature, Miko Lee was all than capable of handling even the most brutal of sex sessions, and she thrived at them. After being nominated for Best New Starlet at the Adult Video News Awards in 2000, the harsh tactics of the Vietnamese and Chinese star were brought to light. As a result, she went on to become an executive producer for the blockbuster Spartacus XXX, in which she also appears as a cameo.

Roxy Jezel

Active: 2003-2009
Classic Work: Anal POV (Prostitutes on Video) #2, Asian Fever: Sex Objects, Asian Invaders, Ass Stickers, Cream Filling 3, Playing With Roxy Jezel, Service Animals 16, Sodom 2
Twitter: @MistressRoxyJ

Roxy Jezel is a must-see for everyone who enjoys watching lovely women bump uglies as if they were possessed. To go along with her stunning physical features and exotic accent, the stunning Thai ‘n’ English jezebel from East London is one of the more crazy women you’ll encounter in skin flicks. The XXX-British porn star, who has been naughty since the beginning of her exploits in Porn Land USA, had to work hard for her early notoriety. As an amusing aside, Roxy is said to be an accomplished dominatrix with a degree in philosophy. When it comes to discussing Aristotelian and Platoid philosophy, Roxy is the woman for the job.

Shay Jordan

Active: 2006-2010
Classic Work: Babysitters, Control 4, Deeper 4, Jack’s Asian Adventure, Jesse in Pink, Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, Sexual Freak 3: Shay Jordan, Shay Jordan: Scream, Shay Jordan: Slippage, Throb POV 3

This is a terrible situation (meaning good) Shay Jordan is a culinary art school graduate who not only looks fantastic but also adores sex. This exquisite recipe is made up of just the proper amount of Filipina and German genes, according to actress (who doesn’t mind getting dirty in her flicks). Born in 1985, Shay-Shay is so gorgeous that it is impossible to take a negative picture of her. Her easygoing demeanor and love of the Wii made her seem like a fun-loving, youthful girl who was having a great time exploring her sexuality. Jasmine Jinn was eventually changed to Jasmine Jinn due to some legal, contractual mamajahambo, but whatever her appellation, this is the finest dessert on the pron menu.

Tia Tanaka

Active: 2005-2009
Classic Work: Afro Invasian #3, Asian School Girls, AZN Pop 2, Cockasian 2, Slant Eyed Sluts #3, Tunnel Vision 3, We Yum Yum Cum, Yellow Fever 2, Young Asian Cuties 4
Twitter: @tiatanaka

If you’re into Asian import models with a shady past, then you’ll want to check out Tia Tanaka. While this pornographic pixie didn’t stay long in the world of hardcore, her innocent appearance and hotter-than-you’d expect scenes of debauchery wowed audiences. There is plenty sexy content to keep you occupied on those lonesome nights after the Vietnamese-French diva unexpectedly announced her retirement.

Lucy Lee

Active: 2003-2008
Classic Work: Amateur Angels 12, Anal Beauties, Asia Noir 4, Joey Silvera’s New Girls 3, Me Luv U Long Time 5, mysistershotfriend.com,
Website: clublucylee.com
Twitter: @LucyLeeXXX

One look at Lucy Lee and you’ll see what I mean. The brave trooper didn’t front on anal adventures and always pulled off giving co-stars smoldering glances of utter wantonness during her profitable career in adult cinema, thanks to her scrumptious bite-sized titties and her obvious eagerness to go nasty. Lucy, although having “China” tattooed on her back, is of Korean heritage, but her dedication to delivering steamy sequences will never be warped.

Michelle Maylene

Active: 2005-2011
Classic Work: Asian Parade 3, Control 3, Fine Ass Bitches 4, Hard Candy 3, Jack’s Playground 32, Teen Idol 3
Twitter: @michellemaylene

Michelle Maylene, a stunning young porn actor born in the Philippines but raised in Hawaii and France, began her career in pornography at the tender age of 18 (while supposedly still in high school!). Her mother is rumored to have been an exotic dancer, and it’s easy to see how her stunning daughter inherited a few of the showbiz genes. Co-Ed Confidential on Cinemax is the part that has brought Michelle the most mainstream notice.

