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Finding a part-time job isn’t always an easy endeavor. There are simply too many choices, and narrowing them down can be difficult if you’re unsure of your own ability. This time around, we’re going to provide you with a few strong reasons why you should consider being a webcam performer.

There are numerous cam sites from which you can begin spreading. Not all of them give as many benefits and control over privacy as Streamate offers. We think this is a great platform for anyone who wants to become webcam model because it’s so distinctive.

There are several reasons why Streamate is an excellent place to begin your webcam modeling career. Models can take advantage of the website’s wealth of excellent features. The website is simple to use and is open to everyone. More about Streamate? Let’s find out!

What is Streamate?

If you know how to keep an audience engaged on Streamate, you have the potential to make a lot of money. This is a camming service, thus most of your earnings will come from webcam shows. This website is ideal for people who prefer to perform in private rather than in front of an audience.

To become a Streamate model, there isn’t a lot of work involved. Starting is simple and won’t take you long at all to get up and running. In order to ensure that everyone who registers is at least 18 years of age, each application must be assessed by hand before it can be granted.

This is the result of years of hard work by Streamate’s members. There is no need to be concerned if they don’t get as much traffic as other websites. In fact, the lack of fierce competition increases your chances of quickly rising to the top of the modeling world.

Streamate Cam Site Review

Is Streamate Good?

Streamate.com has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the area of live amateur cameras by establishing itself as an industry leader. In terms of webcam chat, they’ve been around for a long time.

We’ve spent a lot of time on the site, and we’ll let you in on all of that knowledge in this Streamate review. There are over a thousand live webcam models in their staggering 40,000+ model gallery.

All-day, every day, they are online, and their layout has been virtually the same since 2003. As long as the layout they’ve been using for more than a decade appears to be the industry standard, it’s all the better.

Streamate.com isn’t quite a “freemium” live amateur cam site, but the features they offer to unregistered users are enticing.

As we’ll see in our Streamate review, their “token” system appears to favor Americans slightly, but the prices are affordable.


Aside from amateurs who video themselves at home, there are also professional webcam models and porn stars who have profiles with Streamate.com.com.

Streamate’s design is minimalist, orderly, and modest in the nicest possible way. The color scheme is intended to be pleasing to the eye while also drawing attention to the most important elements.

At first sight, the model categories appear to be limited, but when you click on the advanced search tab, you discover that you have a wide variety of options.

The advanced search menu provides a plethora of options. You can pick from a variety of performances in the tab section, including women, men, trans people, and couples.

From physical type to orientation and fetishes, there are a total of 19 tick boxes for you to choose from in order to narrow your search.

A new user will quickly realize that Streamate is not a site to try to get what you want for free, like Chaturbate, because of the casual and fun atmosphere.

It’s possible for a live amateur cam lady to make a lot of money through tips, but their business plan includes two different tiers of paid conversation above the free webcam rooms, namely private and exclusive chat.

Finally, this is a for-profit venture, therefore you’ll have to pay to use it.

That doesn’t mean that Streamate.com doesn’t have any free stuff. It’s possible to watch a variety of shows for free, including planned shows, webcam rooms, and model photo galleries.

Functions Streamate

There are a number of options available to both Streamate users and models to ensure that they get the most out of this site. The guest chat is available to all users. Everyone can access the site’s basic features without registering. No nudity is allowed below the waist for models, even if they are topless. The free webcam shows are really a warm-up for the main event. The proper model can lead to a Premium chat or an Exclusive show if they are in contact.

In addition to the free chat, you can also use the Premium chat to communicate privately. For a little fee, customers can take advantage of this chat’s premium features, which include the ability to request certain models. Users can choose whether or not their messages are visible to everyone in the room or just the webcam females in any form of group chat. Minutely rates are determined by the model.

A private show, the Exclusive conversation is just that: private. A premium conversation is typically more expensive than an exclusive chat. On the model’s profile, you’ll usually discover pricing information.

