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Athena, our charming redhead, is also very chatty. That’s a compliment, by the way. At the age of eighteen, she turned pro and began a career in sex work. I really think she has what it takes to become a major player in the pornographic industry. Redheads are in short supply in this field. Please take the time to listen to Athena’s fascinating tale.

Latest Interview with Athena Rayne – Updated 02/2023

Can you introduce yourself?

My father served in the military, so I grew up a military brat. I spent my middle and high school years in a suburb of Savannah, Georgia (about 20 to 30 miles outside of the city proper). I was the kind of kid who was always involved in some sort of artistic activity, whether it was acting, painting, dancing, or making music. While I was certainly not in the “popular” category, I was also not the “loser” type. I wasn’t part of any particular group, but I had lots of friends from different groups. Although I didn’t have my first sexual experience until I was 17, I’ve always been interested in sexuality. It was never something I saw through the eyes of the masses. I come from a very Christian and Republican background, but now I find myself on the complete other end of the political spectrum. Indeed, I believe that factored into the elevation of sexual ideals. It was a dirty, taboo subject among my friends, but I didn’t see anything unusual about it. After graduating from high school, I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio for a semester. When I started adding up how much money I was spending on a theatre degree I knew it was a waste. I quit school and returned home. kept her sexual interest alive by becoming a model for artists. My parents weren’t exactly thrilled when I started doing Pro Dom. I was evicted and am now living on the streets. After that, I was eager to get started camming. I did my first camming for four months from a ladies room in a Starbucks. I am now able to afford to live independently with a roommate. The roommate I met and fell in love with is now my boyfriend and ManyVids partner. This is not the end of my tale. In October of last year, before my boyfriend and I went to our first nude party, we had a conversation about porn. Our attendance at this live sex event was compensated. The two of us are big time swingers and showoffs. The next day, on my 20th birthday in November, I finally got a response from the first agency I’d applied to. The following week, I took a flight to Florida, and I haven’t left!

What kind of music do you like?

It’s pop punk to the max for me. It’s Avril Lavigne, you know. Specifically, I dislike all popular music from the 2000s because, in my opinion, it lacks emotional depth and is instead just a collection of repetitive beats with no real meaning. I also follow a great deal of YouTubers and their content.

Do you have any favorite movies?

I love the movie Tangled more than any other. Basically, she’s the bomb.

What’s your favorite TV shows?

The Shadow Hunters is a fantastic show. Anything based in the supernatural realm appeals to me greatly.

Do you have a motto or a favorite quote?

“Who cares if they’ll let me; in reality, who can stop me?”

What’s your favorite food?

Inexplicably, Matcha Lattes are among my favorite beverages.

What does your average day look like?

For a shoot, I’ll wake up early, shower, grab some coffee and something vegetarian, stop by CVS for some Red Bull, make my way to hair and makeup, kill some time before meeting my costars, and finally get to work. When I’m done, I love to return to my home with my boyfriend and snuggle up. When I’m not on set, you can find me working the pole, volunteering at the animal shelter, or lounging under a beach umbrella.

Tell me how you became a porn star. Do you have any advice for aspiring porn stars you’d want to share?

Truth be told, there wasn’t a major factor involved. A little more than a year ago, I was camming out of a Starbucks restroom with one pair of beat-up shoes, a cellphone, and some cheap mascara. And I already own two dresses. I did everything in my power to climb out of that hole, and I was able to do so when I was able to save enough money to share housing with someone who would become my future spouse. I brought it up to him after we had been living together for about three months; he was enthusiastic about the idea and happy to see that it made me happy. The day after I turned 20, I got accepted into my first agency.

You turned 18 and got into Pro Dom work, how did you get into that?

The number of professional dungeon delves in the area is low, but there is at least one in Savannah. There aren’t that many people who are interested because so many girls are brought up in Christian and religious households. They didn’t see many people who fit the description of a lifestyle dom very often, and those who did were usually young, attractive, and natural. The vast majority of them are considerably older and somewhat larger. Because becoming a Pro Dom requires certification in the region, I was hired after completing the necessary testing. It’s a lot more involved in Georgia than it would be in California. The only other Dom present was one year older than me, so by the time we were done, I was the only one under 18. Evidently, I adapted to the needs of a group that wanted my adaptation. (laughs) This is essential to the story. It was surprising to see such a cute, young girl with such an interest in and willingness to discuss such controversial topics. Intense training was one of the most challenging experiences of my life.