Lana Croft

Active: 2005-2010
Classic Work: asiancumholes.com, Asian Fever 34, Black Invasian, In Thru the Back Door 4, Me Luv U Long Time 12, mrchewsasianbeaver.com, monstersofcock.com, Obscene Behavior 2, POV Centerfolds 7
Twitter: @lanacroft

Because of her snooty demeanor, Lana Croft might easily fall short of expectations when it comes to her porn work. In contrast, there is Lana, a sultry, bare-breasted girl who clearly took inspiration for her name from the Tomb Raider protagonist. The fly-as-hell Filipina (with a quarter Chinese thrown in for good measure) didn’t hold back when it came to getting down and dirty. Lana has been attending medical school since retiring, according to her Twitter feed. Thank you, Lana Croft, for all your XXX adventures, which have now come to an end.

Gianna Lynn

Active: 2005-2011
Classic Work: Fucking Hostile, Inside the Orient 2, Just Like That, neighboraffair.com, Oh! Me So Horny 4 (Lethal Hardcore), Pink Ink
Twitter: @gianna_lynn

When it comes to dealing with both men and women, Gianna Lynn appears to be a cross between an iconic porn star and a stunning secretary you might encounter at the mall. Naughtyamerica.com features some of Gianna’s most memorable moments as a Pinay with a little Chinese thrown into the mix.

Linda Wong

Active: 1976-1987
Classic Work: Baby Face, Erotic World of Linda Wong, Femmes de Sade, Jade Pussycat, Oriental Baby Sitter, Sweet Cakes

A pioneering Asian adult performer in American pornography, Linda Wong became a superstar during the Golden Era of the industry. John Holmes, the porn star of the 1970s, is said to have been a fan of the former homecoming queen’s creative writing when she was not on the silver screen. Linda died of an overdose in 1987 after a long battle with drug addiction and legal issues following her retirement.

Annie Cruz

Active: 2004-2011
Classic Work: Asian Sex Slaves, Ass Attack 2, Cameltoe Perversions 3, Sakura Tales 6, Secret Desires, Very Very Bad Santa, Youth ‘n Asia 2
Twitter: @AnnieFuckinCruz

There is little doubt that Annie Cruz is the most underappreciated Asian porn star of recent times. Even in mainstream films, she proved that she was worthy of more consideration by always going beyond what was expected of her by taking on supporting roles. Until her more “alternative” work (as both a dominant and submissive female in bondage films and female wrestling videos), this self-confessed sex addict, comic book fan, and avid gamer (not to mention Squirt Queen of the Year 2008) began to get her deserved shine. When Annie appeared on Howard Stern’s show, she used a “tongue licker” machine to splatter Baba Booey in the eye.

Nautica Thorn

Active: 2003-2010
Classic Work: Asian Fucking Nation 2, Azian Hoze 3, Cockasian 2 , Entering Nautica Thorn, Invasian, Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie 3, Pulse POV, Secret Desires, Tease Me Then Please Me 2, Sakura Tales 3, Total Babe 4: “It” Girls, Worship This Bitch #1, Yellow Fever
Twitter: @nauticathorn

In spite of the idyllic islands of Hawaii’s tranquility, Nautica Thorn’s hectic schedule ensured her rapid ascent to the top echelons of Asian fetish pornography. When the sexy vixen of Japanese and Hawaiian/Puerto Rican origin made her relentless effort to get off the hook, she raised more than just temps. After appearing in 350+ film and internet productions in seven years, Nautica was also able to use her time on Playboy TV and Spice TV to land more mainstream roles, such as playing a stripper in the film Knocked Up as one of the female strippers.

Avena Lee

Active: 2002-2008
Classic Work: Asian Girls And Black Cocks 4, Asian Parade 3, I Love ‘Em Asian 1, School Bus Girls 2, Sinful Asians 4, Teen America 6, Worship This Bitch #1
Website: avenaleexxx.com
Twitter: @avenaleemvp

She began her career in the adult film industry while she was still wearing braces. This may deter some men from engaging in oral gratification with a young woman, but after witnessing the sultry Avena Lee in uncut action, those doubts would be dispelled. At the beginning of her career, timid Avena was transformed into a confident sexual being thanks to her time in the porn industry. When she appeared in front of the camera, Miss Lee’s heat was real, despite the rumor that she was a hip-hop fan who wore blue contacts.