Gold shows are also available. In these one-off exhibitions, several artists are able to participate from the comfort of their own homes. The model is in charge of calculating the Gold show’s duration, objective, and starting price. As a fan, you may join in on the fun by making a contribution as soon as the show’s countdown begins. Visitors will not be charged if the performer cancels the concert before it begins or in the middle of it. As a result, a steady internet connection is recommended for the model

Visitors have the option of participating in a Cam 2 Cam session in addition to the standard chat options. During private or exclusive shows, this function is activated. Fan and model can see and hear each other with Cam2cam, which allows both to see and hear each other.

If a model sets up a Gold Club, members can also enjoy a discount on premium and exclusive shows. Club members can save anywhere from 5 to 50 percent on their purchases by signing up for this subscription-based service. The monthly rate and discount are set by the model.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • There is no need to register in order to access the free webcam rooms.
  • With so many attractive webcam models to choose from, you’ll never run out of options.
  • In their private and personal discussions, they can use Cam 2 Cam.
  • Anyone can join a Gold Show or a private chat session that is currently active.
  • Generally speaking, ticket prices for ticketed concerts are fairly reasonable.
  • A daily spending limit ensures that you don’t waste your kid’s college fund.
  • Registrants may use pre-paid credit cards as long as they have at least a $25 USD balance.


  • Most of Streamate’s cameras are decent, however, there is no standard camera quality.
  • Astonishingly swiftly, the public shows you’ve been enjoying will become private ones.
  • As a bandwidth-saving strategy, just one live cam chat can be launched at a time, which appears cheap and antiquated.
  • There isn’t a wide variety of payment methods accessible.

The Webcam Models

A large model community has grown up throughout the many years that Streamate has been in operation.

The fact that some of us saw webcam performers we’d previously seen 10 or more years ago suggests that they are really happy with their work.

At Streamate.com, you have a lot of options. You can see whatever you want, as long as it’s within the bounds of reasonableness.

The Girls

For fetish models, Streamate is the place to go.

Live cam girls who are into a fetish tend to wear their way of life on their sleeves, just above the handcuffs, so to speak.

There is a lot of variety in cam girls, even the more vanilla ones, and model profiles are full of fetishes and kinks that each lady is interested in.

Free chat is a terrific method to get to know your favorite girls better because you can talk to as many as 1200 girls at once.

The Guys

Even though there aren’t as many male webcam models as there are female ones on Streamate, you may find plenty of them when you search for them. At any given period of day or night, more than 100 guys are on the airwaves. This site is not on our list of recommended gay cam sites, but its sibling site Streamen is.

Streamen, on the other hand, does not have any female characters. If you’re seeking male webcam models, the URL above is a good place to start.

The Couples

It can be a little difficult to discover the right partner on Streamate.com because there are so many of them.

They may have started out as a solo act and have only said in their profile that they perform couples shows, therefore the account user may be the only one in the photo. It’s more common for them to have a photo that’s fairly illustrative.

Again, the advanced search feature can help you narrow your results to exactly what you’re looking for, and one of the primary search criteria is “couples.”

The Transgenders

As with straight/bi female performers, the quantity of transsexual webcam models is about the same, so you won’t be short of options.

Go to the “Trans” tab in Advanced Search and select the specific sort of performer you’re looking for.

Model Profiles

Each model has complete control over how much or little information they want to include on their homepages, and it is a matter of personal preference.

Some sections are required for all profiles, while others are purely optional.

About Me

In this area, each model introduces themselves with some basic information about themselves, such as their sexual preference, age, a brief bio, and a list of behaviors they’re willing to perform live on camera..

The model’s skills and turn-ons are listed, as well as the date and time of the model’s most recent performance.

Users’ search tags associated with a particular model can serve as a gauge of how well-liked it was by other users.

“Excellent gal,” “wonderful personality,” “great show,” and “fun” are common descriptors used by some.

Members have also used words like “ripoff” and “boring” in their remarks.

If you notice remarks like these, it’s a strong bet that the commenters are right and you should avoid their profiles.

Member Comments

All paid show participants have the option of rating and commenting on the webcam performance, with a timestamp and their user name included, so that other users may get a feel for the webcam performer before engaging in a show.

My Schedule

However, it’s up to the individual models whether or not they choose to stick with a set schedule or act whenever and for anyone they want.

