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Asa Akira is an American pornographic actress and adult film director who was born on January 3, 1986 in Manhattan, New York. Asa Akira’s biography, age, height, physical stats, dating/affairs, family, and work information are all available here. Find out how wealthy she is this year and how she spends her money. Also, find out how she amassed the majority of her net worth at the age of 34.

Asa Akira Profile


  • Original/Real Name: Asa Takigami
  • Occupation: Pornographic film actor
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Date of Birth: 3 January 1986
  • Hometown: Manhattan, New York, United States
  • Asa Akira Education: Washington Irving high school (2004) , city-as-school, united nations international school ;

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

  • Height (Centimeters): 157 cm
  • Height (meters): 1.57 m

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Asa Akira Net Worth & Monthly Income

Apart from appearing in and directing films, Akira undertakes some nude and soft-porn modeling. She is referred to as a ‘Spiegler girl’ because she is a member of the Spiegler Agency. Alexis Texas (actual name Thea Alexis Samper), Jesse Jane, Jessica Drake (real name Angela Patrice Heaslet), and Lisa Ann are all Fleshlight (sex toy business) girls. Akira’s net worth has increased significantly as a result of her appearances in adult films.

She is currently one of the wealthiest porn stars in the industry, so her secret wish to get paid to have sex appears to have come true. If watching adult videos is one of your hobbies, you may have previously heard – or watched – one of her films. Akira openly expresses her love for the adult film industry in her biography Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story, and wishes to continue working in it as much as possible.

Net Worth in 2021: $1 Million – $5 Million

Who is Asa Akira?

Asa Akira was born in Manhattan, New York, on January 3rd, 1986. Her parents are both Japanese, and she is their only child. Her family was relocated to Tokyo, Japan, when she was nine years old, where they remained until she reached thirteen when they returned to New York and settled on Clinton Hill. Her upbringing was described as “typical,” with her family speaking Japanese at home. Her parents emphasized the importance of eating healthy foods, and she was never allowed to eat junk food as a child. She had her first job as a teenager, working at a bookshop.

Asa was invited to attend the United Nations International School in New York since her grandfather served as a Japanese ambassador for 45 years. Due to her poor grades, she was not permitted to return for her second year. She finished her final year of high school at City-As-School, a public school in Manhattan’s West Village, and decided not to continue her studies.

She started working as a dominatrix at the age of 19 and served a variety of clientele. She also began working as a stripper and became a regular on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show.

Gina Lynn met Asa and offered her work in her debut pornographic film after being impressed by her physical looks. She consented and jumped right into her brand-new job. Her girl/girl work was large with Gina, and she worked in both straight and lesbian scenarios. She would sign her first freelance deal with Voyeur Media in just six months. She has gotten numerous award nominations during her career, and she recently co-hosted the 30th Annual AVN Awards. She would go on to win the most awards at that particular ceremony. Asa secured an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures in 2013, and she has remained there to this day.

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The career of Asa Akira?

When Akira was 19 years old, she started working as a dominatrix. She eventually worked as a dancer in New York’s Hustler Club. She was known as the “Show Whore” on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show from 2006 to 2007. After doing multiple girl-girl scenes, mostly with Lynn, she did her first boy-girl scene with Travis Knight for Gina Lynn Productions. She subsequently obtained a contract with Vouyer Media before leaving six months later to work as a freelancer. Her real first name is Asa, which means “dawn” in Japanese, and her stage name was inspired by the anime film Akira.

Akira garnered multiple nods for her portrayal as a telephonist at a fetish dungeon who had an affair with the head-mistress’ husband in David Aaron Clark’s 2009 film Pure.

The 30th Annual AVN Awards were co-hosted by Akira, pornographic actress Jesse Jane, and comedian April Macie. That night, she was named the AVN Female Performer of the Year. She was also the recipient of the most awards during the evening.

Elegant Angel’s Gangbanged 6 marked her directorial debut in 2013.

Akira confirmed on October 9, 2013, that she had signed an exclusive performing contract with Wicked Pictures. Asa Is Wicked was her first film as a contract artist for the firm.