Saori Hara

Active: 2009-2011
Classic Work: Animal Sex, Hot Sex Hot Spring Bus Tour with Saori Hara, Saori Hara Rented to Male Actors, Saori Hara Unsatisfied Woman Ass Seduction, Special Inspire Water Pole, Star 147, Star 185
Twitter: @saori_hara

Many American porno fans have a hard time getting into Japanese adult films since they’re pixelated, but the exception can be made for movies starring the beautiful Saori Hara. Even though she’s only a fourth German, the beautiful Saori (who sings and acts in major movies and TV shows) is an international celebrity. As far as pervs go, her decision to perform AV work was a stroke of luck that didn’t slow down her mainstream job. As a result of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, the star is claimed to have suffered a psychological breakdown and so recently retired.

London Keyes

Active: 2008-2011
Classic Work: 18yearsold.com, Asian Booty, Couch Confessions, Hitchhikers, Inside the Orient 2, L For London, naughtyamerica.com, Peep Show 3, Starlets, Young Tender and Ripe
Twitter: @londonkeyes

It didn’t take long for London Keyes to establish herself as one of the current filth queens when she debuted in 2008. That means twice the fun for this half-Japanese darling with a well-known booty from Seattle, Washington. With London Keyes’ impressive collection of work, you may jump right to the honeymoon.

Kitty Yung

Active: 1993-2003
Classic Work: Anal Secrets, Assmaster 6, Deep Cheeks IV, Hot Tight Asses 7, Private Video Magazine 17

Kitty Yung, the Korean-American spark plug who sparked the industry with her limitless energy in the early stages of her career, is not to be mistaken with the little, new school “Kitty.” She had lost some of her nubile allure due to the presence of fake breasts, but she continued to crank out explicit material until the mid-1990s, when she took a break before returning in 2002 for one more outing to the joy of her devoted fans.

Jayna Oso

Active: 2002-2011
Classic Work: 18 and Easy 1, The A Line, Blackzilla is Splittin That Shitter 2, Buttman’s Tales From the Crack, DirRty 2, Dress-up Dolls, Finger Licking Good 2, Fresh And Pure 2, I’m Your Slut 3, monstersofcock.com, Teen America 5
Website: jaynaoso.com
Twitter: @Jayna_Oso

In her 10th year in the business, Jayno Oso, a Bruneian-Irish filmmaker, continues to produce sultry work. It took Jayna, then known as Malaysia, less than a year to start shooting intense sex (imagine double input anywhere and everywhere) that left her co-stars and viewers breathless, whereas most females ease into the harsher stuff. This Grade A nasty talker has remained relevant because of her ability to dominate a scene, and she’s shown time and time again that she hasn’t lost her smut game.

Sabrine Maui

Active: 2000-2009
Classic Work: Flesh Hunter 5, Invasian, I Like It Black (And Deep In My Ass) Part 3, It Tastes Like Candy, My Plaything: Sabrine Maui, Once You Go Black…You Never Go Back, Trained Teens 2
Website: sabrinemauixxx.com
Twitter: @sabrinemaui

Lil’ Sabrine Maui is like the Thrilla in Manila when it comes to having fun. It’s still a mystery how such a petite woman could cause such a ruckus in the bedroom. Having taken up porn as a means of obtaining a nursing degree may have been her motive, but it is likely that her real-life kinky side is what kept her around.

Lucy Thai

Active: 2003-2009
Classic Work: 18 and Asian 2, Artcore 3: Masquerade, Black Invasian, Cum Sucking Whore Named Luci Thai, Hellcats 2, Mandingo VIII, My Girlfriend’s Whore Friend, Perfect Specimens 1, POV Pervert 3, Tight & Asian 5, Vouyer Vision 1
Twitter: @TheRealLucyThai

Some women exude a sexy vibe that’s hard to miss. Two languages spoken in Cambodia and Thailand. A good example of this is Lucy Thai. In 2005, she received an AVN nomination for Best New Starlet for her alluring DSLs and predilection for dirty DP action. The California native was born in Long Beach, and she quickly became a fan favorite. In front of the cameras, Lucy’s adorable sister Nyla also did her thing. That accolade went to Lucy, the more outgoing and vivacious character, with her sultry sensuality.