Models who work according to a timetable normally perform between two and five days a week at around the same times.

With this function, you may plan ahead and it’s a terrific fit for the user’s favorite areas of models.

On every profile, regardless of whether or not you’ve added any additional fields, these are the areas you’ll find.

My Photos

There are usually a lot of seductive and stunning pictures on exhibit by the models who host the images. Everyone can access this part without charge.

My Free Videos

Most models only have a few free films to offer, but a few will host some powerful videos to entice you into playing shows.

My Paid Photos

More explicit images are available for purchase and storage in the individual user profile galleries of webcam models, in addition to the free photo portions.

My Videos

Most models’ profiles have a basic video part where you can watch videos that you can also buy on Streamate.com and watch whenever you want.

Chat Options

The following is a list of the various types of live amateur chat:

Free Video Chat

Without registering, everyone can access the free base level. Webcam models perform for tips, many of them using the popular Lovense or OhMiBod, Bluetooth, and tip-activated sex devices.

There are many models who use these devices in their profiles, but the site doesn’t appear to be promoting them in any way. Cam sites that heavily feature Lovense or OhMyBod toys have a full article devoted to them.

In free webcam rooms, you can warm up, choose your favorite cam girl, and talk about your sexual fantasies with her in private or exclusively.

Private Chat

The paid sessions with live amateur cam girls can be joined by other users in private chat, where their requests will be taken into consideration and acted upon.

Users can choose whether their messages are visible to the entire group or simply to the webcam girls in the chat room.

Only when a show is private or exclusive is Cam 2 Cam enabled.

Gold Shows

The Streamate Gold currency can be used to participate in Gold Shows, a form of conversation. To prepare for a spectacular show, the model will collect Gold tips in the chat section and then set up a countdown.

To enter a Gold Show, each user must have at least one Gold, while the actual cost is up to the models.

Exclusive Chat

Magic happens in Exclusive Chat.

Compared to private, it’s usually not a significant price increase, and you’ll have all eyes on you. From a few cents, more per minute to quadruple the private fee, the typical price increase for exclusive conversation is common. The degree of individualized play you get in exclusive chat makes it all worthwhile in the end.

Discounted Block Sessions

Streamate’s final chat option is the discounted block session. A discount is granted based on the agreed-upon length of the show for these pre-planned movies between members and performers.

Private or exclusive chat sessions can be selected from among the discounted block sessions.

There’s one more thing to clarify here, and it’s a big one. Nobody appears to know what “party chat” is for, therefore I’m not sure what it does.

It appears to be the same as a model’s “online” status. A performer’s status prior to a Gold Show, where they are still receiving tips, was explained to me as a method of buying into the show, however, this can be true or false at times.

For some reason, even the Streamate customer service team couldn’t figure out how to fix this problem.

Video Quality

In terms of camera quality, the website makes no demands on its models.

There is a 720p HD maximum, though, and most of their devices will be at that level, with those below it providing the good quality feed.

Improved free webcam rooms will attract more users and encourage them to participate in more paid chats. As a result, models that preserve a higher standard should expect to make more money.

Streamate’s Mobile Site

We only recently re-tested their mobile site access in preparation for this evaluation, and while the interface appears more refined than it did in the early 2010s, the speed is less reliable than most of our team remembers.

It works, but it will take some time to get used to.

Be reasonable and refrain from repeatedly hitting the hyperlink. This never helps with technology.

Streamate.com’s mobile site works well when it does, however regrettably Cam 2 Cam is not currently available on the mobile version of the site.

The vertical orientation appears to be ideal for mobile chatting, despite the modest reduction in screen size. Feed size has increased, however, the chat menu disappears when the app is positioned vertically.

Mobile chat does not appear to have a video quality option, and accessing the desktop version of the platform still redirects to the mobile version of the platform on various Android devices.

Additional Media

There are various tabs on each model page, including the “about me” profile area, a member comment section, and a schedule section, which the model can fill up or leave as “unscheduled” if they so desire.

Additional features include free and paid galleries for models, which may be purchased using the Streamate Gold money.

