Updated at: 16-05-2022 - By: Rose Elliott

It’s time to get back to our roots now that so many prominent social networks are in trouble. A lot of Instagram pornstar profiles come and go, so it’s hard to tell how long they’ll last. On top of that, posts have a terrible reach, and users are losing motivation on a daily basis. Facebook has essentially ruined another another platform, and they’re welcome to my genitals at any time they want. Surely, by now, you have heard of Tumblr’s decision to entirely ban pornography from the platform.

Snapchat pornstar posts aren’t as horrible as they used to be. It’s nice that most of the high-end ones are still going strong today. If no one buys this social network, it will continue to exist for a few more years. For as long as there was a new design that activated every human on the planet.

It’s a good day to reflect on Twitter, the one network free of algorithmic exploitation or other such crap. There will be no life hacks or political commentary here because we aren’t the New York Times. Our specialty is porn, and this list of the top 20 pornstar Twitter accounts is no exception.

Top 50: Creamy Twitter Pornstar Accounts to Follow

Twitter uses NSFW content to entice users into signing up for an account. There are a lot of tasty tweets from Aletta Ocean, but they’re buried by default and it’s a pain in the ass to go through them one by one. In addition, expect to see a few tweets promoting her Onlyfans page.

Many pornstars’ careers have been wrecked by this scumbag site, which has left them with nothing to say. Enforce a monthly charge in exchange of potato videos with no real value.

Followers: 588k (1k increase)
Twitter Account: @AlettaOceanXXXX

Samantha Saint

Samantha, like so many other selfish pornstars, fell victim to the victim mentality and deleted this Twitter account. It’s hardly encouraging to see the same number of fans as three months ago. It’s not clear what’s going on.

It’s that easy! All of her tweets are nothing more than begging spam. A simple fan club membership will do. Don’t bother with this one for a little while longer.

Followers: 632k (3k increase)
Twitter Account: @MissSaintXXX

Nicole Aniston

When it comes to promoting her lifestyle, the vegan porn star relies heavily on social media platforms like Twitter. If you’re interested in learning about Nicole from a different perspective, this is a fantastic place to start.

In spite of all this, there are still a few sexy movies of her working her butt out, moving around her boobs, and the like. Also, there are a lot of photographs of amazing food!

Followers: 690k (10k increase)
Twitter Account: @XNicoleAnistonx

Trina Michaels

Because it was so long, I had no idea who this slut was… When Trina was younger, she worked as a porn star and now handles wrestling organizations. We’re not comfortable with some of the behavior we’ve seen on her YouTube channel. Trina appears to be texting or checking her phone while driving in a recent video blog. Whatever the reason, we were sick to our stomachs after this cut.

Shouldn’t be endorsing such behavior, especially in light of the fact that she has a devoted fan base. Everything else about this social media profile is fine.

Followers: 740k (13k increase)
Twitter Account: @TrinaMichaels

Jessica Drake

According to Jessica, who describes herself as “bitter and sweet,” she’s the first of our top 20 pornstars to make an appearance on Twitter. That just pertains to this post, and not to all performers on the platform, as she is still active.

Many retweets and occasional quotations. That’s the gist of her story. In the absence of hardcore teases or pornographic GIFs, It’s a simple page with just text on it. This one is a no-go for those who are primarily concerned with the presentation of information visually.

Followers: 742k (4k increase)
Twitter Account: @TheJessicaDrake

Gabby Quinteros

People of a certain age should not be utilizing social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. However, Gabby’s articles may be worth your time if you’re looking for a little bit of excitement. It’s understandable why people are interested in her, but the rest of the pornstars are a far better choice for the general public.

Distracting Facebook-style messages, as well as spammy “Hi” greetings. A Twitter account that is as braindead as possible.

Followers: 735k (7k increase)
Twitter Account: @GabbyQuinteros

Bonnie Rotten

Is there garbage in the street? As a result of the stench. Bonnie’s Twitter account is modest in comparison to her pornographic films. Most of the images are selfies and others are erotic images, but there are also some nudes in the mix.

Follow this babe if you want to see videos that aren’t only about jerking her off. Bonnie has been (inconveniently) promoting her paid membership lately, and that’s a bummer.

