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In the near future, a brand new app will hit the market. Hybri is the name given to the software, and many people are already thrilled about it because they can see it in action. Whatisthehybri.com review is here to give you an idea of what to expect.

What is the Hybri?

New augmented reality experience Hybri allows you to scan photographs of real people so that you can create the avatar you desire. You can now construct a digital human partner on your smartphone using a brand-new software that lets you customize a human facsimile to your liking.

Within the realm of virtual reality, you can make a companion, a lover, or just someone with whom to dispute. A family can be created in this way. You can even design the person you’ve always wanted to look and sound like, just like the celebrities you admire.

Whatisthehybri.com ReviewWhatisthehybri.com Review

In order to play, you can either use your smartphone, AR/VR headset, or VR headset in augmented reality mode or VR mode. To use the software, all you need is a cardboard headset; you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on a mixed reality headset.

At the beginning, they will ask you a few questions in order to determine which model is best suited for you. You can even select a picture of an actual person that you like from the available options.

Serenity, Elix, Syrene, Alex, Marcelo, and Cypher are the six basic models. Because of this, they are able to be tailored to your specific needs in terms of their appearance and even speech.

The Technology

Hybri is the latest adult industry invention that claims to bring us closer to a virtual world by combining AR and VR technology.

Create a digital life partner that you can control with your hands or your voice utilizing this app’s lifelike features.

Whatisthehybri.com Review

As augmented reality (AR), there is no need for expensive headgear or other hardware to witness this incredible advance in technology.

All you need is your smartphone.

All you have to do is scan your surroundings with the AR mode of the app on, and your digital partner will join you in the room. Realism is substantially enhanced with the ARCore and ARKit technology’s People Occlusion and Depth API.

However, a conventional VR headset may be used to experience an even more immersive version of the program if you so desire (something as basic as Google Cardboard works fine but you can get a better experience with a better headset).

To see how your partner looks in up to 40 unique locales, all you have to do is put your phone inside the case.

While the specifics of these places are still being worked out, expect to see a mix of romantic and futuristic settings, as well as your own custom uploads.


This great technology necessitates a new smartphone, right?

As stated by Hybri, their app should be compatible with the following mid-range and higher-spec iOS and Android devices:

An iPhone 5S or later, or an Android device running version 7.0 or later.

Whatisthehybri.com Review

Full Customization

There are a lot of questions about your personality and behavior preferences when you first begin using the app, along with the ability to customize all physical aspects. Don’t worry, you can always go back and change your mind.

Every version of Hybri will be slightly different from anybody else’s, and you can even bring in some unique likes and dislikes to personalize your character.

Three males and three women are included in the app’s initial model lineup. Motion capture was utilized to generate these ‘basic’ characters, and everything from the hairstyles, eye and skin colors, and even the voices of the models may be changed.

A more realistic replica of an actual person can be created alongside the current design, which allows for a great deal of personalization. Uploading a full-face photo to the app and having the software create a virtual version of that person is possible thanks to photo-scanning.

It’s also possible to digitize your own image so that you can construct a “twin” version of yourself that you can be more intimate with!

Whatisthehybri.com Review

Artificial Intelligence

In the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced at a fast pace, and what was once a futuristic concept is now a part of our daily lives.

This great technology has become so commonplace that we take it for granted. From Siri and Alexa to complex algorithms that learn about us on social media and within Google, we take it for granted.

Hybrid isn’t a ground-breaking innovation, but it does make use of existing technology to create a digital ‘brain’ that can learn from and interact with humans.

A memory feature has been added to the software, which allows it to make conversations that seem natural and interact with the user in a genuine manner.

What devices are Hybri available on?

IOS and Android smartphones are currently supported by this app. In the meantime, new XR headsets and mixed reality headsets are in the works, and they’ll all include this feature.

If you have a VR headset or Google Cardboard, you can play this program in 40 virtual reality settings, including romantic locations as well as the future.

How does it work?

With Hybri, individuals may design their own virtual partners in both augmented reality and virtual reality. Users can alter the appearance of the models, such as their hair color, haircut, body type and size, clothing, and even their voice, by selecting from a set of six basic models.

The software contains 52 sexually explicit videos. Voice recognition and hand movements allow users to converse with their virtual mates. The enhanced features make the experience feel more authentic to the users.