Models that have a picture gallery on their websites often post a large number of images in order to better market themselves than those who don’t.

Additionally, Streamate has a calendar part where they feature their most popular cam girls in scheduled shows, which air at predetermined times.

Prices on Streamate

It’s a no-strings-attached service.

A registered user’s credit card is used to pay for private, one-on-one talks, which are paid per minute.

Even though the typical private show costs $2.99 per minute, you can find shows for a dollar or even less.

Some professional cam ladies charge as much as $12.00 USD per minute on the high end, although the majority of them aren’t considerably more expensive than the average private show.

Typically, an exclusive show will cost anywhere from a few pennies to quadruple the price of a private show, plus some change. For the most part, the price increase is tolerable notwithstanding certain exceptions.

The purchase and use of Streamate.com’s Gold currency is another sort of exchange that takes place on the site. The minimal cost of a Gold unit is one dollar.

It is the responsibility of people who use currencies with a value less than one dollar to make up the gap, while those who use currencies with a value greater than one dollar must pay token rates expressed in units of one Streamate Gold to one Euro.

Payment Methods

The accepted payment types are:

  • Paypal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover

And that’s pretty much your lot.

If you have $25.00 USD in your account, you can use pre-paid options from certain vendors.

Streamate has previously allowed various payment methods, but for the time being, this is the only one available.

Customer Support

It appears that Streamate.com’s customer service staff is more than competent to our expectations, with a wide range of contact ways, and rather quick response times.

Technical and billing difficulties have different email support channels. They also feature live chat assistance, which we used while reviewing the site and found to be both reliable and responsive.

Make a new connection if you’re partnered with an unskilled agent; the following one should be more helpful.

The site’s customer service is excellent, but life isn’t perfect.

Satisfaction GuaranteeStreamate does not offer a written guarantee of customer satisfaction, but there are additional safeguards in place for clients.

There is a two-hour window in which a discounted block session conversation can be re-joined, with no loss of show time, if the connection fails.

Customer service at Streamate is willing to work with you if your live broadcast is truly awful for some reason.

All new members are subject to a daily spending cap of $25.00 USD as an additional measure of user safety. User accounts will not be overdrawn by Streamate.com in a way that appears suspicious or predatory. This feature is designed to prevent this.

If your wife or girlfriend finds your credit card bills, they won’t set your garments on fire.

Streamate Review – Is it Legit or Not? 

If so, what does that mean? Discover Streamate.com’s price options and security details here.

As we’ll see in our review, this adult cam site has been a “ROCK” in the industry for quite some time for a variety of reasons.

The simple truth is that for more than two decades, Streamate has been giving value to men, women, and couples alike. They’ll mark their 25th anniversary in 2022. If you’re wondering whether Streamate.com is legit, here are some facts you should know.

I’ll go into detail about why it’s our top option and the top pick of the majority of folks who have tried all of the platforms!

Streamate Costs to Go Private with Cam Girls

  • What to expect: Adult webcam females of all ages are available 24 hours a day on Streamate. In other words, sites like YouPorn, RedTube, and other high-traffic destinations all point to this site since it features models from all over the world.

Clearly, those sites would not do so if Streamate were not a trusted and rock steady business.

A little-known fact is that even YouPornLive was using a streamate clone before they changed their name to LiveHDCams.

It’s just one more reason to enroll at Streamate.com, rather than any of the white labels that are simply repackaging the same services that Streamate has to offer.

Even the new jerk mate site and rabbitscams are clones of streamate. The original source of all the streamate girls can only be found at this site, so don’t waste your time with the fakes.

  • There is also a very low charge per minute for private shows, which is significantly less expensive than any other adult webcam site out there. There are actually over 24,000 ladies who model part-time and full-time on this site.
  • If you are looking for the most high-definition adult webcam shows, you can’t find a better site than this one. As a result of the high-quality photos and audio, this site provides a wonderful overall experience for visitors.
  • You can watch live adult cam shows on your iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device because to the responsiveness of this site. The interface is much superior than most other cam sites.
  • What does it mean to have something for nothing? Only public shows may use the two-way connection that is unrestricted, so free really does mean free.

