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Live sex shows have never been more accessible than they are today. Free viewing of some of the best amateurs in various categories is available on numerous websites. This is a voyeur’s paradise.

The online community of performers has evolved along with the webcam game. Because of this, it’s no surprise that high-quality shows require high-quality hosting sites like stripchat.com.

Stripchat.com Review – What is Stripchat?

Stripchat.com is a popular live sex camera website, and you’ve found the best review ever. Read on to learn from the experts if this site is legit and worth your time, as well as if it can help you get out of jail!

On Stripchat.com, a hugely popular webcam site for adult entertainment, you’ll find literally thousands of amateur performers from all over the world, all filming their explicit acts in the privacy of their homes! Your arrival on the site should not prompt you to start playing around with yourself right away, but rather wait until you’ve found a girl, guy, or trans performer who has your heart racing!

It appears that Stripchat is trying to accommodate even those of you with the most obscure sexual fantasies by offering a wide range of categories pertaining to a wide variety of different interests. It happens to the best of us from time to time, so don’t worry if your online experience doesn’t last as long as you’d hoped. There are plenty of videos on the site that can satisfy even the most primal desires.

There isn’t a lot of originality in the design of this website because most sex camera sites have similar layouts. In contrast to other erotic sites that simply dump content onto the home page and expect visitors to figure it out for themselves, Stripchat.com has an intuitive user interface that even the most computer-illiterate of you won’t have any trouble navigating.

Stripchat.com Review


The process of creating an account is completely free and takes no more than a minute.

In order to participate in private chats, purchase tokens, and attend private viewings, you must have an account.

Unless the models are performing a private, group, or ticketed show, the audience is free to watch.

You can use the text bar to communicate with the models (private messages require membership)

It’s possible to select from a wide variety of sub-categories when you’re looking at videos on this site. Models can also be narrowed down based on their ethnicity.

You will not be asked for any personal information if you decide to become a member and purchase tokens.

You get additional benefits if you join the membership program.

Take your model out of the public eye and give them your full attention.

Every hour, you have a chance to win 50 free tokens.

This is the only site that offers virtual reality viewing.

Fans of the models you admire can join their fan clubs.


Viewers who aren’t members will see membership pop-ups while they’re on the site.

Those who have not purchased tokens can opt out of the chat function of models. To communicate with them, you’d have to pay for tokens.

Spending all of your tokens downgrades you to “Ex-green” or “standard” status, which comes with some extra benefits if you purchase them.

There’s no way to see a video preview before jumping into the chat.

Stripchat’s watermark can be annoying.

As you can see, this website has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, stripchat.com’s performers receive 50% of all tokens paid.

You can express your gratitude in a variety of ways.

It is the most common way to show your appreciation for the performance.

Also available are photo albums, Fan-Club subscriptions and videos that the model has made publicly available for purchase and collection.


Tokens are reasonably priced, and a variety of packages are available.

More expensive packages typically include greater savings, so they’re seen as the better choice.

Various payment options, such as credit cards and debit cards.

  • PayPal,
  • over the phone transaction,
  • Bitcoin,
  • credit card and gift card

It’s all there to make it simple to get your tokens and begin exploring the world of stripchat.com.

Tokens can be purchased in the manner described in the following general buying guide ( stripchat.com often run deals on token packages and it is worth keeping an eye out for good discounts).

  • $4.99 package (NON recurring)
  • $19.99 package (NON recurring)
  • $49.99 package (NON recuring)
  • $19.99 Gold Subscription 1 month / 30 days (Re-billed after very period)

Invisible viewing, private messaging, and other exclusive benefits are all included with a gold subscription, as is the possibility of becoming a knight. As a model knight, you can act as a moderator and remove rude and offensive viewers from their room.

How Does StripChat Work?

Stripchat.com’s application process is incredibly fast and simple. A username and password are all that are required to join the site. Verification is not required to use it. Boom. That concludes our discussion. All of your hard work has paid off, and you are now a member.

Instead, you can use your Google or Twitter account to register! Models can do the same thing and get paid for their work on the site in the same way. After signing up, all new models receive up to two weeks of free BOOST, which makes it easier for users to find their streams online and build a following! Within 24 hours of receiving an application, all new models are verified online!

Signing up here takes less than a minute, which means you’ll have plenty of time to discover some new favorite artists and get down to business!

Stripchat.com Features

Stripchat has a number of unique features to help you get the most out of your experience. The following are some of the more unique aspects of this design:

It is best to use a private show (or private chat) if you want to interact with a model privately, away from other users’ prying eyes (unless the model allows spying in her private rooms), and have their undivided attention throughout the show!

