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One of the most well-known live sex cam sites is Cam4. If you’ve ever considered watching a live stream of girls on the internet, it’s likely that Cam4 has shown up in your search results.

Because of course, most people think of ‘popularity’ as a synonym for being awful. They believe that when a website grows in popularity, it loses some of its luster. Is this a problem with Cam4? What I’ll be talking about in this review is that.

The Models

Cam4 is a live sex cam site that has been around for a while now. It’s not uncommon for new users to discover Cam4 as their first introduction to the world of webcam sites. I’m referring to both the performers and the audience in this context. As a result, it’s likely to be among the most popular cam sites in existence.

I’m not sure how many Cam4 models there are. It’s in the tens of thousands, at the very least. No matter what time of day you get in, there will always be a slew of people watching the broadcast. When is the best time to log on? There will be an abundance of options available to you.

As far as webcam sites go, it’s hard to beat Cam4. As a result, the photos tend to show the models in a more amateurish light. For what else does an attractive woman turn when she decides she wants to make some money by showing off her assets on videotape? Cam4 is unquestionably one of the most well-known of them.

Cam4.com Cam Site Review

I’m not trying to offend anyone. There are a lot of experts on the site as well. Not doing so would be unethical on their part. The number of viewers is enormous, yet amateur feeds are always at the top of the most-watched lists. This does not bother me in the least. The quality of amateur feeds is far superior. We need more “I will do anything for this job” horniness than “I will do anything for this job” horniness.

What’s your pet peeve? Take heart. Cam4’s females and males are likely to attend to your needs. It is possible to narrow your search for a specific type of individual on Cam4 (and you will probably end up cumming as a result). Unrestricted (as long as you are not searching for something illegal). If you’re looking for a big-breasted Asian woman who knows German, go no further. Whack that filter, and you should be able to locate someone willing to accommodate your needs. As a big streaming service, this is one of the best advantages.


‘Subscription’ packages for Cam4 are on the market. One hundred tokens are included in the $19.99 per month fee, which includes many more features that will make your experience on the site more fun. For instance, do you have a few favorite female celebrities who you enjoy watching? It’s no longer necessary to make a decision between them, as in real life. Multiple webcams can be opened at the same time. Private messages, on the other hand, are completely unrestricted. So, here is the deal I’ve chosen. It makes sense because I spend so much time on Cam4.

However, if you just plan on visiting live sex cam sites “sometimes,” you may also buy tokens in packages. You’ll still be able to give the artists on the site some money, but you won’t be locked into a subscription. Those tokens are also something you’ll want to keep an eye out for. For the right pay, the girls on Cam4 can get a little crazy.

As for what you get in return for your tokens, it will depend on the girl. The majority of them appear to be fueled by shared tips. They decided on a goal and worked toward it. The show’s patrons donate generously. It is possible to gain tits or some pussy play if the aim is met. Things like that. Even if they don’t get paid for it, some of the models will be doing it anyhow.


Now that I’ve covered the site’s negatives, it’s time to discuss its positives. This is by far the best sex cam site on the internet, in my opinion. Right now, I’m filled to the brim with optimistic thoughts. It’s going to be difficult to choose just one reason why you should be at Cam4 (there are many), but I’ll try.

Ease of use

The most user-friendly live sex cam site is Cam4. That’s what I mean. There is a learning curve to the site’s filters, but once you discover how effective they are at helping you find the EXACT person you want to watch, they will become second nature. It’s not a good idea to visit another website.

The website has a ton of information that’s easy to understand. What the hell is it doing?’ won’t be on your mind. It’s a good thing, too. Don’t waste your time pondering what to do next so you can have sex with those beautiful women while your member is in your hands.

Quality streaming

Cam4 is a heavy hitter when it comes to infrastructure spending. Because of this, the site runs like a well-oiled machine. No lag whatsoever is guaranteed on Cam4’s end because HD streaming is supported and the video quality is determined by the women you’re watching. I’ve never found a cam site that functions as smoothly as this one.