The only thing you need to do is sign up, which is completely free and takes only a few minutes of your time. There is a clear indication of each model’s fee for private chats in the chat room.

Unlike token cam sites, all streamate models will be made private. This webcam site is all about that!

  • Unless you specifically look for and enter these plainly designated programs, you will not be charged for them. Here’s how I’ll put it to you: you’d have to be mentally challenged to be liable for any fees you weren’t aware of or didn’t consent to in advance.

Because Streamate.com is quite open about how their site works and what is free, I can say this with confidence. This is the most popular adult webcams site online because of the transparency and ease of usage. For over a decade, I’ve used this webcam chat site at least twice a week.

  • Accepted forms of payment: You can use any major credit card to sign up for a free lifetime membership after completing the initial sign-up process. It’s a two-minute sign-up process that’s easy and painless. Again, you don’t have to pay anything to participate in the free chat. There are no charges made on your credit card.

The Bottom Line

If Streamate.com hasn’t learned many new tricks, that’s fine with us because the tricks they know how to perform are amazing. The webcam ladies are naughty and attractive, and the whole pricing is really affordable. The interface is clear and easy to use.

Boredom can be a thing of the past if you have access to so many live amateur cameras. In spite of its flaws, Streamate is still a contender thanks to its feature set and vast range of available obsessions.

This isn’t the top site, or else it would be at the top of the list, but it’s a site worth joining even if you don’t pay anything. We hope that our evaluation of Streamate has provided you with some useful information.


Who can become a model on Streamate?

Anyone over the age of 18 can rapidly become a model, as we previously stated. To ensure your identity, the website’s employees will need to see a digital copy of your government-issued photo ID. The application procedure has been criticized by some for taking too long, so this may take some time as well. You’ll, however, be completely set up and ready to begin changing your profile and performing as soon as that’s completed.

Anyone may become a model on Streamate. This applies to both genders as well as those who identify as transgender. It’s worth noting that males seem to do better than girls on this service, since there are a slew of cam boys making good money every month. Streamate isn’t that difficult to get started with, and in the following section, we provide you with all the information you need to become a Streamate cam model.

What is required to become a model on Streamate?

Having a digital copy of your ID is the first thing you should have on hand. Being of legal age is the most important condition. Your broadcasting equipment requirements will be minimal from that point on. Here’s the whole equipment list:

A computer

In order to stream webcam shows, you’ll need a computer on hand at all times. For the laptop or desktop you’ll use for it, there are several requirements. You must have at least 4 GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, and Windows or Mac OS X installed on your computer.

A webcam

A webcam is built into most laptops these days, however we strongly recommend purchasing an HD webcam to ensure that your shows are of the highest quality. Purchase a webcam with a microphone integrated in! You’ll appreciate it because it makes life a little bit easier for you. If the stream is of great quality, people are more inclined to stick around.

A good internet connection

Even if you don’t plan on using cam-splitting, a high-speed internet connection is required (see below for more information about this feature). If you’re using an internet package that doesn’t have a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps, you’ll likely have no issues. If you’re going to stream on more than one website at the same time, be sure you have a strong enough internet connection to avoid interruptions.

Extra but not required stuff

Using sex toys is a popular way for models to spice up their performances. Cosplay is used by a few brave souls, and those with specific fetishes in mind develop their own unique clothing for their performances. We don’t require you to purchase any of anything, but we strongly recommend it. You’ll make more money and have a better time with these props since they’re more exciting for you and your audience.

How much can you earn on Streamate?

It’s no use telling you that you’ll earn roughly 3,000 dollars after becoming an average model on the internet, partly because that’s not the complete truth. Everything on camming sites is dependent on performance, therefore the more you do, the more money you make. Another big difference between Streamate and other camming services is that it has no token system. By the minute, you set the fee for all the shows.

There are several advantages to using Streamate as a webcam performer, but they cost you money. To put it another way, Streamate only pays its models 30 percent of the money they make from their programs. To be fair, the website says it offers a 50 percent discount since it allows users to resell videos they’ve created on the site. You get 50% of the revenue share for those clips.

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