Users can debate, converse, and even give instructions to their model. It’s up to you to decide what kind of activity you want to engage in with it.

Other features being considered include allowing users to customize the virtual partner’s visage to whatever they like. Virtual partners can use any picture from their portfolio to represent their counterparts. You’ll be able to change the appearance of the body and hair as well.

Any celebrity you admire, from the hottest actress/actor to the sexiest model, can be cast in the role of you.

In addition, the company focused on motion capture technology, which enhances the realism of the models. For more lifelike animations, we turned to the Enflux Motion Capture gear and headpiece.

Your model is now capable of missing you, arguing with you, and talking to you all day thanks to artificial intelligence. In addition, you may use the app to command them, and it’s up to you to decide what makes your usage of it beneficial.

For the user’s enjoyment, there will also be an available mixed reality headset, with it, the user can be in virtual reality rooms with their A.I. partner using the 4x resolution of the headset with full-screen AR optics, split-screen solution, and a universal phone mount to allow you to insert your phone inside.

How much does it cost?

When the app launches, it will cost you $49, which includes a version for Android and iOS, persons occlusion and hand tracking, no adverts, ARkit and ARcore technology. If you join up now you will get a 50% discount.

$99 gets you an augmented reality T-shirt and other swag. After scanning with the Hybrid App, your Hybrid comes to life and can be shared on social media sites like as Twitter and Facebook with your followers.

iPhone, IOS app, and compatible phone screen are all included in the $199 price tag.


One of the features that will be available to users is an Anime version that is currently being developed and will be delivered on time. There is also a time travel feature that allows users to review their memories in augmented and virtual reality and, at the same time, use images or videos from their gallery.

For example, you can create a celebrity or supermodel with Hybrid. That’s why this functionality is so useful. Characters can be customized to your preferences, so if you want a hottie with red hair, you can have it.

In your hybrid app, you may create an unlimited number of avatars by selecting from six different basic models. Create an avatar that reflects your unique characteristics, such as your preferred body type, eye color, personality traits, height, and more. Customizing the face is simple; all you have to do is upload a photo from your phone’s gallery, along with the 3D hairstyle, to see the front view portrait.

To avoid becoming bored while using the app, you may communicate to your model and give them commands, which will provide hours of entertainment.

Hand and voice control options are readily available, making it simple to navigate the application and the models you create.

You can take your model into a trendy living room, a futuristic bedroom, or any number of other romantic settings by switching to virtual reality mode, which provides 40 different environment options.

Adult consumers will be able to access the adult content they are interested in. The models will be able to choose from a selection of 52 different sexual stances. Your best position will be the one that piques your curiosity the most. There are 52 different positions to choose from, so you won’t be out of options.

It is not only possible to change the models’ appearance, but you can also alter their personality to match your own. Even if it can be tough to build an emotional connection with your Hybri model.

The firm is constantly working to improve the software and make the user’s experience a once-in-a-lifetime one.

Whatisthehybri.com Review

Is it safe to use?

Today, augmented and virtual reality technology is getting more and more popular. Virtual reality and augmented reality headsets are evidence of this. With the Hybrid set to hit the market, it won’t be long before many people are driving them without thinking twice.

AR and VR technology might cause anxiety in certain users after a few hours of excessive use, however this is largely dependent on the environment they are viewing during those few hours, and this can vary greatly from person to person.

AR/VR reality can cause weariness, nausea, and a heightened sense of euphoria afterwards. This is mostly due to the amount of time spent using the technology, which is interpreted as a lack of breaks.

Eye strain is also common among users because they are only focused on the subject for a short period of time. This could happen if the Hybri is paired with the headset and utilized that way.

This program provides the user with an altered reality that may influence the user’s perception of the world around him.

As smartphones emit radiation, they have an effect on their users, such as disrupting sleep and causing mood swings. Long-term dangers must also be considered. The problem stems from overuse.

We don’t recommend excessive usage of this instrument, as with any other. They should take breaks and do anything else to take their minds off of the AR/VR technologies.

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the potential hazards, both physical and mental, that come along with any gadget or game you’re considering purchasing.

The Mixed Reality Headset

You don’t need an expensive AR or VR device to join your A.I. partner in your room or an imaginary area thanks to augmented and virtual reality.

Using Hybri

What will Hybri be used for once you’ve made your virtual spouse, with all this high-tech wizardry?

