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No matter where you go to spend quality time with yourself, do you find yourself searching for pornography? It’s possible that xHamster could be a nice place to start if you’re looking for a new porn site.

Xhamster is an online porn site with hundreds of various genres to pick from, making it easy for everyone to discover something they like. I’d want to offer my thoughts on the porn site without hamsters after a few hours of browsing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits, cons, and features of xHamster, I’ve put together an in-depth review here.

An in-depth xHamster review

Some films on xHamster have garnered hundreds of millions of views, making it one of the most popular free amateur porn sites. It’s a website where you may access a wide variety of pornographic content for free or for a fee. Naturally, the goal of the website is to supply consumers with entertaining pornography that keeps them coming back.

To appeal to a broader demographic, the site features pornstars of a variety of genders, races, ages, and body types. For those who prefer text-based erotica, xHamster has a built-in dating site and written erotica in addition to video.

Users can choose between straight, homosexual, or transgender options when browsing the site. For future watching, you can even set up a personal account to keep all of your favorite material in one place. To help people discover what they’re looking for, a simple search feature is also available.

xHamster.Com Review

How it works

xHamster is simple to use and offers a wealth of information to its users. When you initially arrive at the site, you have the choice of browsing through the many genres. If you’re looking for anything specific, narrowing your search to a genre is your best choice.

If you’re interested in learning more, the site’s top banner offers several alternative ways to do so:

By live sex

Users who enjoy direct contact with the actors will appreciate Live Sex as an additional selection in the search results. The term “live sex” refers to a video feed of someone having intercourse in real time. This area allows viewers to search by age, ethnicity, physical type, or hair color. Viewers can connect with the stars and urge them to perform in ways that pre-uploaded porn just does not give while using the chat function.

By pornstar

This category is for those who have a favorite actor or actress. Searching by pornstar allows you to narrow down your options by narrowing down your options by narrowing down your options by narrowing down your options.

xHamster features both male and female actors, so you can navigate through the pages to check which actors are the most popular. You can also subscribe to your favorite actors so that you never miss a thing. When you click on a star, you’ll be taken to all of their stuff on the site.

By channel

Using channels, viewers can search for specific well-known networks, such as brazzers and vixen, that they enjoy watching. Under their own identity, a channel posts their own videos. Choosing a video from a channel’s list of videos can be done by clicking on the channel name. An fantastic choice for those who prefer to support a specific network rather than a specific performer.

By photos

Instead of videos, the photos section has images of actors. Here, celebrities can post images of themselves, which may be more appealing to some than video. Individual content providers can be subscribed to by viewers, who will be alerted to new content as soon as it is made available.

By dating

XHamster also provides a free dating service. This option allows you to specify your age, sex, and geographical choices so that you can talk with potential companions. If you want to get to know each other even better, look for someone who has a webcam.

By premium

xHamster’s final named area is a member service that can be chosen by the user. Although the site is free to access, there is an optional premium subscription available.

  • 1 month: $6.99/month
  • 3 months: $5.99/month
  • 12 months: $4.99/month

Buying the subscription plan provides:

  1. More straightforward navigation of the site
  2. 250 new video uploads each day
  3. Hd and 4k video quality
  4. An ad-free site
  5. Limitless downloads


Stories and subscriptions, the two tinier and less well-publicized parts, can be found here. Text-based sex stories uploaded by content creators can be read in stories. You may stay on top of the work of your favorite authors by subscribing to their newsletters.

You may rapidly go through all of the creators you’ve subscribed to through subscriptions. In contrast to what’s now popular, this is a more convenient approach to view stuff that you specifically signed up for.

Who is xHamster for?

xHamster does not have a single target audience, but rather a variety of distinct audiences. There is something for everyone on the site because of the wide range of producers covered and the mediums in which the information is shared. Although the site appears to be geared at a more mature audience, I believe it is more likely to attract a younger demographic than a site like pornhub.

Pros (what i like)

  • The variety of people
  • How the site’s design looks
  • Porn’s several distribution channels (video, pictures, written, etc.)
  • There is no obligation to subscribe.
  • Element of a dating site

Cons (what I don’t like)

  • A web page that seems like it was created in the 1990s
  • Subscription perks that aren’t specific enough
  • Many advertisements without a user account

Is this website free?

Even though xHamster is free to view, a paid membership gives you access to a slew of other features. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to pony out for the extras.

Is premium membership to xHamster worth it?

xHamster, like many other adult video sites, offers a premium membership option.

There is a monthly fee of £17.45 if you live in the UK for Gold membership, which costs $19.99 USD. Having the option to pay with a credit card or PayPal is a nice perk. Over 8,700 videos from a variety of studios are included with this hefty price tag, most of which appear to be supported in 1080p HD. The content they use appears to be sourced from commercial studios and pay-per-view sites, if my research is correct. Among the more than 500 authors who have contributed to this project are such names as Teen Mega World, Japan Lust, Tricky Agent, Stepmom Seduction, and Eros Arts. According to my honest assessment of paysite content, it’s not an all-star selection, as the top content providers don’t license their stuff here.

Scenes can be seen with tokens purchased from the store. Batch sizes range from 200 to 520 to 1085 to 2250. One hundred tokens costs $19.99 and films are often 25 or 50 tokens in price. It’s not the best deal, but if you want to watch something that’s hard to come by elsewhere, this is a nice option.

There are currently over 1.3 million videos in the xHamster free content archive.

Why are there so many ads?

