Why Should Employers Support This Movement?

Employers have been the obvious financial victims of the current insurance driven medical care mess. They have braved insatiable double digit inflation in medical care and medical insurance costs. This might be excusable if it had also resulted in double digit improvements in medical care itself, but such has not been the case. Traditional medical […]

Why should physicians join this movement?

American medical care has been through a very rough last 2 decades. While the price of care and health insurance has increased at double digit rates, physician reimbursement (and particularly primary care reimbursement) corrected for inflation has been stagnant. Because of the insurance driven reimbursement system and its emphasis on payment for individual services, physicians […]

Reinventing the Patient-Focused Medical Practice

After hearing physicians’ favorable reception of a speech on consumer-driven health care, one health policy expert asked me if physicians really understand how profound the changes would be if consumers were put in the driver’s seat. Do doctors really understand how demanding a consumer-driven market can be? Do they realize that the whole structure of […]

Letter To The Editor of The American Osteopathic Association

– Garrison Bliss M.D., President of the Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design I was interested to read your recent article: Impact of Concierge Care on Healthcare and Clinical Practice. It certainly provided a balanced presentation of the usual points brought up since the 1990’s in the press and published journal articles. There are important additional […]