There are a slew of ideas floating around for how Hybri might be put to use in the future, but the project is still in its early stages. Many of these are not in the gaming field at all.

Hybri’s YouTube channel published an interview with the first test subject who was able to create a digital facsimile of her late father using augmented reality.

It was able to give her the opportunity to engage with a long-lost loved one, while also giving a deceased relative a virtual existence.

Imagine scanning in your favorite actor, porn star, or singer instead of using a barcode scanner. What if you’re still in love with someone you once loved but no longer do?

Users can choose which wishes they want to have fulfilled digitally through the Hybrid’s design. Emotional, charismatic, confident, etc. Someone is looking for a buddy, a love partner, or a family member with whom they can share their experiences and ask for aid.

As an added bonus, Hybrid has a Time Travel option that lets you utilize your own photographs to guide your way around your digital spouse in a completely personalized setting.

Although Hybri is envisioned as a virtual friend with whom you may converse (or debate), there is a lot more that can be done with this technology.

Using the app’s 52 sensual animations, you and your companion can already start a sexy roleplay, which can then lead to more explicit topics.

Your character might have a wide variety of personality attributes during set-up, from playful and sensual (or even violent) to loving or even compassionate.

Even if you could use teledildonics in the future to have your digital companion be your more “physical” sex partner, Hybri appears to be your only option for now.

The Project


So far, the app’s prototype has been completed, but the company still needs money to bring this groundbreaking product to market.

Hybri: How to Purchase the App

Kickstarter backers can help Hybri attain its goal of $250,000 by December 2021 if they want to get involved in the project by pledging money.

Even though it’s a beta edition, you can assist the developers test the ‘game’ and receive credit for your efforts for just $49.

You can get a mixed reality headset for $199 or more, plus a T-shirt and a poster for $399 if you’re willing to go the extra mile.

If you’re a huge spender and truly want to get engaged in Hybri, you can even become a 3D body. In order to use you as one of their base models, you’ll need to pay $1,000.

A donation of $2,000 will allow your voice to be incorporated into the app, while $5,000 will grant you God Mode and allow you to meet the creators, dine with them and be treated like a celebrity.

Hybri: Best Way to Make Your Own Virtual Girlfriend?

In the Spike Jonze film Her (2013), starring Joaquin Phoenix and voiced by Scarlett Johansson, he falls in love with an artificially intelligent personal assistant.

Hybri makes a lot of promises if you wish to create your own virtual girlfriend.

Many fantasy writers and artists have fantasized about having a companion with their own distinct personality, but one that is also adjustable in both appearance and behavior.

Hybri, on the other hand, promises to bring this dream closer to reality.

At this early stage, it’s impossible to predict how successful the project will be or what errors and problems the first editions would bring.

This launch has received a lot of positive coverage, and we’re eager to get our hands on the final version of Hybri and put it through its paces!

Hybri appears to be a modified version of Siri in the earliest demonstrations of the AI chat, and we assume the same learning curve for this technology as there is for any other digital personal assistant.

Legal and moral problems are also being raised by critics and skeptics about the usage of someone’s likeness in this manner.

Because of the controversy surrounding deepfakes (especially in the world of porn), we at Red Light Network anticipate to hear a lot more about them in the future as the technology advances and is commercialized.

We don’t see how this technology can be prevented for personal use, and no matter how you feel about it, you can’t help but be tempted by the tantalizing prospect of having your very own famous celebrity playmate!

With the Hybri, you don’t have to acquire any expensive external hardware or even invest in a top-of-the-line smartphone, we believe it will be popular with the general public.

It’s worth getting in on the ground floor for just $49 to play around with the prototype and we’re confident this will be a huge hit when it goes on sale.

Final thoughts: what can we expect from similar apps in the future?

Because whatisthehybri set the precedent for such an app, it is just a matter of time before other software businesses do the same. If necessary, they may make a few adjustments. As a result of continuous development, there is nothing missing from this program. However, the success of this app will be determined by how people respond to it once the promotion has begun and the app has gone online.

Final thoughts – What to expect in the future regarding similar apps

Because whatisthehybri set the precedent for such an app, it is just a matter of time before other software businesses do the same. If necessary, they may make a few adjustments. As a result of continuous development, there is nothing missing from this program. However, the success of this app will be determined by how people respond to it once the promotion has begun and the app has gone online.

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