Personal Quotes of Asa Akira:

I’m a part of the new pornographic period. We’re feminists and sex-positive individuals. We haven’t been raped, aren’t drug addicts, and don’t have any daddy issues.
[about her aversion to the term “porn”) My dislike for the term stems in part from the fact that so many people try to use their interpretation of it against me. As though I’m the source of the problem.
So I’m not a feminist because I have sex for money? So I’m not a feminist because I entertain people by portraying sexual desires on screen? So I’m not a feminist because I like to wear make-up and feel sexy? I’m a feminist, so screw you.
As corny as it may seem, I don’t have any regrets about my life because everything I’ve done has led me to this moment. I don’t think I’ll ever feel differently about porn: it’s given me happiness, friends, maturity, money, and a plethora of other changes, such as writing two books and serving as a columnist for Men’s Health! I feel myself tremendously fortunate to have made a living doing something I enjoy for the majority of my adult life.
I had had a five-year plan: I was going to perform porn for two years, save my money, and build a yoga studio with it. But it’s been a decade, and I seldom do yoga any longer.
Sex workers are just regular folks at the end of the day. Not only sex workers but sex itself, must be de-stigmatized in our culture. Then and only then will true change occur.
The problem isn’t with the fans and supporters; it’s with the folks who are anti-porn or at least want to look such. Anti-porn does not refer to someone who does not watch porn; rather, it refers to someone who believes that all sex workers are broken or morally corrupt. “But you’re too pretty to do porn,” someone who refuses to believe a woman when she says she chooses to do porn because she wants to. While I’m sure many of these folks are polite and well-intentioned (and some of them probably watch porn! ), they’re contributing to the stigma that surrounds sex workers – and we’re not second-class citizens.
Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with me filming porn because I’m having safe sex and living out my ideal of being seen by passionate onlookers. My work choice has given me self-esteem, a secure lifestyle, and the kind of sex life that most people only fantasize about. If some people believe that’s a terrible thing, so be it; I’ll be orgasming all the way to the bank.
When I’m in a social situation, I act as if I’m being paid to be there and converse with strangers. It somehow relieves the burden of being rejected or “failing” to engage. Because even if terrible things happen, I’ve done my duty.
In my personal experience, the healthier the diet, the less offensive the jizz tastes; the unhealthier the diet, the worse the jizz tastes. In fact, I’m glad to state that after tasting one gentleman’s seed, I gently suggested he go to the doctor to check his insulin levels. He was pre-diabetic, according to the doctor, and he was able to escape a lifetime illness by improving his diet and exercising. This remains one of my proudest achievements to this day.
Who would want to be correct if wanting sex every day is wrong?

Controversial News on the Life & Career of Asa Akira?

Akira is the eighth most-watched pornstar on Pornhub’s list, according to the renowned pornography website. She just held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the social media platform Reddit. And, unlike past pornstar AMAs, which were mostly boring or non-informative, she ended up releasing a few bombshells about herself and the profession. Akira discussed her last meal if she were on death row, as well as whether she would sleep or have sex with one of her followers, throughout the session.

Career History of Asa Akira?

She began working as a professional dominatrix at the age of nineteen, which was her first foray into the adult industry. She then quit her job and began working as a stripper at the Hustler Club in New York. She waited till she was 20 years old to audition for various pornographic film opportunities. At least one out of every three scenes she did as a professional porn actress during her early years contained some sort of Asian fetish character.
Akira later co-hosted the 30th Annual AVN Awards with comedian April Macie and fellow porn actress Jesse Jane later in her career (real name Cindy Taylor). She went on to win the award for Best Female Performer at the same show. She started off playing lesbian sequences in her early films, but as her career progressed, she began to do more intense roles. In a video directed by her friend Gina Lynn, she had one of her first scenes with a male, with porn performer Travis Knight (who was married to Knight at that time). Akira eventually got a contract with Voyeur Media and left six months later to work as a freelance actress.

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