Followers: 750.5k (16k increase)
Twitter Account: @TheBonnieRotten

Vicky Vette

Instagram porn celebrity profiles are both popular and excellent. Some of these artists have nothing but their videos to go on. Twitter is exactly the same! It’s impossible to tell who’s tweeting, and even the most basic of bots could pull off the impersonation.

These pornstars are all over the place, but Vicky Vette isn’t one of them. That’s a great example of how to publish images while still disclosing personal information about yourself. Positive feelings and a little something extra are always present in the images. That’s what we love most about her.

Followers: 761k (2k decrease)
Twitter Account: @VickyVette

Ava Addams

Getting lost in Ava’s Twitter stream was an adventure in itself, and we learnt a lot about this outspoken pornstar in the process. There are numerous ramblings and replies in her tweets. Although she’s not attempting to stir the pot, it’s more of a drama issue than anything else.

You shouldn’t expect to see any photos or films of the butthole. You’ll have to settle for a tweet from her asking you to buy her underwear as the closest thing you’ll ever get. I get that some men are creepy and will do anything they want, but why encourage it? Just what is going on here?

Followers: 799.3k (17k increase)
Twitter Account: @AvaAddams

Asa Akira

We adored Asa Akira and were saddened to hear of his impending retirement. When she consented to do most things, she was one of those legendary hotties. Her butthole had a life that was as hard-fought as the Second World War.

It’s more like a “fan follow” Twitter account because there are no nudes. Only if you exclude private videos from PornHub, which cost a fee. Asa, on the other hand, has tried to defend her lack of attractiveness after becoming pregnant by quoting “bullshit,” etc.

What do you think? Real moms aren’t so unattractive after giving birth that you have to remind people that they are.

Followers: 835k (14k increase)
Twitter Account: @AsaAkira

Romi Rain

Romi is a must-follow because of her extensive collection of both softcore and hardcore pornography. On her Twitter feed, you’ll get numerous juicy snippets and behind-the-scenes footage. From nude galleries to selfies and more, there is a lot to choose from.

You shouldn’t miss this one because it’s so exciting and full of detail. In the last few months, her following count has risen from 600,000 to 710,000. If we didn’t rank accounts by the amount of followers, it would be one of the best options for a porn star.

Followers: 840.3k (8k increase)
Twitter Account: @Romi_Rain

Jayden Jaymes

Whenever a pornstar makes an attempt to look dependable by posting photographs that are both provocative and non-nude… That’s how I’d describe Jayden’s Twitter feed to someone. With almost twice as many followers as other porn stars, he has a higher like ratio than any other porn star in the world.

I’m assuming Twitter users aren’t too interested in pornography? The answer to this one is a mystery, therefore it’s best to go with Jayden’s lead.

Followers: 838k (82 decrease)
Twitter Account: @JaydenMichele

Kirsten Price

Twitter pornstars of any generation will find this account to be one of the worst. Only “reasons to join” her fan page are included in the post. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw how many people were following this dull slut. People, what’s wrong with you?

Price has been quite quiet lately, which can only mean one thing: This diva is gearing up for her golden years.

Followers: 854k (1k increase)
Twitter Account: @Kirsten_Price

Nikki Benz

Sharing more than simply her films on Twitter, Nikki is injecting a personal touch into the conversation. Thoughts and tidbits laced with hints and a few images. A 20-year-old Tumblr-sharing slut, it seems. Also included are images of vegan and plant-based diets.

As soon as she appeared on tape with those plastic balls in her butt, things started to go wrong for me with Nikki.

Followers: 951k (6k increase)
Twitter Account: @NikkiBenz

Sophie Dee

Push the juices out with your dick while holding it by the ankle. Fans adore this pornstar because she is the Twitter equivalent of a lovely snowflake. When it comes to the millennials who ruin social media, Sophie is one of the coolest.

Fun to be around because she appears to be real. According to the recent uptick in followers, we’re not alone. Still as seductive and seductive as ever, if not more so.

Followers: 1.1 million (1k increase)
Twitter Account: @RealSophieDee

Alexis Texas

The following pornstar has our utmost respect. Each of you has a good idea of what distinguishes this whore from the rest. Alexis is a happy camper after making a million dollars, and her tweets are worth following. It does not post any articles that could jeopardize your project’s success. In place of that, it’s all about nudes, upcoming shows, and pictures.