As a Stripchat Friend, you can start free chats with anyone you’ve added. If anyone but your Friends or Gold members wants to contact you, this is not an option.

If a user meets any of the following criteria, you can add them to your favorites list:

  • Added you to their list of favourites
  • Have had a previous conversation with you
  • They were previously in your room

Additionally, Stripchat.com has worked hard to provide an extensive FAQ section for those of you who may run into issues while masturbating. At any time, you can use these to diagnose any issues you may encounter while using this service or to avoid the need for support from the company’s customer service team. During our investigation, we discovered that the FAQs covered all areas in which you might need assistance, and no stone was left unturned!

Stripchat.com Member Types

  • Grey – These are users who have yet to make a token purchase on the site.
  • Green – These are the users who do have tokens in their account and can tip models should they want. Greens users are unable to be banned by Knights (Gold members).
  • Ex-Green – Users who were once Green members, but ran out of tokens.
  • Gold – Users who pay a monthly subscription to access our site and are typically the heaviest tippers. Only gold members are called Knights on Stripchat! Knights can mute Grey users for up to 24 hours. (Gold users can also reach out and send you private messages)

How Much Do Tokens Cost on Stripchat

As long as you don’t mind tipping, private chats, or the ability to interact with virtual sex toys, you can use Stripchat.com for free and enjoy an endless supply of adult content from the comfort of your favorite hangout.

Stripchat.com’s pricing plans are as follow:

Number of Tokens Total Cost Effective Cost Per Token
90 $9.99 $0.111
200 $19.99 $0.10
520 $49.99 $0.096
1080 $99.99 $0.093
2340 $199.99 $0.085 BEST VALUE

Although it is less expensive than some other live sex cam sites, it is still more expensive than some of the others we regularly used! Even though we think Stripchat.com is a great deal, you should be careful with your tokens.

Is Stripchat.com a Scam or is it Legit?

We get a lot of these questions in our inbox, as well as on social media, and we’re happy to answer them. So, I’ll put it to you like this: What do you think? There’s no need to question the authenticity of this website’s answer. This website is completely legitimate, and it goes out of its way to ensure the safety of all of its visitors. Encrypted payments are made via a server that is protected from hackers and intruders, just like your login details. So, don’t worry about your safety or financial well-being when you apply to Strip Chat!

Despite the fact that some gray users may pose a risk to your online safety, this can be easily avoided with a little common sense. For the most part, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t post anything like your full name online or reveal your exact location.


Stripchat.com is a cam site with a strong community focus.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest happenings at stripchat.com, you can follow the site’s blog and Twitter feeds.

Free private shows for new users and how stripchat.com is doubling payments to models from Italy affected by the recent lockdowns are just two examples of the interesting articles that have appeared recently.

Stripchat.com clearly cares about both its users and the performers who perform on the site.

Finally, if you enjoy performing and being admired, you can also work as a model to supplement your income.

Stripchat.com is open to performers of all genders, including transgender people. The choice is yours whether to perform by yourself, in a duo, or with others. Whether you identify as bisexual, gay, or straight, you will be able to explore your own inclinations toward exhibitionism on this stage.

Set your own rates for private shows and get two weeks of enhanced site placement after approval.

In addition to the tokens you’ll receive, you could win daily and monthly prizes by building a strong fan base.

Models who make the most money every hour get an extra $20, and the model who makes the most money in a month gets a cash prize of $2000.

Conclusion – Is StripChat Safe?

Overall, we have a great experience with Stripchat.com and are happy to say that we are a regular user. We enjoy the convenience of being able to log on at any time of day or night and always have a wide variety of models to choose from. When there are so many categories to choose from, no matter what kind of mood or stream you want to watch, you will find a plethora of models eager to please you!

We keep coming back for one-on-one action with a variety of sexy performers thanks to the convenience of instant private chat. You’ll be able to quickly access your favorite models by adding them to your favorites list when you return to the site!

Although the site’s design is simple and easy to understand, it lacks aesthetic appeal. If the color scheme used does elicit sexual thoughts in users, you could say the site did its job well. We know you don’t go to live cam sites to look at the decor, but it does help draw in more users. However, if you’re looking for a better deal, you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere. Other sites, on the other hand, are significantly less user-friendly and do not have FAQs available. Strip Chat has a dedicated support team in addition to their FAQ page to handle any additional questions. For us, Stripchat.com is a sex camera website worthy of a second look if we were looking for a site capable of satisfying our wildest fantasies.

By knowing how StripChat works and its features, application process, pricing, and security have been explained to you, you can put your concerns about “Is Stripchat.com legit?” to rest and begin enjoying your first erotic performance online right away without any hesitation!

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