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In 2014, Greg Lansky, a French entrepreneur who created the Vixen Media Group, one of the leading adult entertainment firms, launched BLACKED.COM, a website dedicated to interracial pornography.

Vixen, Blacked, and Tushy are all part of Vixen Media Group’s pornographic empire.

Lansky’s career as a porn entrepreneur has been compared to industry leader Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame, and he has been credited with boosting the pornography industry as a whole.

One of porn’s most pirated men, Lansky has directed some of the most popular adult films ever made.

Blacked.Com Review

Social Media

One of the world’s most popular pornographic websites, BLACKED.COM, has an Instagram account with over 2.2 million followers and over 1K photos of attractive women in revealing apparel, many of them are big breasted, blonde, or brown.

Blacked.com is a great marketing tool despite the fact that there is no direct sexual content here.

Blacked’s Twitter account has more than 434K followers and displays media that, while slightly more explicit, does not contain any actual nudity. It also displays commercials and surveys for BLACKED and other websites within the Vixen Media Group umbrella.


Forbes, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Vice and GQ have all covered BLACKED.


BLACKED alone has generated more than 310 videos and has received an average of 7.2/10, making it one of the most popular pornographic websites.

The website features a huge video banner upon entering the site, which plays clips of popular videos to pique your interest.

One or more African-American guys and beautiful white ladies are shown in these clips.

On BLACKED, the contrast between the man’s member and the small woman they’re coupled with is the most appealing aspect of the video.

The six highlighted videos that follow the video banner at the top of the website are frequently sponsored by the website itself.

Males and females are shown in a variety of sexual poses, all of which are shot in high quality with excellent lighting and a large variety of ethnicities and genders represented in each shot. Nearly all of the women in these films look directly at the viewer as if to say, “Come and watch.”

A list of titles, including Hot Vacation Adventures, Work Hard Play Hard, Special Assignment, Last Chance, and Customer Service, appears just below the featured videos.

In addition to letting you know what kind of film you’re about to view, the titles right there in plain sight offer you a heads-up on who’s going to be in it.

Rather than focusing on the male figures, this website features a variety of female athletes who are known for their extreme and virtually acrobatic athleticism.

A collection of models with full-body photos, though they are dressed in lingerie, may be found by scrolling lower down the page.

In my opinion, it would be more effective to show the models in a semi-naked state in order to pique your interest in learning more about them. Models’ biographies can be found inside, as well as a banner showing the model in an intimate setting.

No full nude images of ladies are available on the profile, but the website invites you to pay up for membership in order to see this kind of explicit content.

As well as highlighting the most current scene in which the models appeared, BLACKED also includes some of her own videos.

When searching for certain terms or models, a search box is located at the top of each page. As soon as you begin typing, you’ll get a list of recently searched terms on the left side of the screen.

Jill Cassidy, Bree Daniels, and Kendra Sutherland are just a few of the most popular model names to look up.

In addition, the website will display a thumbnail of a film that it thinks you’ll enjoy based on the letters you’ve placed into the search bar.

There are attractive preview images and clips that you can click on when you first access the site, but the videos themselves cannot be played until you have a membership, however a popup appears to quickly take you there.


For $2 per day, you can join up for a two-day trial that allows you to view all of the available content for that period of time.

Most people opt for the 30-Day Full Access membership, which costs just.99 cents per day, making it the most popular option.

Full Access memberships are available for 90 or 180 days at a discounted price per day if you choose the following choices.

Blacked.Com Review

Pros and Cons:

Entering BLACKED, you’ll be greeted by popular, high-quality pornography that’s unavailable elsewhere.

The webmasters spent a lot of time thinking about how they wanted to present the content they wanted to use to welcome their visitors. The search feature is a must-have, and the website’s layout and navigation make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Because of this, it would be impossible to get lost in the midst of so much high-quality content. The entry-level memberships are reasonable enough to take into account.

To entice weary online travelers to their cantina for a drink, they have amazing media on their social media platforms, too.

Cons include the fact that membership prices rise quickly, even if they offer lower cents-per-day rates for a longer length of time, and that piracy is just as easy to do.

It is unfortunate for Pornhub since a large number of their featured videos may be viewed on the competitor site Pornhub.

Only previews of pornographic content are available on the website’s home page, and the rest is locked behind a paywall.

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