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Why? A quick look at the home page will tell you. Rows and rows of amateur models from around the world perform for your amusement, some performing sexual acts, others stripping, and others simply looking bored and forlorn. What a crazy mix.

Consider making a one-way Zoom call to a hundred different homes at the same time! A live sex channel on YouTube, for example.

When it comes to the best cam sites, you’re getting the best of both worlds. This year, Chaturbate will have more shows and more interaction than any other cam site, making it THE place to be in 2021.

To titillate their audience, these models use a variety of toys, props, and sexy outfits that they’ve honed over time, including distance activated vibrators.

There are a plethora of webcam sites and social media platforms available for networking. Network effects are the reason why so many of us stick to the big sites (the Facebooks of the world, for example). The best shows follow the crowd wherever they go…

Here, we examine why Chaturbate is so popular, how much it costs to use the site’s premium features, and how you can improve your experience.

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is an all-amateur live sex cam site where you can watch free shows whenever you want.

The market for webcam sites is huge, with tens of thousands of sites vying for attention, some more successful than others. In just a few short months since its debut in February 2011, Chaturbate has amassed a devoted following of amateur performers and viewers alike.

It’s no surprise that the term “Chaturbate” refers to the act of masturbating while chatting on a webcam site.

It’s a free website, and the performers are all amateurs; however, most of the girls set a target (from the entire room) before pleasing her audience.

The action can get pretty naughty with girls who aren’t afraid to get hardcore with cumshots, use toys, or masturbate (in couples cams).

Chaturbate Cam Site Review

What Sets Chaturbate Apart From Other Cam Sites?

Chaturbate has clear advantages over its competitors, whether you’re signing up to watch the shows or stream your own.

For Viewers

Simply put, you have a wide range of options.

Over 4.3 million people visit Chaturbate every day. In addition to a steady stream of want tobe models and couples hoping to gain notoriety on the site, the site’s raucous crowd draws the best amateur models.

Chaturbate’s reputation for being “Number One” has resulted in more models, more fetishes, different body types, different ethnicities, ages, and so on, for the viewer to choose from.

As the happy middleman, Chaturbate is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Since they hold such sway over the market, they can afford to make significant investments in their platform, including high-quality servers, a reliable website, a wide range of interactivity options, and additional filtering options for savvy users.

Although professional models (escorts, part-time porn stars, etc.) may be featured on other cam sites, the ‘homemade’ nature of the shows on Chaturbate has an addictive quality.

It’s like being a fly on the wall in a thousand different bedrooms at once.

More authentic and less “service-provider” tinged” is how the conversation feels.

For Broadcasters

First and foremost, Chaturbate is geared toward amateurs, and getting started broadcasting on the site is a cinch.

As a condition of signing up for an account, you agree to read and understand their terms and conditions. Once you’ve provided proof of age, you’re all set. Below, you will find a detailed tutorial on how to get started with your own broadcasting channel.

Tokens can be earned from viewers once you begin broadcasting.

Tokens can be redeemed for cash or used on Chaturbate to gain access to the private shows of other broadcasters. Second, Chaturbate stands out because so many people use it as a way to earn extra cash. A lot of money can be made on Chaturbate for regular broadcasters who have a large following, but even the occasional broadcaster can make enough money to keep them coming back.

Why then do you charge for the service?

It’s true that Chaturbate users have free access to all cam channels, but if you want performers to perform, you must make it worthwhile for them. In order to see more, engage in private conversations, or even just get the performers’ attention, you may find yourself parting with a significant sum of tokens in the form of tips. Tokens can be used in a variety of ways on the site, and they can also be earned through various means.

On Chaturbate, for every 100 tokens in tips you receive they are worth the equivalent of $5 dollars. Hourly prizes of $10 and $5 are awarded to the top cams in competitions that are regularly held.

One of the main reasons why Chaturbate is so popular and successful for broadcasters is the fact that top broadcasters receive literally millions of viewers.

The Room Options

Spy Shows are also available in separate rooms for males, females and couples.

Rooms are keyword-tagged by performers so that you can search for your preferred styles, acts, and fetishes prior to joining in.