So what did they train you in?

Obviously, technique plays a role in training, and there are restrictions based on the law that must be adhered to. In addition, you need to be a sub for one of the long-term doms there. You should know where your subs’ minds are at and what they’re up to. When you’re domming someone, you’re more cognizant of what’s going on and more likely to think, “Oh, I can’t do that; if they did that to me, I’d have to go to the hospital.” That’s the way it was done back in the stone age. Even though not everyone follows these procedures, they are generally expected of those who do so professionally.

Latest Interview with Athena Rayne – Updated 02/2023

What do you feel is the biggest misconception about porn? What about being a porn star do people always get wrong?

That we are unclean or don’t appreciate what’s happening. It’s not like I’m a victim or anything. To be completely forthright, I listen to a lot of YouTubers. For the time being, Gabbie Hanna’s “Honestly” is my go-to tune.

You lost your virginity at 17. Was it a boyfriend? Is there a good story behind it?

Good heavens. For the record, I lost my anal virginity to the same guy as my vaginal one. Long-term dates with boys had never been permitted for me because of the chaperone rule. My mom was from an earlier generation. In any case, my boyfriend at the time had relocated to a city two hours away from mine, so we wouldn’t be spending that Christmas together. My parents let me go over to see him and his family on the condition that his mom would accompany us and keep an eye on us. I slept in his room while he stayed with his parents. We could do whatever we wanted during the day so long as the door was open. We were just hanging out one day and decided to do something spontaneous. He probably wasn’t a virgin, but I was. There was one more time he engaged in sexual activity. One of my closest friends was the same way; we both took it in stride. It was the funniest thing ever, and she couldn’t care less. I asked him, “Do you want to fuck me in the ass?” as we hung out. It came out of the blue! The man joked that his mother was in the next room. “Who fucking cares?” I exclaimed. Let’s hope we don’t get caught! We’re just a pair of dolts, that’s all. Because of the layout of the hallway, it is easy to spot his bed from the common area. His parents and sibling were there, as well. For forty minutes, he fucked my arse. Actually, this was my first time having a sexual encounter. In just 40 minutes! And he inserted himself into my privates! As soon as we change back into our clothes, his mother comes to see how we’re doing.

How long after that did you lose your official virginity?

There were only a few days until that time. We went to this park, but we parked in a really inconvenient spot. Given Georgia’s topography, many of the state’s parks traditionally served as forested areas. We just walked right in, had a picnic, and set up camp, and I still don’t understand why our parents didn’t expect us to do anything. There’s a lake and everything, and we’re just chilling out here. Around midnight, the rest of the guests begin to arrive. Outside, we fucked. Before he was done, I rolled into the water. That’s why it made us laugh so hard. After I fell in, he picked me up and dragged me out of the water.

Did that open up the floodgates? Were you promiscuous after that?

It took us nearly a year of dating before we started seriously pursuing each other. The problem wasn’t that I simply wasn’t interested. Since I am the polar opposite, I find this ironic. My perspective on sex has changed, but I’ve learned to appreciate it even more. Today I feel the same way; it lacks emotional depth but holds no less significance for me. My sexual activity was relatively low-key. It was two guys I dated in high school that I had sex with.

What’s your favorite position and type of porn?

My favorite gangbangs involved a standing doggy and a DP.

What do you like sexually? What gets Athena wet?

I know it’s a cliche, but a stimulating conversation is one of the few things that can really get my blood pumping. Someone who can make me laugh, give me a good time, and get me talking about stuff… Intelligence fascinates me. Men have tried to woo me with talk of fucktastic scientific theories, and my response has always been, “You want to come home with me?” Being smart is extremely attractive. Being able to make people laugh is very attractive. No answer I give you is going to be original, but when you bring up other things, it’s clear there’s a lot of background information that leads up to it. Knowing that in my headspace this is someone I want to be around in general is all that matters to me when we’ve just met, when we’re friends, when we’re dating, or whatever the fuck the situation is, and I know that every girl will tell you basically the same thing.

