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YouJizz deserves some credit. Everything you need to know is on the label. When you arrive at their website, you start to jizzle. This is a site that has really found its footing in the last few years. Why don’t we have a peek at what it has to offer?

Starting with the fact that not too long ago, YouJizz was a site with no content at all. For a little moment, it was a porn website, but it wasn’t one you’d want to spend any time on for long periods.

There were many better options available. I swear it. I used to go to YouJizz just to make fun of how little porn there was. YouJizz’s game has improved recently. The amount of stuff they provide on their site is actually quite impressive. At the time of this writing, there are more than 4 million videos available on the site.

I’m a big fan of how easy it is to navigate the site. Any and all of their pornography (which is quite extensive) can be viewed. Not advised at all). In addition to browsing by keyword or pornographic star, you can also check out some of the most popular videos, or just sit back and enjoy your favorite porn stars.

One of these choices, though, worries me much. This is the entirety of the well-known video. YouJizz, on the other hand, just considers the number of views a video has. The rating isn’t taken into account. The result is that low-ranking videos that you don’t care about will take up the majority of the space in the most popular videos.

YouJizz.com Review


It goes without saying that the volume of pornographic material available on this website is a boon. In addition, new content is being added all the time. YouJizz appears to have something for everyone, so no matter what you’re looking to jizz over, I’m confident that YouJizz will have something for you.


As I previously stated, there are moments when I have the uneasy feeling that YouJizz isn’t displaying me the greatest porn accessible on their website. “Come on, people,” I’m begging you. Don’t show me low-rated videos if you’re going to show me “popular” videos. Do you have a list of the most popular ones?

There are a few pop-under adverts as well, which might be a nuisance from time to time. Actually. No. They have the potential to be really inconvenient at times. They must be addressed by the website.

Do you even jizz, bro?

Everybody Jizzes: from you to me to you to us. It’s a fact of life that males have a hard time resisting the temptation to slug it out anytime they get the chance. Today, Mr. Porn Geek is pleased to present YouJizz.com, a fantastic porn tube wank site with a wealth of entertaining material. A site with such a sleazy moniker can only mean one thing: you can expect nothing but extreme porn and associated content that will leave your head in the clouds within minutes.

For a long time, You Jizz didn’t have the most extensive collection of stuff available. It’s safe to state that this isn’t the case at the end of the current year. You Jizz, on the other hand, has shifted to uploading longer movies and focusing on the professional aspect of adult entertainment. Having said that, You Jizz is dedicated to providing you with access to a wide range of high-quality pornographic videos.

Porn on tap

There is a list of most popular scenes on the site’s homepage, which you may access by clicking on the link. Keep in mind that this is a fairly simple way of displaying information, so if you’re looking for something specific, head over to the ‘tags’ section, which covers all of the different niches. Videos starring youths, Asians, transsexuals, and even some clips of babes from Africa are all available. You Jizz and their pornographic content will ensure that you get the most out of your viewing experience, no matter what your fetish is.

You Jizz includes a list of porn stars featured in the videos that they broadcast, unlike some other tube porn sites. Names like Abbey Rain, Jackie Daniels, Payton Simmons, and many more can be found here for your perusal. So, if you’re looking to watch a certain pornstar in action, click on over to their individual page. Because it shows you everything the girls have to offer, it’s a fantastic feature.

How much is here at YouJizz?

Because I’m a sadist, I spent about five minutes attempting to figure out how many films were accessible on YouJizz. At the time of this assessment, they had exactly 132360 archive pages, with each page including 24 films. There are 3,176,640 uploads there, if you do the math in your head (you don’t need a calculator). YouJizz presently features 3.1 million videos, which is quite a lot of porn, in my opinion: I doubt most people could watch even a fraction of them. Japanese porn, sauna sex, and inter-racial gangbangs all appear to be adequately represented. It’s a good thing that YouJizz delivers in this aspect, because I know you freaks like your porn to be a little wild. No fetish is off limits to the people who work here.

Share your smut you dirty bastards

It turns out that YouJizz can help you obtain some exposure in the adult industry if you’re in the business of generating porn and want to share some of your own work. A few basic facts are all you need to get started and share pornographic content with the world. This is a fantastic way to obtain your smut online, and the greatest part is that it’s free. In the event that YouTube doesn’t want your brand of action, I believe YouJizz might be a good alternative. A top-tier location where pornography can be uploaded is nothing short of perfection, right? It’s becoming more and more enjoyable to Porn Geek as he spends more time here. The greatest tubes on the market are getting a serious run for their money here!

Downloading with a little pain

All YouJizz uploads have a download button that you may click to access a direct MP4 file that you can right-click and save on your own computer. Even though it’s free and doesn’t require a link, I’ll warn you that my experience was painfully slow; it doesn’t appear that YouJizz cares about how quickly you can get to the content. Even though I have a 150 Mb/s connection now, my download only reached 70 Kb/s, which is disappointing. If you’re serious about storing local porn, you may want to look for a different location for your computer to download the file throughout the day. Even though what YouJizz has to offer is adequate, it falls short of the ideal. This could be improved and, in my opinion, its position on my list of the best video-sharing websites would rise a notch or two.


So, in conclusion, how would you rate YouJizz? We’d like to point out, however, that it isn’t the best website in the world. However, YouJizz has passed its darkest hour. You should visit it even if you don’t intend to stay long.

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