There are no restrictions on how many people can participate in most rooms, and the more people there are, the more quickly targets are met, so the action takes place more quickly.

If you aren’t tipping, don’t harass the performers or the other users, don’t spam, and don’t demand that they do things just because you aren’t tipping. It’s also possible that the performer isn’t happy with your requests because you’re tipping, but you’re not getting what you want. Moderators are often assigned to rooms and performers can request one for their own. Chaturbate moderators have their names highlighted in red, making it easy to tell them apart from other users.

Watch-only cams of private performances are known as “spy shows.” However, it is less expensive than having your own show because you can’t interact with the broadcaster or leave comments.

The exception rather than the rule is that some performers limit their performances to paying members.

Key Features

Apps and bots allow you to personalize your broadcast environment on Chaturbate, which isn’t revolutionary, but it does have a feature rich environment.

These handy automated tools can set tip goals for your viewers to aim for and include slot machines as well as Lovense interactive sex toy controllers and many more. It is possible to choose from a large number of apps and bots, or to write your own, to aid in the collection of tokens.

You can save your favorite performers’ private broadcasts and collect their photos and videos in one place (if you tip for them).

Upgraded members have access to more performers’ multi-angle cams and can customize their channel with fonts and colors.

Broadcasters have access to a wide range of options in the site’s settings, including the ability to block users in certain countries or regions, as well as the option to not appear on other network sites.

As an option, you can choose whether or not the public will be able to access your room, as well as set a password.

For couples who want to share their escapades on a safe platform but avoid being publicly exposed, Chaturbate is a popular choice.

Chaturbate Prices

As a result, anyone can join and utilize the site without paying a dime.

There will be no need to tip any of the performers for a free preview show. Tipping is a must if you want the broadcaster to pay attention to your requests and reply to them.

If you wish to meet someone privately, you will have to pay.

Depending on the broadcaster, the cost of this varies. Even if you buy a gift from their Amazon wish list, some performers will respond. If you want to buy filthy underwear or toys for the next time you log on, some models have lists at other shops (such LoveHoney, Victoria’s Secrets, etc.).

Chaturbate Token Costs

What are Chaturbate’s premium features?

Tokens are the only way to engage with the models on the site and exert control over their actions.

In order to tip a performer, play interactive games, or obtain access to private shows that are not available to the general public for free, you can purchase tokens at any moment.

We’ve got the right price for Chaturbate tokens right now!

Tokens AVG Cost Per Token Total Cost
100 0.11 USD per Credit 10.99 USD
200 0.10 USD per Credit 20.99 USD
500 0.09 USD per Credit 44.99 USD
750 0.08 USD per Credit 62.99 USD
1000 0.08 USD per Credit 79.99 USD

Become a Chaturbate Supporter / Premium User

Premium membership may be worth your while if you enjoy the site.

Premium membership is available for $19.95 a month if you already have a free account.

Is it worth it?

It’s worth the price of admission to avoid ads, a customizable chat screen, the ability to switch between many camera angles, and private messaging. In addition to regular promotions, the site often gives you 200 free tokens (worth $20.99) when you upgrade.

For example, you can earn tokens by broadcasting yourself and earning tips and gifts in addition to by introducing other users. Chaturbate also offers 200 free tokens to all members who verify their credit card spending limits.

Payment Options on Chaturbate

When depositing money to a webcam site, privacy is understandable. Nobody wants their bank statements to read “**LIVE SEX SHOW**”!

As a result, Chaturbate accepts a wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrencies, which is great news.

The full options include:

  • Credit or Debit Card (by Visa, Mastercard or Discover)
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

For reference, the bills will appear on your statement as from mmbill.com or chaturbill.com. Nice and discreet.

User Experience and Scam Reports

Scams and bad customer reviews should be included in the context of this article.

Firstly, the most common question:

Is Chaturbate a scam?

Over 7 million people utilize the service, and most of them are either completely satisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with the service. Possibly, given what they’ve just seen.

Paying X dollars to interact with the shows may or may not be worth it to you, but one thing is certain: you are under no need to. You don’t need to create an account to view 95% of the stuff on this website.

