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Hitomi Tanaka, also known as Hitomi, is a well-known Japanese porn star for a variety of reasons. On our list of the best fake tits, she has already been ranked first for several months. They are real, and the error has been corrected in the article. It’s easy to see why when you look at her. The following images, in both picture and GIF format, will be added to her growing resume in the near future.

A Japanese pornstar, it’s difficult to obtain uncensored material these days. For a long time, we couldn’t figure out what was going on or why she had vanished.

We were able to locate her official website with English navigation and information, though, after some research.

Hitomi Tanaka Profile

Hitomi Tanaka is one of the most well-known porn stars in Japan. Aside from attending industry events like Adult Video Network Expo, the 38-year-old actress stays in Japan to work with director Tameiki Goro and has refused to contract with American companies so far. To comply with Japanese law, the genitals are blurred out in most of her work. Even yet, her most notable feature—a startlingly enormous bust—has made her a household name around the world.

It has been reported that Tanaka got into porn through commercial modeling and that her figure allowed her to obtain performances at auto fairs and other places where the male gaze is strongly encouraged. As of 2008, she had appeared in over 150 films and was named one of Complex’s top 50 Japanese adult video idols.


  • Original/Real Name: Hitomi Tanaka
  • Other/Nickname: Hitomi
  • Occupation: Pornographic actress
  • Birthplace: Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Nationality and Ethnicity: Japanese, Asian
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Date of Birth: July 18, 1986
  • Hometown: Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Debut: 2007

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

  • Height (Centimeters): 156 cm
  • Height (meters): 1.56 m
  • Height (Inches): 5 ft 2 in
  • Weight (Kilograms)47 kg
  • Weight (Pounds): 104 lb
  • Body Measurements: 46JJ-24-34
  • Breast’s Size: 45 in
  • Waist’s Size: 24 in
  • Bra Size: 50N
  • Shoe’s Size: 5.5 US
  • Hair Color: Brown, Brunette
  • Eye’s Color: Brown
  • Tits: Natural

Social Media Accounts

Hitomi Tanaka Net Worth & Monthly Income

According to Trending Celebs Now and Wikipedia, Hitomi Tanaka has an estimated net worth of $117 million at the age of 33 years 6 months 17 days. Her earnings come from a variety of areas, including her acting, modeling, and other media initiatives.

  • Estimated Net Worth: $117 Million (Approx)
  • Previous Year’s Net Worth: $700,000 – $1 Million (Approx)
  • Monthly Income: 10000 USD To900000 USD
  • Income Source: Actress, Model, fashion modeling, product endorsement, stage shows, etc

Who is Hitomi Tanaka?

The young Hitomi grew up in the Japanese city of Kumamoto, where her whole existence centered around apparel modeling. Hitomi Tanaka made her debut as a gravure (non-nude) model in 2007. In 2007, she appeared in the first Japanese non-pornographic film, in which she played the lead role. It took a year for someone to understand that having naturally huge breasts may earn you serious money. To put it another way, Hitomi Tanaka made her adult business debut as a hardcore actor in 2008.

Unquestionably, she’s become one of the most successful Asian models in the world, thanks to her meteoric rise to fame.

Ready? Steady. Go.

Hitomi Tanaka Unknown Facts

Okay, so here are a few intriguing and obscure Hitomi Tanaka facts:

  • She is extremely passionate about collecting anime figurines. She has a huge collection of anime miniatures, posters, and other collectibles.
  • She created history by becoming the first woman to win Score Model of the Year for two straight years.
  • She has also demonstrated her cosplay abilities by attending a number of anime and cosplay conferences around the globe.
  • Her grasp of both Japanese and English is crucial to her capacity to communicate with her multinational fan base.
  • She has made appearances in music videos for a number of popular Japanese bands, including One OK Rock.
  • She has additionally appeared as a guest on well-known Japanese television programs like the variety program “Ame-talk.”

Top 21 Hitomi Tanaka’s Best Videos

21. Hitomi Gets Fucked Silently

It appears that having sex in public in front of someone unaware is quite common in Asia. Because that appears in at least a third of the pornographic videos featuring her that we’ve come across. This GIF, on the other hand, depicts her yanking the jerk off while the jerk’s girlfriend is off grabbing some food.