There are numerous pop-up advertisements on the website if you’re not logged in. Even if visitors do not pay a membership fee, this will very certainly bring in money for the website. However, making an account and logging in will solve this problem. It costs you nothing to register and log in.

Where are my subscriptions?

In order to access subscriptions, you must first click on the “premium” portion across the top banner and then click on the ellipses next to it. Moving this to its own part across the top banner would improve xHamster, as it is an important consideration for many viewers.

Is it possible to download the videos?

On xHamster, you may download any video. All videos have download, favorite, and share buttons at the bottom. To download videos, you don’t need a subscription.

Is there a space to share suggestions for the site?

An FAQ, a contact us page, and a page for improving xHamster are all included at the bottom of the website. You can get answers to any issues you may have in the FAQ section, and you can make suggestions for improvement on the xHamster page. Any ideas or enhancements you may have can be made here.

Too old-school?

With that in mind, I think they could benefit from updating the general look of the site slightly as I get very early-internet vibes from its layout. They could also add more details about the paid subscription perks to let users know what benefits they’re receiving over the free membership.

In the end, through spending my time on the porn site without hamsters for my xHamster review, I genuinely think I will find myself using the site again. I would highly recommend the site as a superb free porn option.

I do not believe it’s worth it to buy the subscription unless they offer more perks or specify more about their current ones. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, free, wonderfully diverse porn site, I believe that xHamster is for you.

Isn’t xHamster just a site for cute rodents?

For those of us who grew up believing that xHamster was just an online gallery of photos of people’s fluffy dogs, I’m sorry to tell you that you were wrong. However, in actuality, xHamster is a video-sharing website where users may watch hundreds of extreme sex videos uploaded by independent studios and amateur users. PornHub presently ranks 27th on Alexa’s list of the world’s most popular porn-related websites, while xHamster currently ranks 59th in terms of traffic. As a result, you may expect huge things from this popular adult streaming network, which has been around for over a decade and has attracted millions of viewers. xHamster has both excellent and poor points, so let’s examine those now.

The Initial xHamster experience

Tube sites, in my opinion, are either winners or losers based on the first impressions they leave with visitors. No matter how many times I go to a video network, I always want to quit as soon as I land on the homepage because of the horrible design. As a total, xHamster provides one of the best initial browsing experiences. Refresh is used to switch out the recommended movies in the first place, and it does so in a matter of milliseconds, so you don’t have to wait for your browser to load. Additionally, xHamster estimates that approximately 3,000 new films are uploaded each day.

Sorting content based on user ratings and length is a cinch with this part, which makes narrowing your search a walk in the park. Alternatively, you can choose to just see HD or VR-friendly videos, or any videos on the site, if you like. xHamster has gone above and beyond for the end-user by providing these options, which is a positive sign for pornography. Finally, on the homepage’s left-hand side, you’ll see a list of the most popular niches. The usual suspects, such as Asian, amateur, blowjob, massage, lesbian, and adolescent, will be there, but you’ll also have the option of browsing the entire catalog. xHamster appears to have a good system for categorizing videos, compared to other sites where users try to cheat the system by uploading videos into every category imaginable.

Watching porn in style

Once you’ve found a video you enjoy, the same high-quality experience you had while browsing is carried over to watching it. For slow motion playback, a cog in the same area as on YouTube can be used to alter the video quality, and a ‘large mode,’ which increases the size of the video without making it fill the entire screen. xHamster does not appear to have mini-thumbnail displays when you hover over the time bar, which I’ve seen elsewhere to give you an indication of where the scene is at. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a terrific feature that provides the user more choice over the stuff they watch. If I had to recommend an upgrade to the folks here, that would be it.

With xHamster, you can save videos to your computer for offline viewing, which is a big selling point for video-sharing services like YouTube. Signing up for the tube gives you quick access, but you may also use it as a guest for 60 seconds if you don’t mind waiting. Despite what you would think, I just installed a new Internet connection at my office so that I could conduct more thorough testing of web sites. From the beginning to the end, it took me about 12 seconds to download a 200MB film in 720p from xHamster. When the connection reached 19 MB/s, which is the limit of my 150 Mbps link, it was completely saturated. End users will appreciate this because it allows them to store content on demand, with just their Internet connection serving as a restriction.

My beef with xHamster

Even though you probably don’t give a suck about what I’m going to say, xHamster made a move a few years back that truly pissed me off. This is a result of their decision to stop supporting porn after Brock Turner’s rape culture-supporting pornography. While it appeared to be an attempt at publicity, it was done in an unreasonably sloppy manner.

If you search for “rape” on xHamster, you’ll get a notification that says “maybe it’s time you consulted with a professional psychologist.” This is a problem because there are millions of people who are mentally well and don’t require any help because they enjoy watching BDSM pornography. Despite being a feminist at heart, I know plenty of women who are offended by the implication that anyone interested in this type of material is in need of therapy.

My moral aversion prevents me from defending non-simulated content, but if everyone involved is fine with the way things are going, why the need for virtue signaling anyway? It’s made worse by the fact that xHamster’s content standards are inconsistent. For example, I believe that if you’re going to ban simulated rape pornography, you should also ban voyeur, but there are literally thousands of scenes that fit this description.


No matter how strongly I feel about xHamster’s restriction of user-generated content, I believe it to be an excellent resource. If you’re looking for a spot to have a good time, this is the place. This is the best live streaming platform if you’re a fan of BDSM content.

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