Video and Image Galleries

In the majority of cases, if you’re a fan of the woman you’re viewing, you’ll be happy to learn that you can pay for access to their photo and video galleries. Wow, this is really cool. It’s just another method to show your loved ones how much you care about them.


Here we get to the part of the review that I was most dreading: the negatives. What is it about it that makes it so dreaded? The reason for this is that no website is flawless, and even while I would like Cam4 to be perfect, I know that it has certain flaws.

The site’s preponderance of amateur streamers will likely be the biggest turnoff for some users. Most amateur streamers don’t know how to accomplish this, which is fine in most circumstances. As a result, finding a stream that you enjoy watching could take some time. If you’re simply interested in watching the most popular streams, this won’t be a problem.

At the best of times, amateurs can be difficult to watch due to poor audio and video quality. While it’s possible to avoid these people, it’s not that difficult.

Honestly. I believe most of the problems at Cam4 stem from the fact that the majority of its members are novices. There are some amateurs that are positively hilarious to watch, but there are also some that should be avoided at all costs. Experienced viewers of live video streaming websites already understand this. These women will be easy to avoid if you know how. On occasion, it’s a waste of time.

Cam4 Live Cams Site Features

  • Cam4 features a variety of cams, including those for women, men, transgender people, and couples. Additionally, there’s something for every sexual fetish and all of the usual sex cam themes.
  • Format: Freemium Watching models strip to their underwear is completely free! Even though private shows are available on Cam4, most models have a token goal for guests to donate towards in their free chat.
  • When the objective has been achieved, the performance must go on! Stocking up on tokens to participate in the fun is a smart idea, since models frequently give sneak peeks at future broadcasts as a way to thank their viewers.
  • It’s possible to change the model’s age, amount of viewers, rating, and recency on Cam4’s homepage, which displays trending cams by default.
  • If you just want to see Cam4’s “Best Quality” cameras, you can select that option from the homepage.
  • There are numerous options for adjusting the search results based on factors like gender, location, sexual orientation, and even physical characteristics.

Models’ kink, attributes, and show features can all be sorted using tags.

  • A model’s preview can reveal a lot about their show just by looking at it. You may catch a glance of their live feed by hovering over their sample image!

Icons that identify their sexual orientation, number of viewers, and even the features they have available are also included.

  • There is a photo gallery and an online store where you may buy content directly from the profiles of performers. Custom visuals can be used to promote special offers and forthcoming events.
  • Interactive toys allow you to probe, touch, feel, and even fuck with your fingers.
  • It’s similar to bingo, but you can buy a ticket using tokens.

‘Roll the Dice’ is another game available at Cam4. One of six special rewards is up for grabs when you roll the dice in a model’s chat room.

  • Your tokens can be used to send “virtual presents.” Basically, this is the same as sending a tip, but with a pretty icon instead of plain text.
  • This month’s featured camera is… Cam4’s most popular cam models can win as much as $22,500 in prize money each month. Visit your favorite model every day to help them rack up points and rise in the ranks. Points are awarded to the models with the most concurrent visitors on a given day. Those points are tallied each month and used to choose the “Cam of the Month” honoree for the following month.
  • Read the Cam4 blog to stay on top of the newest developments.

Alternatives to Cam4 and Sites Like Cam4

  1. There are a plethora of cam4 alternatives available today. Cam4 is the most similar webcams site, although it’s named. While chaturbate was there long before cam4 was, it’s evident that cam4 doesn’t have as many features and options as chaturbate does. Check out our comparison of Cam4 and Chaturbate to see which one is better for you.
  2. Myfreecams.com is an excellent alternative to cam4. Both sites have many features and also have some similar drawbacks in terms of user experience, as we pointed out in our in-depth myfreecams review.
  3. One more site like cam4 to add to your short list is Cams.com (review at that link). Adult cams that don’t have live sex action are more difficult to decipher what’s going on, whilst those that do tend to have fewer distractions.
  4. Stripchat is the newest alternative to other popular cam services like cam4. They have an army of live cam girls with approximately 2000 women from all around the world, despite the site’s sluggishness at times.. As a result, any of the three cam4 alternatives would be worthwhile.