Did you have any threesomes?

My first ever “threesome” consisted of two gentlemen. My current boyfriend and I shared a two-girl triangle.

When was your first time with a girl?

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the story that much. It was obviously awkward, with me wondering if I was into chicks and trying to decipher what was going on. First time I had serious sexual contact with a girl was a bit of a strange experience. When I was 15, I had my first experience with this and we did it for about 10 minutes before we both realized it was really weird and we were both uncomfortable. Friends until one of us said, “That’s it, I’m out!” (laughs)

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

First, I did a 4-guy gangbang that wasn’t even a gangbang before I got into this. That was before I even thought of doing any of this. And anal and DP were a part of it.

Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship? And how did that happen?

I fucked my dad’s best friend, so there’s that. It wasn’t ideal, but it came right after my parents had thrown me out, so I didn’t have much choice. My dad told me his best friend would let me stay with him if I did the chores. In short, I could stay there for free so long as I did all this “women’s shit,” which really irritated me. The argument would have been pointless at that point and I didn’t feel like making one. Evidently, he was dumped one night and ever since then he’s been completely off his rocker. I had spent the entire day cleaning, which is something I really detest doing. Despite popular belief, I am not a housewife. I can’t stand that garbage. I realized, “Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve had dick!” I’m going to get some dick on this guy who just got dumped. (laughs) And as we continue talking, I begin assessing him. Seeing as he didn’t seem to be opposed, I went ahead and asked, and we ended up fucking.

When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Creampies are my favorite.

Are you a swallower?

I am, but making bubbles is much more fun.

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks or doesn’t it matter?

Yes. Cocks of all sizes are fine with me. Many thanks! (laughs)

Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

You could call it a Pure Taboo. My kidnapping fantasy is obviously not based in reality. If I were kidnapped, I’d want to be tied to a radiator and fucked like a pig by these guys. Consenting adults are having a steamy time. That will be the pinnacle of my professional accomplishments so far.

Latest Interview with Athena Rayne – Updated 02/2023

What are you like off-camera? Like as a guy, what are you looking for? When you have free time, what do you do for fun?

You could be the sexiest guy in the world and have no brains at all, so I don’t pay much attention to looks. A person who can make me laugh, who I enjoy spending time with, and who has a deep appreciation for my work. It really doesn’t fucking matter to me what age, race, or dick size the people I sleep with in my personal life are. With guys, it all comes down to the way you treat me. Can we get along? Could we have a f*ck and then be friends? When dealing with females, I tend to be more physical than emotional because I simply do not trust them. In general, my closest friends are the ones I turn to first, but I don’t trade content with them. If they are not planning to backstab me, then I know they are who they say they are. Personally, I’ve always been more of a creative type. All of my outfits for performances are ones I design and make myself. Both sewing and fashion are hobbies of mine. My very own clothing line is one of the things I plan to introduce in the future. Whatever it is, I can usually be found with my hands in it, whether it be a piece of machinery, a sewing project, a craft, or something else. Additionally, I spend a lot of time helping out at the Humane Society. Since I was eight years old, I’ve been doing that. Like mucking out stalls and other tasks that nobody else wants to do, I do a lot of them because nobody else will. Everyone enjoys fooling around with the animals, but that’s not why you’re here — you’re an asset to the community.

Do you see yourself ever retiring from porn?

Perhaps someday, but I could enter the milf right now if I wanted to.

Let’s talk about fans! Is there anything that you’d want your fans to know?

Without my devoted audience, I never would have made it past that Starbucks jobless and broke. I appreciate your faith in me more than you realize, and my heart is overflowing with love for each and every one of you.

What’s next for Athena Rayne and you personally?

So, I guess you could say that I am Athena Rayne. In my flow state, Athena embodies everything I have to offer. Actually, I’ve thought about changing my name for legal and tax reasons. But then what? As you can imagine, I hope to continue making waves in this field for quite some time.

Last words?

I say, “Let’s keep it going!” The greetings are also from my puppy. It’s finally here! Visit Athena’s official Twitter Page for more information, including photos, booking information, and more. You can find more of her work on Instagram at @realathenarayne and on Twitter at @wildgirlathena.

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