A number of common complaints from paid users include having their accounts blocked quickly after purchasing tokens or being booted out of private shows by models after they paid (having tipped to watch them).

It’s inevitable in a market this big that there would be some models who are unscrupulous token grabbers with less than pristine morals, but the incentives are there for models to look after the people who tip them well.

The most common reasons for users to be banned from private performances or from the site in general are:

  1. Rudeness. Insulting the performer, or spamming requests. (Please remember there’s a human being on the other side of the camera!)
  2. Fraudulent Card Activity. Signing up for the site with stolen or false credit card information is not uncommon. A two-tier verification check is utilized by Chaturbate in order to prevent false negatives. Your account may be suspended if you don’t verify a flagged card.
  3. Multiple Banned Accounts. If you get banned from the platform and re-register, Chaturbate is capable of detecting the second attempt and will likely ban you again.

It’s preferable to open a support request and work things out via email if you believe you’ve been treated unfairly.

First and foremost, if a model has barred you from a private room, you must ask yourself: Was I impolite or offensive?

If your actions were appropriate, you may be able to receive your tokens back from the support team.

It is not just Chaturbate that has these problems. Almost every large webcam website has to deal with these issues. When money is exchanged for “services” in a marketplace, this is inevitable.

In most cases, it’s either the spectator or the model who is to blame.

Chaturbate, in our opinion, is a mixed bag. Their goal is to keep paying customers satisfied while ensuring that the broadcasters have a safe and pleasant working environment.

Top Performers on Chaturbate

Those that excel on Chaturbate can expect to amass a committed following in the tens of thousands.

Chaturbate performers have gone on to win prizes for their amateur performances in the sex industry, and a few have even made it into the professional porn markets, despite being amateurs.

Winners of the XBIZ Cam Awards in recent years include:

  • Best Cam Model – Latin America: Sure Cakes
  • Best Male Cam Model: Dave Slick
  • Best BBW Cam Model: LOVERAQUELXO
  • Best Trans Cam Model: Mrs. Kelly Pierce
  • Best Cam Duo: Blonderider and RobXXXRider

Penthouse and other major publications frequently feature performers.

In total, the site hosts over 40,000 webcams, with just 5-10% of them actively broadcasting video. There’s a wide range of performers to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

In addition, the majority of users are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia and New Zealand. There are, however, cams from all across Asia, Russia, and Europe to choose from..

Some of the best recommendations we’ve seen from performers include connecting for life on Kik or Snapchat, selling genuine panties, and some extremely intimate but kinky movies.

Chaturbate and OnlyFans are becoming increasingly popular pairings for models.

Chaturbate is a terrific marketing tool for performers who want to sell their own adult content elsewhere – even their own monthly subscriptions.

Cam Quality

The vast majority of cameras are of decent quality, and the number of HD models is steadily rising.

Since we first released this review, we’ve witnessed an increase in the number of HD shows being watched.

The most-watched broadcasts (spots 1-10) are often in high definition with crystal-clear close-ups that rival anything on your favorite HD station on the internet. The best part is that this is a basic function that is completely free.

There are dozens more low-quality streams by models in what appear to be run-down agency back-rooms someplace in Eastern Europe at the other end of the spectrum. YMMV!

Finding The Best Cams Using Tags

If you’re looking for a specific type of cam, Chaturbate has a variety of options.

When you first log in, you’ll be presented with a list of ‘Featured’ cams, which you can then select from by gender (male, female, transgender, couples, or spy shows).

It’s possible to sort the live cams by age range, location, and status in the footer. It’s even possible to select among paid private shows ranging from 6 tokens per minute to 90 tokens per minute.

When searching for a specific type of person to meet, you might type in a keyword like “anal,” “young,” “squirt,” or “lesbian.” #lovense is a popular hashtag for rooms where performers offer interactive sex toys where you can control the intensity of a vibrator (or other device) that the broadcaster uses on them.