Of course, if you’re looking for the two best live sex sites, look no further than our list, which also includes premium, non-token webcam chat services.

The Cam4ultimate pitch often tries to upsell you into joining a clone webcam that is nothing more than an exact replica of streamate, such PornhubLive, Jerkmate or Rabbitscams. Do not be fooled!

Cam4 Reviews Summary

The learning curve for using Cam4’s feature-rich platform might be steep, but the rewards can be well worth the effort. As a result of the highly competitive nature of Cam4, chat rooms are positively humming with excitement as players discover new methods to interact with the models.

Our minds are split between that high point and the subtler ways they can enhance the encounter and focus on what they genuinely offer; sex cameras.

It’s suspicious, to say the least, that they promote “local dates” and “porn games” with top-level tabs that direct you to the hottest dating sites of the week.

They should provide tabs like “new cam girls” and the opportunity to search by pricing of their shows in that space.

These would be much-appreciated improvements to the site.

Briefly put: Cam4 seems to be focused on squeezing every last penny it can out of the sites. It’s possible that they’ve tried it and discovered that folks who don’t really enjoy this cam site might be tempted to sign up for a premium adult dating service. Cam4ultimate’s upsell is for this same reason. It’s difficult to focus on what cam4 does well and could do even better, which is simply being an excellent xxx webcams site.

Overall, the cam4 experience may be tailored to your specific preferences, especially if you upgrade to Gold membership. Fans who frequent the site more than five times a week may consider a gold membership. Most other webcam sites do not have monthly paid subscriptions, thus less frequent users may find it difficult to justify a membership.

Try Cam4.com, or Streamate.com if you like a more intimate setting. in favor of cam4ultimate’s clone version

For many, the location of your business and the location of your clients is an important concern. To save you time and go straight to their cam shows, we’ve added some of the hottest cam4 girls to our list.

Another popular French webcam sex site, this is a must-see for anybody in the country.

Despite the fact that cam4 is not in the French language by default and is not owned by a French company, it has become a popular app in France.

Since of this, French cam girls may choose Cam4 because they know that there will be a greater number of French cam girls who wish to watch live sex cams on Cam4 in the future.

Chat Options

Free Video Chat

There are a large number of free webcam rooms on Cam4. What this means is that the girls sit around and wait for requests and for their aims to be accomplished.. These displays frequently feature bare breasts, but the extent of the nudity is determined by the quality of the tips. The Lovense and OhMiBod toys play a large role in the webcam models on Cam4. Twitter users love using the hashtag #livetouch when posting photos and videos to the social media platform. When you tip a model, you’re “intimating” with them.

There is also the option to #rollthedice, which is very popular in the free chat. You can win a random reward from a list if you leave a gratuity.

There appears to be an overriding preference for private chat sessions by attractive cam girls, as a general rule. When you tip them for a brief moment, it seems like a matter of seconds.

Private Chat

A model will be able to accept your invitation to a private show on Cam4 after the loading bar has fully loaded. The cam2cam feature will be available for free. Most rooms charge per minute, however others allow you to pre-select the amount of time you want to use.

Rooms can cost as little as six tokens a minute, but can quickly rise in price. It’s common for girls to charge more than 50 credits every second.

You can’t sort rooms by price. ” For the price per minute, you’ll have to go through each room one by one.

The prices charged by amateur webcam models are generally quite low.

VR Show

Cam4 attempted to produce VR shows, but it doesn’t appear that they were a success. You can use it now, but don’t expect to see many VR shows here any time soon. It may come back in the future as VR technology advances, but for the time being, it’s very well gone.

Video Quality

Chat rooms on Cam4 can be found in both high-definition and standard definition. You may narrow down the list to only HD chat rooms by using the “Filter” option. Chat rooms on this site are mostly in SD, however there are a few high-quality rooms available.

