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Did you know that Ava Addams has appeared on a number of our top porn actresses lists, including the sexiest milfs? Miss Ava, who is of Spanish, Italian, and French origin, is something of a unicorn, with hundreds of films under her belt and a long and illustrious career.

Ava Addams Profile


  • Original/Real Name: Alexia Roy
  • Other/Nickname: Avva, Ava Adams, Alexia Roy, Luna
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Nationality and Ethnicity: American French, Caucasian
  • Age: 45 years old
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
  • Date of Birth: September 16, 1979
  • Debut: 2004 – Now
  • Hometown: USA
  • Hobbies/Habits: Travelling
  • Food Habit: Fast Foods
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

  • Height (Centimeters): 160 cm
  • Height (meters): 1.6m
  • Height (Inches): 5 ft 3 in
  • Weight (Kilograms): 48 kg
  • Weight (Pounds): 103 lbs
  • Breast / Bra Size: 32DDD – 24 – 35
  • Tits: Fake
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Figure Size: Unknown
  • Dress Size: Unknown
  • Shoe (Feet): Unknown
  • Tattoos: Unknown
  • Distinctive Features: Unknown

Social Media Accounts

  • Official Twitter Account: @AvaAddams
  • Official Instagram Account: theavaaddams
  • Official Site: Unknown
  • Facebook Profile: Unknown
  • Youtube Link: Unknown

Ava Addams Net Worth & Monthly Income

She posts selfies of herself in various stages of her life on Instagram. She is estimated to have a net worth of around $500,000. (USD). Advertisers also pay her to collaborate with them and appear in advertisements.

Who is Ava Addams?

Ava was born in the year 1979 and grew up in the state of Texas in the United States. Her parents, on the other hand, were French, which explains her non-American appearance. Working for insurance companies piqued her interest in pornography, and she made her first pornographic appearance in 2008. It was a typical girl-on-girl situation that led to further endeavors.

Ava Addams has won numerous honors in her more than ten years of pornography, including best breasts, best MILF, and best figure.

Enough with the chit-chat; now it’s time to reap the benefits of your labor.

Top 10 Ava Addams’s Best Videos

1. Up and Down

Is your cock or pussy on the loose? If not, it’s time to break out the sock or lube! Why? Because, despite the fact that this GIF is “the worst” of them all, we’re already drenched. Not a common stance, but I believe Ava Addams’ back has been disfigured by a tattoo. Just so you know, there are far hotter and sexier pornstars with tattoos.

Her ass has grown in size over time, which implies greater pleasure for your eyes and genitals.

2. A Happy Orgy

Forget about your doctor’s therapies and nonsensical sessions. Orgies, or sex in general, is where it’s at if you want to live a happy life. Push your senses to their limits and press the speaker icon to turn up the volume.

You can’t jack off and perform arithmetic at the same time because there are too many whores to count on one hand. One of the older GIFs, but still available on-site in Full HD.

3. Perfect Bounce

We’ve seen physics engines in work in Crysis and Halo, but can they replicate a flawless boob bounce? No, I don’t believe so. Ava Addams with her lovely breasts once more. Her tits weren’t as sagging as they are now when this was shot a few years ago.

You’ll be forced to screw her harder and harder as she moves. Until the very end, or until a heart attack occurs.

4. Snap that Bitch

Is it better to bang or not to bang? In this video, you can see Ava Adams’ abilities. You can observe ninja methods at any time if you pause. Such as touching herself or his balls during sex or styling her hair to make her look even more appealing.

She is a MILF queen and one of our most popular pornstars with large tits. She’s in the top three, which is a spoiler.

5. Fucking Outdoors

It’s public sex, which is always thrilling and liberating, and Ava will, of course, have a film or two of this kinky fetish. Because her eyes are so attractive, her wearing sunglasses would allow me to extend my sexual activities with Ava.

This video was shot in the middle of nowhere, most likely in Nevada or New Mexico’s deserts. At the very least, that pussy is trashed by the person of the other gender.

6. Ava’s Tit Fucking GIF with Cumshot

With such large tits, it’s no surprise that we witness a lot of situations in which our favorite pornstar simply glides the cock in and out. Or grinds it until the pleasant pieces come out every now and then. This video is no different! The American harlot just goes all in with a heart-shaped necklace. Have you ever wondered how it feels to milk a cow?

You go from “I’ll marry her” to “I’ve got to go” in the very beginning. Although, with Ava’s personality, the latter possibility seems unlikely.

7. Threesome with Cum Swapping

Have you ever fantasized about being in a threesome with Ava and someone else? For example, would you rather have an alpha male who would dominate you or a girlfriend? We don’t need to think about it because we already have the scene defined!

It’s back to business after she exposed her huge tits. Doggy-style cock riding, dick bounding, and a pleased dude at the finish. There’s so much cum in these whores’ mouths that they take turns switching it in and out. Hot.

8. Casual Fuck Session

This is what happens when she sees a strange dude masturbating in a room while holding Ava’s pantsies. Is this a price to pay to keep repeating the offense, or is it a price to pay to keep repeating the offense? Anyway, she makes the decision to teach him a lesson, and it all boils down to sucking that pee flap.

After all, Ava Addams must feel flattered. A good female who fulfills a man’s lustful fantasies. We enjoy banging her tits, GIFs of her pussy close-ups, and anything else. Oral skills, cock riding, and the expression before the climax are all examples of oral talents.

9. Cheating in the Shower

I’m not sure if Ava is cheating or not, but this scenario has her husband heading to work! Simultaneously, she takes a big dong and is fucked in the shower by another guy. It’s all making my dick ache! It’s also as hot and brilliant as you can get thanks to the fantastic lighting on a sunny day.

Like every single Ava Addams porn scene, I’m going to give this GIF an 11 out of 10.

10. Blowjob with Eyes Open

Here’s what I enjoy about this particular scene. This is how every blowjob should be done: she sucks dick with her eyes open and looks at you! Unless it’s a cow or your ugly girlfriend. Just to make sure she knows who her daddy is and who is in charge.

After that, there’s an oral scene and then it’s back to business as usual. Enjoy the scene and jerk off to the sight of a thick cock slipping into a juicy pussy. Her skin tones are just right in this one, not too dark or too light. Who wouldn’t want to put come inside her mouth?

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