Even if you don’t know where to look, you can use keywords to narrow your search. A hidden menu labeled ‘Advanced Options’ can be selected from the sub-menu. With this drop-down box, you can perform keyword searches, geofilter searches, and even prioritize HD camera search results.

Our opinion

One of the few truly free live cam sites I’ve reviewed is Chaturbate. This is my third time here, and while some things haven’t changed, the site has expanded and the community has become more active. For the most part, the original concept is still in place: You may watch live chats in which women, men, and couples are going naked without having to join up or pay for anything. However, there are a few fun ways to spend your money here.

Most webcams are free to use. While some girls may refuse entry to those without an account, you are under no obligation to spend money while inside the club if you have an account.

Tipping and the influence of the audience are crucial to this scheme. The crowds during these public talks sometimes number in the tens of thousands, and models will perform for tips in exchange for their time.

Some women ask for a set amount of combined tips for the entire room to perform outrageous acts like masturbating, dilating their assholes, taking off their clothing, or in the case of one couple cam, taking a filthy facial (she was sucking his cock and jerking him off, waiting for it).

Given the large audience, even a few modest tips can quickly accumulate and result in large quantities of money and the girls’ nudity. Often, girls will strip down to their underwear and wait for the tips to dribble in so they can put on a sex display. Watching a couple engage in oral sex was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever witnessed.

When it comes to etiquette, even if you’re enjoying a free concert, it’s important to follow the rules. Spam the chat area, don’t annoy the models by making demands, and keep your foul language and rudeness to yourself and the other users to yourself. This is a matter of basic decency.

Tips are a great way for me to thank beautiful women or women who are kind to me, and after tipping they tend to be more pleasant to me! Aside from doing what others ask, I prefer to compel the ladies to perform actions that I desire to witness. You can play a more active role by tipping the girls sparingly, and the girls adore guys who do so. It makes a great difference in your happiness and entertainment if you return to them frequently and they remember you and your tips.

Private talks with girls and spying on others’ private chats can also be done with credits. Traditional live cam sites can be found here. Discount-per-minute prices may be offered to chat members who want to participate in a group show, in which four or five of you pay less than it would cost to go private but still have a say in what’s going on.

Private messaging and many camera views are also available with an account and credits. Another thing to keep in mind is that this doesn’t cost a lot and you may spend very little on the girls of your choice. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but yet want to have a satisfying encounter, this is an excellent arrangement. The girls are still collecting a lot of money because so many men are tipping in this manner or going private.

Since my last visit, there have been twice as many cam models available. The service is performing well and gaining in popularity, and the tipping/free model is working wonders for the females, who are earning nice money as a result.

The cams have a nice feel and look. While some claim to offer “HD” quality, this is only a crisper image, not one with the same resolution as a true HDTV. On the whole, the sound and cam quality are superior to those of most other specialty sites.

Interested in a career in business? Start hosting chats by setting up a webcam. The more you promote your favorite models online, the more you’ll be rewarded with credits. There are advantages to that, of course, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

Models are divided into four categories: girls, boys, shemales, and couples, but there is no other system of labeling in place. It would be convenient if women could be identified based on their breast size or their level of willingness to engage in sexual activity. However, the preview images are continually updated so you can get a clear sense of what each model is currently doing.

Chaturbate Review: Our Verdict

Chaturbate’s primary selling features over other live sex cam sites are that it is completely free and broadcasts only by amateurs.

However, some basic functionality, such as a search bar, is missing from the site, making it difficult to get around quickly. The categorization of the rooms helps, but Chaturbate could do better here.

There are a lot more hardcore shows available for free, and they can last a lot longer than the free previews you get from most cam services.

On Chaturbate, your tips go a long way, and performers will put in a lot of effort for their money. Our favorite feature is the ability to ‘share’ resources with other people and have a private/group show.

As a whole, the cameras and the content they provide are excellent. Uninteresting and uninterested broadcasters can be found in several rooms. At first, there are quiet moments in every show, but these won’t keep viewers engaged if they’re distracted with gnawing their nails or sending texts.

You have nothing to lose by signing up for Chaturbate. If you’re interested, you may sign up for nothing and tell us your thoughts.

5/5 - (10 votes)