On Cam4, you cannot alter the quality of the video. You have no choice except to accept the default.

A room that is trailing will be kept in high definition. If you want to increase performance, you can’t compromise on quality.

Plus, even when the frame is stretched out to make it larger, the video quality remains the same.

Cam4’s Mobile Site

As a whole, Cam4’s mobile site performs well. The video chat rooms’ quality is identical to that of desktop video chats, and switching between them is as effortless as ever.

If you want to narrow down your search results, you’ll have to work harder than you did on the desktop site.

It’s impossible to watch and type at the same time on Cam4’s mobile site, which shifts the screen down.

On the Cam4 platform, you can actually use your phone to stream live performances. It is currently not possible to use CamSoda’s mobile cam2cam on a mobile phone.

Additional Media

Each model’s profile page contains a “Additional Media” area where you may make purchases.

There are fan clubs dedicated to specific models. Depending on the model, the fan clubs have varied prices. Monthly fees range from 20 to 150 tokens and are automatically renewed.

All private Cam4 shows can be spied on for free by joining a model’s fan club and accessing an exclusive image gallery with unlimited private messages. A distinctive conversation badge is given to you while you are in her room, making you stand out from the crowd.

Registration on Cam4

Cam4 registration is quick and easy. You only need a username, a password, and an email address to get started. A verification email will be sent to the email address you supplied when you click the Join CAM4 Now button.

Please follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

Depending on whose room you choose, you will pay a varying amount if you plan to tip through Cam4. Flashes can cost anything from 15 tokens to 200 tokens, depending on the individual girl.

For the most part, there is no indication of what happens when you achieve your goals in the room on Cam4.

Payment Methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestrocard
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • PayPal

Customer Support

Customer assistance for Cam4 appears to rely heavily on the FAQ area, which features a Contact Us form. The FAQ is vast and covers a wide range of subjects.

For any billing concerns, you can get in touch with the various payment processors listed on their website. You’ll need to get in touch with the payment processor you used to make the transaction.

It is possible to contact Cam4 on their Twitter account if everything else fails and your question is still unanswered.

When upgrading to Gold membership, you gain access to live chat help.

Satisfaction Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee on Cam4. A cautionary tale kind of website. Be cautious about who you tip; in general, you’ll be pleased with the results.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty isn’t something that exists at Cam4. On your first purchase, you get 50 tokens for free. Tokens are a one-time bonus when you advance to Gold status. That’s all there is to it in terms of freebies.

VIP Program (Gold Membership)

For $20 a month, you can get access to an additional 20 features through Cam4’s VIP Gold Membership program.

If you prefer to pay monthly, you can do so, but if you prefer to save money by combining your payments, you can do so as well. It costs you $10.00 to pay for three months at a time rather than $120.00 to pay for 12 months at a time.

These are the features you will get:

  • Watch multiple cams on one screen
  • No more ads
  • Live chat support
  • Gold exclusive shows
  • Golden user name
  • Trumpets when you enter rooms
  • Vote on new features
  • Send 1 Golden Star each month
  • Early Access to features
  • Online notifications
  • Full screen
  • Unlimited custom filters
  • Anonymous tipping
  • Watch shows anonymously
  • PM any model while they are live
  • Spotlight mail
  • Super shows
  • Emoticons
  • Private cam mode

The Bottom Line

In general, if you’re seeking for amateur webcam models, Cam4 is a great resource. At any given time of day, there are a lot of individuals broadcasting on it. When compared to other similar sites, Cam4 has a disproportionately large number of male amateur models.

Individuals that share the same sexual desires as Cam4 have come together to establish a social network around the service.

As a group, Cam4 is continuously looking for new people to join as performers. Even the models on the site are given weekly coaching lessons to help them enhance their skills.

Cam4 has a lot to offer when it comes to freemium cam sites. Although there are a lot of cam models to choose from, the site’s overall appeal is not as great as that of other sites. In fact, the women on any of our most popular websites are more attractive.

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