Dana Vespoli

Active: 2003-2011
Classic Work: 3 Pete, A2M 4, Ass Obsessed 2 , Ass Slaves 2, Big Butt Brotha Lovers 1, Cock Starved, Erotica XXX 4, I Can’t Believe I Took The Whole Thing 5, I Love ’em Natural , Sinful Asians 3
Twitter: @danavespoli

A gorgeous, wonderfully pear-shaped Thai and Irish seductress with an incredible ass and voice would be one thing. However, Dana Vespoli has a BA in comparative literature and is therefore well-educated. The term “BA” should be used to refer to her as a “Banging Asian.” In 2003, at the age of 30, she made her jizz debut (although she appeared much younger than her actual age), and you have a woman who exudes both cerebral and crazy vibes as a free-spirited grown-up (with a slew of odd tattoos, including one dedicated to Fiona Apple). It’s safe to say that your creation is truly remarkable. As a cautionary tale, DV (who is now a filmmaker) has at times gone into the most savage of animalistic desires and depravity on camera.

Mai Lin

Active: 1977-1999
Classic Work: Amanda by Night, Mai Lin Vs. Serena, Nasty Lady, One Night in Bangkok, Oriental Hawaii, Oriental Spice, Sexcapades

Her subservient and sensual manners one minute, and her unrelenting lust the next, enthralled innumerable admirers. To play up Asian clichés such as a masseur or dragon woman, the Chinese scorching cookie from Oakland, CA, with the huge fingernails, was often asked, yet her innate good time nature always shone through. Even in the ’00s, when few images of her were available, Mai Lin resurfaced at industry events and on the internet as a true gaming legend, she was still pretty gorgeous.

Kascha Papillon

Active: 1988-1994
Classic Work: Backdoor To Hollywood 6, Hawaii Vice series, Introducing Kascha
Website: kaschaxxx.com

Kascha, a native of Hawaii, made her name in the raunchy men’s magazine market in the late 1980s by starring in a series of raunchy photo spreads. Kascha didn’t speak much during filming, but that didn’t worry the legion of pervs who sat and watched her movies. This “exotic” look was further enhanced by her striking bleach blonde hair, bodacious breast enlargement, and a false selling point that she was part Swedish (she is, in fact, Chinese). The good news is that it was a success. It was impossible to forget Kascha once you saw her. It is still rumored that she underwent eyelid surgery in order to seem “whiter.” For the most part, Kascha worked with her husband, Francois Papillon, who was a French porn actor, but she also starred in a few low-budget cult favorites, such Class of Nuke ‘Em High and Caged Fury.

Lily Thai

Active: 2003-2011
Classic Work: Asian Street Hookers 36, Bitches in Heat 1, Boz: When Big Just Ain’t Enough, China Syndrome 1, Fuck Dolls 2, Hot Squirts, Peter North’s POV 1, Tight & Asian 3
Twitter: @thereallilythai

From the moment she stepped onto the screen, Lily Thai was a fan favorite, and it wasn’t just because of her gorgeous, sun-kissed skin and warm grin. Despite the fact that she had a particularly difficult time with co-star Lucy Lee and a harsh sex toy, Lily nevertheless put in a lot of time and effort in the fornication area. Since retiring, the half-Italian, half-Filipina actress has drastically increased the amount of tattoos on her trim body. Recently, though, there has been buzz on Lily’s Twitter that she is considering making a comeback.

Charmane Star

Active: 1998-2011
Classic Work: Asia Noir 3, Asian Sinsations, Eye of the Beholder, Sakura Tales 3, Son Doobie The Love Doctor, Stormy Daniels’ Private Eyes, Yellow Fever
Website: charmanelive.com
Twitter: @CharmaneStar

An ever-growing legion of admirers has followed this incredible Filipina for more than a decade thanks to her well-known circle tattoo on her right arm. Charmane began her career as a softcore performer before gradually becoming naughtier and naughtier on TV. Even though Charmane has a tendency to shy away from the spotlight, she has been a staple on the strip club circuit for years and her pole-twisting skills have paid off, making her one of the best-looking strippers in the business. Black Dynamite’s 2009 blaxploitation parody Black Dynamite is just one example of how hard work has paid off.