Miss Tits, on the other hand, is stroking that dick with such force that it chafes her breasts. It’s already getting warm, and the party has only just begun.

20. Sex While Eating

Someone with a brilliant idea decided to mix the two best things in life: food and pornography. In the end, you have the world’s happiest dude. As he savors his meal, he’s basically having his dick sucked.

Personally, I’d use my hands to squeeze those enormous boobies. This person deserves a medal for his dedication to the script and ninja-like focus.

19. Tanaka Fucked Hard

Hitomi’s boyfriend has a good time with her in this scenario. Take a look as this harlot chews her lip and squeezes the couch in preparation for an expressive, full-body orgasm. Observing other people fuck her makes me pleased and sad at the same time, I must say.

I’d gladly swap places with anyone, but the terrible thing is… When I’m in her presence, I’m probably going to load on her face right away. Have a creampie, too, and she’ll be disappointed in me for sure.

18. Grinding Like a Bunny

One of the rarest positions, not only in porn but bedrooms too. I have never found it to be that stimulating or hot. Just not a fan of the whole dynamics with this one. It feels as if you are getting fucked by someone else.

That might be okay for our female visitors, but for men, it’s important to have control. If you don’t dominate your sex partner, things can’t remain perfect in the long run.

17. MILFs Having Fun

For the most part, Hitomi stays away from white girls. This is an outlier scene, and it’s jam-packed with millennial-inspired tendencies. Selfies and posing for nude selfies predominate. Although the Caucasian pornstar’s identity eludes us, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

It’s not as if she’s sultry and everything. Fortunately, we get to witness what it’s like to share a house with a MILF. Warning: this contains major spoilers.

16. Unexpected Cock

When a filthy thief tries to loot Hitomi’s house and is caught by the owner, this happens… It’s amusing to conceive of how he returned with so much of the Japanese pornstar’s underwear for his wife. Imagine her dismay when she discovers that none of the bras she has tried on actually fits her. It’s not even close.

In terms of this GIF, you can bet the robber will return. Maybe next time I’ll go with some dudes that have massive genitalia.

15. Flexing Her Legs

Our angel did not enjoy this sex position as much as we did. No one needs to be a genius to see that she lacks any degree of adaptability. Pornstars that are more chubby may have a harder time connecting with this angle. These fat-rolls were disgusting and not at all enticing to look at.

If you’d like to scratch your dick in public, there’s a teeny-tiny bald spot. Nevertheless, even if she puts razor blades in her pussycat, I will not be deterred. I’m assuming she’s cool with us fucking about with each other.

14. Riding on Top

It appears to be stressful on her body, as she appears to be struggling with fatigue and soreness. For any pornstar with a large jug, this is the only position where they won’t feel comfortable. You don’t want implants dropping on your chest if the skin just gives out.

It’s amusing to see how much she enjoys being horny. Her pussy demands more stimulation, so she goes at a slower pace because it’s more comfortable. However, this comes at the cost of discomfort.

13. Pixelated Passion Physics

Waves that move in accordance with what we learned in physics class: rippling waves. If this is the case, keep an eye out and pick up some knowledge. It’s possible that this will be on your test after all. But we’ll never know thanks to Japanese legislation and porn restriction. Have you ever considered it?

Particularly when banging national prostitutes like this one, I consider my diminutive genitalia an asset. Out of all the guys she fucked, you don’t want to be the only one left.

12. Hitomi Tanaka Makes Men Happy

A tit-fucking scene among dozens if not hundreds to be found here. I prefer to think of her as a caring sex machine who always has a smile on her face and attends to your every desire. Fortunately for her, a man’s only wants are found inside his genital region.

Her breasts must be as soft as a down comforter or a silk scarf. It’s ideal to use all-natural skincare products, and she’s getting a ton of nutrients every day.

11. Punching with Boobs

You won’t be seeing a Rocky Balboa sequel here! No, it’s something a lot more gruesome and terrifying. These enormous tits are capable of putting anyone into a coma that lasts the rest of their lives. Tanaka seizes charge of the sex scene and transforms it into a memorable experience.