To keep you up to date on Alexis’ most recent Twitter exploits, this account has been permanently deleted. Like, 9 out of 10 tweets are GIFs of me pleading with her to follow me on Twitter.

Followers: 1.15 million (50k increase)
Twitter Account: @Alexis_Texas

Sara Jay

Sara Jay, a well-known GILF from the United States, splits her time between her sex products line and casual pictures. When it comes to her professional and social accomplishments, she goes out of her way to extol the virtues of being the CEO of various companies. That’s irrelevant, because the positives much outweigh the negatives.

Sara has only lately joined the one million-follower club, something she should be pleased of. Because she is a visual person, she tweets a lot of pictures. Porn performers from a previous generation may not have had time to experience the joys of video.

Followers: 1.2 million (71k increase)
Twitter Account: @SaraJayXXX

Mia Malkova

Mia tweets a mix of promotional and sexually explicit content as she works to get her porn network off the ground. An next scene is shown in a preview, although there is no actual nudity in this one. From Twitch to PornHub, this harlot has taken over the Internet.

What’s in it for you if you stick with her? There are a lot of porn stars who are more fascinating than Bitch. Other than that, I can think of nothing else. Hardcore pornography is absent from the account.

Followers: 1.21 million (39k increase)
Twitter Account: @MiaMalkova

Lisa Ann

In light of her fanbase stats, I was expecting more from this down-to-earth porn star. Because Lisa’s content isn’t original, millions of people can be proven wrong once in a while. It’s mostly just a stream of retweets, and that gets old fast.

Then there are the numerous tweets pertaining to sports. I think she shouldn’t even be using her porn star’s Twitter account since this shit is so pathetic.

Followers: 1.22 million (61k increase)
Twitter Account: @TheRealLisaAnn

Stormy Daniels

Stormy used to be just a wet hole in which to place your dick, but she’s since matured into a wonderful lady. This former pornstar, who is now a contract director for Digital Playground, is one of the most interesting people in the business. Sometimes dares to reply to tweets that roast her, like replies about worn-out pussy and such. Even better, Stormy Daniels doesn’t give a fuck about anything.

There are several talks, photographs, and videos on her account, as well as the occasional joke. On Twitter, she’s one of the more interesting porn stars.

Followers: 1.22 million (109k increase)
Twitter Account: @StormyDaniels

Kendra Lust

Finally, a porn celebrity on Twitter who posts frequently and has a large following. It’s difficult to choose just one of the many excellent pieces of content. There should be far more admirers of Kendra’s seduction skills. Check out this scene even if you don’t like hers.

It’s all a joy to see, from slow-motion films to spontaneous dancing in the clubs. If that’s not enough, there aren’t any requests to buy her items or anything like that in her communications. She’s a classy sex worker.

Followers: 1.24 million (137k increase)
Twitter Account: @KendraLust

Bree Olson

Bree isn’t a good account to follow if you’re only interested in porn and have no interest in politics. The most recent tweets are filled with meaningless babble. It becomes better as you travel back in time because some of the earlier texts contain some useful information. In addition to films, Bree Olson publishes photographs and Snapchat nudes. Why not? Some links lead to sponsored websites.

This is an intriguing blond pornstar who needs to get her act together and return to her roots to be taken seriously. As a result, I expect her number of followers to fall or be overtaken by other people.

Followers: 1.31 million (36k increase)
Twitter Account: @BreeOlson

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades, the popular pornstar who had 670k followers just a few months ago and now has over 900k, should be on your radar. What is it about her that makes her so successful? Twitter and Instagram are the only places you’ll find her unique erotic tweets.

Instead than posting the same thing on every social media platform, Lana gives her fans a reason to stick around.

Followers: 1.41 million (78k increase)
Twitter Account: @LanaRhoades

Abella Danger

Abella Danger is a versatile pornstar that is available only through Brazzers. A spiteful brat and one of the best squirters in porn, all-natural. Her mind can’t even imagine saying no to big dicks. Abella deserves credit, however. Fake tits and other pieces are difficult to avoid.

The adult profession is harsh, but here’s one Twitter porn star who’s mastered it with flying colors.