Maria Ozawa

Active: 2005-2010
Classic Work: The Geisha, G Style 7, Meath Note 15, Member’s Soap, Platinum, Sky Angel,
Twitter: @ozawa_maria

Maria Ozawa (aka Miyabi), a lovely Japanese AV idol, is half French Canadian, but her demeanor is completely Asian. How Asian is she?? For her part, she enjoys dressing up, playing video games and taking photos of herself eating food and then uploading them to the internet for others to see. No, I don’t think so. Maria is the star of a number of bizarre Japanese porn films that incorporate bukkake and manga/anime-inspired “tentacle porn.” Sex fetishists will like to view this sex queen in old-fashioned hotel room trysts as well as soapy bathroom encounters. Maria’s unedited material is a must-see for everyone who enjoys pornography.

Kristara Barrington

Active: 1983-1987
Classic Work: Baby Face 2, Debbie Does Dallas 3, Devil in Miss Jones 4, Ecstasy Girls 2, Every Woman Has A Fantasy 1, Ginger Effect, Heat is On, Jane Bond Meets Octopussy, Kristara Barrington Collection, New Wave Hookers, Taboo 3
Website: kristarabarringtononline.com

As one of the first Asian porn stars to rise to prominence in the 1980s, Kristara Barrington was also one of the first notable sex sirens of mixed descent. While she occasionally wore “oriental” clothing in her movies, Kristara depended on universal sexual urgency in her roles that included appearances in New Wave Hookers and romps with Ron Jeremy before he was known as “The Hedgehog,” a role she had in the film before he was known as “The Hedgehog.” Before she vanished into the sunset, Barrington left a lasting impression on the industry with her enticing arreolas and her ability to create some of the best screwfaces in the business.

Asia Carrera

Active: 1993-2005
Classic Work: A is for Asia, Betrayal, Cinesex 1 & 2, Comeback Pussy 6, Deep Inside Asia Carrera, Diva 3: Pure Pink, Dream Quest, Hawaii, Hell On Heels, Red Dragon, Satyr, Search For The Snow Leopard, Sex 1
Website: asiacarrera.com
Twitter: @asiacarrera

In the 1990s, Asia Carrera, a half-Japanese, half-German, all-American porn star, was a member of the AVN Hall of Fame and MENSA, and starred in more than 250 adult films. To make matters even better, she has a cameo in The Big Lebowski if those impressive qualifications aren’t enough. Dude! Many of her scenes were characterized by “realistic” moaning/grunting and “melting” facial expressions because she seemed to prefer “sensual” performances over “nasty” corn-holes.

Tera Patrick

Active: 1999-2008
Classic Work: 18 And Nasty 11, Angel Dust, Caribbean Undercover, Nice Rack 4, North Pole 11, Tera Tera Tera, Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick, Wild Honey 2

When Tera Patrick, a Thai-American born to an American military doctor of English descent, used a pseudonym that nearly resembled Carmen Electra’s government name, she established herself as one of the most gorgeous women to ever film porn. It was a miracle that the former Ford Model/nurse with a degree in microbiology decided to appear in movies for mature audiences and did it with a zest and enthusiasm. As a result, she has become a household celebrity, and her financial success behind the scenes is something that very few porn stars get to enjoy. The actress has achieved Jenna Jameson-type reputation in the public eye and has starred in a variety of media outlets, including films by Quentin Tarantino and television shows like The Wire and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Tera Patrick is a pornographic legend.

Kobe Tai

Active: 1996-2003
Classic Work: Ancient Asian Sex Secrets, Awakening, Executions on Butt Row, Scenes From A Bar
Twitter: @Kobetaixxx

Adopted as a baby from Taiwan, Kobe Tai grew up in Arkansas before heading to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an adult actor at a period when pornography was becoming increasingly popular. In 1996, Vivid picked up the instantly recognizable Tai and signed her to an exclusive contract. In spite of her diminutive stature and meager 90-pound frame, this raunchy and sexy fan favorite was able to tackle some of the most difficult anal situations. Cult movie Very Bad Things and a Marilyn Manson song were among her notable roles, but she retired from the entertainment industry to raise her family.

Top 50+ Hottest Asian Pornstars

Top 50+ Hottest Asian Pornstars

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