Nipple squeezes, a blindfolded man and a room filled with weird odors are all present. That sounds like a recipe for a great date.

10. Fucked from Behind

Hitomi Tanaka’s least censored porn scene, but for the wrong reasons. There aren’t many pixels since you can’t see her pussy. This works for me when I’m binge-watching Japanese erotica. Thousands of pixels are the worst enemy of your fap session.

This really stinks of stupidity to me in a society that prides itself on being open-minded and bizarre. Traditions are revered by the Japanese, and this is unlikely to alter in the near future.

9. Epic Cum Headshot

I had no idea what to call this GIF, but gosh, it goes from sultry to hilarious in a hurry. In the history of cumshots, the shot right to her nostrils has always been the most effective. There is no way for us to find out who made this film or see the rest of it.

There hasn’t been a single scenario in which someone hasn’t touched or fucked her tits in over 20 spectacular sequences. As if seeing the world’s seven natural wonders wasn’t enough incentive, you have to go see it for yourself.

8. Hitomi Slow Motion Boob Bounce

Nothing beats the sight of her enormous, enormous tits bouncing. Is there any other way to improve the overall experience? Put everything on a timer and watch it go by in slow motion!

You can’t get much more fascinating than a nurse in scrubs and long black Asian hair. As long as you aren’t homosexual, you may choose to include many cocks as well as some anal scenes. Of course, not everyone who identifies as a homo has access to butt sex.

7. Tanaka Visits a Doctor

No idea why she went to the doctor, but it turned out to be a wise move for both of them. After a compulsory undressing, her entire body is shown. You may also choose to focus your attention on her ass, which will be doing a little juggling.

Tanaka then starts to grind that a$$ into submission. Sucks the dick, does some masturbation, and then takes a cumshot on some amazing tits to round up this GIF.

6. Silent Sex and Cock Riding

In the midst of a lover’s slumber, Hitomi not only suckers the dick but also fucks within an inch of them. This video features a ton of hot tittie action, including plenty of cocksucking and gorgeous titties.

Like most Japanese porn movies, this one ends with a creampie with her pussyside exposed.

5. Hard Sex in The Bathroom

Imagine being trapped in a bathroom with her while she begs you to fuck her, whether it’s doggy style or not. It’s time to fuck now that she’s made your dick even harder with her lips! As hot as it appears to be, it is indeed the case there.

In addition, she has more to give even if you miraculously disregard her beautiful tits. Perhaps the greatest asses and most attractive vaginas in all of the adult industry. We’ll get to see her anal scene one day.

4. Hitomi Oily Tit Fuck

Oil is my very favorite substance! It improves the appearance of things by adding luster and radiance. It’s as if you’re breathing in the gold dust of the Almighty. As a result, the entire scenario is elevated a millionfold, especially when combined with a pornstar rocking some of the industry’s biggest tits… Get a scenario deserving of an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize all at the same time.

That’s because people like her have the power to put an end to the conflict.

3. Hitomi Tanaka Creampie Scene

This scenario, on the other hand, has it all… Also, there’s an intimate blowjob in there, so it’s not all bad. While the rest of the ladies have no notion what’s up.

The sequence with the almost emotional tit fucking made my dick hurt. To the point where my genital organs are on the verge of rupturing. Second, on my list was a cell phone call with sex chat and orgasm sounds playing. It’s time for a warm creampie, at last. That is a smokin’ deal.

2. Hitomi’s Threesome

Last but not least, a lesbian-like sequence that shows more than just bobbles being touched. Also, they share a kiss! This is a gorgeous picture of two Asian ladies having a good time. Hair pussies have reduced pixel clarity, which is a positive thing.

Close-ups are popular with Asian porn studios, but this one is far superior. Hitomi Tanaka in a POV scene, is this a unicorn?

1. Hitomi Gets a Cumshot

That tit fuck scenario looks fucking great, Jesus fucking Christ. Where she sucks your cock while also fucking your dick up with her tits?

It’s like being immersed in a sci-fi film. Only our favorite Japanese pornstar has access to these kinds of adventures. After that, it’s all done by hand to ensure quality. This is her greatest handiwork, and she has a big smile on her face to go with it.

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