Followers: 1.8 million (200k increase)
Twitter Account: @Abella_Danger

Riley Reid

Riley has dominated the porn industry as the undisputed leader. Even if you’re looking for the best slender, little tits or the best porn stars, we’ve got you covered. She’s back, and she’s going to complete the job. The most followed pornstar on Twitter is none other than this adorable slut. This person exemplifies what it means to be an honest and hardworking person.

She doesn’t appear unhappy, sour, or arrogant at all. Riley is one of the porn stars we’ve covered recently, and we extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Followers: 2.1 million (100k increase)
Twitter Account: @RileyReidX3

Sunny Leone

Just when we thought Riley couldn’t be topped, along comes Sunny Leone and shattering all the records we could have hoped for. It’s impressive how much she goes out of her way to please her followers. The most recent tweets are mainly bikini images, followed by adverts for various beauty and fashion businesses.

She isn’t the best in the NSFW department. Just so you know, Sunny’s Twitter bio includes a reference to God…

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie, our go-to slut, has grown up a lot in the last few years. Developed an air of refinement and no longer requests the main course before the appetizers. She’s the least followed pornstar on Twitter out of everyone here.

Keep in mind, though, that when you compare views and likes, Kenzie’s videos outperform the majority of these artists.

Twitter Account: @kenziereevesxxx

Gina Valentina

The secrets of how a porn star on Twitter might gain followers have been revealed. Pornography and naked images rule the roost. Gina Valentina tests the efficacy of posting photos and other content that features her wearing clothing.

In fact, I’d wager that she’d have millions of followers instead of the paltry 500k she now has. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any!

Twitter Account: @gvalentinaxxx

Phoenix Marie

If you’re looking for a dick raiser, go no farther than Phoenix Marie, the famed hardcore MILF harlot. Despite the fact that her Twitter account only has a few thousand fans rather than the millions expected, she’s an intelligent woman. Despite the fact that “hoes are dumb,” we’re nonetheless blown away by this elderly bunny’s talents. From learning a new language to tweeting a snarky remark.

Marie is 40 years old, for the uninitiated.

Twitter Account: @PMarizzle

Madison Ivy

Selfies in all shapes and sizes, amusing retweets, and commercial material fill the feed. Also tempting films of eroticism! The one that made me nauseous was the one that involved stroking one’s genitals with underpants.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no farther than Madison Ivy’s Twitter feed. I’m confident that she’ll surpass the million-follower mark in the coming year. Artistic rather than sleazy sluts who post only their tits on social media.

Twitter Account: @madison420ivy

Adriana Chechik

Adriana has a great Twitter profile, minus the AVN Awards spam messages that were retweeted everyday. A hardcore anal video tease or squirt from the nastiest girl in porn isn’t something you’ll see all the time.

For Adriana fans, this is a must-follow account to keep up with all of her teases and new scenes. I’m not much of a poster for my own personal matters. Maybe the media company has access to her social media accounts?

Twitter Account: @adrianachechik

Abigail Mac

Assume that you have more than half a million people who actively follow you. However, it’s possible that 10% of these are automated. Jesus Christ’s mother is number one. Abigail Mac frequently publishes videos and photos of herself in her undies, including some of her genitals.

More than a million people have seen her most popular tweet, which she has pinned to the top of her page. In a good way, she prefers video to photography, and this is a good thing.

Twitter Account: @msabigailmac

Nikki Delano

As Nikki Delano, Audry Star has gorgeous green eyes, an enviable booty, and thick, firm toes. No one else can bounce her ass like this porn diva. You should also check out the ways in which Brazzers, among others, deep-tongue her a black cock

It’s a good idea to follow her on Twitter, where she posts her live performance dates, exclusive videos, and other tidbits. Despite her lack of mainstream fame, Nikki has a legion of virgin fans.

Twitter Account: @NikkiDelano

Nicolette Shea

A fucking big hitter with 2 million followers is coming to smack your dick. This rapper is 100% real, with video tweets averaging 2-5 million views and likes, which is more than 99 percent of the fraudulent rappers on social media can claim.

She’s always liberal with her content, sharing the best scene cuts, ramblings from the bathroom, and other intimate activities. No sponsorships, no pussy toy deals, and no other forms of self-promotion.

Twitter Account: @nicolette_shea

Top 50: Creamy Twitter Pornstar Accounts to FollowTop 50: Creamy Twitter Pornstar Accounts to Follow

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